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The Best 3-Wheel Scooters

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Three-wheeled scooters can be a better choice over a two-wheeled scooter

Providing almost all of the stability of a four-wheeled vehicle and a lot of the benefits of a two-wheeler, they are safer on the road and often the preferred choice of commuters or city riders who are happy to sacrifice a bit of filtering ability for added safety.

They’re also a good choice for physically impaired riders who might not be able to support the wright of a motorcycle. When you slow below walking pace on a three-wheeled scooter you can lock it out, so it doesn’t tip over.

Not yet extremely popular but with growing numbers, thanks to Yamaha’s new small capacity 125cc Tricity and large capacity motorcycle-slash-scooter, the Niken, these vehicles might be the future of urban mobility. 

What driving licence do I need to ride a 3 wheel scooter?

The licence you need to ride a three-wheeler, like a Piaggio MP3, depends on the power output and the spacing of the front wheels.

If the vehicle is classed as a motorcycle, i.e. wth a front-wheel track width less than 420mm then you’ll need the appropriate category for its power output.

The definition is as follows:

  • A1- Light motorcycle up to 11 kW (and a power-to-weight ratio of no more than 0.1 kW per kg) and 125 cc. The minimum age is 17.
  • A2- Standard motorcycle up to 35 kW (and a power-to-weight ratio of no more than 0.2 kW per kg) bike must not be derived from vehicle more than twice its power. The minimum age is 19.
  • A- Unrestricted motorcycles in power/size, with or without a sidecar. The minimum age is 21.

If the vehicle is classed as a tricycle, you can drive a motor tricycle of any power rating if you are over 21 and have a full car driving licence. If not, you will need a full category A1 motorbike licence to ride motor tricycles up to a power output 15kW , and a full category A motorbike licence to ride trikes with a power output of more than 15kW .

If you like that feeling of freedom a scooter delivers but don’t have quite the confidence to ride on two wheels, check out the best 3-wheeled scooters today’s market offers.

BikerRated’s best three-wheeler scooters

  1. Yamaha Tricity
  2. Gilera Fuoco 500
  3. Piaggio MP3 300 HPE
  4. Peugeot Metropolis 400
  5. Yamaha Niken

Yamaha Tricity

yamaha tricity 3 wheel scooter - The Best 3-Wheel Scooters

Yamaha Tricity Key Specs

  • Engine: Liquid-cooled SOHC cylinder   
  • Max power output: 11 bhp (9 kW)  
  • Displacement: 125cc
  • Seat height: 780mm
  • Weight: 164kg 

Yamaha Tricity’s name already gives a clear indication about this three-wheeler’s purpose. It’s made for the city, and it surprises with its agility.

Maintaining the size of a two-wheel transporter, it handles rush hour traffic beautifully.

The two independent front wheels adapt to the road surface in all circumstances, while the Unified Braking System enhances safety. Providing plenty of acceleration for an A1-compliant scooter, meaning it can be ridden by anyone with a CBT.

This week you’ve got a full car licence but this weekend you could do your CBT and next week you’ll be a biker, saving hours on your commute on the Tricity – a fashionable and affordable urban commuter.

Gilera Fuoco 500

gilera fuoco 500 three wheel scooter - The Best 3-Wheel Scooters

Gilera Fuoco 500 Key Specs

  • Engine: Liquid-cooled single-cylinder   
  • Max power output: 40 bhp (28 kW)  
  • Displacement: 493cc
  • Seat height: 785mm
  • Weight: 238kg

Introduced in 2007 by the Italian Piaggio, Gilera Fuoco blends the aggressive lines of a sportsbike with the stability of a double front wheel.

Performing engine and first-class equipment define the character of this outstanding three-wheeler. Packing the heart of a maxi scooter yet compact enough to squeeze into heavy traffic, Fuoco delivers urban agility, but it’s also a capable tourer; you could easily clock up 500 miles in a day on one of these. A splendid all-rounder that can satisfy all your two-wheeled cravings.

Piaggio MP3 300 HPE

piaggio mp3 300 three wheel scooter - The Best 3-Wheel Scooters

Piaggio MP3 300 HPE Key Specs

  • Engine: Liquid-cooled SOHC cylinder   
  • Max power output: 26.2 bhp (19.3 kW)  
  • Displacement: 278cc
  • Seat height: 780mm
  • Weight: 206kg 

Piaggio MP3 300 HPE is one of those new entries designed to make heads turn. It’s lighter and sleeker than its maxi brothers MP3 350 and 500.

