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Every Motorcycle Exhaust Manufacturer

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We’ve gathered together a list of all the motorcycle exhaust manufacturers from around the world with exhausts that you can buy in the UK.

Either they’re manufactured in the UK or they’re imported by the company’s official importer or distributor or they’re available to mail order online. Where possible, we’ve linked to the official website or if they are available to buy online, we’ve linked to the locations where you can buy these exhausts.

We’ve also highlighted the country they’re from and where possible, the types of motorbikes or makes and models each manufacturer specialises in. We’ve also written a short history of the brand, so you can get to know a bit about how they came into being.


Originally called Skorpion, Igor Akrapovič founded the company in 1989. Now probably the most desirable exhaust brand. Used on majority of MotoGP and WSBK racing bikes and also the choice for many manufacturer’s official aftermarket exhausts.


The brainchild of Peter Gibson (Gibson Exhausts), these expansion chambers were custom-built for his owns bikes while racing round Europe in the 1980s. Other Racers loved them and asked for their own. After a break of manufacturing, the brand was resurrected in the early 2000s and further models were added. Made in the UK.


Manufactured in Japan for over 25 years under the name “Stiker” and a further 15 years in the US, Arata Titanium Exhaust Systems uses cutting edge technology and the highest quality of titanium for their handcrafted exhaust systems.


Founded by the 1970s by Italian Championship racer Giorgio Gianelli, Arrow Special Parts was born in 1985. Originally manufacturing high-performance exhaust systems for off-road bikes, the company now produces exhaust systems for all types while staying road-legal. With a commitment to racing and motorsports resulting in over 40 World Titles, Arrow is one of the best motorcycle exhausts and continues to develop their exhaust systems to provide top-quality performance every time.

Austin Racing

A relatively new company set up in the early 2000s, Austin Racing was originally a part-time project by British motorbike enthusiast Rich Austin. After posting his first project on the AF1 Aprilia forum, it sparked the journey. They are the first company worldwide to offer F1 technology Inconel exhaust systems to bike race teams and retail customers.


Handmade in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, Beowulf Performance Products uses raw materials only sourced from British suppliers. Coming with a lifetime guarantee, products are available in stainless steel, titanium and carbon fibre. Made in the UK.

Black Widow

The new name for Sandy Bike Spares / SBS exhausts, with over ten years of experience in developing and manufacturing exhaust systems, Black Widow Exhausts are based in the UK. With over 150 products available, all system are made from 304-grade polished stainless steel. Made in the UK.

Blue Flame

Established over 25 years ago, Blueflame Performance delivers high-quality 304-grade stainless steel exhaust systems. With a worldwide presence, all systems are manufactured in the UK and are affordable without skimping on the quality and sound. Made in the UK.


With 30 years experience in producing groundbreaking stainless steel and titanium systems, BODIS provide a wide range of exhaust systems for plenty of motorcycle makes, BODIS develop and manufacture in Hungary while Speer Racing Parts manage the homologation and distribution from Germany.


These Dutch-designed motorcycle exhaust systems began life in 1976 and have continued to work alongside their sponsored racing teams to develop and improve their products 40 years later. Their latest product, available in several models is the DesertFox system.


Originally set up as a metal processing company in 1979, BSM became a leading exhaust manufacturer in 1984. Developed and manufactured in-house, this German company provides Eurocertificate exhaust systems for the entire European region. Specialising in superbike classes, all systems are tested under extreme conditions to be sure to provide top-quality products every time.


The baby of David Rash, D&D Exhausts came about because David wanted an exhaust pipe for his race bike but couldn’t find anything for his engine configuration. Not deterred, he fabricated his own pipe and in 1972 became the popular US manufacturer we know today. D&D uses state of the art SuperFlow Eddy Current Ram Air Dyno, Super Flow Flow Bench, and the first in the industry multi-cylinder Lambda Fuel Air Ration Sensors, interfaced with the Dyno for real-time meter and graph analysis.


Formed in 2007, and with offices based in USA, UK, Australia and Japan, Delkevic is a global supplier and manufacturer of budget exhaust systems. With exhaust systems designed to fit straight onto your motorcycle the company claims they don’t need remapping, improving your motorcycle performance couldn’t be easier. 


