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Pink Motorcycle Helmets Showcase

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A lot of people picture us motorcyclists adorned in black from head to toe.

Dull, boring, and hard to see on the road.

Luckily, modern motorcycle gear includes flashes of colour to combat this. Visibility is key and what better way to be visible than opting for a pink helmet?

Ok, it doesn’t sound fantastic, even a little sexist and patronisingly designed “for the ladies” but, you’ll be surprised how times have changed. Pink helmets are no longer designed solely for women in garish hot pink; there’s plenty of smart and sophisticated designs out there to choose from, with all the relevant safety features you need.

For all the fashionistas out there, pink compliments black incredibly well and is a welcome break from the other standard colours used in bike gear.

So if you can’t dye your beard pink, why not go for the second-best option; a helmet that helps you stand out?

We’ve created this showcase of some of the best pink motorcycle helmets on the market which suit males and females alike. As always, we’ve made sure our shortlist contains a range of prices from cheap motorcycle helmets to ones that suit more expensive tastes. Read on to find your favourite.

AGV K1 - Warmup Pink

agv helmet k1 warmup black pink helmet - Pink Motorcycle Helmets Showcase

RRP: £149.99

A great entry-level sports helmet for those on a budget, the K1 Warmup has a thermoplastic shell, Pinlock ready anti-scratch visor, removable interior lining, double D retention system, and rear spoiler. With its 190-degree horizontal view, it certainly looks and feels the part.

RRP: £39.99

Cheap and cheerful in colour and price, this fully pink helmet by Leopard is ECE R22.05 certified making it safe for all roads within Europe. The lightweight ABS shell with shock-absorbing multi-density EPS is the right level of protection out on the roads. Featuring a clear outer visor and dark smoke inner visor, these have been treated with anti-scratch protection to prevent vision loss over time. A perfect no-frills helmet for the lower budget.

RRP: £469.99

If you’re willing to push the boat out, this Harmonic TC-10 helmet by Shoei adds a bit of class with a chic floral design that’s almost oriental in style. Designed with safety, aerodynamics, clear vision, ventilation and performance in mind, it’s got everything except the kitchen sink. The NXR has a compact shell but still includes 4 intakes in the forehead and 6 outlets for a truly effective ventilation system. Featuring larger cheek and ear pads, this helmet is able to reduce wind noise better than most. The visor and base plate system allows hassle-free fitting and the base plates are adjustable front and rear via a rotating dial for added comfort.

RRP: £59.99

Moulded from HPTT with a mix of ABS for a higher level of protection, this eye-catching lid has a fully removable hypoallergenic EPS lining for added comfort and hygiene. The chin strap is a reinforced quick release while the visor is Pinlock ready.

RRP: £149.99 Discontinued Jun 2020

If you’re out there to be noticed, you can’t go wrong with this blue and pink K-3 SV. The successor to the popular K3, the K-3 SV has had an upgrade to include an internal sun visor to fight the glare. Made from High Resistant Thermoplastic Resin with Dri-Lex and microfibre interior pads for more hygienic wear. The interior pads and cheek pads are removable and washable. This helmet has front air intakes, rear exhausts and a micro-metric retention system for the ultimate cooling experience. Complete with an anti-fog, non-scratch polycarbonate visor, it’s not bad for the price.

Price: £89.99

More suitable for a unisex helmet, the pink dash design adds a dash of colour to the black and grey camo design. Talk about irony! The CS-15 has HJC’s advanced channelling system which allows for maximum cooling. The liner is removable so you can stay fresh for your next ride. With a quick-release anti-fog treated visor, you have great visibility in any conditions. For those of you who wear glasses, the specially designed groves prevent your frame from digging into your temples so you have all-round comfort, all day long.

Price: £137

Constructed from injection-molded polycarbonate for strength and durability, the Icon Alliance GT in pink is a striking helmet perfect for setting off your motorcycle gear. With a long oval head form that has been wind-tunnel tested for optimum aerodynamics, it has twin channel supervents for increased cooling. Including an RST silver internal drop shield, fog-free quick-change Proshield, and washable HydraDry interior, this helmet remains clear and dry inside for comfort and visibility.

The Cheapest Pink Motorcycle Helmet

You won’t find much cheaper than the Leopard above. At £39.99 it’s hard to imagine: 

a) How anyone could make a motorcycle helmet any cheaper than this

b) Why you would want to spend less than £40 on a helmet

If you’re on a really tight budget, it’s a decent option.

Pink Flip Front Motorcycle Helmet

If you’re after a flip-up motorcycle helmet, there aren’t that many options if you want one that’s pink.

The best modular helmet we could find was this Leopard LEO-838. At under £50, it’s a real bargain.

If you want a helmet that’s arguably better made and will offer more comfort and protection, then check out this HJC I90 Davan – this flip-front helmet has just a flash of pink on its lightweight polycarbonate shell.

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