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Motorcycle Oil Filter Finder

motorcycle oil filter fitment guide - Motorcycle Oil Filter Finder

We’ve created this motorcycle oil filter lookup guide, to help you quickly find the right oil filter for your bike.

We’ve listed the make and model of bike, its engine capacity and production years, so that you can be double-sure you’re ordering the right filter.

We’ve then listed the part number for two of the most popular aftermarket oil filter brands: K&N and HifloFiltro so you can easily order the part through your local motorcycle dealer or just follow the link to where you can buy online.

We’ve also written a few handy guides, from the different oil filter removal tools you can use, to a conversion chart that converts the model numbers of the popular brands. We’ve also got an FAQ and a guide on how to do your first motorcycle oil change.

Table of Contents

Oil Filters: Other Manufacturers

MakeModelYearCCOil FilterPerformance
Adiva Scooters125 AD (Piaggio Engine)07-08125HF183
Adiva Scooters125 AD / AD Cabrio (Sym Engine)09-11125
Adiva Scooters125 AR (Sym Engine)09-11125
Adiva Scooters125/150 AD (Benelli Adiva)01-06125HF183
Adiva Scooters200 AD / AD Cabrio (Sym Engine)09-11200
Adiva Scooters200 AR (Sym Engine)09-11200
Adiva Scooters250 AD (Piaggio Engine)06-11250HF183
Adiva Scooters400 AD / Cabrio (Piaggio Engine)09-11400HF184
Aeon Scooter300 Elite i.e.300HF197
Aeon Scooter350 Urban i.e.350HF197
Aeon Scooter400 Elite i.e.400HF197
Bajaj100 Boxer (CT100)100HF540
Bajaj115 Caliber115HF540
Bajaj130 Boxer (BM150)130HF540
Bajaj135 Pulsar135HF540
BajajNS200 Rouser200
Baotian50 BT49QT-11 Tommy 4T50
Baotian50 BT49QT-12C / D1 Warrior / Rebel / Hero 4T06-0850
Baotian50 BT49QT-12E1 / F1 Rocky / Tanco 4T06-0850
Baotian50 BT49QT-2 Big Panther 4T06-0750
Baotian50 BT49QT-20A3 / B3 Zland Flyer 2T50
Baotian50 BT49QT-28A Zicco 2T50
Baotian50 BT49QT-3 Speedy 4T50
Baotian50 BT49QT-7 Chase / Smart Rider 4T05-0750
Baotian50 BT49QT-9 Scout 4T06-0850
Benelli100 K2 2T98-01100
Benelli1130 Cafe Racer05-111130HF553
Benelli1130 Century Racer111130HF553
Benelli1130 TN Titanium05-151130HF553
Benelli1130 TNT R 16010-151130HF553
Benelli1130 TNT Sport / Evo / Cafe Racer04-151130HF553
Benelli1130 TNT Sport / Sport Evo05-081130HF553
Benelli1130 Tornado TRE06-151130HF553
Benelli1130 TRE K06-151130HF553
Benelli1130 TRE K Amazonas07-151130HF553
Benelli125 Adiva00-03125HF183
Benelli125 Velvet09125
Benelli125cc 2 Cylinder 4T82-95125HF552
Benelli150 Adiva00-03150HF183
Benelli150 Velvet09150
Benelli250 Adiva06-08250HF183
Benelli250 Cafe Nero09250
Benelli250 Quattro / 254 / Sport (4 Cylinder 4T)77-84250HF552
Benelli250 Velvet / Touring99-03250
Benelli304cc (4 Cylinder 4T)84-89304HF552
Benelli350 GTS75-79350HF401
Benelli350 RS78-81350HF401
Benelli350 Zanzero12-15350HF197
Benelli354 T Touring Sport / II79-85354HF401
Benelli400 GTS75-79400HF401
Benelli449 BX Cross08-10449
Benelli449 BX Enduro08-10449
Benelli449 BX Supermotard08-10449
Benelli50 491 GT / RR / SP / ST / Sport / Racing (Minarelli Engine)98-0250
Benelli50 K2 2T98-0150
Benelli50 Naked (Minarelli Engine)0250
Benelli500 LS77-82500HF401
Benelli500 Quattro73-76500HF401
Benelli504 Sport77-82504HF401
Benelli505 BX Enduro09505
Benelli570 BX Motard09570
Benelli654 T / Sport (4 Cyl 4T)80-86504HF401
Benelli750 (6 Cyl 4T)74-80504HF401
Benelli756 2ue09756
Benelli899 Cafe Racer10-11899HF553
Benelli899 Century Racer11-12899HF553
Benelli899 TNT T / S / K08-15899HF553
Benelli900 Tornado01900HF553
Benelli900 Tornado Limited Edition02900HF553
Benelli900 Tornado Novacento03900HF553
Benelli900 Tornado TRE 900 / 900 LE / RS / T / S04-15900HF553
Benelli900 Tornado TRE 900 RS04-05900HF553
Benelli900 Tornado TRE Novacento03-05900HF553
BenelliBN600 GT14600
BenelliBN600 R14600
Betamotor125 Alp 4T00-05125HF132
Betamotor125 RR Enduro / Motard10-16125HF141
Betamotor200 Alp 4T00-15200HF132