Perfect for the city, it promises low fuel consumption and boasts a quieter high-performance engine. Completely redesigned, it impresses with its GT-inspired look.

A brand new seat with lumbar support delivers more comfort to both rider and passenger. Superb balance and superior maneuverability make this three-wheeled scooter a great choice for commuters.

Peugeot Metropolis 400 RS

peugeot 3 wheel scooter metropolis 400 - The Best 3-Wheel Scooters

Peugeot Metropolis 400 RS Key Specs

  • Engine: Liquid-cooled SOHC cylinder   
  • Max power output: 35.63 bhp (26.2 kW)  
  • Displacement: 399cc
  • Seat height: 780mm
  • Weight: 256kg

Peugeot Metropolis won’t pass unnoticed. It showcases a sporty character and outstanding manoeuvrability.

Comfortable to ride solo or with a pillion, this three-wheel scooter is stable, powerful, and practical. Tyre pressure control sensors, daytime running lights, rear-view mirrors without blind spots and ABS braking system deliver road safety without compromise.

Cosy as a sedan and agile as a two-wheeler, the Metropolis is a sophisticated, easy ride perfect for A2 licence holders, as well as more experienced riders.

Yamaha Niken

yamaha niken side - The Best 3-Wheel Scooters

Yamaha Niken Key Specs

  • Engine: Liquid-cooled DOHC three-cylinder   
  • Max power output: 113.4 bhp (84.6 kW)  
  • Displacement: 847cc
  • Transmission: 6-speed 
  • Seat height: 820mm
  • Weight: 263kg 

Blurring the boundaries between a three-wheeled maxi scooter and a motorcycle, Yamaha Niken impresses with outstanding touring performance.

Dual leaning front wheels enhance stability on asphalt as well as dirt roads. With its bold, futuristic bodywork and innovative technologies it looks, feels, and rides like no other.

Comfortable and powerful, it gives a whole new meaning to long-haul scooter riding.

Can You Get a 3 Wheeled Moped?

Technically, no. A moped is a scooter with an engine capacity smaller than 50cc. If you are 16 years old or older you can ride a moped with just a CBT.

However a 3-wheeled scooter or motorcycle is heavier than its 2-wheeled equivalent due to the addition of an extra wheel and a front axle. A 50cc engine doesn’t have the power to carry this additional weight. The smallest capacity three-wheeled-scooter is Yamaha’s Tricity which is a 125.

The Best Three Wheel Motorcycle for You

Riding a motor scooter is a great way to free yourself from the shackles of rush hour traffic or over-crowded public transport. If you’re not sure about ‘becoming a biker’ and riding on two wheels, then a three-wheel motor wheeler could be all you need, enabling you to ride safely in all circumstances.

Keep in mind that the easiest way to tell whether or not a bike is right for you is by trying it out. So, visit your local dealer, sit on the bike and see which bike is the most suitable for your height and riding style. 

The 1-minute insurance estimate

Do you know roughly what you’ll need to budget to insure your three-wheeler?

We’ve created a motorcycle insurance estimator that asks no personal questions and takes just 1 minute to fill out. It’ll give you an accurate idea of what it’ll cost to insure your first motorbike.

Questions or Comments?

If you’ve got a question about this article and you need a bit more guidance, drop a comment below and we’ll get back to you.

Likewise, if you’ve got something to add to this article or an experience you’d like to share, let’s hear it!

We love reading your comments and helping our readers.

Three-wheeled Scooters FAQs


Can I ride a Yamaha Tricity on a car Licence?
No. The width of the Tricity is classed as a scooter. You can ride the Tricity once you have taken a CBT test, which takes a day and costs around £120. Once you’ve got your CBT, you can ride a Tricity.

What is the best three-wheel motorcycle?
Everyone has different tastes and there are lots of different engine sizes, which suit different riders. A three-wheeled motorcycle is a trike (with two wheels on the rear). However a 3-wheeled scooter, like a Piaggio MP3 500 or Yamaha Tricity has two wheels on the front axle.

