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Sym Battery Location and Replacement Guide

sym battery location replacement chart moped 50cc - Sym Battery Location and Replacement Guide

If your Sym battery is dead then you have come to the right place!

This Sym battery finder will help you select the right battery for your moped. Whether you’re going for a cheap lead-acid battery, a better quality one, like a VRLA or AGM or whether you want to step into the future and buy a lightweight Lithium battery, this guide is for you.

We’ve used the popular brand Yuasa as our reference. If you don’t want a Yuasa battery, never fear, you can use our motorcycle battery cross reference chart at the bottom of the page to see the corresponding reference number for other popular makes including Exide and MotoBatt.

And if you want to switch to a lightweight Lithium battery (they also almost never go flat), then we’ve got a handy conversion table for you lower down the page too.

Table of Contents

SYM Motorcycle and Scooter Battery Replacement Chart

ModelFromToStandard BatteryLightweight Lithium
SYM Allo 12520112016YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM Allo 5020102020YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM Citycom 12520092014YTX9-BSYTX9-BS Lithium
SYM Citycom 300 ie CBS20092015YTX14-BSYTX14-BS Lithium
SYM Citycom 300 S ie ABS20152020YTX14-BSYTX14-BS Lithium
SYM Citycom 300 S ie CBS20152018YTX14-BSYTX14-BS Lithium
SYM Combiz 12520132015YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM CR 300 i Wolf Cafe Racer ABS20182021YTZ10SYTZ10S Lithium
SYM Crox 5020142020YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM Cruisym 125 ie ABS20182020YTX9-BSYTX9-BS Lithium
SYM Cruisym 300 ie ABS20172021YTX14-BSYTX14-BS Lithium
SYM DD 2520042007YTX5L-BSYTX5L-BS Lithium
SYM DD 2520042007YTZ5SYTZ5S Lithium
SYM DD 5020122013YTX5L-BSYTX5L-BS Lithium
SYM DD 5020122013YTZ5SYTZ5S Lithium
SYM DD 50 euro120032004YTX5L-BSYTX5L-BS Lithium
SYM DD 50 euro120032004YTZ5SYTZ5S Lithium
SYM DD 50 euro220042007YTX5L-BSYTX5L-BS Lithium
SYM DD 50 euro220042007YTZ5SYTZ5S Lithium
SYM Duke 12519951996YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM EuroMX 12520052006YTX9-BSYTX9-BS Lithium
SYM Fiddle 50 2T20032007YTX5L-BSYTX5L-BS Lithium
SYM Fiddle 50 2T20032007YTZ5SYTZ5S Lithium
SYM Fiddle 50 4T DD ie20212021YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM Fiddle 50 4T DT ie20212021YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM Fiddle II 12520072014YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM Fiddle II 50 4T20072020YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM Fiddle III 12520142017YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM Fiddle III 125 DD ie CBS20172020YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM Fiddle III 125 DT ie CBS20182020YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM Fiddle III 200 ie CBS20162017YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM Fiddle III 50 4T20142020YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM Flash 5019982000YTX5L-BSYTX5L-BS Lithium
SYM Flash 5019982000YTZ5SYTZ5S Lithium
SYM FNX 125 DD ie CBS20202020YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM Free 5019972000YTX5L-BSYTX5L-BS Lithium
SYM Free 5019972000YTZ5SYTZ5S Lithium
SYM GTS 125 ie Joymax ABS20162017YTX9-BSYTX9-BS Lithium
SYM GTS 125 ie Joymax ABS start/stop20182019YTX9-BSYTX9-BS Lithium
SYM GTS 125 ie Joymax ABS Start/Stop20202020YTX9-BSYTX9-BS Lithium
SYM GTS 125 ie Joymax CBS20132015YTX9-BSYTX9-BS Lithium
SYM GTS 125 ie Joymax Evo CBS20112013YTX9-BSYTX9-BS Lithium
SYM GTS 125 ie Joymax Sport ABS20162017YTX9-BSYTX9-BS Lithium
SYM GTS 125 ie Joymax Sport ABS start/stop20182019YTX9-BSYTX9-BS Lithium
SYM GTS 125 ie Joymax Sport CBS20162020YTX9-BSYTX9-BS Lithium
SYM GTS 125 Joymax20062010YTX9-BSYTX9-BS Lithium
SYM GTS 125 Joymax Evo20092010YTX9-BSYTX9-BS Lithium
SYM GTS 250 ie Joymax CBS20092010YTX14-BSYTX14-BS Lithium
SYM GTS 250 Joymax CBS20062010YTX14-BSYTX14-BS Lithium
SYM GTS 300 ie Joymax ABS20142017YTX14-BSYTX14-BS Lithium
SYM GTS 300 ie Joymax ABS start/stop20162019YTX14-BSYTX14-BS Lithium
SYM GTS 300 ie Joymax CBS20132017YTX14-BSYTX14-BS Lithium
SYM GTS 300 ie Joymax EVO CBS20092013YTX9-BSYTX9-BS Lithium
