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Kymco Motorcycle Battery Finder

kymco battery finder - Kymco Motorcycle Battery Finder

Today Kymco is credited with being Taiwan’s largest scooter maker, and the world’s fifth biggest.

All Kymco scooters have powerful engines and advanced features, including the 125 Stryker, the Agility, the Dink, the Maxxer, the People, the Venox 250 and the Xciting – all launched since 2004.

The Venox 250 cruiser is one of the best-known bikes from Kymco and comes fitted with a single cylinder engine producing 27hp at 10,500rpm.

The bike has front disc brakes and rear drum brakes like all post 2004 models and comes with a wet, multidisk clutch, 5-speed gearbox and a lightweight frame.

This motorcycle battery finder will help you select the right battery for your Kymco. We’ve used the popular brand Yuasa as our reference.

Kymco Motorcycle Battery Chart

MakeModelCCYearHigh CrankingVRLAAGMConventional
KymcoAEXA A 150150  YTX9-BS  
KymcoAgility 125125-16 YTX5L-BS  
KymcoAgility 505009-16 YTX7A-BS  
KymcoAIR 150150  YTX9-BS  
KymcoAS10010099 YTX5L-BS  
KymcoB&W12512599 YTX9-BS  
KymcoB&W150150  YTX9-BS  
KymcoB&W250250  YTX12-BS  
KymcoCalypso 12512599 YTX9-BS  
KymcoCalypso50, Cobra, Cross5099 YTX5L-BS  
KymcoCandy 110110  YTX7A-BS  
KymcoCaro 100100  YTX7A-BS  
KymcoCherry 100100  YTX5L-BS  
KymcoCherry 100 Fi10011- YTX7A-BS  
KymcoCherry 5050  YTX5L-BS  
KymcoCue 125125  YTX7A-BS  
KymcoCX/CX Super5000- YTX4L-BS  
KymcoCX50, -Curio, -Super5095-97 YTX4L-BS  
KymcoDink50  YTX5L-BS  
KymcoDink150  YTX9-BS  
KymcoDink20014- YT12A-BS  
KymcoDINK 180180  YT12A-BS  
KymcoDink 180 Fi180  YTX12-BS  
KymcoDink 180i180  YTX12-BS  
KymcoDink 250250  YTX12-BS  
KymcoDINK 300300  YT12A-BS  
KymcoDink II50  YTX5L-BS  
KymcoDink II125  YTX9-BS  
KymcoDink II200  YT12A-BS  
KymcoDink/LX12597 YTX9-BS  
KymcoDink/LX15097 YTX9-BS  
KymcoDink50/LC5099 YTX5L-BS  
KymcoDj50, Djw50, Djx505097YTX4L-BSYT4L-BS  
KymcoDj50, Djw50, Djx505098- YTX4L-BS  
KymcoDjy 5050  YTX4L-BS  
KymcoDowntown125  YT12A-BS  
KymcoDowntown 200 Fi200  YT12A-BS  
KymcoDowntown 300300-12 YTX12-BS  
KymcoDowntown 300 Fi300  YT12A-BS  
KymcoEasy 100100  YTX5L-BS  
KymcoEasy 100 Fi100  YTX7A-BS  
KymcoEGO 150150  YTX9-BS  
KymcoEGO 250250  YTX12-BS  
KymcoFever ZX5000 YTX5L-BS  
KymcoFilly 505099 YTX5L-BS  
KymcoFilly 808099 YTX5L-BS  
KymcoFox Hunt12596 YTX7A-BS  
KymcoFox Hunt15096 YTX7A-BS  
KymcoFREEWAY 5050  YTX4L-BS  
KymcoG5 125125  YTX9-BS  
KymcoG5 125 Fi12511- YTX9-BS  
KymcoG5 150150  YTX9-BS  
KymcoG5 150 Fi150  YTX9-BS  
KymcoG6 125 Fi12513-14 YTX9-BS  
KymcoG6 150 Fi150  YTX9-BS  
KymcoG6E 125125  YTX9-BS  
KymcoGOING 100100 YTZ10SYTX7A-BS  
KymcoGOING 5050  YTX4L-BS  
KymcoGP 125125  YTX7A-BS  
KymcoGP 125 Fi12509YTZ10STTZ10S  
KymcoGP 125 Fi12510- YTX7A-BS  
KymcoGP150150  YTX7A-BS  
KymcoGP2 125125  YTX7A-BS  
KymcoGP2 150150  YTX7A-BS  
KymcoGrand Dink50  YTX4L-BS  
KymcoGrand Dink125  YTX9-BS  
KymcoGrand Dink150  YTX9-BS  
KymcoGrand Dink200  YT12A-BS  
KymcoGrand Dink250  YTX12-BS  
KymcoGrand Dink 250i25014- YT12A-BS  
KymcoGrand Dink 300 i300  YT12A-BS  
KymcoHeroism5095-97 YTX4L-BS  
KymcoHeroism12595-96 YTX9-BS  
KymcoHeroism15096 YTX9-BS  
KymcoHerself125  YTX7A-BS  
KymcoHipster 150150  YTX7A-BS  
