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Yamaha Motorcycles Battery Finder

Q55 yamaha fzr - Yamaha Motorcycles Battery Finder

If your motorcycle battery is dead then you have come to the right place!

This motorcycle battery finder will help you select the right battery for your motorcycle. Whether you’re going for a cheap lead-acid battery, a better quality one, like a VRLA or AGM or whether you want to step into the future and buy a lightweight Lithium battery, this guide is for you.

We’ve listed every make and model we can find. For popular manufacturers you can click the link below to be taken to their dedicated page. If your bike isn’t in our ‘popular’ list, it’ll be in the table below.

We’ve used the popular brand Yuasa as our reference. If you don’t want a Yuasa battery, never fear, you can use our motorcycle battery cross reference chart at the bottom of the page to see the corresponding reference number for other popular makes including Exide and MotoBatt.

And if you want to switch to a lightweight Lithium battery (they also almost never go flat), then we’ve got a handy conversion table for you lower down the page too.

What are you waiting for? Ready, steady, CHARGE!

Table of Contents

Motorcycle Battery Chart

MakeModelCCYearHigh CrankingVRLAAGMConventional
Yamaha75V-7588-  6N4-2A-2
Yamaha125YP125, E09 YTX9-BSYB7L-B2
Yamaha125 Enduro12569-71   12N7-3B
Yamaha175 Enduro17569-71   6N2-2A-3
YamahaAero X R, Max50   YB4L-B 
YamahaAero X10010000 YTX4L-BS  
YamahaAF115115 YTZ5S   
YamahaAG100E, F10093-   6N4-2A-4
YamahaAG200E, F, G20093-   6N4B-2A-3
YamahaAG200FE200 YTZ7S   
YamahaAL115, C, F115   YB5L-B 
YamahaAL115, S, C11507-YTZ5S   
YamahaAS2C12569   12N5.5-3B
YamahaAT115, C115   YB7B-B 
YamahaAT135 Cast135 YTZ5S   
YamahaAT1E, AT1B, AT1C 125 Enduro12569-71  YB7L-B12N7-3B
YamahaAT2, AT3 125 Enduro12572-73  YB7L-B12N7-3B
YamahaAxis50  YTX4L-BS  
YamahaAxis Treet125  YTX7A-BS  
YamahaBA50, S, N, C5006-YTX4L-BSYT4L-BS  
YamahaBeluga50   YB4L-B 
YamahaBL125 Beluga12585  YB7C-A 
YamahaBolt, Bolt R-SPEC, Bolt C-SPEC95014-YTZ14S   
YamahaBreeze50   YB4L-B 
YamahaBT1100110002- YT14B-BS  
YamahaBurgman660  YTX14-BS  
YamahaBW20020086-88  YB7C-A 
YamahaBW350, Big Wheel35087-88  YB12B-B2 
YamahaBW350E35086-88  YB7C-A 
YamahaBWs50  YTX5L-BS  
YamahaBWs Bump, Spy5099  YB4L-B 