Betamotor200 Urban / Urban Special08-16200HF132
Betamotor250 Evo 4T09-16250HF207
Betamotor250 Rev 4T07-08250HF207
Betamotor250 RR Enduro 2T13-17250
Betamotor250 RR Enduro 2T RC17250
Betamotor250 RR Enduro 4T05-09250HF155HF157
Betamotor300 Evo 4T09-16300HF207
Betamotor300 RR Enduro 2T13-17300
Betamotor300 RR Enduro 2T RC17300
Betamotor350 Alp 4.003-15350HF136
Betamotor350 Euro01-12350HF136
Betamotor350 Jonathon01-12350HF136
Betamotor350 M4 4T06-16350HF136
Betamotor350 Motard 4.003-14350HF136
Betamotor350 RR Enduro 4T11-12350HF631
Betamotor350 RR Enduro 4T13-17350HF631
Betamotor350 RR Enduro 4T RC17350HF631
Betamotor390 RR Enduro 4T15-17390HF631
Betamotor390 RR Enduro 4T RC17390HF631
Betamotor390 RS Dual Sport15-16390HF631
Betamotor400 RR Enduro 4T05-09400HF155HF157
Betamotor400 RR Enduro 4T10-12400HF631
Betamotor400 RR Enduro 4T13-15400HF631
Betamotor430 RR Enduro 4T15-17430HF631
Betamotor430 RR Enduro 4T RC17430HF631
Betamotor430 RS Dual Sport15430HF631
Betamotor450 RR Cross Country 4T11-12450HF631
Betamotor450 RR Cross Country 4T13-16450HF631
Betamotor450 RR Enduro 4T05-09450HF155HF157
Betamotor450 RR Enduro 4T10-12450HF631
Betamotor450 RR Enduro 4T13-15450HF631
Betamotor480 RR Enduro 4T15-17480HF631
Betamotor480 RR Enduro 4T RC17480HF631
Betamotor498 RR Enduro 4T12-16498HF631
Betamotor50 Ark AC / LC96-1250
Betamotor50 Eikon99-50
Betamotor500 RS Dual Sport15-16500HF631
Betamotor520 RR Enduro 4T10-12520HF631
Betamotor520 RR Enduro 4T13-14520HF631
Betamotor525 RR Enduro 4T05-09525HF155HF157
Bimota1000 BB212-131000HF160HF160RC
Bimota1000 BB314-151000HF160HF160RC
Bimota1000 DB5 S / R05-151000HF153HF153RC
Bimota1000 DB6 Delirio06-151000HF153HF153RC
Bimota1000 KB178-821000HF401
Bimota1000 KB383-841000HF401
Bimota1000 SB380-831000HF133
Bimota1000 SB8K Santamonica06-1000HF138HF138RC
Bimota1000 Tesi 3D / Naked07-151000HF153HF153RC
Bimota1000 YB10 Dieci / Biposto91-941000HF303HF303RC
Bimota1000 YB1196-991000HF303HF303RC
Bimota1000 YB6 / Ex-up / Tuatara88-901000HF401
Bimota1000 YB891-951000HF303HF303RC
Bimota1078 DB10 Bimotard11-151078HF153HF153RC
Bimota1078 DBX12-151078HF153HF153RC
Bimota1078 RE11-151078HF153HF153RC
Bimota1098 DB708-141098HF153HF153RC
Bimota1100 HB383-851100HF401
Bimota1100 SB483-841100HF133
Bimota1100 SB585-861100HF133
Bimota1100 SB6 / R94-991100HF153HF153RC
Bimota1198 DB11/ VLX12-141198HF153HF153RC
Bimota1198 DB812-151198HF153HF153RC
Bimota1198 DB9 Brivido11-151198HF153HF153RC
Bimota1200 DB12 Tourist12-141200HF153HF153RC
Bimota1200 YB587-881200HF401
Bimota500 KB281-84500HF401
Bimota600 YB9 SR / SRi / Bellaria91-99600HF303HF303RC
Bimota650 BB1 Biposto96-97650HF151
Bimota650 BB1 Supermoto95-96650HF151
Bimota750 DB1 / S / SR85-89750HF153HF153RC
Bimota750 SB277-80750HF133
Bimota750 SB794-96750HF138HF138RC
Bimota750 YB4 / SP88-90750
Bimota851 Tesi 1D90-91851HF153HF153RC
Bimota900 DB2 / SR92-98900HF153HF153RC
Bimota900 DB395-99900HF153HF153RC
Bimota900 DB499-02900HF153HF153RC
Bimota900 HB282-83900HF401
Bimota900 Tesi 1D92-96900HF153HF153RC
Buell1125 CR09-101125HF564
Buell1125 R09-101125HF564
Buell1200 Cyclone M297-021200HF171HF171RC
Buell1200 Firebolt XB12 R04-101200HF177
Buell1200 Lightning CityX XB12SX101200HF177
Buell1200 Lightning Long XB12SS06-101200HF177
Buell1200 Lightning S1, X194-021200HF171HF171RC
Buell1200 Lightning XB12 S04-081200HF177
Buell1200 Lightning XB12 SCG05-101200HF177
Buell1200 Lightning XB12 STT081200HF177
Buell1200 Thunderbolt S2, S2T, S3, S3T94-021200HF171HF171RC
Buell1200 Ulysses Police XB12 XP09-101200HF177
Buell1200 Ulysses XB12 X06-101200HF177
Buell1200 Ulysses XB12 X09-101200HF177
Buell1200 White Lightning X1W021200HF171HF171RC
Buell500 Blast02-09500HF177
Buell900 Firebolt XB9R02-07900HF177
Buell900 Lightning CityX XB9SX05-10900HF177
Buell900 Lightning XB9S03-04900HF177
Cagiva1000 Navigator00-051000HF138HF138RC
Cagiva1000 Raptor00-051000HF138HF138RC
Cagiva1000 V-Raptor00-041000HF138HF138RC