A British supplier of pipes for MX and off-road bikes since 1978. Providing performance-enhancing two-stroke and four stroke pipes for off-roaders, they are a highly successful UK manufacturer who has made their name sponsoring various teams in the British Motocross and more. Made in the UK.


Founded in 1973 by Don Elmer in his garage, FMF Racing is a high-quality exhaust end-to-end manufacturer based in Southern California. Developers of off-road and motocross exhausts, FMF Racing supply 2-stroke and 4-stroke exhausts for weekend trail riders to top-level professionals.


Fuel Exhausts had a humble beginning in 2001, Damien and Louise (the founders) started manufacturing from an old chicken shed near their home. After much success from trading at autojumbles, they moved on to BSB Moto GP and Superbike rounds and finally getting a trading spot at the International Motorcycle and Scooter Show at the NEC in Birmingham. Staying true to their roots, all materials are premium quality, sourced from British manufacturers, and built in-house in their headquarters in Kendal, Cumbria. Made in the UK.


Starting life as Allspeed and a two-stroke specialist, Peter Gibson was a motorcycle racer in Europe before he started making expansion chambers for his own bikes. Fast forward to 2018 when Gibson Exhausts trademarked the name Allspeed and Allspeed and Gibson Exhausts were incorporated into Stinkwheels. Made in the UK.


Starting life as a tailored construction manufacturer in 1968, Italian based GPR Exhaust Systems has continued to excel in putting their customers first. Establishing themselves in the competition world, Joan Mir won the Motomonidale, Moto3 Category in 2017. GPR allows customers to custom-build their exhaust system with a variety of shapes, materials and colours and provide maximum performance while maintaining compliance with current regulations.

Harris Works Collection

Harris used to make performance exhausts for bikes back in the 80s and 90s and now this “Works Collection” is sold by Norman Hyde essentially those same exhausts for those same bikes. So you can give you old classic the performance edge. Made in the UK.

Harrison Performance

Based in Edinburgh, Harrison Performance is a small team building custom systems to order. With a humble Facebook page on the go since 2017, you can contact them through here or mobile to find out further information. Made in the UK.


Started in 1982 by Lang Hindle after his professional racing retirement, Hindle designs and manufactures exhaust systems in-house in their Ontario, Canada base. Using lightweight stainless steel and titanium for their exhausts, each item is performance tested. Branching out into off-road and ATV systems, there’s a lot of choice and plenty of knowledge at Hindle.

Jekyll and Hyde

At 20 years young, Dr. Jeckill and Mr. Hyde Exhausts are still a fairly new name but have successfully won several awards for their exhausts systems. As the name suggests, their exhaust systems have “two personalities” and can be electronically toggled. With offices based worldwide, they continue to develop and grow to create the best performance for their customers.

Jolly Moto

Established in the mid-eighties, this Italian based company is well-known in and outside Italy for their 2-stroke engines. Starting life as a custom build manufacturer, they went on the have great success with various collaborations in the racing world. With a constantly expanding range of products and a high-level of quality, Jollymoto continues to be a leader in the industry.


Laser Exhaust Technology B.V. is one of the biggest manufacturers of high-performance exhaust systems. Using high-quality materials and fully tested in the field by race teams active in World Superbike, Supersport and National Championships, Laser work hard to continue to evolve their products.

Leo Vince

LeoVince is an Italian brand popular in racing circles. Starting in 1954 in Turin, they initially specialised in replacement silencers for two-stroke and four-stroke motorcycles (currently marketed as Sito and Sito Plus). Styles include road, off-road, adventure, scooter and custom.


A budget exhaust brand by the same company as import Lexmoto, Lextek are based in Exeter and provide a range of Aftermarket and OEM Parts. Lextek aims to provide high-quality products for a fraction of the price.


JHS is the sole UK agent and importer of high-quality, US-made performance exhaust systems. Available for a range of fitments and motorcycles, they use M4 pipes with the Supertwin machines. Using 304-grade stainless steel, carbon and titanium, M4 exhaust systems increase power output.


