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Ladies Motorcycle Boots Guide

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Without digging ourselves into a hole, women have a certain soft spot for shoes that men don’t understand.

Looking for the perfect pair of ladies motorcycle boots is no exception and comes with even more difficulties. If you’re on the shorter side or have a wider calf, you can spend ages looking for a boot that is comfortable and practical while still looking stylish enough for you to consider wearing them.

Luckily, women’s motorcycle boots exist and satisfy our need for comfort, practicality, and style. No longer do we just need to try and find a bloke’s boot in a small size (which never fits properly anyway).

We’ve put together a showcase of our favourite women’s motorcycle boots that are suitable for both riders and pillions and tick all the right boxes.

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womens motorcycle boots review - Ladies Motorcycle Boots Guide

Women's Motorcycle Boots Buying Guide

It's a good idea to try on different sets of motorcycle boots from different manufacturers to get an idea of how they feel and what you like about each boot you try on.

If you're looking for the best motorcycle boots, these are the features that we think you should be looking out for.

  1. Replaceable toe sliders: If you're buying a sports boot, they're a nice thing to have. Even road riders get their toes down but on track you'll do it more often. If the toe sliders aren't removable, you'll then start to wear through the boot itself and it'll be fit for the bin.

  2. Retention system: Most boots use zips and Velcro and that's perfectly good enough but you can get a more secure, more comfortable fit if your boot has a ratchet clasp at the top of the boot and a drawstring inner also helps the boot stay secure.

  3. Ankle bracing: If your boot doesn't have ankle protection and some form of torsion control then your ankle is at risk of bending and breaking during an accident. This is an area that cheaper boots tend to skimp on.

  4. Shin and heel armour: These areas are susceptible to impact but they don't need to be flexible. A chunky amount of plastic and bracing here will spread any impact force.

  5. Separate inner and outer: You'll likely only find this in a top-end boot but the separate inner can not only be washed, meaning you can keep your boots fresh(er) but the inner usually has a drawstring retention system meaning you can achieve a more secure, comfortable fit.

  6. Venting: Vents really do make a difference. If it's hot, they'll keep your feet much cooler but if you're likely to use your boots in all conditions, you don't want them to be perforated or have excess vents as they will let water in.

  7. Added height: Not all of us ladies are short but a little bit of additional height always helps. Some boots have a raised footbed, others a heel. If you're a shorter rider, just 1cm makes a difference and gives you more confidence.

CE Approval for Motorcycle Boots

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Any motorcycle boots or shoes need to be tested to the CE Standard if they’re to be sold in the UK (or Europe).

This standard is now EN13634:2017. The following factors are tested in order for a standard to be granted: Height, Abrasion and Cut Resistance and Transverse Rigidity (what happens when it’s squashed).

Each area is given a Level 1 or Level 2 grade. As you can see in the image above, this is shown on the CE label. The three number twos denote the boot reached the highest score. A short boot can only score a 1 in the height test but it can score 2 in the other tests.

The label may also show other features that the boot offers, including:

  • WR – Water resistance
  • FO – soles resistance to fuel or oil
  • IPA – Ankle impact protection
  • IPS – Shin impact protection
  • SRC – Anti-slip sole

It’s worth looking for this label in the boots you’re interested in, to get a better understanding of it’s level of protection and properties.


furygan ladies boots v4 easy d3o short motorcycle 306x305 - Ladies Motorcycle Boots Guide

RRP: £149

A smart looking race-style boot suitable for touring. The outer layer of these boots is leather while the inner liner is waterproof and breathable for added comfort. D30 armour on the ankles provides a high level of protection where you need it while the reinforced heel and toes keep your feet stable and less prone to injury. These boots have a good grip on the sole to prevent slipping and a large flap over lace upper and hook and loop strap prevents your laces from getting caught on the bike. Available in UK sizes 3 – 7.

RRP: £189

A stylish choice for riders and pillions; if you prefer less colour, this all-black boot by Alpinestars is a top choice. Made from synthetic microfibre with a zip closure making it easier to get on and off, these boots have double density ankle protectors, integrated replaceable sliders, high modulus TPU heel counters and shift pads for the ultimate protection. The soles are made from an exclusive rubber compound for optimal grip and comfort while the zips are covered with microfibre tabs to prevent scratches to your bike. Available in a bigger size range, UK sizes 3 – 8.


RRP: £169

Constructed from a microfibre and polyamide upper with a waterproof D-WP lining, these boots keep you warm and dry all day without the need for thick socks. Dainese has made sure these boots have adequate protection with armour in the heel, ankle, and shin which absorb impacts and are highly durable. Featuring a hook and loop strap with a zip closure system, they’re easy to get on and off will keeping the zip out the way of your paintwork. The sole is treaded for added grip while added flexible joints allow for better comfort while off the bike. Available in UK sizes 6 – 9.