YamahaBWs Original5000  YB4L-B 
YamahaBWs10010099 YTX5L-BS  
YamahaBWs125125  YT7B-BS  
YamahaBX50S, N, S Gear50  YTX5L-BS  
YamahaCA50, E Riva5083-84   6YB8L-B
YamahaCE50 Riva Jog5086-87  YB4L-B 
YamahaCE50, D, P, ZR Jog50  YTX5L-BS  
YamahaCE50S Riva5086-87  YB4L-B 
YamahaCG50, Riva5088-91  YB4L-B 
YamahaCP250, V25005-YTZ10S   
YamahaCR50, Z5089-93  YB4L-B 
YamahaCR909091  YB4L-B 
YamahaCS3B, CS3C20070-71  YB9L-A2 
YamahaCS520072  YB9L-A2 
YamahaCS50, M, Z5009- YT4L-BS  
YamahaCS50, Z5005 YTX4L-BS  
YamahaCT1, CT1B, CT1C 175 Enduro17569-71   6N2-2A-3
YamahaCT2, CT3 175 Enduro17572-73   6N4A-4D
YamahaCUXI 100100  YTX5L-BS  
YamahaCUXI 115115  YTX5L-BS  
YamahaCUXI IS115 YTZ6V   
YamahaCV50 Riva5084   6YB8L-B
YamahaCV50, ZR5084 YTX4L-BS  
YamahaCV50A, R, ZR5004 YTX4L-BS  
YamahaCV80 Riva8083-87  6YB11-2D6N11-2D
YamahaCW50 Zuma5089-90  YB4L-B 
YamahaCW50 Zuma II5097-01  YB4L-B 
YamahaCW50, N, RS, RSP5009-  YB4L-B 
YamahaCW50, RS, RSX BWs5091-97  YB4L-B 
YamahaCW50L, LN, N, RS, RSP5004-09  YB4L-B 
YamahaCW50RSP NG5096-97  YB4L-B 
YamahaCW656594  YB4L-B 
YamahaCY50 Riva Jog5092-01 YTX4L-BS  
YamahaCY50, B, D, E, G, R, Z5089-95 YTX4L-BS  
YamahaCY50R5009- YT4L-BS  
YamahaCygnus X SR125  YT7B-BS  
YamahaDrag Star 250250 YTZ7S   
YamahaDragStar 400 DragStar Classic 400400 YTZ10S   
YamahaDragStar XVS,XVS400,Classic,Classic 400400  YT12B-BS  
YamahaDragStar XVS400 (EBL-VH02J/H602E)40010-YTZ10S   
YamahaDS6B, DS6C25069-70  YB5L-B12N5-3B
YamahaDS725072   12N5.5A-3B
YamahaDT1 250 Enduro25068   6N2-2A-3
YamahaDT100 Enduro10074-76   6N4B-2A-3
YamahaDT100 Enduro10077-83   6N4-2A-5
YamahaDT12512574   6N6-3B-1
YamahaDT125 Enduro12574-81  YB7L-B12N7-3B
YamahaDT125LC12584-87  YB3L-B 
YamahaDT125R E12588-96  YB3L-B 
YamahaDT17517507-   6N6-3B-1
YamahaDT175 Enduro17574-76   6N4B-2A-3
YamahaDT175 Enduro17578-81   6N6-3B-1
YamahaDT1B, DT1C, DT1E 250 Enduro25069-71   6N2-2A-3
YamahaDT2 250 Enduro25072   6N4-2A-5
YamahaDT200RE20093  YB3L-B 
YamahaDT250 Enduro25074-76   6N4B-2A-3
YamahaDT250 Enduro25077-79   6N6-3B-1
YamahaDT250MX25077-81   6N6-3B-1
YamahaDT3 250 Enduro25073   6N4-2A-5
YamahaDT360 Enduro36074   6N4B-2A-3
YamahaDT400 Enduro40075-76   6N4B-2A-3
YamahaDT400 Enduro40077-78   6N6-3B-1
YamahaDT50 Enduro5088-90   6N4B-2A-3
YamahaDT50, M5080-81   6N4A-4D
YamahaDT50MX5082-87   6N4B-2A-3