Cagiva1000 Xtra-Raptor01-051000HF138HF138RC
Cagiva125 Cucciolo/Nuvola00-125HF181
Cagiva350 Alazzurra TL, GT350HF153HF153RC
Cagiva650 Alazzurra GT Sports82-88650HF153HF153RC
Cagiva650 Alazzurra Sports82-88650HF153HF153RC
Cagiva650 Raptor i.e00-05650HF138HF138RC
Cagiva650 V-Raptor01-04650HF138HF138RC
Cagiva750 Elefant / Lucky Explorer93-97750HF153HF153RC
Cagiva900 Elefant / Luck Explore93-97900HF153HF153RC
Cagiva900 Elefant IE GT / Lucky Explore90-92900HF153HF153RC
Cagiva900 Grand Canyon90-92900HF153HF153RC
CCM404 Dual Sport404HF139
CCM404 Enduro404HF139
CCM404 XC404HF139
CCM604 R30604HF151
CCM604 RS604HF151
CCM604 Supermoto604HF151
CCM604 Trail604HF151
CCM644 Dual Sport644HF137
CCM644 R30644HF137
CPI Scooters50 Aragon / GP / Paddock / Club07-0850
CPI Scooters50 Bingo / FL / Formula R / GTS50
CPI Scooters50 Hussar / Oliver / Mosquito50
CPI Scooters50 Popcorn / SL / FL99-0450
Daelim125 S-1 Otello07-12125HF168
Daelim125 S-2 Freewing (SQ 125)125HF168
Daelim250 S-2 (SQ 250)250
DaelimNS125 I/II/III98-05125HF168
DaelimSL125 B-Bone10-12125HF168
DaelimSL125 History01-125HF168
DaelimVJ125 Roadwin125HF169
DaelimVL125 Daystar125HF169
DaelimVS125 Evolution97-05125HF167
DaelimVS125 Evolution06-125HF169
DaelimVT125 Evolution97-05125HF167
Derbi100 Atlantis 4T04-06100
Derbi100 Boulevard 4T10-12100
Derbi125 GP1 E2 / Low Sea06-11125HF183
Derbi125 GPR 4T09-13125HF563
Derbi125 Mulhacen 4T07-09125HF563
Derbi125 Mulhacen 4T10-13125HF563
Derbi125 Rambla08-13125HF183
Derbi125 Senda R DRD Racing 4T09-13125HF563
Derbi125 Senda R SM Racing 4T09-13125HF563
Derbi125 Terra 4T07-09125HF563
Derbi125 Terra 4T10-13125HF563
Derbi125 Terra Adventure 4T07-13125HF563
Derbi125 Variant Sport 4T12-15125HF183
Derbi125/150 Boulevard02-07125HF183
Derbi125/150 Boulevard08-15125HF183
Derbi125/150 Sonar10-13125HF183
Derbi200 Boulevard02-08200HF183
Derbi250 Boulevard02-08250HF183
Derbi250 GP1 / Low Sea06-09250HF183
Derbi250 Rambla08-10250HF183
Derbi300i Rambla10-13300HF183
Derbi50 Atlantis 4T04-1550
Derbi50 Atlantis O2 2T02-1550
Derbi50 Boulevard 2T09-1550
Derbi50 Boulevard 4T09-1250
Derbi50 GP1 / Race / Open01-0950
Derbi50 GPR97-0850
Derbi50 Sonar 2T10-1250
Derbi50 Variant Sport 2T12-1550
Derbi660 Mulhacen06-08660HF145
Derbi660 Mulhacen10-12660HF145
Fantic125 Caballero Motard LC08-15125HF141
Fantic125 Caballero R Competition LC08-15125HF141
Fantic125 Caballero R Competition Racing LC08-15125HF141
Fantic125 Caballero R Enduro LC08-15125HF141
Fantic200 Caballero11-15250HF141
Fantic250 Caballero TF ES11-13250HF140
Garelli Scooters50 Capri / LX 4T06-0850
Garelli Scooters50 Ciclone 4T06-1150
Garelli Scooters50 Flexy 4T08-1150
Garelli Scooters50 Tiesse 4T08-1150
Garelli Scooters50 VIP / New VIP 4T06-0750
Gas Gas400 FSE / SM03-07400HF112
Gas Gas450 FSE / SM03-07450HF112
Gas Gas450 FSR / EC / SM08450HF112
Gas Gas450 Pampera07-08450HF112
Gas Gas450 Wild HP (ATV)03-07450HF112
Gas Gas510 EC / SM09450HF112
Gas GasEC250 F 4T12-15250HF140
Gas GasEC250 F 4T10-11250HF141
Gas GasEC250 F Six Days12-15250HF140
Gas GasEC300 F 4T13-15300HF140
Gas GasEC450 F 4T13-15450HF140
Generic Scooters50 Ideo50
Generic Scooters50 Xor / Competition / Williams50
Gilera Scooters125 Arcore125HF153HF153RC
Gilera Scooters125 DNA01-03125HF183
Gilera Scooters125 Nexus07-08125HF183
Gilera Scooters125 Nexus i.e.08-15125HF183
Gilera Scooters125 Runner FX / FXR / SP 2T97-02125
Gilera Scooters125 Runner VX / VXR00-01125
Gilera Scooters125 Runner VX / VXR / SC / ST / Race02-14125HF183
Gilera Scooters125 Runner VX Soul / Sport14-15125HF183
Gilera Scooters125 Typhoon X / XR95-125
Gilera Scooters150 Arcore150HF153HF153RC
Gilera Scooters180 DNA01-03180HF183
Gilera Scooters180 Runner FX / FXR / SP 2T97-02180
Gilera Scooters180 Runner VXR 4T00-01180HF183
Gilera Scooters180 Runner VXR 4T02-03180HF183
Gilera Scooters200 Runner VX / VXR / SC / ST / Race03-15200HF183
Gilera Scooters250 Nexus / SP06-08250HF183
Gilera Scooters250 Oregon (ATV)07-08250HF183
