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Motorcycle Crash Bungs Showcase

best motorcycle crash bungs uk - Motorcycle Crash Bungs Showcase

No-one wants to think about crashing but it’s amazing to see how much damage you can do to your bike from just dropping it on its side in your driveway. At 2mph.

There are two schools of thought when it comes to crash bungs. Some swear by them while others say they cause more damage.

The truth is, no crash is the same and so it’s hard to quantify these statements.

The effectiveness of crash bungs can be brought into question if they appear to have caused more damage than they may have prevented. Most of the scare stories that come from fitting crash bungs are where a cheap bung has been used and it’s been fitted in a strange position, leading to damage to the bike’s frame or perhaps engine casing.

That’s why it makes sense to buy a quality motorcycle crash bobbin or frame protector that has been properly designed to keep parts of your bike away from the ground and also not cause damage by breaking the part of the motorbike they’re mounted to.

Personally speaking, I’ve never seen a crash bung appear to have caused more damage than it’s prevented but it’s also worth saying that it’s rare a crash bung allows you to get away with no damage at all. If you drop a bike, especially at speed, something will end up needing to be replaced.

best motorcycle crash bungs buying guide 488x305 - Motorcycle Crash Bungs Showcase

Traditional crash bungs – sometimes known as crash mushrooms – are designed to keep your frame, fairing, and tank from getting damaged in the event of a spill but it also makes sense to fit crash bobbins to your front wheel spindle and swingarm to prevent those two areas getting damaged in the event of a crash.

In our showcase, we’ve listed the quality crash bung manufacturers who make crash bungs to fit almost all popular makes and models of motorcycle.

Yamaha Xsr900 Xsr 900 Gilles Ip Crash Pads - Motorcycle Crash Bungs Showcase

Gilles Crash Bobbins

Patented shock-absorber system

Founded by the former racer Gerhard Gilles in 2000, Gilles understands the importance of safety for motorcyclists and have gained a vast amount of technical knowledge over the years.

More famous for their rearsets, Gilles manufacture crash bungs too. Available for loads of different bikes, prices range from £90 – £200 depending on what bike you have. The bung design stays the same; made from ABS plastic, in a mushroom design for better sliding characteristics, a built-in patented shock absorber system reduces the amount of shock load to the frame and helps prevent expensive broken mounting points. 

mpw motorbike crash bung 305x305 - Motorcycle Crash Bungs Showcase
Budget Buy

Sensibly-priced crash protection

Motorcycle Parts Warehouse are a UK based company that has been running since 2009. Starting out selling excess stock from the motorcycle store below them, they have significantly expanded over the last few years and have over 400,000 products in stock.

MPW Race Dept Motorcycle Crash Protection Bungs are compatible with most makes and models of motorcycle. They’re constructed from Acetal and require no modification to the bike on installation. With a reinforced steel sleeve and a 12-month warranty, these bungs are designed to last. From: £22.99.

rg motorcycle crash bungs 305x305 - Motorcycle Crash Bungs Showcase
Our Best Buy

The name in crash protection

Founded in 1999, R&G Racing is a British Company set up by Richard Taylor and Gene Marola. They have swiftly become a common name in high-quality crash protection products.

Ranging from £20 – £300, depending on the make and model of the bike, R&G crash protectors come in a range of designs to fit perfectly to a specific make and model without modification. Available in a tear-drop or round bobbin shape, and fitted with a removable end cap to hide the bobbin’s fittings.

gb racing motorcycle crash mushroom 305x305 - Motorcycle Crash Bungs Showcase
GB Racing

Crash protection used in BSB

Known initially as Lewis Banks Ltd and founded in 2002, GB Racing has been trading since 2007 and become an established leader in motorcycle protection products. So much so, they have received Federation of International Motorcyclists (FIM) accreditation which is recognised globally.

GB Racing mainly offer engine protection for race and track bike but they also have a range of crash mushrooms. These sliders can be mounted under or flush with the fairing to help reduce the risk of bike flipping. For just under £60, these minimise impact damage.

bikedesign motorcycle crash bung 360x305 - Motorcycle Crash Bungs Showcase
Bike Design

No fairing cutting required

Founded in 1998, HPS is one of the most trusted motorcycle accessory retail brands in the world. Initially specialising in parts for the 1998 Yamaha YZF-R1, they steadily grew and now serve a wide range of makes and models.

HPS has designed the Bike Design “No Cuts” Motorcycle Crash Protectors, so you do not need to modify your bike’s bodywork. Unique brackets install behind the bodywork to provide secure mounting points. The fixings are stainless steel, which is more robust than the aluminium bolts that some cheaper protection uses. Prices start at £59.

Trackday crash protection

motorcycle trackday crash damage 1024x576 - Motorcycle Crash Bungs Showcase


If you’re into trackdays and either ride your road bike there or you have a dedicated track bike then you’ll know how a small tip-off can end your day if it punctures a hole in your clutch cover or generator cover.

Engine protectors can help minimise the risk, meaning your bike slides on the nylon cover rather than its casing and (hopefully) won’t be out of action for the remainder of the trackday.

You can grab a set of quality R&G engine covers here or engine case sliders here to beef up your bike’s ability to take a knock and get back up again.

Motorcycle Crash Bung FAQs

Do they cause more damage than they prevent?
This is a bit of an Old Wive’s Tale, spread by those who don’t fit crash protection as a reason to justify their decision. Although there will undoubtedly be cases where a crash bung has caused damage, in the vast majority of cases they minimise the damage caused to a bike if you drop it.

Are they required for racing?
Some race series will stipulate that you need to have engine protectors on your bike to reduce the chances of oil or other fluids ending up on the track after your crash. However, check with your race organiser.

What are motorcycle engine guards
You may be referring to crash bags, which are more for adventure or naked commuter bikes. these bars work in the same way a crash bung does, in that they bolt into the frame and prevent the bike’s bodywork or frame from being damaged in the event of an accident.


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