YamahaDT50R5089-97  YB3L-A 
YamahaDT80 Mini Enduro8081-83   6N4-2A-5
YamahaDT80LC, LC II8083-96  YB3L-B 
YamahaDT80MX, MXS8081-83   6N4-2A-5
YamahaDX-10010099-   6N4-2A-2
YamahaEW505005  YB4L-B 
YamahaEW50N5005-  YB4L-B 
YamahaFINO SPORTY12512YTZ4V   
YamahaFJ1100110084-92YTX14AHL-BS YB14L-A212N14-3A
YamahaFJ1200120086-90YTX14AHL-BS YB14L-A2 
YamahaFJ1200 (All)120091-93YTX14H-BSYTX14-BS  
YamahaFJ60060084-85  YB12A-A12N12A-4A-1
YamahaFJR1300, A, ES130003- YT14B-BS  
YamahaFS 1DX808080   6N4A-4D
YamahaFS1-DX5075-79   6N4A-4D
YamahaFS80SE8081   6N4A-4D
YamahaFXR50050093  YB12AL-A2 
YamahaFZ1 Fazer100010-YTZ14S   
YamahaFZ1 Fazer GT100011-YTZ14S   
YamahaFZ150150 YTZ5S   
YamahaFZ1-N, S, SA100006-YTZ14S   
YamahaFZ6, R60005-16 YT12B-BS  
YamahaFZ60060086-88  YB12A-A12N12A-4A-1
YamahaFZ700, Fazer70086-87YTX14AHL-BS YB14L-A2 
YamahaFZ750, Genesis, FZR75075085-94YTX14AHL-BS YB14L-A2 
YamahaFZR1000100087-90YTX14AHL-BS YB14L-A2 
YamahaFZR1000 Exup100089-91  YB14L-A2 
YamahaFZR1000 Exup100092-95 YTX14-BS  
YamahaFZR1000 Genesis100087-91  YB14L-A2 
YamahaFZR400 (All)40088-90  YB12AL-A2 
YamahaFZR400RR, RRSP40092- YTX9-BS  
YamahaFZR60060089-93  YB12AL-A2 
YamahaFZR600, E, RE, REC60093-  YB12AL-A2 
YamahaFZR600R60089-93  YB12AL-A2 
YamahaFZR600R60094-95 YTX12-BS  
YamahaFZR75075091- YTX9-BS  
YamahaFZR750RT Genesis75088  YB14L-A2 
YamahaFZS1000 FZ1100006-15YTZ14S   
YamahaFZS1000, S, T, FZ1100001-05 YT14B-BS  
YamahaFZS600, S, Fazer60098-03 YT12B-BS  
YamahaFZX700 Fazer70086-87  YB14L-A2 
YamahaFZX750 Fazer75087-94  YB14L-A2 
YamahaG6S, G6SB8070-71   6N4A-4D
YamahaG7S8072   6N4A-4D
YamahaGear BX50,N, Parking Stand5007- YTX5L-BS  
YamahaGT1 Mini Enduro8073   6N4-2A-5
YamahaGT80 Mini Enduro8074-80   6N4-2A-5
YamahaGTS1000, A100093-97 YTX14-BS  
YamahaHS1, HS1B9070-71   12N5.5-3B
YamahaHT1, HT1B 90 Enduro9070-71   6N2-2A-3
YamahaJog 50Z50  YT4B-BS  
YamahaJOG, ZR50-13YTZ7SYTX5L-BS  
YamahaJT135, T135FI13507YTZ5S   
YamahaJT2 Mini Enduro6072   6N2-2A-3
YamahaL5T, L5TA10069-70  YB7L-B12N7-3B
YamahaLB-2M Chappy5079   6N4-2A-4
YamahaLB50P Chappy5078-82   6N4-2A-5
YamahaLB80 Chappy8076-78   6N4-2A-5
YamahaLB80-2A8095   6N4-2A-5
YamahaLC50 Champ5080-81   6N4-2A-5
YamahaLC50P Champ5080-81   6N4-2A-5
YamahaLEXAM 12512506YTZ5S   
YamahaLS210072   12N5.5A-3B
YamahaLT2, LT3 100 Enduro10072-73   6N4A-4D
YamahaMajesty250 YTZ10S   
