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UK Motorcycle Track Day Bike Hire Companies

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If you’d like to do a trackday but you don’t have a track bike, then why not hire one?

In fact, you might already have a track bike or a suitable road bike but you just can’t be bothered with the hassle of transporting it or sorting it out in time for a track day.

A track bike hire company will remove all of the hassles. You can rent a modern track day bike that’s been prepared to a racing standard and is ready for you to jump on and ride. The bikes will have track fairings, braided brake lines and sticky tyres

You don’t even need to add fuel; as part of the hire, the company will look after your fuel, ensure your tyre warmers are fitted and the bike’s good to go.

You can rent all manner of bikes, from ex-European Junior Cup Honda CBR500Rs to full-on superbikes. Although most organisers tend to rent out 600cc sportsbikes and 1000cc superbikes that have been mildly modified to ensure they’re set up for on-track action.

You’ll need to have a valid motorcycle licence (or in some cases, an ACU licence will suffice) and you’ll also need to leave a damage deposit and then you’re good to go.

Here’s a list of some of the best motorcycle track bike rental companies in the UK.

What You Need To Know

Who is it for
If you've got a burning desire to ride on track but you don't have a suitable bike.

Why you should do it
Track bike rental takes the hassle out of a trackday. You don't need a track-ready bike, spare tyres, fuel and parts. Just turn up and ride.

What does it cost
Around £300 for the day, track day not included.

Major Track Bike Hire

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Various UK Circuits  | 07904 691341

Covering most of the UK’s track days and events, Major Track Bike Hire provides high-quality bikes, pit crew and even gear and cameras if you need them. Bike hire prices start from £265 per day.

Track Bike Hire

trackbikehireuk.co.uk |   07713 630352

Providing brand new Yamahas with full pit crew and support. Venues can be booked through the website. All hires include delivery, track preparation, and support. Prices start from £349.

MFM Track Bikes

mfmtrackbikes.co.uk | 07973 834 013

MFM Track Bikes is the South East’s Premier UK track day motorcycle hire company, based in Surrey. Hiring Honda CBR600RRs in two specifications.

Smallboy Track Bikes

smallboytrackbikes.co.uk | 07974 742 485

A small collection of bikes are available to hire on any track. Hire prices start from £199 for a full day, inclusive of delivery to the track, tyre warmers, fuel, and mechanical assistance. 

Focused Events

focusedevents.com | 01798 812 704

At Focused Events we have a range of machines for hire from Yamaha, Kawasaki and BMW. They are suitable for all abilities and are maintained to a high quality for safety and reliability. We are more than happy with them and know that you will be too.


msvtrackdays.com | 0843 453 3000

Hire bikes are £349 when booking your track day. Price includes: Yamaha R6, all fuel, tyre warmers, tyre wear, stands and pit crew style support and wets if required. 

moto events group


Track Bike Hire UK provide the latest Yamaha motorcycles for track day hire at a wide choice of circuits throughout the UK. Options include single or group bike hire plus additional extra such as full leathers, paddock stands, and tyre warmers.

track days

trackdays.co.uk | 01376 809 001

Track Days offer an experience package gift card for the hire of their Yamaha R6 2017. The voucher costs £379 and can be used in various UK locations. For hire, you must book a track day event through their website.

hunts motorcycles

huntsmotorcycles.co.uk | 0161 432 1303

Rent a Honda CBR600RR7 as a dedicated track day bike for just £165 per day (terms and conditions for rental apply. A £500 per day deposit is required).

L.S. SuperSport Hire (Lady Snoots Ltd)

ladysnootsltd.co.uk | 07788 155 026

Lady Snoots offer bike hire for £200+ and bikes are noise checked and serviced before use. Support is available throughout the day along with stands, tyres warmers, and fuel.

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Trackday Bike Hire – Frequently Asked Questions


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