Can you ride a 3 wheel motorcycle on a car Licence?
From 19 January 2013, the law changed so only people aged over 21 (for tricycles over 15kW) and those who hold a Category A or A1 licence can ride them. If you passed your test before this date, you will retain your entitlement to ride B1 category vehicles. Anyone who does not have this entitlement will need a full Category A1 motorcycle licence to ride a trike with power up to 15kW. An A licence is required for power output over 15kW.

There is one exception to this rule. In 2009 Piaggio released the LT400 which has a front-wheel track wider than 420mm and therefore it is classed as a car. This allows you to ride (drive?) it on a standard UK car driving licence.

Do you need a motorcycle licence for a 3 wheel motorcycle?
Anyone who takes their driving test after 19 January 2013 will be required to take a category A1 or A motorcycle test before riding a 3 wheel motorcycle. 

Can I ride a trike on a full car license?
If you took your test before 19 January 2013, you can ride a trike on a full car license. 

What do you call a motorcycle with 3 wheels?
People use different names including trikes, 3-wheelers, 3 wheel scooters and 3 wheel motorcycles. If it has two wheels on the rear axle, it’s a trike.

Can I ride a 125 on my car Licence?
If you hold a full car licence and pass a CBT test, you can ride a motorcycle or scooter up to 125cc.

  • no1kilo@msn.com says:

    The statement that a 50cc motor doesn’t have to power to use on a three wheeled scooter is hogwash and an uninformed opinion. There are 3 wheeled 50cc scooters out there in the market so please stop saying things that are not true. The 50cc Gas Trike Scooter TKA Tadpole is but one of trikes I’ve found. It can do 22mph. Beat that!

  • Kevin says:

    How can buy this one

  • Paul Vickery says:

    can you filter with a 3 wheeled scooter

  • Jeffrey says:

    are they easy to tip over when on the move?

    • Ben Cope says:

      Hi Jeff, no they lean like a motorcycle but have the advantage of more than twice the traction. If you are worried about falling off a motorcycle, these are a safe bet.

  • David says:

    Are these sold in Western Australia?

    • Ben Cope says:

      David you’d have to go to the website of the Australian importers. Yamaha import the Tricity 155 and 300 into Australia as far as I know.

      • Mark Ostermeier says:

        Available in the US??? My local yamaha dealer says these are only European models. Are US Dollars that bad?

  • Maurice W says:

    I’ve read that the Tricity 300 has launched in the USA. Is that true and how many of your Top 5 are in the states? I have noticed that an option on the Tricity 300 is a catalytic converter. So I got my fingers crossed.

    • Mark Ostermeier says:

      Did you ever get a reply to the above? Would buy a TriCity in a heartbeat if I could only find one in the US. I’m in the Milwaukee suburbs and have my fingers crossed too.

      • Ben Cope says:

        Hi Mark and Maurice, as far as I can see Yamaha don’t import this to the USA. You can see their current scooter line-up here: https://www.yamahamotorsports.com/scooter

        • Debra Drum says:

          Thanks Ben Cope. We were SO disappointed to learn that the Yamaha Tricity 300 isn’t available in the USA. My husband and I are both life long 2 wheel motorcycle riders. We’ve been in search of bikes with more stability……and in doing a lot of research we decided that the Yamaha Tricity 300 was our choice, and we were both ready to buy one for me and one for him. I’m sure there would be a huge market for these models here in the USA. If they were available here, we’d buy two of them in a heartbeat.

  • Alayne Jones says:

    I’ve been desperately searching for a 50cc petrol trike scooter for sale in Australia but there doesn’t appear to be any available here. I need a 50cc so that I don’t require a bike licence and can ride it using my car licence. I’m no good on two wheels which is why I need three wheels! I’ve found many different trike scooters for sale in China and America but can’t seem to legally import one to Australia. Why is this so? Doesn’t make any sense to me! This type of trike scooter would be ideal for my needs. Are there any 50cc (petrol, not electric!) scooters for sale within Australia? Getting frustrated with this search!

  • Thomas Lankester says:

    Technically, yes you can get a 3 wheeled moped: the Veleco Sagitta

  • franklin says:

    I was give a 3 wheel scooter no sure of name 2 wheels in back no sure of cc two other problems 1. no title-2 have no key. I have lic. to ride a bike had several many years ago. I don’t what else to ask you. I saw them in Fl. and went a dealer in Pa. he said don’t have any and never heard of them.

  • franklin says:

    Are you going to answer any of my problems?

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