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Are your helmet and leathers covered by your motorcycle insurance?

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Your bike is a solid piece of machinery that is not super easy to steal if you use a couple of basic levels of security.

Should the worst happen, you can rest assured that your insurance company will make good your loss.  Your equipment, however, is highly portable and although it may be precious to you, the insurance company does not have an obligation to replace these items.  

To ride safely on the roads there are bits of equipment that you simply must use, a helmet is a legal requirement but most of us use leathers, boots and gloves for example.  But, just because they are important, this does not mean that they are automatically covered by your insurance policy.

Your motorcycle insurance will cover you for anything from the cost of repairs to the cost of a replacement bike and could cover you for medical expenses and loss one earnings, depending on the type of cover you choose to pay for.

When it comes to equipment, standard policies will not normally include cover against theft, loss or damage and you may need to look at add-ons to an existing policy.  That said, some policies will cover permanently fixed accessories covered as standard, including panniers, top boxes, side boxes, grab rails and sport racks.

Helmets and Leathers Insurance Cover

Helmets and leathers are an expensive, but a vital investment for riders.  There is also often a personal attachment to these items.  Specialist helmet and leather cover will cover you up to a set amount should your items be damaged as the result of an accident.

What To Do If Your Equipment Is Stolen

It is reasonable to assume that your motorcycle insurance will not cover the theft of any equipment.  If your leathers, helmet or any other high-value items relating to your bike go missing, you will more than likely have to claim on your home insurance.

There are of course a multitude of complications when it comes to adding items to your home insurance, and normally you will only be covered if they were taken from your home address, but it is your best route for recourse should these items be stolen.

In summary, then, motorcycle insurance will not usually cover your equipment against theft, but if you have additional helmet and leather cover you may be paid out for replacements in the event of an accident.

Take care of your equipment, and add it to your home insurance policy if you can.

Motorcycle Insurance Quotes

Most of the insurance comparison websites will offer you motorcycle insurance quotes but The Bike Insurer is the only motorcycle-specific insurance comparison website out there and will search over 30 insurance providers to get you the best deal.

If you’re thinking of buying a new motorcycle but you don’t know what it’ll cost to insure. Check out our super-simple motorcycle insurance estimator tool. Get an accurate quote in under a minute.

Always ride safely and fully covered.  If you are not riding, don’t pay for cover you don’t need.  Speak to your insurance company today to see if they offer a Pay As You Go policy for your part-time riding pleasure.

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