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The Best Garage Creeper Seats

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If you spend any time at all working on – or cleaning – your bike, then you need a workshop creeper seat.

If like me, your spine seems like it’s made from Crunchie bars, then you can reduce the back pain that follows a bike-fettling session with a decent stool.

You’ve got two choices, a stool or a motorcycle bench. The bench is great but takes up a lot of space.

A workshop seat makes the experience that much easier by getting you down to the bike’s level without straining your knees or back or anything that moves that’s not supposed to move. Let’s be honest, none of us are 17-any longer.

Scoot between the bike and your tools and generally look like a pro with a quality garage creeper seat. It’s a great addition to the man cave.

cheap garage creeper seat - The Best Garage Creeper Seats
The Cheap One

Mechanics Roller Seat

Does what it says on the tin

If you want something cheap and cheerful, you can buy this roller seat for under £20. Featuring an all-metal frame with an oil-resistant vinyl seat cover, it shouldn’t get ruined while you’re working. Four swivel casters give you plenty of movement, which is what you need to reach all areas of your bike and a handy underneath tray to pop your tools.

comfortable workshop seat wheels - The Best Garage Creeper Seats
The Plush One

Comfy seat and …beer holder?

The extra thick metal frame and four chunky caster wheels provide excellent stability and long-lasting wear. With a comfortable seat, you’re not likely to get sore on time-consuming jobs. A handy underneath tray gives you the option to keep your essential bits safe and organised. A mid-range seat with a price of £59.99.

stool seat step garage creeper - The Best Garage Creeper Seats
The Clever One

Workshop seat doubles as a handy step

Having a mobile step stool and seat not only saves space but can come in handy at times. With five casters for added stability, it can be used as a creeper seat which includes an underneath storage tray and padded foam seat. Turn it the other way, and you’ve got yourself a handy step stool with non-slip feet and a textured footplate for safety. For just over £50, it’s quite basic but helpful if you’re after the height.

tool store workshop creeper seat - The Best Garage Creeper Seats
The Tardis One

Turn yourself into a ‘mobile’ mechanic

Finding a place for your seat and toolbox can be difficult. If you’re short on space, Sealey has designed this creeper seat that includes a toolbox. For just under £95, it features two folding side trays, a screwdriver storage rack at the rear and three drawers. Four caster wheels and a padded seat make it comfortable for the user. 

beta workshop seat - The Best Garage Creeper Seats
The Trick One

Give your garage some MotoGP cool

For £68.90, this round swivel seat takes the effort out of any twisting and turning you do when changing position or reaching for tools. The height-adjustable, gas piston seat is ideal for any stature. Equipped with two levels of storage trays, you can keep nuts and bolts organised and your tools separate. Five casters add an extra feeling of stability.

Motorcycle Garage Guide

Here at BikerRated, we think that every biker’s garage should be a sacred place. Not just a place to securely store your motorcycle but space where you can work on it in comfort and enjoy not just riding, but owning and maintaining your motorcycle.

See our motorcycle garage guide for more tips on how to turn your garage or shed into motorcycling nirvana.

Garage Seats FAQs

Are any seats height adjustable?
Most of the seats in this showcase aren’t height adjustable but the Beta 2250 is and can be adjusted between 410mm and 530mm.

Do the casters leave marks on your floor?
This obviously depends on the flooring in your garage but if it’s concrete or an epoxy-painted finish then no. If it’s carpet, then, yes.


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