RRP: £399

Perfect for the vertically challenged! These boots have an integrated insole which raises your heel by 2.5cm and your toes by 8mm making it a more comfortable ride. If you have a wide calf, these boots are a great choice, the velcro fastener is suitable for different calf sizes while the wider foot design will not nip your feet, even in thicker socks. Including a breathable Gore-Tex membrane, these boots are 100% waterproof which is great for touring. Including a zip fastening for easy use and protection in the shin and ankle. Worth paying that little bit extra for their durability and comfort.

RRP: £179

If you’re after a Gore-Tex waterproof boot with a smaller price tag, these boots by Sidi are an option. Featuring a velcro and zip closure, elasticated panel for more width on the calf and a reinforced shift pad. These boots have ankle armour for reduced impact but unlike others in our showcase, no additional protection in the heels or shins. If you want more protection, it would be worth paying that little bit extra for another boot.

RRP: £99.99

Constructed from leather with a waterproof and breathable SinAqua membrane, these boots aren’t bad for the price. The top of the boot has a reinforced area for gear changes so they shouldn’t wear too much from continuous use and the Strong Max zips used for the closure are robust. With moulded TPU shin, ankle and heel protection, these boots have you covered.

RRP: £149

Suitable for all weathers, these Gore-Tex lined boots are 100% waterproof while the upper leather layer is durable and hard-wearing. Complete with reinforced ankle protection, heel, and toes counters plus a contoured shin plate, these boots are designed with safety in mind. Perfect for a wider calf, the easy step-in system features a zip closure and velcro fastening with an adjustable area at the back of the calf for a narrower or wider fit. The sole has a specific grip area and a 2.7cm heel to give you the height should you need it.


RRP: £80

For a small price, these leather boots have an internal waterproof membrane making them a good choice for wet weather. The heel is just the right height to be comfortable off the bike and walking for long periods while it still provides enough height on the bike. A long zip fastening makes these boots easy to put on while an added stretch panel allows for a wider calf. For protection, these boots have reinforced ankles and heels while there is extra padding around the shins for comfort.


RRP: £190

Alpinestars are a great make for sports gear and these ladies Stella boots are no exception. Constructed from a durable microfibre upper with front and rear bellow zones, you still get enough flex in these for them to be comfortable. Integrated armour includes TPU lateral ankle brace support between the calf, shin, and ankle, TPU injected shin guard, calf protector, heel counter, shift pad and toe sliders to reduce impact injuries. The toe sliders are replaceable with easy screw fixings. With a medial side entry opening and elastic mounted zip and hook and loop closure, they remain comfortable for wider legs. A suede liner allows for breathability and stops your feet slipping. Designed with pink detailing, these boots are stylish and eye-catching.

RRP: £170

Made from Technomicro microfibre upper and a Nylon inner sole, these boots are comfortable but durable. Protection in these boots includes internal and external shaped ankle pads and additional shin protection with added air channels for breathability. The closure is designed with a full zip plus a hook and loop system to keep in place.

RRP: £280

Fully CE Certified, these pink, white and black boots are incredibly stylish while remaining highly protective. The retention system consists of a rear zip with calf adjustment and a hook and loop overlay. Armour includes reinforced nylon heel, toe and inner hull with Thermoplastic polyurethane inserts on the shins. Complete with a D-Axial jointed anti-ankle twist back system, your ankles are fully protected against injury. Featuring replacement sliders, high grip TPU inserts, gear shifter guards and a rubber sole for extra grip. For the price, you couldn’t ask for much more.


RRP: £180

Forma has kept the design of these boots feminine with a floral design on the full-grain oil treated leather outer layer without the need for any “girly” colours. The Drytex waterproof and breathable liner keeps your feet dry and comfortable and the touring rubber sole is perfectly strong for added grip and durability on and off your bike. Featuring a lower buckle closure with a hook and loop strap, these boots are secure and comfortable. TPU shin and ankle protection keep you safe while the padded front and rear collars provide further comfort for long use.

Motorcycle Boots Top Tips

If you're never going to ride in the rain (or you only want a set of boots for trackdays), don't go for a Waterproof or Gore-Tex boot - your feet will end up getting too warm on hot days.

Cheaper boots tend to skimp on areas like ankle protection

Wearing full-length socks makes any motorcycle boot infinitely more comfortable as there's less chance of parts of the boot digging into your ankles and shins.

Don't feel embarrassed or pressured when trying on a pair of boots. You need to wear them for a few minutes to get an idea of whether they're putting pressure on any parts of your feet or legs. If you feel any uncomfortable pressure after one-minute, imagine how that will feel after an hour.

If a pair of really cheap boots takes your eye, grab one by the toe and the heel then, with a bit of effort try and flex the toe to meet the heel. If you can do it, there's no shank in the sole - you may want to look elsewhere.

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