YamahaMaxam250 YTZ10S   
YamahaMaxster 12512500-  YB7L-B 
YamahaMIO GT12512YTZ4V   
YamahaMIO J12512YTZ4V   
YamahaMIO SOUL1258YTZ5S   
YamahaMIO SOUL GT 12512513YTZ5S   
YamahaMJ50 Towny5082   6N4-2A-5
YamahaMT-01 (EU)170005-12 YT14B-BS  
YamahaMT0366006-12 YT9B-BS  
YamahaMW125 Tricity12514-YTZ7V   
YamahaNEOÕS5098  YB4L-B 
YamahaNeoÕs 10010000 YTX4L-BS  
YamahaNEW FINO 12512515YTZ4V   
YamahaNEW MIO SOUL1258YTZ4V   
YamahaNG50   YB4L-B 
YamahaNVX125125 YTZ7V   
YamahaNVX155155 YTZ7V   
YamahaNXC12512504- YTX7A-BS  
YamahaOriginal50   YB4L-B 
YamahaQT50 Yamahopper5079-87   6N4-2A-5
YamahaR335069  YB5L-B12N5-3B
YamahaR5, R5B, R5C35070-72   12N5.5A-3B
YamahaRaider, Raider S185408-16 YT14B-BS  
YamahaRD12512575-76   12N5.5A-3B
YamahaRD125LC12582  YB5L-B 
YamahaRD20020074-76  YB9L-A2 
YamahaRD200, DX20075-79   12N9-4B-1
YamahaRD250, S25073-79   12N5.5A-3B
YamahaRD250LC25080-82   12N5.5-3B
YamahaRD35035073-75   12N5.5A-3B
YamahaRD350LC, LCF35085  YB5L-B 
YamahaRD350LC, LCF35080-84   12N5.5-3B
YamahaRD350LC-FH, FN, H, N35086-90  YB5L-B 
YamahaRD400, S40076-79   12N5.5A-3B
YamahaRD50, DX, M5078-81   6N4A-4D
YamahaRD500LC50084-85   12N5.5-3B
YamahaRD50M5082   6N4B-2A-3
YamahaRD606073-75   6N4A-4D
YamahaRD80LC8082   6N4A-4D
YamahaRD80LC II8083-86  YB3L-B 
YamahaRD80MX8081-82   6N4B-2A-3
YamahaRoadliner, Stratoliner185406-14 YT14B-BS  
YamahaRS10010075-76   6N4A-4D
YamahaRS100, DX10079-81   6N4-2A-4
YamahaRS100T10095   6N4A-4D
YamahaRS125125   YB10L-B12N10-3B
YamahaRT1, RT1B, 360 Enduro36070-71   6N2-2A-3
YamahaRT11511593   6N4-2A-4
YamahaRT180G18095   6N6-3B-1
YamahaRT2, RT3, 360 Enduro36072-73   6N4-2A-5
YamahaRTX11511593   6N4-2A-4
YamahaRX12512595   6N4B-2A
YamahaRX15015095  YB3L-B 
YamahaRX50, Special5083-84   6N4-2A-5
YamahaRX80SE8082   6N4-2A-4
YamahaRX-KING13500   6N6-3B-1
YamahaRX-S10099   6N4-2A-2
YamahaRX-Z13502   6N6-3B-1
YamahaRXZ100S10095   6N4A-4D
YamahaRZ35035084-85   12N5.5-3B
YamahaRZ5050  YT4B-BS  
YamahaSCORPIO Z2233  YB7B-B 
YamahaSDR200200   YB3L-B 
YamahaSG50 Sting5084  YB2.5L-C 
YamahaSH50 Riva Razz5087-01  YB4L-B 
YamahaSH50, E, D, M Riva5087-94  YB4L-B 
YamahaSILVERADO 1700170004-07 YTX20L-BS  
YamahaSlider5000  YB4L-B 
YamahaSpy50   YB4L-B 
YamahaSR125, T12593-95   12N7-3B
YamahaSR15015093-95  YB7-A 
YamahaSR185, Exciter18581-82  YB7L-B 
