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The Best Motorcycle Helmet Bags

best motorcycle helmet bag - The Best Motorcycle Helmet Bags

If you want to keep your helmet in top-notch condition, you need a helmet bag. 

Unless you’re lucky enough to have a dedicated rack in the garage or a safe place to put your lid in the house, it’s almost always going to get bumped and clattered. Whether it’s being slid along the utility room worktop to make way for the washing or being clattered by the kids when they’re putting their shoes on by the front door.

A helmet bag will stop that lovely paintwork being scratched and those all-too-delicate vents from being damaged.

If you’re a regular trackdayer or a racer than you’ll know how quickly your lid can get damaged when there’s nowhere safe to put it and with helmet bags costing around twenty-quid, there’s no excuse not to invest in one to keep your lid fresh.

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oxford lidstash helmet bag 1024x932 - The Best Motorcycle Helmet Bags
Best Buy

Oxford Lidstash

Cosset your lid with this fleece-lined helmet lover

Oxford’s Lidstash is a solid bit of kit. Not only is it made from tough water-resistant fabric but it’s also fleece lined, to ensure your lid is protected from knocks and stays scratch-free. It featured carry handles and a removable shoulder strap. The outer pocket will come in handy to stash trackday essentials like earplugs, visor cleaners and Haribos.

r and g deluxe motorcycle helmet bag - The Best Motorcycle Helmet Bags

Lined helmet bag will look after your lid

R&G’s Deluxe helmet bag is another great choice It features a lined inner, carry handles and a removable shoulder strap, plus internal and external pockets. It’s all the helmet bag that most of us need but if you want to carry a few more bits and pieces with your lid, the Oxford comes with a larger side pocket.

The cheapest helmet bag

This Sedeta motorcycle helmet bag is the cheapest one we could find on Amazon. It’s a pretty basic affair and comes with a drawstring closing system but for under £5, you can’t expect much more.

For our money, this MotoGP Messenger Helmet Bag is a great option for those on a budget. It’s not quite as quality as our Best Buy but it does feature a padded liner and a shoulder strap. At £12, it’s hard to find a better cheap helmet bag.

apinestars flow helmet bag 1 - The Best Motorcycle Helmet Bags

Motorcycle Helmet Bag Buyer's Guide

  1. Tough outer: If your helmet bag is mag from thin material, it won't protect your lid from bumps and scrapes.

  2. Soft liner: The higher-spec helmet bags feature a soft liner which will offer a layer of impact protection and also stop the lid getting scratched in transit.

  3. Removable strap: All good helmet bags come with a carry handle but the better ones also come with a shoulder strap, making it easy to carry your lid and kit in one go.

  4. Pockets: We've all got stuff we need to stash, from visor cleaners, to earplugs and a quick access side pocket is a useful addition.

The competition


Alpinestars Helmet Bag – Featuring a fleece liner, hard-wearing fabric and a rubber base, plus ventilation holes and a removable strap. This Alpinestars bag looks the business.

Arai Helmet Bag – The basic Arai helmet bag that comes with every Arai lid.

Arai Deluxe Helmet Carrier – Made from tearproof fabric and featuring a removable carry handle, this is the full-factory Arai helmet bag

Fischer Alpine Eco – This is actually a skiing bag for ski helmets but it makes the cut as it’ll fit a bike lid or it can also be used to carry your bike boots.

Held Helmet Bag – This is a basic helmet bag but it’s a clever design. It a fluorescent bag, with a warnig triangle on it. So if you break down for whatever reason, you can put your lid in that bag and place the bag away from your bike so that oncoming traffic can see you at the side of the road. Neat.

Ogio Head Case – The Rolls Royce of helmet bags. It doesn’t quite make our Best Buy as it’s 50% more expensive than the Oxford and R&G bags. It’ll also carry an MX or Adventure lid.

RST Helmet Bag – Well made lid carrier from RST, big enough to carry Adventure or MX Lids. Comes with a removable strap and the bag is washable too.

Shoei Racing Bag – If you’ve got a Shoei lid and you want to look like a sponsored rider then look no further.

Motorcycle helmet bag FAQs


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