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The Best Motorcycle Knee Sliders

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If you’re using your bike on the track, you’ll soon get through a pair of knee sliders as you crank up the lean angles.

As well as giving you feel, they’ll also take a bit of the brunt if you fall off, saving your leathers from getting too scuffed, not to mention your knees.

There’s a lot to choose from out there, and it can be difficult to decide what kind of knee slider is the best.

One thing to remember is, different sliders wear at different rates and they all have a slightly different feel when on the tarmac.

You can get them in plastic, leather and even wood! Some even come with a colourful design all the way through, making them look attractive even when worn.

Sparky ones, with titanium rod inserts, give off a shower of sparks once you’ve connected with the track. They look quite cool (and very disconcerting to anyone following you as they’ll probably think you’ve crashed), but some circuits (like Bedford Autodrome) ban them as they claim they damage the surface.

So if you fancy a track day or you’re a die-hard racer or a mad-as-a-brush road rider that also likes to get their knee down, here are some of our recommended knee sliders from the 100s on the market.

dxr knee sliders black red - The Best Motorcycle Knee Sliders
The Value One

DXR Knee Sliders CE

Good sliders, nice and cheap

These £13.99 knee sliders by DXR have a hard-wearing TPU outer construction and a strong hook and loop retention system. Easy to attach, pair with DXR leathers to complete the look and protect your knees.

held knee slider timber montage - The Best Motorcycle Knee Sliders
The Wood One

Long-lasting, smells like a log fire

If you want a wooden pair that had a decreased wear rate, these ones by Held come in at just under £40. Available in a variety of colours, the shield shape design covers enough area without having to mess about with placement too much.

oxford ghoul knee sliders - The Best Motorcycle Knee Sliders
The Scary One

Scare the kids

Perhaps you want to scare the kids or maybe your riding scares your mates? Either way, these ghost-like knee sliders are sure to get the message across.

rst race dept knee sliders montage - The Best Motorcycle Knee Sliders
Our Best Buy

Hard-wearing, good feel

Another knee slider from RST, the Race Dept comes in 6 colours to suit any taste. Made from durable TPU, these knee sliders have a handy pull tab for easy removal and a wide area to make it easy to fit without too much adjustment. For only £24.99, these come highly recommended by the Biker Rated team.

smiley face knee sliders - The Best Motorcycle Knee Sliders
The Happy One

Don’t worry; be happy

Give off that laid back vibe with these smiley-face knee sliders. In this modern world of emoticons, you’ll probably get a LOL from the local yoof.

rst iom tt knee sliders - The Best Motorcycle Knee Sliders
The TT One

Fully waterproof, loads of great features

If you’re a fan of the Isle of Mann TT or know someone who is, for £24.99 these knee sliders make a perfect addition to your kit or a thoughtful gift idea. Made from TPU for enhanced performance and now with a rubber pull tab for easy removal, these sliders are hard wearing and can take the heat when you’re out on the track.

alpinestars knee sliders 1024x1024 - The Best Motorcycle Knee Sliders
The Racer One

Give your leathers the MotoGP look

The good folks at Alpinestars have these knee sliders as part of their range, for just under £50. Manufactured by true racing gear professionals, these TPU knee sliders are durable and have a strong velcro for attachment to your leathers.

wiz english flag knee slider - The Best Motorcycle Knee Sliders
The Patriotic One

Fly the flag

If you’re proud to be English, then why not grab a set of these St George Flag knee sliders, sporting that famous ensign, derived from Saint George’s Cross. Old George would be proud to know that one day his emblem would be leaving a white trace on the way down Craner Curves.

Knee Slider FAQs

Can you buy titanium knee sliders
There isn’t a fully-titanium knee slider on the market but some sparky knee sliders use titanium bolts to create the sparks.

Can you buy carbon fibre knee sliders
No, they would be awful. The carbon fibre would shower everyone with nasty fibres and the sliders would end up having super sharp edges.




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