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The Best Paddock Stands

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Whether you’re a racer, trackday enthusiast or a home mechanic, paddock stands are a useful bit of kit for motorcycles without a centre stand. They keep your bike upright and stable, making them easier to work on or keep neatly stored in the garage. 

Rear paddock stands come in two main types for motorcycles with a conventional swingarm: ones with cups or ones for bobbins.

If you have several motorbikes, you might need different paddock stand, depending on the makes and models of your bikes. If they have a single-sided swingarm, common on Triumphs, Ducatis and MV Agustas for example you’ll need a single-sided swingarm paddock stand.

Cup style

Cup paddock stands are quite versatile and will work on the majority of dual-sided swingarms. You can’t screw a bobbin into all swingarms so if you have a smaller bike like a 125, or a classic motorbike then chances are you’ll need a cup-style paddock stand.

Bobbin style

Bobbin paddock stands are more accurate and hook into the bobbins that are screwed into your swingarm. You locate in the same place each time and can lift the bike with confidence.

Single-sided swinarms

Remember, motorbikes with a single-sided swingarm like most Ducatis, need a different type of paddock stand, which locates in the hub carrier of the swingarm.

The best paddock stand for you

With all this information, it can be difficult making a decision, especially when you have to make the correct choice for your bike.

Costs can vary greatly; cheap stands can cost around £25 while the more expensive, well-known brands can cost anywhere from £50 to £200. Cheaper stands tend to be the cup-type and they also tend to be made from more than one piece. This can mean that – over time – they can become loose at the joints, causing them to be slightly less predictable when you’re lifting the bike.

If you want a stand to last you a lifetime, you should go for a single-piece stand that locates with bobbins, then when you switch bike you can just switch the bobbins over. Or you could go for a stand that locates in the frame or swingarm pivot, like an abba stand.

The great news is, we’ve put together this showcase of rear and front-wheel paddock stands to suit any budget range with a mixture of designs and attachment choice, so you can quuckly find the best paddock stand for your needs.

Rear Paddock Stands

There are countless paddock stands on the market but we’ve put together a selection of top-notch rear paddock stands for a range of different budgets. You won’t go wrong with one of these.

cheap motorbike paddock stand 366x305 - The Best Paddock Stands
Best Value

Qtech Rear Wheel Paddock Stand

For use with bobbins

Suitable for hobby use or trackdays, this universal rear-wheel paddock stand fits most bikes and has a 200kg max lift capacity. Made from 32mm steel tubing with heavy-duty construction, it’s still lightweight enough for transportation. 4 wheels make the stand extra stable so you can work on your bike without tipping. At only £29.95, it won’t break the bank. 

oxford premium rear paddock stand motorbike 305x305 - The Best Paddock Stands
Our Best Buy

Universal fit. Stable and good value

38mm tubing and 4 chunky wheels make this paddock stand extra stable and durable for any use. It won a RiDE magazine Best Buy award too. With specially designed rests, padded handles, bobbin hooks and pads included, this stand is a must for track days or storage use; plus, it’ll only set you back a mere £49.95.

r and g paddock stand rear motorbike universal 305x305 - The Best Paddock Stands
Solid Choice

High-quality, FE360 tubular steel

Made using a modular design for easy takedown and storage, for £77.49, this is a perfect stand to take on track days. The high-quality caster wheels and FE360 tubular steel is sturdy when assembled and the powder-coated black finish gives a sleek look. It’s reassuringly heavy too. With specially designed hooks and adjustable arms, the R&G rear paddock stand is compatible with R&G cotton reels and spindle sliders.

harris universal motorbike paddock stand 305x305 - The Best Paddock Stands
Treat Yourself

The gentleman’s choice

Unlike the others, this is a single piece so it is rigid and doesn’t wobble. Sometimes the cheaper multi-piece stands start to wobble around the joints but Harris has designed this with reinforced wheel mounts to reduce any flexing. To be used with cotton reel or bobbin type swing arm mounts. £98.99. As stands go, this one’s a work of art.

LighTech Rear Paddock Stand Lightweight GP Aluminium 456x305 - The Best Paddock Stands
Treat Yourself

Lightweight Aluminium with lifter options

With optional colours and a choice between Nylon roller lifters or fork lifters, LighTech accommodates most riders’ preferences. Costing a shade under under £200, the frame is made from lightweight aluminium for easy transportation and manoeuvrability and a 4 wheel design for added stability; making it a must-have for racers, trackday riders or home mechanics. 