Founded in 1994 by Mark Hill, MHP Exhausts are a well-established manufacturer of high-performance racing exhaust systems and silencers. Mark has experience of working in the BSB paddock and uses his experience to create high-quality products. Made in the UK.


For over 50 years, and exporting to over 40 countries, Mivv are based in Italy and specialise in the development and manufacturing of original and after-market motorcycle exhaust systems. Using top-quality materials, Mivv make sure their exhaust systems have maximum performance and an intense sound.


Founded in 2001 by Martin Leigh who supported the introduction of a Motorcycle Exhaust Department at Blue Flame Performance Engineering, Max Torque Cans had the vision to create hand crafted exhausts to meet a customer’s expectations at a fraction of the price of current products on the market. Based in Lancashire, MTC has sponsored Red Viper Racing in British Superbikes and Carl Rennie in the TT. Made in the UK.

Norman Hyde

Norman Hyde was founded in 1964 in Britain. Involved in the development of some of the most iconic motorcycles ever produced, Norman continues to provide exhaust systems for vintage and modern Triumphs. Made in the UK.


A British motorcycle exhaust manufacturer with over 250 models catered for, PipeWerx focus on performance end cans and link pipes. Manufacturing exhausts that are designed to give a fantastic look and sound without the need to re-map or re-jet. Made in the UK.


Manufacturers of Powertech Carbon Fibre Exhaust Systems, hand crafted in the UK, these exhausts are race and street legal. Made in the UK.


British brand Pro-Race Exhaust Systems design, develop and manufacture high-quality, lightweight exhaust systems in-house. Based in Cambridgeshire, all builds are professionally made to provide the best performance and sound. Made in the UK.


Quill is based in Warrington and have over 25 years of experience in producing race exhaust systems for road-racing teams. Manufacturers of the world-famous Quill T3, Quill exhausts now produce EVO2, POWERSTUB, MAXSPORT and REVA systems which have power gains. Quill cater for loads of different models. Made in the UK.


Hand made in a factory in Derbyshire since 2004, Racefit uses titanium to make their exhaust systems strong and durable. With plenty of models catered for, Racefit even makes custom builds. Made in the UK.


Specialising in vintage and classic models, Raysons are a UK based company that started off fabricating custom exhaust components. Raysons are one of a handful of fabricators that use sand bending for the majority of their pipes, creating beautiful free-flowing curves. Made in the UK.


Offering a huge range of exhausts for sports and street bikes, Remus is based in Austria and one of the most successful exhaust manufacturers in Europe. Fully TUV approved exhausts that are road-legal with removable baffles with no need for re-mapping or re-jetting.

SC Project

You might not have heard of SC Project but this Italian firm makes the exhausts for the Honda MotoGP team and yet they remain under the radar for most. But if you’re supplying Marquez and Co, you must be something quite special. Available for a wide range of European and Japanese bikes.


Scorpion Exhausts are a UK based company that has been around for over 20 years and have played their part in winning motorsport championships. With plenty of experience, each exhaust is designed to the highest standard with top performance and reliability.

Seton Tuning

Seton has been in business for over 10 years and provides exhaust systems for Yamahas. Manufacturing their exhausts from stainless steel and titanium, they are a trusted supplier of high-quality, high-performance racing exhaust systems. Made in the UK.

SP Engineering

A UK manufacturer of quality motorcycle exhausts that are available in a large range of outlets, sizes, shapes and finishes. Producing carbon fibre, stainless steel and titanium exhausts for over 200 models with a lifetime waranty. Made in the UK.


Providing exhaust systems for off-road, street, racing and custom builds, Spark Exhaust Technology is an Italian manufacturer with over 40 years experience. Now imported into the UK by MSS Performance.


Founded in 1969 by Luigi Termignoni, the company designs and creates motorcycle exhausts systems for race and road use. Using their experience gained from track racing and involvement in MotoGP, Moto2 and SBK, they are able to produce high performance exhausts.


Under the radar for most, Toce has been in the motorcycle world for over 50 years, Toce started as a small family business with experience in aerospace design. Taking this knowledge, they apply it to their exhausts systems to create a perfect balance of performance, quality and sound.

