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What are ex-demo motorcycles?

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Ex-demo stands for ex-demonstrator and it’s usually a new-model motorcycle that the dealer has registered so that potential customers can test ride it or it may also be used by the dealership staff to commute with or use to go between service stations or other dealerships.

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Most ex-demo motorcycles are sold with a low mileage, often under 1,000 miles and usually within 6 months of being registered. They’re often offered at a discount price compared to a brand new model.

Why do dealers sell ex-demo motorcycles?

When a brand new model comes to market, the dealer needs to get riders on the bike to sample it and see if it suits their needs. A test ride is the best way to get you hooked. Test rides are often booked-out over short time slots, around 40 minutes to an hour and so each test ride only puts 10-30 miles on the clocks.

Once the initial surge of test rides have been completed,. The bike has served its purpose and rather than clinging onto a depreciating asset, the dealer will want to get it moved on, to improve their cash flow and free up space in their showroom ready for the next snazzy new model.

Should I buy an ex-demo?

Ex-demo bikes can be a great option for many reasons. In some cases, dealers will fit a range of manufacturer-supplied aftermarket accessories on the bike, in the hope of tempting customers to fit a few options to the model they end up buying. From smarter looking mirrors, to carbon fibre goodies, plusher seats and hard luggage – some bikes can have thousands of pounds worth of extras fitted.

You might think the bikes have had a hard live and are thrashed to within an inch of their life by 50 punters before the dealer has to move it on but that’s simply not the case. Bikers don’t tend to ‘ride it like they stole it’ as they’re unfamilar with the bike and don’t want to end up in hospital or with a huge damage deposit to pay.

The dealer will keep the bike in top condition – it won’t sit there covered in road grime, the chain will get lubed, any scuffed parts will be replaced. Nevertheless; it’s worth giving the bike a keen inspection before you buy it, as every dealer’s approach to their demonstrator models will vary.

Is a pre-reg the same as an ex-demo?

No. A pre-reg motorcycle or scooter is one that has been registered in order to help the dealer meet their sales target. A pre-registered vehicle should not have been used, especially for demonstrations and will be very unlikely to have any additional accessories fitted.

An ex-demo is likely to have anything from a couple of hundred to fifteen hundred miles on the clock and can be anything up to a year old.

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