Gilera Scooters300 Nexus i.e.08-15300HF183
Gilera Scooters50 DNA / GP Experience00-0750
Gilera Scooters50 Easy Moving95-9650
Gilera Scooters50 Ice01-50
Gilera Scooters50 Runner / SP / DD / DT97-0150
Gilera Scooters50 Runner FL / SP / Race / SE / ST / Soul02-1550
Gilera Scooters50 Runner Purejet / ST02-1250
Gilera Scooters50 Stalker97-0250
Gilera Scooters50 Stalker Special / Sport / Naked03-1250
Gilera Scooters50 Storm94-9550
Gilera Scooters50 Storm07-1150
Gilera Scooters50 Typhoon01-1050
Gilera Scooters50 Typhoon X / XR94-0050
Gilera Scooters500 Fuoco / LT07-15500HF184
Gilera Scooters500 Nexus / SP03-15500HF184
Gilera Scooters800 GP / GP Centenario08-14800HF565
HM Moto Motorcycles125 CRE-F Six 4T10-15125HF141
HM Moto Motorcycles125 CRE-F X 4T08-09125HF141
HM Moto Motorcycles125 CRE-F X Baja / RR 4T10-15125HF141
HM Moto Motorcycles125 CRM F-X 4T08-09125HF141
HM Moto Motorcycles125 CRM F-X Competition 4T10-15125HF141
HM Moto Motorcycles125 CRM F-X Derapage / RR 4T10-15125HF141
HM Moto Motorcycles125 Scrambler City 4T11-15125HF141
HM Moto Motorcycles125 Trail Locusta 4T11-15125HF141
HM Moto Motorcycles125 Urban City 4T11-15125HF141
HM Moto Motorcycles200 Scrambler City 4T11-15200HF141
HM Moto Motorcycles200 Trail Locusta 4T11-15200HF141
HM Moto Motorcycles200 Urban City 4T11-15200HF141
HM Moto Motorcycles250 CRE-F R 4T04250HF116
HM Moto Motorcycles250 CRE-F R 4T05-09250HF116
HM Moto Motorcycles250 CRM-F X IE 4T07-08250HF116
HM Moto Motorcycles250 Montesa Cora 4T05-09250HF116
HM Moto Motorcycles290 CRE-F X IE 4T07-08250HF116
HM Moto Motorcycles290 CRM-F X IE 4T07-08250HF116
HM Moto Motorcycles300 CRE-F X IE 4T08-10300HF116
HM Moto Motorcycles450 CRE-F R02450HF116
HM Moto Motorcycles450 CRE-F R03-04450HF116
HM Moto Motorcycles450 CRE-F R05-08450HF116
HM Moto Motorcycles450 CRE-F R09-13450HF116
HM Moto Motorcycles450 CRE-F X05-09450HF116
HM Moto Motorcycles450 CRE-F X IE07-09450HF116
HM Moto Motorcycles450 CRM-F R02450HF116
HM Moto Motorcycles450 CRM-F R03-04450HF116
HM Moto Motorcycles450 CRM-F R05-08450HF116
HM Moto Motorcycles450 CRM-F R09-13450HF116
HM Moto Motorcycles450 CRM-F X05-09450HF116
HM Moto Motorcycles450 CRM-F X IE07-09450HF116
HM Moto Motorcycles490 CRE-F X IE07-08490HF116
HM Moto Motorcycles490 CRM-F X IE07-08490HF116
HM Moto Motorcycles500 CRE-X08-13500HF116
HM Moto Motorcycles500 CRM-X09-13500HF116
HusabergAll Husaberg 4-Stroke Models95-99HF155
HusabergAll Husaberg 4-Stroke Models00-03HF155
HusabergFE390 Enduro10-12390HF655
HusabergFE450 Enduro09-12450HF655
HusabergFE450 Enduro13-14450HF655
HusabergFE570 Enduro09-12570HF655
HusabergFS570 Supermoto10-11570HF655
HusabergFX450 Cross Country10-11450HF655
Hyosung125 Exceed05125HF131
HyosungGA125 Cruise I,  II97-01125HF131
HyosungGT125 Comet03-15125HF131
HyosungGT125 R Comet09-15125HF131
HyosungGT250 Comet04-08250HF131
HyosungGT250 Comet EFI09-15250HF131
HyosungGT250 R Comet EFI09-15250HF131
HyosungGT650 Comet05-08650HF681
HyosungGT650 Comet EFI09-15650HF681
HyosungGT650 Naked04-06650HF681
HyosungGT650 Naked SE i07-08650HF681
HyosungGT650 R Comet EFI09-15650HF681
HyosungGT650 R Sport Fi07-08650HF681
HyosungGT650 R Sporttouring05-08650HF681
HyosungGT650 S Comet EFI10-15650HF681
HyosungGT650 S Sport05-08650HF681
HyosungGV125 Aquila00-08125HF131
HyosungGV125 C Aquila09-15125HF131
HyosungGV250 Aquila01-08250HF131
HyosungGV250 Aquila EFI09-15250HF131
HyosungGV650 Aquila05-08650HF681
HyosungGV650 Aquila EFI09-15650HF681
HyosungGV650 Avitar EFI10-15650HF681
HyosungGV650 SE EFI10-11650HF681
HyosungGV700 C EFI10-11678HF681
HyosungMS3 12506-11125HF197
HyosungMS3 25006-11250HF197
HyosungRT125 Karion04-15125HF131
HyosungRX125 D / SM07-11125HF131
IndianChief Classic12-131720
IndianChief Classic15-181811HF175
IndianChief Dark Horse12-131720
IndianChief Dark Horse15-181811HF175
IndianChief Vintage12-131720
IndianChief Vintage15-181811HF175
IndianChief Vintage LE12-131720
