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The Best Motorcycle Neck Warmers

best motorcycle neck tube - The Best Motorcycle Neck Warmers

The trusty motorbike neck tube. Worth its weight in gold on a cold winter’s day.

But it’s not just handy for cold snaps. In summer, they’re great at stopping your helmet strap from rubbing and they keep the flies out too.

Is it a neck tube or a neck warmer? It depends on the season, I guess but whatever you call them, they’re one of those biker’s garments you’ll wonder why you went so long without.

I don’t know about you but when I think about neck tubes BUFF instantly springs to mind. They seem to be THE name in neck tubes and before I researched this article, I genuinely thought they were a biker-only brand but they make neck tubes for other disciplines like skiing, fishing and er… even dogs?!

But the humble tube design, while pretty good, isn’t all you can choose from. We’ve found thermal quilted neck tubes, ones that cover your shoulders and chest and some that are heated. Yep, the game’s moved on.

In this review of the best neck tubes, we’ve picked the best ones we’ve found, from a list of over 170 offerings.

So whether you just want a basic neck tube for summer riding, a silk one, a thermal one for winter commute or a vintage look, we’ve got some great picks for you. If you’re buying a neck tube for winter riding, then check out our biker’s winter clothing guide, to help you stay dry, warm, and focused.

Summer neck tubes

spirit motors base layers fleece multi tube black 305x305 - The Best Motorcycle Neck Warmers
Best Value

Fleece-type liner for comfort

Made from seamless polyester to prevent rubbing and a fleece lower section for insulation, this slip-over-the-head neck warmer is a decent buy and costs under a fiver. Long enough to be pulled up over your ears and mouth if you need to or wear around the neck only.

alpinestars base layer neck warmer black 305x305 - The Best Motorcycle Neck Warmers
Our Best Buy

Fully waterproof, loads of great features

For only £8.54, the all fleece Alpinestars neckwarmer goes on over your head with no fastenings and provides added comfort and much-needed warmth out on your run. With a moisture-wicking design, you won’t become too hot under the collar.

fleece microfibre motorcycle neck tube 305x305 - The Best Motorcycle Neck Warmers
Treat Yourself

Light, breathable and anti-bacterial

If you’re after style as well as comfort, this soft, seamless neck tube fits most riders thanks to its elasticated fit and comes in a subtle navy blue with leaf print design.

Winter neck warmers

armr moto base layer neck wind guard black motorbike 305x305 - The Best Motorcycle Neck Warmers
Best Value

Good coverage, great price

ARMR Moto are a relatively new name to motorcycle apparel. Their Neck Wind Guard costs £9.99 and comes with full shoulder cover to prevent nay wind entering your jacket. Made from the lightweight material, it doesn’t feel too bulky around your neck. The neck can be adjusted at the back with velcro and for easy removal.

neck shoulders motorcycle neck tube long 305x305 - The Best Motorcycle Neck Warmers
Our Best Buy

Three layers and breathable

Made from windproof and breathable tri-laminated fabric for better thermal retention, the Menza Plastron neck warmer features a pull-over design and flat seams to prevent irritation. With an extra length for your back and chest, your body heat stays in your jacket for a warmer ride.

held base layer neckwarmer 9059 motorcycle winter 305x305 - The Best Motorcycle Neck Warmers
Treat Yourself

Water-resistant, windproof, Gore-Windstopper

For just over £30, Held has developed the ultimate neck tube with Goretex Gore-Windstopper. This material is windproof, water-resistant, breathable and durable. The combination of protection minimises wind chill while reducing the risk of overheating.

Heated Neck Warmer

heated motorcycle neck tube macna hot collar pb 305x305 - The Best Motorcycle Neck Warmers

Macna Hot Collar

This neck warmer is equipped with an internal heater, powered by any external USB power bank (not included), it can provide up to 2 hours of heat up to a toasty warm 40 degrees Celcius. Made from a hardwearing polyester softshell with an internal fleece lining, it’s a great bit of kit for seriously cold days.

Dual Seasons Neck Warmer

rev it base layer urbano wb windcollar neck tube 305x305 - The Best Motorcycle Neck Warmers

Rev’it Urbano WB Windcollar

This neck tube is a nifty idea from Rev’it. Available in sizes small, medium and large, the Urbano is £29.69 and not a bad deal. With a combined design of windproof fleece and lightweight breathable jersey. For colder days, keep the jersey up around your neck for extra insulation and roll it down if it becomes warmer. The fleece will protect your neck from the wind when you’re traveling at speed.

Use Layers To Beat The Winter Weather

We’ve put together a brilliant guide that shows you how to use the layering system to keep warm on the bike.

You don’t need heated gear (although it does help) and you don’t need to spend a fortune. Just check out our ultimate guide to keeping warm on your motorcycle.

You’ll pick up tips that’ll help you beat the cold weather for years to come.

Neck warmer FAQs

How do you clean a neck warmer?
Check the washing instructions on the neck warmer but the majority can be washed in the washing machine.

Can you waterproof a neck tube?
Not really. Your best bet is to start with a winter neck tube that’s water-resistant. If you find this doesn’t keep out enough water, you can either wear a jacket with a storm collar or treat your neck tube with a waterproofing spray to improve its ability to keep water out.


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