Trident Exhausts

A British company that has been running for over 21 years, Trident make exhausts for Triumph motorcycles. Shipping worldwide, their designs are all hand-built, lightweight and use the best-sourced materials for durability. Made in the UK.

Two Brothers

Located in California, US, Two Brothers Racing have been in the game for 30 years. Inspired by professional racing heritage, Two Bros make exhaust systems for sports bike to v-twin cruisers. TIG-welded by hand, the highest standard is achieved.

Vance & Hines

Vance and Hines were founded by motorcycle drag race enthusiasts Terry Vance and Byron Hines. Starting out making exhausts for twin cruisers, they now ship worldwide; their brand has a passion for creating quality exhausts systems for the powersports world.


A Slovenian based company that design and build silencers for KTM models. By having CAD-driven CNC manufacturing centres, they have modernised over the years but still believe in creating each silencer by hand producing outstanding quality.


Yoshimura is well known for its continuous research and development in the field of producing exhaust systems to the highest quality. One of the leading exhaust manufacturers, they have a range of road, racing and dirt bike exhaust systems.


Zard is an Italian company that has a fantastic R&D department which makes their exhausts continue to evolve and keep up with the latest engine technology. With a large range of exhaust systems from Harleys to Kawazakis, and all that’s in between.

Motorcycle Exhaust FAQs

What is the best exhaust for a motorcycle?
There is no real best but one of the most well-known and highest quality exhaust manufacturers is Akrapovic. They’re used by many of the top motorcycle racing teams as the exhausts are developed specifically for each model of motorbike, meaning it helps the bike make more power.

What exhaust system sounds the best?
This is completely subjective. Each brand of exhaust sounds different and it also depends on the type of engine and the type of sound you like. Some bikers like their exhausts to be quiet, others prefer them loud.

Are slip-on exhausts universal?
No. While the slip-on exhaust may fit onto the header pipe, it’s unlikely that it’ll bring out the best from the motorcycle’s engine, as exhausts create a certain amount of backpressure which helps the engine run properly. If this pressure is removed, the engine needs to be tuned or re-mapped to suit the exhaust.

What does an exhaust do for a motorcycle?
An exhaust keeps the engine noise down and also processes the exhaust gases to ensure they are less toxic and damaging to the environment. Fitting an aftermarket exhaust will probably result in the catalytic converter having to be removed, which will cause more untreated exhaust gases to be released but it’ll also make the bike louder and allow the engine to produce more power as the gas will flow faster through the exhaust.

What is the best sounding motorcycle?
This is entirely subjective. A motorcycle’s sound is dictated by the number of cylinders the engine has, the engine firing order, the exhaust and many other factors. Most people closely associate the sound of a v-twin engine with that of the best motorcycle sound.

How can I make my motorcycle exhaust quieter?
If you have an original exhaust fitted there’s not much you can do. If you have a race exhaust, then you should be able to fit a baffle of a decibel reducer (also known as a dB killer) to reduce the noise from the exhaust.

Does exhaust wrap reduce noise motorcycle?
In many cases, exhaust wrap can help reduce the noise emitted from the motorcycle’s exhaust

How can I make my stock motorcycle exhaust louder?
You can drill through the baffles that are built into the exhaust. However a stock exhaust is expensive to replace, so if you damage it, you’re looking at a big bill to replace it. It’s a far better idea to fit an aftermarket exhaust which will be lighter, louder and help the engine produce more power.

Are aftermarket motorcycle exhausts illegal?
Some are, some aren’t. Your exhaust will need to have a BS AU 193a: 1990/T3 British Standard on it for it to be deemed road legal. IF you change your silencer for a non-road legal or race version, then you may fail your MOT.

Is an aftermarket exhaust bad for an engine?
An aftermarket exhaust will alter the airflow as the exhaust gases will be able to exit the system faster. This may mean your engine ends up running lean or possibly too rich if the ECU tries to compensate. It’s always a good idea to get the bike’s engine mapped to suit the exhaust.

What causes bluing on motorcycle exhaust pipes?
Exhausts get hot, very hot. This extreme heat causes the metal to change colour, most often a blue tint can be seen as a motorcycle exhaust ages, depending on the material it is made from. Titanium will almost always end up turning blue, as will a chrome finish.

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