IndianChief Vintage LE15-161811HF175
IndianChieftain Classic181811HF175
IndianChieftain Dark Horse17-181811HF175
IndianChieftain Elite17-181811HF175
IndianChieftain Limited17-181811HF175
IndianRoadmaster Classic17-181811HF175
IndianRoadmaster Elite181811HF175
IndianScout Bobber181130HF199
IndianScout Sixty17-181130HF199
IndianSpringfield Dark Horse181811HF175
Italjet Scooters125 Dragster06-125HF183
Italjet Scooters125 Dragster 2T99-03125
Italjet Scooters125 Torpedo98-99125HF181
Italjet Scooters125 Torpedo (Leader engine)00-03125HF183
Italjet Scooters125/150 Jet Set01-03125HF183
Italjet Scooters150 Torpedo (Leader engine)00-03150HF183
Italjet Scooters180 Dragster 2T99-03180
Italjet Scooters250 Dragster06-250HF183
Italjet Scooters250 Jupiter (Crankcase Air Filter)02-03250
Italjet Scooters250 Jupiter (Intake Air Filter)02-03250
Italjet Scooters50 Dragster i.e05-50
Italjet Scooters50 Jet Set01-0350
Italjet Scooters50 Pista 2 / Yankee95-9650
Italjet Scooters50 Scoop9350
Italjet Scooters50 SX-1 2T07-50
Italjet Scooters50 Torpedo 2T01-0350
Italjet Scooters50 Torpedo 4T00-0350
Jawa650 Bizon04-650HF151
Jawa650 Classic04-650HF151
Jawa650 Dakar09-12650HF145
Jawa650 Dakar05-08650HF151
Jawa650 Style04-650HF151
Jawa660 CZ Sportard13-15650HF145
Keeway Scooter250 Cruiser11250HF145
Keeway Scooter250 Land Cruiser ATV06-08250HF145
Keeway Scooter250 Super Shadow06-08250HF145
Keeway Scooter300 Index11-15300HF197
Keeway Scooter50 F-Act / Evo / Sport 2T07-1550
Keeway Scooter50 Focus 2T0650
Keeway Scooter50 Matrix 2T06-1050
Keeway Scooter50 Matrix Racing Sport 2T10-50
Keeway Scooter50 RY6 2T10-1550
Keeway Scooter50 RY8 2T06-1150
Laverda125/150/200 Phoenix01-125
LML Scooters125 Star 4T09-13125HF167
LML Scooters125 Star CVT 4T12-15125HF167
LML Scooters150 Star CVT 4T09-15150HF167
LML Scooters200 Star 4T11-15200HF207
MaicoAll Maico Models98-02
Malaguti Scooters125 Ciak01-09125
Malaguti Scooters125 Madison 3 (Piaggio Engine)06-11125HF183
Malaguti Scooters150 Ciak01-05150
Malaguti Scooters180 R Madison01-02180HF183
Malaguti Scooters200 Ciak Master06-09200
Malaguti Scooters200 F12 Phantom Max04-05200HF183
Malaguti Scooters200 S Madison / Rst02-03200HF183
Malaguti Scooters250 F12 Phantom Max04-05250HF183
Malaguti Scooters250 Madison S93-03250
Malaguti Scooters250 Madison S / RS / Rst3 / 3 IE04-11250HF183
Malaguti Scooters250 Password / I.E. (Crankcase Air Filter)05-11250
Malaguti Scooters250 Password / I.E. (Intake Air Filter)05-11250
Malaguti Scooters50 Centro / SL08-1150
Malaguti Scooters50 Ciak Master 4T05-1150
Malaguti Scooters50 DVD10-1150
Malaguti Scooters50 F15 Firefox / LC / Kat96-0850
Malaguti Scooters500 Spider Max / GT / RS04-11500HF184
MBK Scooters125 CitycruiserEither filter is suitable07-11125HF141HF981
MBK Scooters125 CitylinerEither filter is suitable07-15125HF141HF981
MBK Scooters125 SkycruiserEither filter is suitable06-15125HF141HF981
MBK Scooters125 XC Flame F00-03125HF143
MBK Scooters125 XC Flame T95-99125HF143
MBK Scooters125 XC K Flame R97-99125HF143
MBK Scooters125 XC Vertex97125HF143
MBK Scooters250 Skyliner (Crankcase Air Filter)00-06250
MBK Scooters250 Skyliner (Intake Air Filter)00-06250
MBK Scooters50 CT S / SS91-9550
MBK Scooters50 CW Booster / NG / Road / Rocket / Spirit / Track / Naked90-1550
MBK Scooters50 Evolis92-9550
MBK Scooters50 EW Stunt00-1250
MBK Scooters50 Fizz94-9550
MBK Scooters50 Flipper98-1250
MBK Scooters50 Forte94-9650
MBK Scooters50 Mach-G03-0950
MBK Scooters50 New Sorriso95-9650
MBK Scooters50 Nitro97-1250
MBK Scooters50 Ovetto 2T97-1250
MBK Scooters50 Ovetto 4T10-1250
Moto Morini1200 9 1/206-1200HF585
Moto Morini1200 Corsaro06-1200HF585
Moto Morini1200 Corsaro Avio06-1200HF585
Moto Morini1200 Corsaro Veloce06-1200HF585
Moto Morini1200 Granpasso06-1200HF585
Moto Morini1200 Sport06-1200HF585
MuZ125 RT00-08125HF151
MuZ125 SM00-08125HF151
MuZ125 SX00-08125HF151
MuZ500 Red Star Classic97500HF151
