Motorcycling is full of technical jargon and acronyms but it needn't be complicated. Our guides are here to help you understand more about the technicalities of biking to help you cut through the jargon. Knowledge is power!

File0590 2 458x305 - What is Torque?

What is Torque?

Published: 26 March, 2019

You have no doubt heard the expression “that bike’s a bit torquey” during your years as a motorcycle enthusiast, but have you ever wondered just what it means? To clear this up, let us explain just exactly what the word…

DSC 4377 411x305 - What is Horsepower?

What is Horsepower?

Published: 26 March, 2019

Horsepower, often referred to as BHP (brake horse power) is a term commonly used when it comes to describing the peak power of a car or motorbike. Is it really to do with horses though?  Where did the term come…

907B0637 456x305 - Motorcycle run-flat tyres

Motorcycle run-flat tyres

Published: 26 March, 2019

Do they make motorcycle run-flat tyres? In the car world, run-flat tyres have been the mainstay for over a decade. Can you believe that the first ‘run flat tyre’ was introduced by Michelin in 1934? It was designed for military…