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Car and Bike Insurance Providers Guide

car and motorcycle insurance - Car and Bike Insurance Providers Guide

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Multi-Car and Bike Insurance: What Is It and What Are The Alternatives?

If you own a motorcycle and a car, you could save a few quid and cut down on paperwork, with a combined car and bike insurance policy.

Household name Carole Nash dub it ‘Six Wheel insurance’ and theirs is one of the most popular policies – but you also have other options.

As well as saving money and only having to worry about renewing a single policy, a combined car and motorbike insurance policy can also have other benefits, like European breakdown cover, Legal cover and a forensic marking kit.

In this article, we’re going to tell you what your options are, why a single policy might be better for you and who the main providers are.

Carole Nash Six Wheel Insurance

Six Wheel Insurance is a multi-vehicle insurance policy offered by Carole Nash. It covers both your car and your motorcycle and it’s usually cheaper than taking out a separate policy for each vehicle.

Designed to make car and bike insurance management simple, Six Wheel Insurance can save you up to £100 and gives you up to £100,000 worth legal protection for accidents that were not your fault. You will also have only one renewal date and only one premium to pay.

Other benefits include:

  • European coverage of up to 90 days
  • DNA+ motorcycle protection kit
  • UK and European accident breakdown recovery
  • Homestart assistance
  • Protected No Claims bonus

Carole Nash is the inventor of ‘Six Wheel insurance, a registered product offered exclusively by the company. Nevertheless, other companies also followed suit and propose similar insurance under the general name of multi-vehicle insurance. Let’s have a look at the main providers.

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Bikesure Car and Bike Insurance

Bikesure is an insurance company specialising in motorcycle insurance, they are owned by Adrian Flux.

While Bikesure don’t offer car insurance themselves, their sister company Adrian Flux does and the two providers offer a combined policy that covers all six wheels. It is ideal for all bikers who also have a car, including riders with motoring or criminal convictions, and includes:

  • Insurance for motorbike modifications
  • Up to 180 days of European coverage (up to 90 days per trip)
  • Legal coverage up to £100,000
  • Covers all types of bikes, including scooters, trikes, and superbikes

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Clegg Gifford Multi-Vehicle Insurance

Clegg Gifford is a well-known insurance provder. Their multi-vehicle insurance covers more than six wheels and is ideal for households with three or more vehicles.

This flexible policy covers almost all vehicles, from multiple bikes and cars to kit cars, agricultural, and specialist vehicles. The policy allows you to:

  • Cover any combination of vehicles
  • Pay a lower premium overall
  • Choose flexible cover terms

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Principal Insurance Multi-Vehicle Insurance

Principal Insurance is a specialist in bike insurance but they also cover other types of vehicles.

Its multi-vehicle insurance is as flexible as Clegg Gifford’s, letting you cover any combination of car, motorcycle, van, campervan, or motorhome.

Since the company is a broker, they can give you excellent deals by mixing and matching the best insurance offers for each vehicle. The multivehicle insurance is available only through their call centre, and you will get:

  • Legal coverage of up to £100,000
  • Insurance for any vehicle combination
  • Easy payment options

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Whether you decide to go for Carole Nash’s original Six Wheel or opt for a similar policy from another company, multi-vehicle insurance that covers both your car and your motorcycle cuts down the hassle and will save you a few quid in the process.

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