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Short Term Motorcycle Insurance Guide

short term motorcycle insurance - Short Term Motorcycle Insurance Guide

Sometimes you may need insurance cover that only lasts for a short period of time. 

Whether you are picking up a new bike and need to ride it back from the seller’s house, borrowing a mate’s bike for a long weekend road trip or you just want a month’s cover to take advantage of a sunny spell – short term insurance can help!

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What is short term motorcycle insurance?

Short-term insurance does exactly what it says on the tin – it covers you to ride a motorbike for a specified period of time, anything between 1-hour and 4-weeks.

Ideal for emergencies, or when you need to cover a bike that you won’t be riding permanently, short term motorcycle insurance can cover you when you need it most.

Who uses short term motorcycle insurance?

There are many different reasons you’d take out a short-term insurance policy but here are a few common scenarios:

  • You’re picking up a bike you’ve just bought and you want to ride it home
  • You’re a younger rider and your mate’s offered you a go on their bike
  • You’ve got a classic bike you only ride a couple of times a year

One of the most popular uses is when you’re buying a bike. Instead of renting a van to pick the bike up and drive it home, or paying a specialist motorcycle transport company to pick the bike up, you can take out a one-day motorcycle insurance policy in minutes using your smartphone and ride the bike home.

Just how short term is short term insurance?

This type of insurance can be for as little as just 1-hour or as much as 4-weeks (although for one-month cover, it would be worth looking at an annual policy instead), depending on your own requirements. 

However long you need it for, short term motorbike insurance works the same way as an annual insurance policy will.

Short-term motorcycle insurance is usually only comprehensive insurance, regardless of the duration of the cover. You will also need to agree to a set excess should you need to make a claim.

Can anyone get short term bike insurance cover?

Just like ordinary motorbike insurance here in the UK, the insurance company will calculate your premium based on your own personal circumstances and your on-road history.

You’ll need a full UK motorcycle licence, provisional or EU motorcycle licence.

A typical policy will cover riders aged between 19 and 70 on a bike with a value of up to £10,000.

Age is an important factor. For younger or less experienced riders under the age of 21 the quote is likely to be more expensive.

Most policies will cover riders with up to 7 points on their licence. Any more than this and the number of providers who are prepared to quote will be lower and your policy is likely to cost more.

Can I get short term motorcycle cover for commuting?

Yes, some short-term insurance companies offer cover for both Social, Domestic + Pleasure and SDP + Commuting.

If you fancy riding the bike to work a couple of times a year but your standard policy doesn’t cover commuting, you can bolt-on temporary cover to allow you to ride in to the office and show off your steed.

How much will my bike insurance cost?

There are a number of different factors that can affect the cost of your bike insurance premium, including the age of the rider, the type of bike and its engine size, where the bike will be kept when not on the road and the type of cover you are looking for.

Here in the UK, the average annual motorcycle insurance premiums can range from £250 for an experienced rider up to £850 for a rider with no experience looking to insure a 125cc motorcycle. With more experience and fewer claims, you’ll be able to achieve the most competitive premiums every time.

When it comes to short term motorcycle insurance, for an experienced rider over 30 years old, insuring a 750cc motorcycle, you’re looking at around £40 for a day’s cover and around £90 for a week’s cover.

Things to consider when buying short term bike insurance

Under the Continuous Insurance Enforcement (CIE) rules introduced in 2011, it is illegal to keep a vehicle that is not continuously insured unless it has been registered with the DVLA as off the road via a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN). If your insurance has lapsed, you need to declare your bike SORN or reinsure it.

If your bike isn’t insured but you’re taking it for an MOT, you can get away without having any tax (VED) but you’ll need insurance. Without it, your bike could get seized by the police and you’ll end up with points on your licence.

While buying cover to last you a few days may be incredibly useful, you shouldn’t rely on it to cover you for any longer than the dates on the policy. 

Buying temporary insurance won’t trick police ANPR cameras into thinking your bike is insured for a longer period of time. As with any policy, the moment it expires, you’re no longer covered.

If you’re looking to insure a motorbike for longer than 60 days, it will probably be cheaper to take out an annual policy and then cancel it when you no longer need it but for anything up to a month, temporary insurance cover is a fast simple and affordable option.

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