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Moto Guzzi Battery Replacement Chart

moto guzzi battery cross reference chart - Moto Guzzi Battery Replacement Chart

The Moto Guzzi Limited Company, with its headquarters in Mandello del Lario, was legally founded in Genoa on 15th March 1921.

The founders were Emanuele Vittorio Parodi, shipowner, his son and Giorgio, military aviation pilot, and Carlo Guzzi, mechanic. At first, Emanuele Parodi was not so enamoured with the plan of Guzzi and Giorgio, but his confusion vanished when one of his friends told him about their first project “If you don’t, I’ll create it myself.”

This motorcycle battery finder will help you select the right battery for your Guzzi. Whether you’re going for a cheap lead-acid battery, a better quality one, like a VRLA or AGM or whether you want to step into the future and buy a lightweight Lithium battery, this guide is for you.

We’ve used the popular brand Yuasa as our reference. If you don’t want a Yuasa battery, never fear, you can use our Moto Guzzi battery cross reference chart at the bottom of the page to see the corresponding reference number for other popular makes including Exide and MotoBatt.

And if you want to switch to a lightweight Lithium battery (they also almost never go flat), then we’ve got a handy conversion table for you lower down the page too.

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Moto Guzzi Battery Finder

MakeModelCCYearHigh CrankingVRLAAGMConventional
Moto Guzzi1000NT1000   53030 
Moto Guzzi1000S100094-98  53030 
Moto Guzzi1100 Sport/1110094-01  53030 
Moto Guzzi4 cyilinder250   YB12A-A 
Moto GuzziAudace140016YTX20CH-BS   
Moto GuzziBellagio936  YTX20L-BS  
Moto GuzziBellagio93813- YTX20CH-BS  
Moto GuzziBicilindrico125    6N11A-3A
Moto GuzziBicilindrico250    6N11A-3A
Moto GuzziBizylinder125    6N11A-3A
Moto GuzziBizylinder250    6N11A-3A
Moto GuzziBreva75005-YTX14AHL-BS YB14L-A2 
Moto GuzziBreva850 YTX20CH-BS   
Moto GuzziBreva1100  YTX20L-BS  
Moto GuzziBreva1100 YTX20CH-BS   
Moto GuzziBreva 12001200 YTX20CH-BS   
Moto GuzziBreva 1200 ABS1200 YTX20CH-BS   
Moto GuzziBreva ABS1100-07YTX20CH-BS   
Moto GuzziBreva, Griso110005-06YTX20CH-BS   
Moto GuzziCalifornia1100  YTX20L-BS  
Moto GuzziCalifornia138013-YTX20H-BSYTX20-BS  
Moto GuzziCalifornia (CA only)110003-05 YTX15L-BS  
Moto GuzziCalifornia Classic1064  YTX20L-BS  
Moto GuzziCalifornia EV, Stone110099-04  53030 
Moto GuzziCalifornia II/III100082-98  53030 
Moto GuzziCalifornia Vintage1064  YTX20L-BS  
Moto GuzziCalifornia, Special, Jackal, Breva, Griso1100 YTX20CH-BS   
Moto GuzziConvert1000   53030 
Moto GuzziCustom125    12N9-4B-1
Moto GuzziDaytona, RS100092-98  53030 
Moto GuzziEldorado138016YTX20CH-BS   
Moto GuzziFalcone500    B38-6A
Moto GuzziFalcone u.t.500   YB18L-A 
Moto GuzziFlorida350   YB18L-A 
Moto GuzziG5/Convert1000   53030 
Moto GuzziGalletto200    12N24-3A
Moto GuzziGriso850 YTX20CH-BS   
Moto GuzziGriso1100 YTX20CH-BS   
Moto GuzziGriso 1200 8V120013-YTX20CH-BS   
Moto GuzziGT1000   53030 
Moto GuzziGTS (4 cylinder)350   52515 
Moto GuzziGTS (4 cylinder)400   52515 
Moto GuzziJackal1100   53030 
Moto GuzziLe Man850   53030 
Moto GuzziLe Mans1000   53030 
Moto GuzziLe Mans III100085-93  53030 
Moto GuzziLodola175    B49-6
Moto GuzziMGS-01 Corsa1256  YTX20L-BS  
Moto GuzziMGX-21140016 YTX20-BS  
Moto GuzziMille1000   53030 
Moto GuzziMille GT100087-93  53030 
Moto GuzziMotocarro Ercolino200    B38-6A
Moto GuzziNevada65091-93  Y50-N18L-A 
Moto GuzziNevada75005-08  YB14L-A2 
Moto GuzziNevada75008YTX14AHL-BS   
Moto GuzziNevada 750 Classic750 YTX14AHL-BS YB14L-A2 
Moto GuzziNevada 750 S.E. 07750 YTX14AHL-BS YB14L-A2 
Moto GuzziNevada N.T65094-98  53030 
Moto GuzziNevada, Club75000-02  YB18L-A 
Moto GuzziNevada, Club75008YTX14AHL-BS   
Moto GuzziNevada/Nevda club350   YB18L-A 
Moto GuzziNorge850 YTX20CH-BS   
Moto GuzziNorge 1200 T1200 YTX20CH-BS   
Moto GuzziNorge GT8V120013- YTX20-BS  
Moto GuzziNTX350   YB18L-A 
Moto GuzziNTX650   YB18L-A 
Moto GuzziNTX75088-92  YB18L-A 
Moto GuzziQuota1000   53030 
Moto GuzziQuota100092-95  Y50-N18L-A 
Moto GuzziQuota 1100 ES110099-02 YTX15L-BS  
Moto GuzziQuota1100ES110000-01  53030 
Moto GuzziSP/California/III1000   53030 
Moto GuzziSP/II/III100077-91  53030 
Moto GuzziSport1200 YTX20CH-BS   
Moto GuzziSport 1100i110097-99 YTX15L-BS  
Moto GuzziSport ABS1200 YTX20CH-BS   
Moto GuzziStelvio 4V1200 YTX20CH-BS   
Moto GuzziStelvio NTX 1200 8V120013-YTX20CH-BS   
Moto GuzziStone, EV110094-05  53030 
Moto GuzziStornello Scrambler125    B38-6A
Moto GuzziStornello Scrambler160    B38-6A
Moto GuzziStornello Sport125    B39-6
Moto GuzziStrada750   YB18L-A 
Moto GuzziStrada75093-96  53030 
Moto GuzziStrada100093-96  53030 
Moto GuzziT3, T4, T5850   53030 
Moto GuzziT3, T4, T5 III85081-88  53030 
Moto GuzziTarga75090-93  53030 
Moto GuzziTT125    12N5.5-4A
Moto GuzziV10 Centauro Sport/GT/SP100097-00  53030 
Moto GuzziV11 Ballabgio1100  YTX15L-BS  
Moto GuzziV11 Ballabgio1100  YTX20L-BS  
Moto GuzziV11 Bassa110099-00  53030 
Moto GuzziV11 Cafe Sports1100  YTX15L-BS  
Moto GuzziV11 EV110098-99  53030 
Moto GuzziV11 Le Mans1100   53030 
Moto GuzziV11 Le Mans Rosso Corsa1100  YTX15L-BS  
Moto GuzziV11 Le Mans, Sport110099-05 YTX15L-BS  
Moto GuzziV11 Sport110099-  53030 
Moto GuzziV35350   53030 
Moto GuzziV35 Custom35082-86  YB18L-A 
Moto GuzziV35 II35081-86  53030 
Moto GuzziV35 Imola/V35 Monza350   53030 
Moto GuzziV35/V35 GT/V35 C350   53030 
Moto GuzziV50500   53030 
Moto GuzziV50 Custom50081-86  YB18L-A 
Moto GuzziV50 III50081-86  53030 
Moto GuzziV50 Imola/V50 Monza500   53030 
Moto GuzziV50/V50C500   53030 
Moto GuzziV65650   53030 
Moto GuzziV65 Custom65082-86  YB18L-A 
Moto GuzziV65 Florida650   YB18L-A 
Moto GuzziV65 Florida65086-93  53030 
Moto GuzziV65 GT65087-94  53030 
Moto GuzziV65 Lario65084-87  53030 
Moto GuzziV65 Sport65082-87  53030 
Moto GuzziV7750   53030 
Moto GuzziV7750   YB14L-A2 
Moto GuzziV775008YTX14AHL-BS   
Moto GuzziV775015 YTX14-BS  
Moto GuzziV7 Classic750 YTX14AHL-BS YB14L-A2 
Moto GuzziV7 Racer 201275012- YTX14-BS  
Moto GuzziV7 Special75013- YTX14-BS  
Moto GuzziV7 Stone75013- YTX14-BS  
Moto GuzziV7575095-97  YB18L-A 
Moto GuzziV7575008YTX14AHL-BS   
Moto GuzziV985016 YTX14-BS  
Moto GuzziVI0 Centauro Sport, GT100000- YTX15L-BS  

