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Speedway and Flat Track Schools in the UK

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Speedway bikes are exhilarating. With no brakes, one gear and a clutch, these bikes can accelerate to 60mph faster than a superbike – in the right hands of course.

Set on oval circuits which are usually 300 metres in length, racers skid ’round corners balancing the right amount of slide with the right amount of grip and forward momentum to maintain their speed. It’s all about throttle control.

Speedway was all the rage in the ’80s but suffered a bit of a dip over the past couple of decades as speedway circuits (usually also used for greyhound racing) were sold off to developers and turned into flats and posh coffee shops.

However it’s gaining in popularity again and has seen a bit of a resurgence over the past few years, what with the likes of the UK’s Tai Woffinden dominating the world scene.

There are still plenty of clubs up and down the country and lots of them run try-out schemes to give you a Speedway experience to remember. 

Flat Track is very similar to Speedway. Its roots are from the USA. Flat Track bikes differ from Speedway as they have suspension at the front and rear and they also have a rear brake, which gives them a different riding style to Speedway. 

Here are some of the best speedway and flat track schools in the UK:

What You Need To Know

Who is it for
Those who want to learn the (really) fine art of throttle control.

Why you should do it
Because you'll learn skills that will benefit every aspect of your riding.

What does it cost
Around £200 for the day, including bike and kit hire.

Powerslide Speedway School

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Kings Lynn, Norfolk  | 01438 355009

Suitable for complete beginners who haven’t used a bike before and more able riders, Powerslide provide full-day training with hire of bikes and equipment in groups of up to 16 riders. Prices from £250.

Champions Flat Track School

Glentham, Lincolnshire |  01507 313590

Champions run three levels of full-day courses aimed at complete novices to more experienced flattrack riders. Prices start from £159 per person and groups have a maximum of 15 pupils per day.

Wayne Carter Speedway Training

Scunthorpe, Lincs | 07832 402167

Coached by the former Captain of Scunthorpe Speedway’s Scorpions, half-day sessions are available for the price of £75 including the loan of club bikes and equipment. Suitable for riders of all abilities.

Ride & Skid It!

Buxton, Derbyshire | 07927 425087

Offering both Speedway and Flat Track experiences, with around 30 dates throughout the year. The bikes used are 125cc Hondas and all kit is provided. Just turn up and prepare to slide.

Royal Enfield Slide School

Multiple locations Devon | dirtcraft.co.uk

The Royal Enfield slide school provides FT 411cc training bikes and run at many locations in the UK. The price for a one day course is £185.They also run training programs for riders with their own bikes who are competing in Flat Track or who would like to start competing. From absolute beginners looking to start off on the right track with good riding position and technique to seasoned racers trying to find a little extra race pace.

Amateur Motorcycle Speedway Academy

leicester & scunthorpe | amsa.me.uk

Founded in 2012 at Buxton Speedway, AMSA has relocated to Scunthorpe and Leicester. AMSA offers affordable speedway training to small groups of riders of all ages. Working in smaller groups gives riders a tailored experience with plenty of track time to practice their new skills. Bike hire available.

My First Skid

Isle Of Wight | 03335 774458

Located at The Smallbrook Stadium on The Isle of Wight, MFS gives newbies a chance to experience speedway racing in a safe environment. Offering ladies only schools, under 16’s, mixed, and men’s over 40’s, MFS even welcome complete beginners. MFS provide all the equipment and bikes you need for your session or for those who have gear, you can bring your own.

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