MuZ500 Saxon Country91-97500HF151
MuZ500 Saxon Fun91-93500HF151
MuZ500 Saxon Sport Fun93500HF151
MuZ500 Saxon Tour91-96500HF151
MuZ500 Silver Star95-98500HF151
MuZ500 Silver Star Classic91-98500HF151
MuZ660 Baghira98-00660HF145
MuZ660 Mastiff98-00660HF145
MuZ660 Skorpion Cup99660HF145
MuZ660 Skorpion Sport / Tour / Replica94-99660HF145
MuZ660 Skorpion Traveller96-00660HF145
Peugeot Scooters125 Belville LC RS ABS17-18125
Peugeot Scooters125 Citystar i.e.11-18125HF185
Peugeot Scooters125 Django18125
Peugeot Scooters125 Elyseo99-04125HF185
Peugeot Scooters125 Elystar03-10125HF185
Peugeot Scooters125 Geopolis / Executive / Geo RS07-13125HF185
Peugeot Scooters125 Jet Force03-11125HF185
Peugeot Scooters125 Jet Force Kompressor05-11125HF185
Peugeot Scooters125 Looxor03-04125HF183
Peugeot Scooters125 LXR09-14125
Peugeot Scooters125 Satelis / Executive Premium / Sat RS06-12125HF185
Peugeot Scooters125 Satelis 2 Premium / Executive12-18125HF185
Peugeot Scooters125 Satelis Compressor / Black Sat / White Sat06-12125HF185
Peugeot Scooters125 Tweet / Tweet RS 4T10-13125
Peugeot Scooters150 Django18150
Peugeot Scooters150 Elyseo01-03150HF185
Peugeot Scooters150 Elystar03-10150HF185
Peugeot Scooters150 Looxor03-04150HF183
Peugeot Scooters200 Citystar i.e.12-18200HF185
Peugeot Scooters200 LXR i.e.09-14200
Peugeot Scooters250 Geo RS08-10250HF183
Peugeot Scooters250 Geopolis Executive07-12250HF183
Peugeot Scooters250 Sat RS / Black Sat08-12250HF183
Peugeot Scooters250 Satelis Executive / Premium07-12250HF183
Peugeot Scooters250 SV01-250
Peugeot Scooters300 Geopolis / Geo RS10-13300HF183
Peugeot Scooters300 GeoStyle10-13300HF183
Peugeot Scooters300 Satelis i.e.11-14300HF183
Peugeot Scooters400 Geo RS08-13400HF184
Peugeot Scooters400 Geopolis07-13400HF184
Peugeot Scooters400 Metropolis13-18400HF191
Peugeot Scooters400 Sat RS / Black Sat08-13400HF184
Peugeot Scooters400 Satelis07-13400HF184
Peugeot Scooters50 Buxy / RS94-9750
Peugeot Scooters50 Django1850
Peugeot Scooters50 Elyseo9950
Peugeot Scooters50 Elystar0350
Peugeot Scooters50 Looxor0150
Peugeot Scooters50 Metal-X0250
Peugeot Scooters50 New Vivacity 2T07-0950
Peugeot Scooters50 Speedake95-9750
Peugeot Scooters50 Speedfight95-9750
Peugeot Scooters50 Speedfight 2 Air / LC / WRC / Sp. 2T05-0850
Peugeot Scooters50 Speedfight 2 Cup / Ultimate. 2T09-1050
Peugeot Scooters50 Speedfight 3 4T11-1550
Peugeot Scooters50 Speedfight 3 Air / RS / N 2T09-1450
Peugeot Scooters50 Speedfight 3 Darkside / Iceblade 2T11-1450
Peugeot Scooters50 Speedfight 3 LC / LCX / RS / Team 2T09-1450
Peugeot Scooters50 Speedfight 4 2T LC / AC16-1850
Peugeot Scooters50 Speedfight 4 Iceblade 2T1550
Peugeot Scooters50 Squab95-9750
Peugeot Scooters50 Streetzone 10 2T14-1550
Peugeot Scooters50 TKR / WRC / Rally05-1350
Peugeot Scooters50 Trekket On / Off Road 2T98-0850
Peugeot Scooters50 Tweet / Tweet RS 4T10-1450
Peugeot Scooters50 V-Clic / Silversport / EVP 4T (QM50QT-6)07-1250
Peugeot Scooters50 Vivacity / Sportline / SX / SXR99-0950
Peugeot Scooters50 Vivacity 2 / Compact08-0950
Peugeot Scooters50 X-Fight00-50
Peugeot Scooters50 X-Race03-50
Peugeot Scooters50 Zenith L/LN/LS/N94-9850
Peugeot Scooters500 Geopolis07-13500HF184
Peugeot Scooters500 Satelis07-13500HF184
PGO Scooters125/150 Aloro125HF197
PGO Scooters125/150 Buddy / Bubu Buddy125HF197
PGO Scooters125/150 Buggy125HF197
PGO Scooters125/150 Bugster125HF197
PGO Scooters125/150 G-Max / Blur125HF197
PGO Scooters125/150 i Bubu / My Bubu125HF197
PGO Scooters125/150 i Charge125HF197
PGO Scooters125/150 Libra Carb125HF197
PGO Scooters125/150 Libra EFI125HF197
PGO Scooters125/150 Ligero125HF197
PGO Scooters125/150 T-Rex125HF197
PGO Scooters125/150 X-Hot125HF197
PGO Scooters200 G-Max / Blur200HF197
PGO Scooters220 G-Max / Blur220HF197
Rieju125 Marathon Pro Enduro / Motard09-11125HF141
Rieju125 RS3 LC09-11125HF141
Rieju250 Marathon09-11250HF141
Rieju450 Marathon09-11450HF141
Rieju50 Paseo 4T07-0850
