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Advanced Motorcycle Training Courses

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Advanced riding courses aren’t all hi-viz, beards and BMWs.

If you’re thinking of getting some advanced rider training, good for you. You’re never too old or experienced to learn new skills.

There are a lot of good options out there and while advanced riding can sound a bit serious and rigid, it’s better to think of it as a way to learn new skills.

Some motorcycle training schools are set up to offer further training or advanced riding courses that focus on specific areas, such as commuting, country roads or slow speed control. Others follow a nationally recognised syllabus.

If you’ve just passed your test and you get on with your instructor, why not ask them what else they can offer. You could always book in for a course 6-months down the line; by which time you’ll have developed more confidence and control but also the odd bad habit which can be ironed out.

There are also ex-police riders who run one-man-band schools to teach you the tricks of their (former) trade on roads they know every inch of.

Some companies run multi-level courses that aim to get you in at level one and spit you out a few levels higher. You’ll leave equipped with loads of great knowledge and techniques to help you improve your riding and minimise the risks out there.

We’ve put together this list of advanced riding training courses to help you get up to speed.

What You Need To Know

Who is it for?
Anyone who isn't afraid to admit they have more to learn.

Why you should do it:
You'll address any bad habits and learn skills that'll benefit your riding for years to come.

What does it cost?
Around £150 for the day.

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Force Rider Training

Force Rider Training is one of the most acclaimed schools in Manchester area, attracting those who seek to boost their skills through training with one of the two class 1 police advanced patrol riders and former qualified police instructors within the Force. Advanced training apart, the school also arranges for tests with a number of advanced testing authorities and can work with you towards achieving a second certified qualification through the Driving Standards Agency Enhanced Rider Scheme.

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The Elite 65t produces great sound, makes clear calls, and features volume and track controls (plus enough battery life to get you through a cross-country flight before charging).

Advanced Riding Techniques

Nelson, Lancashire | 01282 695 959

ART offers advanced training courses and Enhanced Rider Scheme certification to all bikers who want to improve their skills. The syllabus covers everything from clothing and rider protection to motorcycle handling and use of speed.


Various locations in the UK | 0800 387 198

Camrider offers advanced riding courses to those with a full riding licence. Their Rusty Riders course is ideal for returning bikers who need to rebuild their confidence and brush up their skills.

Rapid Training

Buckinghamshire | 07429 042885

Rapid Training offers bespoke coaching sessions. The Bikemaster is Rapid Training’s flagship programme, an advanced riding course that includes three levels of training for comprehensive acquisition of pro-grade road riding skills.

1st Class Rider

Cardiff, Wales | 07545 567 273

Ideal for all full licence riders who want to improve their skills while enjoying an epic journey from Wales to Scotland. You will attend one day of classroom activities and five full days on the road, under the supervision of advanced instructors. The price includes RoSPA and IAM test fees and membership.

Motorcycle Training Wales

Pontypridd & Neath, Wales | 01792 817092

Supporting the national Bikesafe initiative, Motorcycle Training Wales offer courses in Pontypridd and Neath Port Talbot. A mix of classroom-based theory and assessed rides, this advanced course is great value for money. Additionally, riders can take part in the Dragon Riders course which offers a certificate and the potential for discounts on insurance.

North Wales RoSPA Advanced Riders

North Wales | 07980 238896

Completing a course with NWRoAR tutors, riders will gain knowledge around motorcycle handling found in Motorcycle Roadcraft: the police rider’s handbook. On completion of the course, members will undergo a pre-test check ride before undertaking the RoSPA Advanced Riding Test. Once successful, riders gain a Bronze, Silver, or Gold award.

IAM Borders Group

galashiels, scotland | bgam.org.uk

Part of the Institute of Advanced Motorists, IAM Borders cover North Scotland and offer riders a chance to become a member and complete an IAM RoadSmart assessment. You will learn advanced techniques such as control, observation, and the ability to deal with unpredictable roads and other road users’ behaviour. 


Fife, Scotland | 01592 650100

ProScot offers advanced training to any bikers who require refresher courses or wish to achieve a higher level of biking qualification. Courses range from 1 to 2 days and come in Bronze, Silver, or Gold packages. On completion of the Gold course, riders are able to apply for a RoSPA or IAM test.

North Down Rider Training

Bangor, N. Ireland | 07908 471 476

Aimed at riders looking to improve on their riding ability and work towards completing one of the available Advanced Riding tests. The course is undertaken on a one-to-one basis with professional instructors and you can use your own bike or borrow one. A two-day training package is available which includes an IAM test fee.

Moto Training NI

Ballymena, N. Ireland | 07973 502600

Moto Training NI offers advanced training courses for those who have just passed their bike tests, refreshers or anyone else who are looking to improve their road skills. The instructors on-site are qualified with BMF which means they can facilitate a condensed training course ready for this qualification. Alternatively, riders can gain knowledge to pass the IAM, or RoSPA tests.

DVSA Advanced Rider Scheme

UK based | gov.uk/enhanced-rider-scheme

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency enhanced rider scheme helps riders improve in areas of weakness. Tests take 1 to 2 hours and riders who pass receive a DVSA certificate of competence which may give discounts on insurance. Costs vary depending on location and provider.

IAM RoadSmart

various locations | 0300 303 1134

The IAM RoadSmart course is provided by the Institute of Advanced Motorists and equips riders with the knowledge they need to stay safe on the road. Experts teach students advanced skills and techniques to make motorcycling adventures even more exhilarating and enjoyable. Prior to testing, students are taken on a number of rides learning control and observation skills. Afterwards, riders take the Advanced Riding Test and once passed, become an IAM RoadSmart member.

RoSPA Cornwall

Cornwall, England | 07519 344425

RoSPA Cornwall offers 3 options – a short course over 4 hours which offers pointers at the end. A full associate course with up to 20 hours of training with the option to take the RoSPA test at the end, and refresher training (free to existing members).

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