SYM GTS 300 ie Joymax Sport ABS20202020YTX14-BSYTX14-BS Lithium
SYM GTS 300 ie Joymax Sport ABS start/stop20152018YTX14-BSYTX14-BS Lithium
SYM HD 125 DD Evo20062011YTX9-BSYTX9-BS Lithium
SYM HD 125 DT20052010YTX9-BSYTX9-BS Lithium
SYM HD 200 DD20072008YTX9-BSYTX9-BS Lithium
SYM HD 200 DD ie Evo20082010YTX9-BSYTX9-BS Lithium
SYM HD 200 DT20042009YTX9-BSYTX9-BS Lithium
SYM HD 300 ABS20192021YTX14-BSYTX14-BS Lithium
SYM HD2 125 DD20122015YTX9-BSYTX9-BS Lithium
SYM HD2 125 DD CBS20162017YTX9-BSYTX9-BS Lithium
SYM HD2 200 DD ie20122014YTX9-BSYTX9-BS Lithium
SYM HD2 200 DD ie CBS20142017YTX9-BSYTX9-BS Lithium
SYM HD2 200 DT ie20122014YTX9-BSYTX9-BS Lithium
SYM Husky 12519962005YTZ7SYTZ7S Lithium
SYM Jet 25 BasiX20082011YTZ7SYTZ7S Lithium
SYM Jet 25 EuroX20062012YTZ7SYTZ7S Lithium
SYM Jet 5019972002YTX5L-BSYTX5L-BS Lithium
SYM Jet 5019972002YTZ5SYTZ5S Lithium
SYM Jet 50 BasiX20072011YTX5L-BSYTX5L-BS Lithium
SYM Jet 50 BasiX20072011YTZ5SYTZ5S Lithium
SYM Jet 50 EuroX20032004YTX5L-BSYTX5L-BS Lithium
SYM Jet 50 EuroX20032004YTZ5SYTZ5S Lithium
SYM Jet 50 EuroX20052011YTZ7SYTZ7S Lithium
SYM Jet 50 EuroX/ Evo20122015YTZ7SYTZ7S Lithium
SYM Jet 50 R SportX20072014YTZ7SYTZ7S Lithium
SYM Jet 50 SR SportX20062015YTZ7SYTZ7S Lithium
SYM Jet EuroX 10020062007YTZ7SYTZ7S Lithium
SYM Jet14 125 AC ie DT CBS20172021YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM Jet14 125 LC ie DD + ABS20212021YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM Jet14 125 LC ie DD ABS20202020YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM Jet14 125 LC ie DD CBS20172021YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM Jet14 200 AC ie DT ABS20182018YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM Jet14 200 AC ie DT CBS20192019YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM Jet14 200 AC ie, DD ABS20192021YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM Jet14 200 AC ie, DD CBS20202020YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM Jet14 5020182020YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM Jet14 50 ie20212021YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM Jet4 12520102016YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM Jet4 125 ie CBS20172020YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM Jet4 5020102020YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM Jet4 50 R 2T20112017YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM JetV 12520112015YTZ10SYTZ10S Lithium
SYM JetV 12520112015YTZ7SYTZ7S Lithium
SYM Joymax 125 ie Comfort ABS start/stop20182018YTX9-BSYTX9-BS Lithium
SYM Joymax 125 ie Comfort CBS20182018YTX9-BSYTX9-BS Lithium
SYM Joymax 125 Z ie + ABS20212021YTX9-BSYTX9-BS Lithium
SYM Joymax 125 Z ie ABS20202020YTX9-BSYTX9-BS Lithium
SYM Joymax 125 Z ie CBS20202020YTX9-BSYTX9-BS Lithium
SYM Joymax 300 ie Comfort ABS start/stop20182018YTX14-BSYTX14-BS Lithium
SYM Joymax 300 Z ABS20192020YTX14-BSYTX14-BS Lithium
SYM Joymax 300 Z+ ABS20212021YTX14-BSYTX14-BS Lithium
SYM Joyride 125 euro120012004YTX9-BSYTX9-BS Lithium
SYM Joyride 125 euro220052008YTX9-BSYTX9-BS Lithium
SYM Joyride 125 euro320082009YTX9-BSYTX9-BS Lithium
SYM Joyride 125 Evo20112016YTX9-BSYTX9-BS Lithium
SYM Joyride 125 S ie CBS20172020YTX9-BSYTX9-BS Lithium
SYM Joyride 20020052007YTX9-BSYTX9-BS Lithium
SYM Joyride 200 ie Evo20122016YTX9-BSYTX9-BS Lithium
SYM Joyride 200 S ie ABS20172020YTX9-BSYTX9-BS Lithium
SYM Joyride 200 S ie CBS20212021YTX9-BSYTX9-BS Lithium
SYM Jungle 5019972001YTX5L-BSYTX5L-BS Lithium
SYM Jungle 5019972001YTZ5SYTZ5S Lithium
SYM Mask 50 2T20032007YTX5L-BSYTX5L-BS Lithium
SYM Mask 50 2T20032007YTZ5SYTZ5S Lithium
SYM Mask 50 4T20182020YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM Maxsym 400 ie20112016YTZ14SYTZ14S Lithium
SYM Maxsym 400 ie ABS20112020YTZ14SYTZ14S Lithium
SYM Maxsym 500 TL ABS20202020YTZ10SYTZ10S Lithium
SYM Maxsym 508 TL ABS20212021YTZ10SYTZ10S Lithium
SYM Maxsym 600 ie ABS20142020YTZ14SYTZ14S Lithium
SYM Maxsym 600 ie Sport ABS20152016YTZ14SYTZ14S Lithium
SYM Maxsym 600 ie Sporty Limited ABS20192020YTZ14SYTZ14S Lithium
SYM Megalo 125 euro120022003YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM Megalo 125 euro220042007YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM Mio 10020062016YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM Mio 115 ie CBS20172020YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM Mio 5020052016YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM Mio 5020052016YTZ7SYTZ7S Lithium
