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The 10 Best Motorcycle Technique Books

advanced motorcycle riding books

You might be from the school of thought that says, the only way to learn is to do but when it comes to motorcycles, being shown another way is always useful.  After all, you never stop learning.

Whether you want to become an Advanced Motorcycle rider, shave a few seconds from your lap times or just be a safer, more competent rider, these books will give you a (counter?) steer in the right direction.

If you’re looking for a serious book on advanced motorcycle riding, then Roadcraft, the book used by police motorcyclists is worth a read. We have to admit, it’s slightly dry but all the info is in there. If you’re planning a little off-road adventure, then Adventure Riding Techniques is a good book and goes beyond technique to help you with route planning, packing and maintenance. If you want to get up to speed on track and you’re a visual kind of person, then check out Keith Code’s books – they’re popular for a reason.

Motorcycle Roadcraft: The Police Rider’s Handbook

Penny Mares

motorcycle roadcraft book - The 10 Best Motorcycle Technique BooksPrepared following close consultation with the police, Motorcycle Roadcraft is the definitive guide to better, safer riding. Using evidence based practices that are supported by the police, it is recognised as the leading manual for police rider training. Endorsed by the emergency services, as well as civilian driving organisations, Penny Mare’s manual is suitable for all emergency service riders, as well as members of the public looking to take their ridings skills to a higher level. It offers chapters on slow speed manoeuvring and emergency response riding, as well as updated information on techniques for cornering safely and lively, full colour 3D illustrations and diagrams.
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Total Control: Street Riding Techniques

Lee Parks

total control motorcycle book - The 10 Best Motorcycle Technique BooksAs one of the best-selling motorcycle riding skills books of all time, Total Control: Street Riding Techniques provides you with the information you need to stay safe on the roads, using advanced riding procedures and strategies. Although aimed at US riders, the principles apply no matter which side of the road you ride on. As one of the most accomplished riders, racers, authors and instructors in the world, Lee Parks help riders to master the awe-inspiring potential of modern motorcycles in the safest way possible.  This book gives riders everything they need to develop the techniques and survival skills necessary to become a proficient, accomplished, and safer street rider. Using high quality photographs and detailed instructions, Parks will help you come away with a better understanding of everything from braking and cornering to proper throttle control for your most exhilarating, yet safest rides ever.
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Smooth Riding: The Pridmore Way

Reg Pridmore

smooth riding pridmore - The 10 Best Motorcycle Technique BooksReg Pridmore is a former AMA Superbike racing champion, who is now equally well known for his popular CLASS Motorcycle Schools. This book is full of Reg’s own riding philosophies and is designed to help the reader increase their skill on the road.  With plenty of useful facts and helpful tips, the book is presented in a readable style that is easy to understand. There are also lots of wonderful stories about his own adventures, and an intimate guide to some of the most important lessons he learnt from the track throughout his lifetime of motorcycling.
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Pass Your Advanced Motorcycling Test

Institute of Advanced Motorcyclists

pass advanced motorcycling test book - The 10 Best Motorcycle Technique BooksThis is a new, colour version of the Institute of Motorists’s driving manual, aimed at anyone wanting to improve their driving techniques or take the Advanced Driving Test. This book, is a useful tool for anyone looking to prepare for their test, and offers an informative guide to what to expect and how to improve your skills. While some of the information is a little dated, the principles remain as relevant now as they ever were.  A must-have for anyone looking to take their riding skills to the next level.
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A Twist of the Wrist

Keith Code

twist wrist book 2 - The 10 Best Motorcycle Technique BooksWhether you are a total novice or experienced rider, anyone looking to improve their skills will find something of interest in Keith Codes A Twist of the Wrist.  From veteran riders to cruisers and sport bike riders, this world famous book contains the foundation skills needed for any rider looking to increase their confidence when cornering their motorcycle. With a foreword by Wayne Rainey and notes and comments by Eddie Lawson, this book is written by riders for fellow riders.
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A Twist of the Wrist 2

Keith Code

twist wrist book - The 10 Best Motorcycle Technique BooksOutlining the straight facts about riding, A Twist of the Wrist has long been one of the most acknowledged books for rider improvement.  Considered to be the number one book used by riders looking to raise their game , this book has helped riders from all over the world to garner a better understanding of the vital skills of successful riding. The book uncovers all of the actions and skill needed to better control your bike as well as exploring the direct link between man and machine.
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The Official DSA Guide to Riding

Driving Standards Agency

dsa riding book - The 10 Best Motorcycle Technique BooksWhether you are just starting out or an experienced rider, this comprehensive guide provides you with everything you need to know to learn and maintain safe riding skills for life. The book is packed with loads of useful advice to help you stay safe on the roads, and is ideal for refreshing your knowledge before and after your test. For those learning to ride for the first time, the book is a key source of learning before you sit your motorcycle theory test. Anyone looking to improve their riding skills can benefit from reading the advice and guidance contained in the book, as well as all of the extra information it provides about new licensing regulations, vehicle maintenance and eco-safe riding. The official route to Safe Riding for Life, this book has been compiled by the people who set the tests.
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Performance Riding Technique: Track Riding Skills

Andy Ibbott

performance riding techniques book - The 10 Best Motorcycle Technique BooksThis official MotoGP book offers a practical guide to motorcycle racing technique, and is aimed at racing and track day enthusiasts of all levels. Written by former UK California Superbike School boss, Andy Ibbot, it covers all aspects of riding from starting and accelerating to braking, cornering, overtaking and even crashing, this book combines expert guidance from an experienced coach alongside advice and anecdotes from some of today’s top riders, including World Champions Jorge Lorenzo and Valentino Rossi and is officially endorsed by MotoGP. If you’re new to track riding and fancy getting up to speed, this authoritative guide to improving your racing technique and performance on the track will be a good investment.
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Simon Crafar

motovudu book - The 10 Best Motorcycle Technique BooksWorld Superbike racer and 500GP winner and World Superbike racer Simon Crafar passes on the essential rules that he has learnt throughout his career .  Motovudu is designed to help teach any rider how to safely ride faster and sharper, whilst staying away from any unnecessary risks.  The book covers such areas as body position, braking, corner entry, mid corner and corner exit, as well as other essential tips and tricks. The visually stunning, slow motion footage shows movements in every detail that can be easily understood with help from fun descriptions.  This DVD also contains an insight into Simon himself, with footage of his life away from the track and interviews with current World Championship racers.
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Adventure Riding Techniques

Robert Wicks

adventure riding techniques book - The 10 Best Motorcycle Technique BooksThis book is the definitive guide for anyone looking to take on an off-road adventure on their motorcycle.  Offering advice on how to gain the specialist skills needed for successful off-roading, the book will give the reader the confidence they need to undertake long-distance adventure rides, whatever the conditions.  Taking a practical approach to the adventure bike basics, readers will learn basic riding techniques, how to master different types of terrain, as well as riding positions and survival tips. In typical Hayne’s style, the book covers all of the techniques necessarily for safe and successful adventure rides, in a very accessible fashion.
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What are your favourite advanced motorcycling riding and technique books?

Have you read any of the books on this list? Do you have any great trackday or road craft books to throw into the mix? Let us know.

  • Jon D. says:

    I wrote a book called Cornering Confidence: the formula for 100% control in curves. It has great reviews on Amazon. Thanks for checking it out, maybe you can add an 11th book to your list!

  • pete1957 doidge says:

    is thier any decent reference books for oscilloscope diagnostics

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