KymcoHX 135135    12N7A-3A
KymcoIDOL 100100 YTZ10SYTX7A-BS  
KymcoIDOL 5050  YTX4L-BS  
KymcoJockey 12512599 YTX7A-BS  
KymcoJockey 125125  YTX7A-BS  
KymcoJockey 125 Fi125  YTX9-BS  
KymcoJR50  YTX5L-BS  
KymcoJR 100100  YTX7A-BS  
KymcoJR 100 Fi100  YTX7A-BS  
KymcoK125096-97 YTX4L-BS  
KymcoKB5097 YTX4L-BS  
KymcoKB10097 YTX5L-BS  
KymcoKiwi 100100  YTX7A-BS  
KymcoKiwi 5050  YTX5L-BS  
KymcoKTR 125125    12N7A-3A
KymcoKTR 150150  YT9B-BS  
KymcoKTR 150 FI150    12N9-4B-2
KymcoK-XCT12513-14 YTX9-BS  
KymcoK-XCT20014- YT12A-BS  
KymcoK-XCT 300 Fi30013-14 YT12A-BS  
KymcoLike Fi 125cc125  YTX7A-BS  
KymcoLike MMC 125cc125  YTX7A-BS  
KymcoMAN BOY 5050  YTX4L-BS  
KymcoMAN BOY 9090 YTZ10SYTX7A-BS  
KymcoMany 100 Fi100  YTX7A-BS  
KymcoMany 125125  YT7B-BS  
KymcoMany 50 Fi5011- YTX7A-BS  
KymcoMany Fi11011- YTX7A-BS  
KymcoMovie150  YTX9-BS  
KymcoMovie 12512599 YTX9-BS  
KymcoMy road700  YTX14-BS  
KymcoNikita 200 Fi200  YT12A-BS  
KymcoNikita 300 Fi30011- YT12A-BS  
KymcoNSR 150 ( )150   YB3L-A 
KymcoPeople5000- YTX5L-BS  
KymcoPeople15009-12 YTX7A-BS  
KymcoPeople 12512500 YTX7A-BS  
KymcoPeople 250250  YTX12-BS  
KymcoPeople GT125  YT12A-BS  
KymcoPeople GT200  YT12A-BS  
KymcoPeople GT300  YT12A-BS  
KymcoPeople S125  YTX7A-BS  
KymcoPeople S200 YTZ10STTZ10S  
KymcoPeople S250  YTX12-BS  
KymcoPeople S (2T)50  YTX4L-BS  
KymcoPeople S (4T)50  YTX7A-BS  
KymcoQuannon125  YT7B-BS  
KymcoQuannon 150150  YT7B-BS  
KymcoRacer, Looping, People5099 YTX5L-BS  
KymcoRacing180  YTX9-BS  
KymcoRacing 125125  YTX9-BS  
KymcoRACING 150150  YTX9-BS  
KymcoRacing 150150  YTX9-BS  
KymcoRacing 150 Fi150  YTX9-BS  
KymcoRacing 180 Fi18012- YT12A-BS  
KymcoRacing King180  YT12A-BS  
KymcoRacing King 180 Fi180  YT12A-BS  
KymcoShadow 300 Fi300  YT12A-BS  
KymcoSniper/Sniper DD5000- YTX4L-BS  
KymcoSo Easy100  YTX5L-BS  
KymcoSo Easy Fi100  YTX7A-BS  
KymcoSonner 100100  YTX7A-BS  
KymcoSpacer5099 YTX5L-BS  
KymcoSpacer12599 YTX9-BS  
KymcoSpacer15099 YTX9-BS  
KymcoSuper 85009-16 YTX7A-BS  
KymcoSuper 8 15015009-16 YTX7A-BS  
KymcoSuper 8, 95099 YTX5L-BS  
KymcoSuper 9 (2T)50  YTX4L-BS  
KymcoSuper 9 (4T)50  YTX5L-BS  
KymcoSuper-925000 YTX12-BS  
KymcoTop Boy5097 YTX5L-BS  
KymcoTop Boy10097 YTX7A-BS  
KymcoV1 125 Fi12511- YTX7A-BS  
KymcoV1 150 Fi15011- YTX9-BS  
KymcoV2 125125  YTX7A-BS  
KymcoV2 150 Fi150  YTX9-BS  
KymcoVenox250  YTX9-BS  
KymcoVenox 250 Fi250  YTX9-BS  
KymcoVenox 250i250  YTX9-BS  
KymcoVitality50  YTX5L-BS  
KymcoVitality (2T)50  YTX4L-BS  
KymcoVitality (4T)50  YTX5L-BS  
KymcoVivio125  YTX9-BS  
KymcoVivio150  YTX9-BS  
KymcoVJR 100 Fi100  YTX7A-BS  
KymcoVJR 5050 YTZ10SYTX7A-BS  
KymcoVJR 50 Fi5011- YTX7A-BS  
KymcoVJR Fi11011- YTX7A-BS  
KymcoVP 125125  YTX7A-BS  
KymcoVP 125 Fi12511-YTZ10STTZ10S  
KymcoX Mode10011- YTX7A-BS  
KymcoXciting250  YTX12-BS  
KymcoXciting250  YTX12-BS  
KymcoXciting500  YTX14-BS  
KymcoXciting 250 Fi250  YTX12-BS  
KymcoXciting 300 Fi300  YTX12-BS  
KymcoXciting 400 Fi400  YTX14-BS  
KymcoXciting 500Fi50009-16 YTX14-BS  
KymcoXciting 500i50009-12 YTX14-BS  
KymcoYUP 250250  YTX12-BS  
KymcoYUP 5050  YTX4L-BS  
KymcoZAP 5050  YTX4L-BS  
KymcoZing12599 YTX7A-BS  
KymcoZing15099 YTX7A-BS  
KymcoZX Fever5095-97YTX4L-BSYT4L-BS  
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