SYM Mio 50 ie20182021YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM NH T 125 CBS20192020YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM NH X 125 CBS20192020YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM Orbit 12520082010YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM Orbit 2520072009YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM Orbit 50 4T20072009YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM Orbit II 12520092016YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM Orbit II 125 ie CBS20172019YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM Orbit II 2520092012YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM Orbit II 50 2T20132016YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM Orbit II 50 4T20092020YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM Orbit III 125 ie20212021YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM Orbit III 50 4T20202020YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM Pure 5019971998YTX5L-BSYTX5L-BS Lithium
SYM Pure 5019971998YTZ5SYTZ5S Lithium
SYM Quad Lander 20020062010YTX9-BSYTX9-BS Lithium
SYM Quad Lander 25020062010YTX14-BSYTX14-BS Lithium
SYM Quad Lander 300 S20072014YTX14-BSYTX14-BS Lithium
SYM Quad Raider 60020082014YTX14-BSYTX14-BS Lithium
SYM Red Devil 2520042005YTX5L-BSYTX5L-BS Lithium
SYM Red Devil 2520042005YTZ5SYTZ5S Lithium
SYM Red Devil 2520062012YTZ7SYTZ7S Lithium
SYM Red Devil 5019982005YTX5L-BSYTX5L-BS Lithium
SYM Red Devil 5019982005YTZ5SYTZ5S Lithium
SYM Red Devil 5020062007YTZ7SYTZ7S Lithium
SYM RS 125 DD Shark20052007YTX9-BSYTX9-BS Lithium
SYM RS 125 DT Shark20042005YTX9-BSYTX9-BS Lithium
SYM RS 5020042007YTX9-BSYTX9-BS Lithium
SYM Shark 125 DT19992003YTX9-BSYTX9-BS Lithium
SYM Shark 5020002003YTX9-BSYTX9-BS Lithium
SYM Super Duke 12519961998YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM Super Fancy 5019962001YTX5L-BSYTX5L-BS Lithium
SYM Super Fancy 5019962001YTZ5SYTZ5S Lithium
SYM Symphony 12520092011YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM Symphony 125 ie Cargo CBS20172020YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM Symphony 125 S20132016YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM Symphony 125 S ie CBS20172020YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM Symphony 125 SR20112014YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM Symphony 125 SR ie CBS20172020YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM Symphony 125 ST AC20152016YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM Symphony 125 ST AC ie CBS20172020YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM Symphony 125 ST LC ie ABS20182020YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM Symphony 200 ST ie ABS20172020YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM Symphony 2520092012YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM Symphony 5020092014YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM Symphony 50 Cargo20202020YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM Symphony 50 Cargo CBS20192019YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM Symphony 50 ie20212021YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM Symphony 50 SR20112020YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM Symphony 50 ST20152020YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM Symply 50 4T20102017YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM Symply II 50 4T20122016YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM Tonik 5020122015YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM VS 12520062014YTZ10SYTZ10S Lithium
SYM Wolf 125 Legend20062007YB-9BYB9-B Lithium
SYM Wolf 125 N i SB12Ni20112020YTX9-BSYTX9-BS Lithium
SYM Wolf 125 N SB12N20142016YTX9-BSYTX9-BS Lithium
SYM Wolf 250 N i SB250Ni20132016YTX14-BSYTX14-BS Lithium
SYM X-Pro 12520132016YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM X-Pro 125 ie CBS20172020YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM X-Pro 5020132020YTX7A-BSYTX7A-BS Lithium
SYM XS 125 /K20072016YB-9BYB9-B Lithium