Rieju50 Toreo 4T07-0850
Sachs125 Roater98-01125HF145
Sachs50 49ER / Bee 4T05-0950
Sachs650 Roater00-05650HF137
Sachs800 Roater00-05800HF138HF138RC
ShercoSE 2.5i F08-17250HF611
ShercoSE 3.0i F10-17300HF611
ShercoSE 4.5i F04-17450HF611
ShercoSE 5.1i F04-13510HF611
ShercoSM 4.5i F04-15450HF611
ShercoSM 5.1i F04-10510HF611
ShercoST 3.2i F09320
ShercoSX 2.5i F10250HF611
Sym Scooters100 Jet99-00100
Sym Scooters125 HD EU / EVO / IE03-13125
Sym Scooters125 HD211-15125
Sym Scooters125 Joyride01-02125
Sym Scooters125 Joyride / Joyride EVO Euro2/Euro303-15125
Sym Scooters125 Megalo06-08125
Sym Scooters125 RV01-03125
Sym Scooters125 Symphony / DD 4T09-15125
Sym Scooters125 Symphony S 4T09-15125
Sym Scooters125 Symphony SR 4T09-15125
Sym Scooters125 VS06-12125
Sym Scooters150 Attila00-01150
Sym Scooters150 Joyride01-02150
Sym Scooters150 RV01-03150
Sym Scooters150 Symphony / DD 4T09-14150
Sym Scooters150 Symphony S 4T09-14150
Sym Scooters150 Symphony SR 4T09-14150
Sym Scooters150 VS06-12150
Sym Scooters180 RV01-03180
Sym Scooters200 HD EU / EVO / IE03-13200
Sym Scooters200 HD211-15200
Sym Scooters200 Joyride02200
Sym Scooters200 Joyride / Joyride EVO Euro2/Euro303-15200
Sym Scooters250 Joymax GTS IE Euro306-08250
Sym Scooters300 Citycom / S / EFI07-15300
Sym Scooters300 Joymax EVO IE09-12300
Sym Scooters300 Joymax I / EFI / ABS Euro313-15300
Sym Scooters400i Max SymEither filter is suitable11-15400HF132HF972
Sym Scooters50 Jet 2T9950
Sym Scooters50 Jet 4R / Naked 2T11-1250
Sym Scooters50 Jet Euro X / Sport X 2T00-1250
Sym Scooters50 Jungle99-0050
Sym Scooters50 Mask00-0450
Sym Scooters50 Red Devil9950
Sym Scooters50 Super Fancy98-0050
Sym Scooters50 Symphony09-1550
Sym Scooters50 Symphony S / SR 4T09-1550
Sym Scooters50 Tonik 4T10-1250
Sym Scooters600i Max SymEither filter is suitable16400HF132HF972
TM Racing250 4T08-15250HF141
TM Racing250 4T07250HF142
TM Racing450 4T11-15450HF141
TM Racing450 4T07-10450HF142
TM Racing530 4T07-15530HF141
TM Racing660 4T08-09660HF142
Ural650cc Ural Motorcycle650HF895
Ural750 cT15-17750HF896
Ural750 Gear Up10-13750HF895
Ural750 Gear Up14-17750HF896
Ural750 Patrol10-13750HF895
Ural750 Patrol14-17750HF896
Ural750 Patrol T10-13750HF895
Ural750 Ranger10-13750HF895
Ural750 Ranger14-17750HF896
Ural750 Retro10-13750HF895
Ural750 Retro14-17750HF896
Ural750 Retro Sidecar10-13750HF895
Ural750 Retro Sidecar14-17750HF896
Ural750 Sportsman10-13750HF895
Ural750 Sportsman14-17750HF896
Ural750 Sportsman T12-13750HF895
Ural750 Sportsman T14-17750HF896
Ural750 T10-13750HF895
Ural750 T14750HF896
Ural750 Tourist10-13750HF895
Ural750 Tourist14-17750HF896
Ural750 Tourist T12-13750HF895
Ural750 Tourist T14-15750HF896
VictoryCross Country10-171731HF198
VictoryCross Country 8-Ball14-161731HF198
VictoryCross Country Cory Ness11-141731HF198
VictoryCross Country Tour12-171731HF198
VictoryCross Country Tour 15th Anniversary LE141731HF198
VictoryCross Country Zach Ness131731HF198
VictoryCross Roa10-121731HF198
VictoryCross Roa Classic13-141731HF198
VictoryHammer 8-Ball101634HF198
VictoryHammer 8-Ball11-161731HF198
VictoryHammer S09-171731HF198
VictoryJackpot Cory Ness09-101731HF198
VictoryKingpin 8-Ball09-101634HF198
VictoryKingpin 8-Ball111731HF198
VictoryKingpin Low091634HF198
VictoryKingpin Tour091634HF198
VictoryMagnum X-116-171731HF198
VictoryNess Signature Series Jackpot06-081634HF198
VictoryTouring Cruiser03-061507HF198
VictoryVegas 8-Ball06-101634HF198
VictoryVegas 8-Ball11-171731HF198
VictoryVegas High Ball121731HF198
VictoryVegas Jackpot06-081634HF198
VictoryVegas Jackpot09-121731HF198
VictoryVegas Low091634HF198
VictoryVegas Zach Ness11-121731HF198
VictoryVision 10th Anniversary Editon091731HF198
VictoryVision 8-Ball10-111731HF198
VictoryVision Arlen Ness09-131731HF198
VictoryVision Street08-091731HF198
VictoryVision Street Premium091731HF198
VictoryVision Tour08-171731HF198
WT Motors50 Bilbao 4T50
WT Motors50 Hollywood 4T50