The Best Paddock Stands For Single-Sided Swingarms

best single sided paddock stand 1024x576 - The Best Paddock Stands

There are lots of good options out there for motorbikes with single-sided swingarms.

If you’ve got a Ducati you’ll probably lust after the official Ducati stands (part number 96797310B) or the ones from Pierobon but be prepared to kiss goodbye to £220 for the Ducati one and an even heftier £400+ for a Pierobon one. Ouch.

Lots of Triumph owners opt for the single-handed bike lift options like a 1Jac on Con Stand, which lifts the whole bike off the floor.

Our pick is the R&G Racing Single-Sided paddock stand.

Why? Firstly, they’re a universal stand and all you need to do is buy the correct-sized spindle for your bike. For example, a Triumph Speed Triple needs a 27.5mm adapter. While the spindle pin for a Ducati 1199 (and 1198 and later 1098) is 40mm and an 848 is 25mm. If you have a BMW you’ll need the RHS swingarm stand, not the LHS one and you’ll need a 52.9mm spindle.

Secondly, they’re a well-made one-piece construction meaning it won’t shake itself to pieces over the years. Thirdly the wheels are really sturdy meaning you can push your bike around your garage once it’s on the stand.

r and g single sided rear paddock stand lhs 305x305 - The Best Paddock Stands
Single Sided Swingarm Choice

Suitable for left-hand side swing arms

Another paddock stand by R&G, this one is suitable for bikes with a left-hand side swing arm with specially designed adapters which are sold separately. Setting you back £119, this stand is made from top-quality FE360 tubular steel and powder coated for a beautiful finish. Built as a single piece, it’s incredibly sturdy and won’t wobble when you’re working on your bike. 

Front paddock stands

Front motorcycle stands either locate with pins under your fork stanchions or they have a cup-type adapter which will either locate at the base of the fork leg or on your radial-brake caliper mount.

cheap motorcycle wheel stand front 305x305 - The Best Paddock Stands
Best Value

Cheap but sturdy

For just under £25, the Wiltec is made from sturdy steel and can take loads up to 450kg. Equipped with 4 rollers to make it easier to use, this stand is made in two pieces making it easier to store when not in use.

bike it motogp premium paddock stand front 305x305 - The Best Paddock Stands
Our Best Buy

Universal fit. Stable and good value

The official MotoGP front paddock stand is manufactured from uncut continuous steel tubing that requires no assembly on delivery. Not only does it save time because you don’t have to set it up, but the frame is also rigid to provide the ultimate stability. Including an under-fork kit, pick yours up for only £53.99.

lightech front motorcycle paddock stand 305x305 - The Best Paddock Stands
Treat Yourself

Lightweight Aluminium design

To work in conjunction with the rear wheel paddock stand, LighTech manufacture this front stand that is made from the same lightweight aluminium. For around £95, the reinforced wheel stand is sturdy and reliable. Note: will not work with Ohlins fork legs.

Paddock stand FAQs

Can you operate them on your own?
It’s totally possible but it requires good technique. You can make your life that bit easier by putting your bike on it’s side stand on a block of wood to get it more upright. But if there’s no wood to hand, you can do without it.

We’ll assume you’re using a cup-type paddock stand. First, put the bike in gear so it doesn’t roll anywhere. If you can, hold the bike’s pillion seat strap with one hand and gently lift the bike upright, while you’re doing this, locate the stand and make sure it is in position on both sides. Then put downward pressure on the stand to start to lift the bike. Once it’s under load and you’re happy with the positioning, push it all the way to the floor, then you can let go of the bike. Once you’ve successfully done this once or twice, you’ll be fine.

Do you need cups or bobbins on the front?
Front stands work in a number of ways. Either they have pins which locate under the fork legs or they have rotating cups which can locate either under the forks or, if you have radial brakes, you can fit them under the radial assembly on the fork leg itself.

Can you use a car jack to lift a motorcycle?
It is possible but not advisable. If you do go down this route, make sure you locate the jack under the engine and not onto the exhaust downpipes or any other part of the bike. If you can, use a block of wood to spread the load and keep the bike more stable.


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