Battery Cross Reference Chart

motorcycle battery comparison - Moto Guzzi Battery Replacement Chart

Now you know your battery model number, this handy battery cross reference chart will help you find the correct part number for three popular battery manufacturers: Yuasa, Exide and MotoBatt.

Click on a battery model, to be taken to a retailer where you can find the cheapest and buy online.

Click to buy YuasaClick to buy ExideClick to buy MotoBatt
51913GEL 12-19MB51815
Click to buy YuasaClick to buy ExideClick to buy MotoBatt

Lithium Battery Upgrade Chart

lithium vs lead acid motorcycle battery weight 500x261 - Moto Guzzi Battery Replacement Chart

A lithium motorcycle battery is a worthwhile investment.


For me, the weight saving is brilliant but the main selling point is that, unlike a traditional lead-acid battery, they hold their charge for months and months. So even though they are slightly more expensive than a quality lead-acid battery, they will last far longer, probably twice or three times as long as a lead-acid.

Bikes tend to be used less frequently than cars and so it’s normal to go a few months without turning over your engine. The result? Your motorcycle battery dies and you can’t recover it. If this sounds like you, then go for a Lithium battery – you won’t regret it.

Both JMT and Shido are quality brands. They are both lightweight but cunningly they use the same physical-sized housing as a standard battery so you don’t have to mess around with foam padding. If you want the ultimate in compact size and weight saving, then go for an Aliant but you’ll need to pad out your battery housing box.

You’re looking at a weight saving of around 2kg and up to 5kg when you switch to a lithium motorcycle battery. MotoGP teams spend tens of thousands of pounds trying to find a 1kg weight saving and you can get a 2kg saving for around £70!

Click to buy YuasaClick to buy ShidoClick to buy JMT
Click to buy YuasaClick to buy ShidoClick to buy JMT
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