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Motorcycle Hill Climb Events

Pic credit: Paul Roberts

What better way to spend a weekend than a fun-filled day out at a hill climb event.

Hillclimbs have been around for a long time and essentially involve bikers riding their bikes up a hill as quickly as possible. The course is usually under a mile long and takes around a minute to complete. The winner is often presented with a prize or their name in the venue’s record books if you’re the quickest to date.

As mad as they sound, hill climbs are planned with safety in mind. A lot of venues require your bike to meet tight ACU regulations or if it’s road legal it will have to have a current MOT and possibly other requirements like a chain guard. Noise limits can be enforced, so make sure you check out the terms and conditions before you book.

They’re mainly aimed at race bikes but lots of hill climbs allow total amateurs to enter their road bikes to have a race against the clock. If you fancy turning up on your road bike, taping up your headlights, sticking a race number on and tearing up a hill, you can.

If you’d like to get stuck in, then read on. However, if you’d rather watch (and most people would) then here are some of the most popular venues throughout the UK to get your motorcycle hillclimb fix:

Main pic credit: Paul Roberts

What You Need To Know

Who is it for
A hillclimb is one of the ultimate you vs the clock challenges but you don;t have to complete. If you want to watch some lunatics haring around on bikes, it's for you.

Why you should do it
The atmosphere at a motorcycle hill climb is fun and friendly. You can roam the paddock, get close to the action and savour the sounds.

What does it cost
Around £10 to spectate and around £50 to enter an event.

Cheltenham, GL52 9RD  | 01285 405 429

Run the Hill is an action-packed Hillclimb part of Prescott Bike Fest. Road bikes are more than welcome. Make a weekend of it and camp or turn up on the day ready for the challenge. Prescott Bike Fest has fun for all the family. Tickets start from £15, children under 16 free.

Kop Hill Climb

Princes Risborough, Oxfordshire

A wide range of bikes suitable for beginners or more experienced riders, Fully comprehensive insurance, plus breakdown cover can be purchased for the UK and abroad. Additional services include delivery and collection, sat-nav/intercom hire.

Wiscombe Park

Southleigh, Devon

Home of the British Hillclimb Championship, Wiscombe Park is 1000yds of fun. The Current record is under 40 seconds for a motorcycle. Tickets prices to be announced shortly. Children under 14 free.

Barbon Speed Hillclimb

Kirkby Londsale, Cumbria

Short but quick, Barbon is the fastest Hillclimb in the UK. Try your luck and reach the top in the quickest time. Entry costs £10 per adult, children go free.

Shelsley Hillclimb


Try your luck at this 1000yd, 1 in 6 gradient track in pursuit of the best time of the day or a well-deserved hill record. A fun event packed with other shows suitable for all ages.

Leighton Hall Hillclimb

Leighton Hall, Lancashire

This Hillclimb features a 220m hill climb with an exhilarating 60-degree bend. Race open to all solo motorcyclists and 3-wheelers of any size. No noise or speed limit!

Helter Skelter Hillclimb

Court Farm, Dorset

Open to all 2-wheeled motorbikes, the Helter Skelter Hillclimb consists of a race between 5 riders at a time. Unlike most hill climbs, riders must turn around at the top and slalom back down the course for added fun!

What’s it like to ride a hillclimb?

You can enter a race bike in a hill climb and get stuck in but most motorcycle hill climbs encourage you to enter a road bike.

Of course, you’re going to go as quickly as you can but these events are more about the enjoyment of testing yourself and your bike in relative safety, without the need to buy a competitive race bike and all the associated equipment. You can just turn up, sign on, take up your headlights and have a go.

Of course, not all of us are brave enough to have a go but luckily you can sit back and experience a hillclimb from the comfort of your favourite chair and watch this rider on an Aprilia Tuono V4 taking on the Wiscombe Park Hill Climb.

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