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ULEZ Motorcycles Guide

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What is ULEZ?

ULEZ stands for Ultra Low Emission Zone. Most vehicles must meet the ULEZ emissions standards or pay a fee. It was designed to deter air-polluting vehicles from entering the zone, to help improve air quality. 

How much does it cost

Cars, motorcycles and vans up to 3.5 tonnes pay £12.50

Vehicles over 3.5 tonnes and buses and coaches over 5 tonnes pay £100

Where does it operate

The ULEZ operates in the same area as the Congestion Charge zone. It operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year.

If I don’t live in London should I care?

If you live outside of London and do not enter the ULEZ, you do not need to worry about costs. However, the air in London is becoming increasingly toxic. There are currently over 300 primary schools within this zone with children inhaling polluted air every day. Air pollution can cause diseases in later life. If the initiative improves air quality, it is likely to extend to other UK cities. Everybody should be aware of emissions controls and the potential impact it has on our environment and population.

A brief overview of the different Euro standards

All vehicles need to meet different emission standards for the ULEZ based on their vehicle type and type of emission. The current emissions standards are based on Euro standards. First appearing in 1992, it limits nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate matter (PM) from engines which cause air pollution. All vehicles must meet certain standards to be approved for sale. The current standards are:

Euro 3: 

Category: motorcycles, mopeds, motorised tricycles and quadricycles (L category)

Mandatory for all new motorcycles from 2007 onwards.

Euro 4:

Category:  (NOx) petrol cars, vans, minibuses, other specialised vehicles

Mandatory for all new cars in 2005 and light vans in 2006.

Euro 5:

Category: (NOx and PM) diesel cars, vans, minibuses, other specialised vehicles

Mandatory for all new heavy-duty engines and goods vehicles and buses from January 2014. Cars and light vans from September 2015 and larger vans from September 2016.

Euro 6:

Category: (NOx and PM) lorries, buses, coaches, other heavy vehicles

What bikes are excluded?

  • Any bike that is Euro 3 certified.
  • Motorbikes and mopeds that do not meet the ULEZ emissions standards but are registered for a Congestion Charge residents’ discount are entitled to a 100% discount from the ULEZ charge until 24 October 2021.
  • Vehicles that have a historic vehicle tax class will be exempt from the ULEZ. Additionally, all vehicles registered before 1 January 1973 will be exempt from the ULEZ.

How can I check if my bike is liable?

If you’re unsure your bike meets the above criteria, you can check your details here:


Can an older bike be exempt?

If your bike is Pre-Euro 3, you can be exempt from ULEZ charges if you can prove your bike has a NOx emissions rating of 0.15g per km or less. Normally, these details are recorded on your bike’s V5C (logbook). If not, you can request a Homologation Certificate or a Certificate of Conformity from your bike’s manufacturer for proof. 

Are two stroke bikes exempt?

TfL does not exempt 2-stroke engines from their controversial ULEZ charges. The reason why 2-strokes are included in the dreaded £12.50 per day fee is that most scooters and bikes which have this type of engine were not Euro-3 certified. The good news is, there has been plenty of evidence to suggest 2-stroke engines give off reduced NOx emissions. 

To prove your bike should be exempt, you may have to get it tested. The cost of a test is £175. It might sound pricey but its the equivalent cost of 14 days within the ULEZ zone, so if you can get passed, it’s worth it in the long run.

List of older ULEZ exempt motorbikes

TfL is refusing anyone a full list of bikes. Motorcycle website bikerandbike.co.uk has put together this list, which was last updated in June 2019. 

If your motorcycle has passed the ULEZ exemption, contact us with your motorcycle’s details and we’ll add it to the database.

Bike ModelYearMethodNOx per g/Km
RSV Mille2002CoC0.06
Monster 6002000CoC0.11
900SS1997NOx test0.14
9161998NOx test0.09
Fat Boy2001NOx test≤0.15
Road King Classic FLHRCI (1450cc/88ci)2004CoC0.123
CB600F Hornet2002CoC0.092
CB600F Hornet2003CoC≤0.15
CB600F Hornet2006U≤0.15
CBR9001997NOx test0.07
CBR9001997NOx test0.12
CBR1100XX Blackbird1996NOx test0.1
CBR1100XX Blackbird2006CoC0.075
Deauville NT650V2002V5C0.12
Deauville NT700V2007CoC0.75
NT650 Bros1989NOx test0.04
Pan European ST11002001NOx test0.15
Pan European ST13002004CoC0.088
Pan European ST13002006CoC0.088
SES125 Dylan2002CoC0.053
VFR8002005NOx test≤0.15
W6502003NOx test≤0.15
ZX6R1997NOx test≤0.15
Z750S (ZR750)2006V5C0.1
950 Supermoto2005CoC0.1
Moto Guzzi   
California EV 11002001NOx test≤0.15
Royal Enfield   
Bullet 500 Electra Lean Burn2005NOx test0.11
ET4 (125cc)2000NOx test0.15
PX125UNOx test0.01
SV650 (K4)2004V5C≤0.15
GSX-R600 (K4)2004V5C0.11
GSX-R600 (K6)2006V5C0.11
GSX-R1000 (K1)2000NOx test≤0.15
Bonneville Scrambler2003CoC0.1
Bonneville Scrambler2006V5C0.06
Daytona 955i2006U≤0.15
Sprint ST10502005V5C0.09
Sprint ST10502007CoC≤0.15
RD3501984NOx test0.02
TDR2501990NOx test0.03
Fazer 10002005CoC≤0.15

