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The Best Indoor Motorcycle Covers

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If you keep your bike garaged but you don’t ride it that often, an indoor motorcycle cover is a great way to keep the dust off, stop it getting accidentally scratched. If there’s a window in your garage or shed, it’ll keep prying eyes off your machine.

No matter how careful you are, there’s always a risk of glancing your bike’s bodywork as you’re manoeuvring around the garage, especially if it’s tight for space. A small scratch could cost you £200 to get sorted whereas an indoor bike cover could prevent that happening. Keep your bike looking good as new by minimising the risk of scratches.

Unlike an outdoor motorcycle cover, they don’t need to be waterproof and they tend to be made from lighter-weight materials as a result. The high-end ones are more like a cotton bedsheet than a sheet of tarpaulin.

You can pick up an indoor motorbike cover for a mere £10 or splash out on a more high-end product for around £50. Here are a few great options that suit any budget.

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Best Value

Oxford Dormex Indoor Cover

Very basic cover will keep dust off

This large indoor motorcycle cover is less than twenty quid and has dimensions of 243 x 105 x 127cm – much larger than other brands. With a lightweight, breathable, double stitched design, any trapped moisture can escape, keeping your bike dry and dust-free. It might not protect the bike from much of a knock but that’s the one drawback.

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Our Best Buy

Available in four sizes, stretch fit

Working like a fitted sheet, the 4-way stretch material has an elasticated bottom to ensure full protection over any bike make and model. The soft lining helps to reduce damage to paintwork while the breathable material minimises condensation and moisture retention. Coming in at just under £30, this is our recommended pick.

held indoor motorcycle cover 305x305 - The Best Indoor Motorcycle Covers
Treat Yourself

High quality construction

Made from high-quality vilene polypropylene, this indoor motorcycle cover has an elasticated front and back to fit around your bike’s wheels and prevent slipping. Prices start at £21.99 depending on the size (available in M, L, and XXL). This stretch cover will fit most makes and models of motorbike and comes with a storage bag for compact stowing when not in use.

Motorcycle cover FAQs

Can I clean my motorcycle cover?
Most covers will come with care instructions. The cheaper plastic ones can be wiped down with a wet cloth. Some of the fabric ones can be slung in the washing machine.

Can I use an outdoor motorcycle cover indoors?
Yes. Outdoor covers can be used indoors, they’re a bit overkill as they’re made to withstand the elements and so are bulkier and made from heavier material.


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