Oil Filter Removal Tools

There is a multitude of ways to remove your oil filter. If you have a suspicion it’s going to be tight or stuck on, then the night before, spray a penetrating spray around the seal to help it loosen. It can be frustrating if it won’t come off but be careful not to butcher it and rip the filter casing or it will become even harder to remove. A good tap around the seal with a rubber hammer can also help break the seal. Use the right tools and use your brains not brute force.

oil filter removal tool hand - Motorcycle Oil Filter Finder

By Hand

If your filter is easy to access and you can get a good purchase on it, then you can loosen it off by hand. Obviously, if you’re draining the oil, the engine should be warm and so the filter will be hot but you can ‘crack’ it off to break the seal, then warm the engine up, drain the oil and then continue to remove the oil filter by hand.

oil filter removal tool rubber gloves - Motorcycle Oil Filter Finder

With Rubber Gloves

As above but disposable rubber gloves or mechanic’s workshop gloves will offer you a bit more purchase and enable you to get some more torque to that filter!

oil filter removal tool wrench - Motorcycle Oil Filter Finder

Oil Filter Removal Socket

A cheap and commonly used tool. The oil filter removal socket fits to a 1/4″ ratchet drive or T-bar. It pays to ensure your filter is clean before you use this tool as a dirt y filter is hard to grip. A bit of disc-brake cleaner and a cloth should do it. If you need to get a bit more purchase you can use masking or gaffa tape around the filter or fit a couple of elastic bands.

oil filter removal tool rubber chain - Motorcycle Oil Filter Finder

Oil Filter Chain Tool

A chain tool is also a decent weapon in your oil filter removal arsenal. You wrap it around the filter and then twist it. As you twist, you’ll probably dent the filter but that also helps the tool grip. You can then tighten it up a link and twist again. Handy if your filter has been fitted by the Incredible Hulk at your local motorcycle dealer.

oil filter removal tool rubber belt - Motorcycle Oil Filter Finder

Oil Filter Removal Belt

Similar to the chain tool, the removal belt comes in a few different formats. Some have a metal belt (not as good), others have rubber or a nylon wave (the sort of thing a seatbelt is made from. You hand tighten them and twist. They’re useful to get a stuck filter off as you can use one hand on the tool and the other hand on the filter.

oil filter removal tool rubber 3 leg adapter - Motorcycle Oil Filter Finder

3-Leg Oil Filter Socket

Similar to the conventional socket, the three-legged socket bites into the oil filter and can be used across a range of different sizes. So a handy tool to have if you own multiple bikes.

oil filter removal tool screwdriver - Motorcycle Oil Filter Finder

Stab it with a Screwdriver

Stab a big screwdriver through your oil filter and twist it. I’m not a big fan of this method as A) it’s messy and B) if you get it wrong, you end up tearing half of the filter off and then it’s a total pain in the wotsits to remove the remnants as none of the other tools will work. To reduce the chances of this happening, get the screwdriver in one side and out of the other.

oil filter removal tool make your own - Motorcycle Oil Filter Finder

Make Your Own

If you don’t have an oil filter removal tool, you can make your own. They say a picture paints a thousand words which must mean this Youtube video paints 10,000. It’s fairly self-explanatory. I’ve not done it myself but it definitely looks like a good ‘get you out of a hole’ solution. 

Don’t forget the crush washer!

motorcycle crush washer 500x277 - Motorcycle Oil Filter Finder

A crush washer is used to seal the sump plug and to prevent engine oil leaking out. It is made from a soft alloy (usually copper) and will ‘crush’ when you tighten it up, creating a better seal than the sump plug will on its own.

They cost pennies so it doesn’t make sense to try and reuse your old one or not use one at all.

However, even if you do buy a new one, it’s easy to forget to use it. When I remove the sump plug, I throw the old crush washer away immediately, fit the new crush washer and then use some making tape to hold it in place. The tape also slows me down when I come to refit the sump plug and makes me double-check everything.

You can buy a box of crush washers here or from this link.

OEM Vs Aftermarket oil filters

You might be wondering whether you should use a factory oil filter or an aftermarket one. 

These days, most manufacturers source their oil filters from the same companies that produce the aftermarket ones.

In some cases, the manufacturer might specify slightly different materials (perhaps a thicker casing) but if you buy a filter from a reputable brand (like K&N, HifloFiltro, Bosch, FRAM, Purolator) you’ll be in safe hands. 

Cheap oil filters tend to skimp on areas that are hard to spot but can make a difference. They can have a thinner casing, which can rip when you go to remove it and the sealing washer can be of poor quality, causing the filter to leak. Quality aftermarket oil filters are absolutely fine but penny-pinching on a cheap oil filter is asking for trouble.

Your First Motorcycle Oil Change

If you’ve not changed your motorcycle’s oil before, it can be daunting. However, with the right tools and a good idea of what you’re doing, anyone can change their motorcycle’s oil. It will save you money and you’ll know it’s been done properly.

Need some pointers? We’ve put together this motorcycle oil change guide to run you through the process.

Oil Filter Conversion Chart

If you’re choosing an aftermarket oil filter, two of the most popular brands are K&N and HifloFiltro. The table below shows you the direct model number conversions, which, on the face of it, are fairly logical. Click the link and you’ll be taken to an online retailer where you can order your filter.

Click here for K&NClick here for HiFlo
Click here for K&NClick here for HiFlo

Motorcycle Oil Filter FAQ

Should you change the oil filter every time?
Yes. A fresh filter will filter out any particles, whereas an old filter won't be as efficient. If a filter blocks up, it could cause engine wear but most motorcycles have a bypass valve to prevent catastrophic failure due to oil starvation. An oil filter is a few quid, it's a false economy to reuse an old one.

Can you use the same oil filter twice?
You can but it's not worth it. Not only will the old filter not function as well as a new one but it might not fit back on as well either, potentially coming loose and causing you all sorts of problems.

How tight should the oil filter be?
I work to hand tight plus 180-degrees but consult your owner's manual if you're unsure.

Does an oil filter have a reverse thread?
Nope. They're conventional. When they are stuck on, you can doubt yourself but it's lefty-loosey, righty-tighty.

What happens if you overtighten the oil filter?
There's no need to overtighten it. You can crush the body of the filter or cause a leak if you overtighten it. If it goes on tight, you can be sure it'll be harder to get off!

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