Some people are actually proving the TfL wrong. For example, the Mayor of London has stated 2-stroke engines are seriously harmful but a lot of them aren’t and some have passed the ULEZ test.

Questions or Comments?

If you’ve got a question about this article and you need a bit more guidance, drop a comment below and we’ll get back to you.

Likewise, if you’ve got something to add to this article or an experience you’d like to share, let’s hear it!

We love reading your comments and helping our readers.

  • Ian Ross says:

    The sad but significant fact is that is that many if not most bikes produce far less NOx than cars, vans, busses etc. They are penalised disproportionately yet will not sit idling in traffic jams and ease congestion not cause it. The conclusion that I reach is that cash strapped TfL will use any ruse to wring as much money as they can from the road user. Pollution is a handy excuse. Bizarrely, my 2003 R1150R is not exempt but aged (1979) R100RS is due to it’s classic status.
    Funny old world etc…..

  • Adrian says:

    Suzuki SV1000S 06, V5C, NOx: 0.03

  • Jessica says:

    My motorbike cb 600f, 2007 pay ulez??? Thanks

    • Ben Cope says:

      You’ll probably be OK as I know of older CBR600F models that have passed but you will have to have your bike tested.

  • Daniel says:

    Kawasaki zx6r 2004 b1h
    0.06 CoC from kawasaki

  • Michael says:

    I got a 1997 Kawasaki ER5 (ER500-A1) tested and it passed the NOx with 0.1 and needed no modifications. A 1999 Kawasaki GPZ500S (EX500-D7) got through but needed some modification to the carburettors.

  • Ant 🐜 says:

    1986 Kawasaki Z550 does anyone know as not on logbook but just been totally rebuilt including engine please help

  • Roger Kemp says:

    I have a Kawaski Z900 made in 1977 which was imported in 2021 and is registered as Historic therefore is MOT & Ulez exempt but on checking the TFL ULEZ site it saying the vehicle is still liable to the ULEZ charge. I have only just found this out, so have not wrote to TFL yet I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue and have they had it resolved.

  • Alex says:

    Would adding a catalytic converter to a motorcycle make it ulez compliant

  • Cesar says:

    Hi, i know this post is old and maybe will to get looked at but thought it’s worth a shot at getting some help.

    In short i sent TfL the certificate of conformity for Yamaha r6 2003 where it shows NOX levels are 0.107 g/km i think this means 0.11 g/km that according to TFL the bike meets the requirements not to pay ULEZ. They got back to me and politely stated that the bike doesn’t meet the standards and that i need to pay ULEZ, what I’m looking for is a second option in case TFL are lazy and didn’t care to read the certificate properly. And if anyone thinks i have room to challenge the decision.

    Thanks in advance

    • BikerRated Ben says:

      Hi Cesar, I think you should challenge it and ask TFL on what grounds it has been rejected. If they point to the NOX levels, you can point out their mistake.

  • John says:

    I have to get my bmw 1150gs 2003 tested for ULEZ as tfl will not accept it.
    Funny old world running a vehicle in the ever increasing 20mph zones, reducing gears higher revs. Does that not increase nox

  • Nader Nayebkarimi says:

    I own a Yamaha R1 first registered 26/03/2007 and my logbook does not indicate the NOx level or the Euro standard of the engine, so by default, my bike is not exempt from ULEZ.
    Yet on a TFL web page, it says that generally bikes registered after 2006 are Euro 3 standard and ULEZ allowed.
    Today, 23/08/2023, I took my bike to a average car testing station and put on gas anolizer, I have written proof from this approved vehicle testing station with recently caliberated gas analizer to say that the NOx is 0.01 % vol.
    The question is, Will this be proof enough to qualify for ULEZ? and if not, why not?
    What makes the TFL approved testing stations diffrent to any other approved testing station? Why would they have to charge so much more than an MOT test for the gas NOx result? Surely there is more work to do for and MOT test and just a few minutes gas test.

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