Sym Battery Location

It’s always best to check the owner’s manual of your motorcycle or scooter to check the battery location.

If you don’t have the manual to hand, try Googling for it, by searching for your make and model and then manual and PDF. This should give you a downloadable booklet.

For most Sym mopeds and scooters, the battery is under the floor pan. If you take a look at where your feet go when you’re riding, you’ll see a couple of bolts that you can undo and then remove the cover. This should reveal the battery.

For some Sym scooter models the battery is located under where the pillion passenger would sit, behind the right hand panel. Just lift the seat and see if you can see a shape where the battery might go. Then you just have to remove the right-hand panel.

If you have a Sym maxi scooter, the chances are the battery is under the handlebars to the wide of the ignition key. If you have a flap here, just open it up and the battery should be located on its side. Due to this, you’ll need to buy a gel battery or a lithium one as a regular lead-acid unsealed battery may leak.

For most Sym motorcycles, the battery is directly under the rider’s seat.

Sym Battery Removal

Check your owner’s manual for the correct battery location.

Once you have located the battery, just use a Phillips screwdriver and remove the negative (black) terminal first and then the potitive (red) terminal.

If you aren’t sure whether your battery is dead or just flat, then plug it into a motorcycle battery charger and see if it recovers the battery. In most cases it will. After 24 hours of charging, if the battery won’t start your Sym, you need to buy a new one as it has died.

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