YamahaSR250, E, ES, Exciter25080-82  YB12A-A12N12A-4A-1
YamahaSR400 (FI)40010- YT4B-BS  
YamahaSR50050078-81  YB7L-B12N7-3B
YamahaSR50050098- YT4B-BS  
YamahaSR500, SP50078-   12N7-3B
YamahaSRV250, G25093- YTX7A-BS  
YamahaSRX25025087  YB12A-A12N12A-4A-1
YamahaSRX600, H, N60086-90  YB5L-B12N5-3B
YamahaSTRYKER 1300130009-15 YTX20L-BS  
YamahaSTS/SS50   YB4L-B 
YamahaSV12512590   12N14-3A
YamahaSV808088-90   12N7-3B
YamahaSZR66066096-98 YTX9-BS  
YamahaT105E, SE105    12N5-3B
YamahaT110S, SE, SEC, LSE110   YB5L-B12N5-3B
YamahaT115LE, LSE11509-  YB5L-B 
YamahaT135SE, SEC, HC135   YB5L-B12N5-3B
YamahaT90D, N90  YTX4L-BS  
YamahaTDM85085096-01 YT12B-BS  
YamahaTDM850, N85091-00 YTX12-BS  
YamahaTDM900, A90004-12 YT12B-BS  
YamahaTDR125, R12593- YTX5L-BS  
YamahaTDR25025088-90  YB5L-B 
YamahaTeoÕs125   YB7L-B 
YamahaTMAX50001- YT9B-BS  
YamahaTMAX 53053011-YTZ12S   
YamahaTricity 15515516-YTZ7V   
YamahaTricker250 YTZ7S   
YamahaTRX85085096-99 YTX12-BS  
YamahaTT250, RV25099- YT7B-BS  
YamahaTT350E, F35093-94   6N2-2A
YamahaTT600E60094 YTX9-BS  
YamahaTT600RE60004 YT9B-BS  
YamahaTT600T60086-88   6N4-2A-7
YamahaTT600W60086-92   6N4-2A-7
YamahaTTR110EX, EY, EX110  YT4B-BS  
YamahaTTR125E, LWE12509- YT4L-BS  
YamahaTTR125E, -S, LE, LES, LWE12503-16 YTX4L-BS  
YamahaTTR22522599-05  YB7B-B 
YamahaTTR230, T, V23005- YTX5L-BS  
YamahaTTR250, V25099-06 YT7B-BS  
YamahaTTR50E, EY, EV5006-16 YT4B-BS  
YamahaTTR90E, EV (Electric Starter)9003-07 YT4B-BS  
YamahaTW12512599-01  YB7C-A 
YamahaTW20020087-16  YB7C-A 
YamahaTW200EV, V20087-  YB7C-A 
YamahaTW200W1, C, E20007-  YB7C-A 
YamahaTW225E225   YB7C-A 
YamahaTX50050073-74YTX14AHL-BS YB14L-A212N14-3A
YamahaTX65065073  YB12A-A12N12A-4A-1
YamahaTX65065074YTX14AHL-BS YB14L-A212N14-3A
YamahaTY50M5080   6N4A-4D
YamahaTZR125, R125   YB5L-B 
YamahaTZR25025089-90  YB5L-B 
YamahaTZR505009- YT4L-BS  
YamahaTZR80, D8091-YTX4L-BSYT4L-BS  
YamahaV10010093-94  YB3L-B 
YamahaV100E10093-94  YB5L-B 
YamahaV110, E11093-95  YB5L-B 
YamahaV50D, N5093 YT4B-BS  
YamahaV-80 E/DX8090   6N11-2D
YamahaVino Deluxe50  YTX5L-BS  
YamahaVino Molfe50  YTX5L-BS  
YamahaVMX1200 V MAX120085-07  YB16AL-A2 
YamahaVox Deluxe50  YTX5L-BS  
YamahaVP125, R12509- YTX9-BS  
YamahaVP25025007- YTX9-BS  
YamahaVP30030004- YTX9-BS  
YamahaWhy5099  YB4L-B 
YamahaWR125R, X12509-   12N5.5-4A
YamahaWR250F, -S25003-09YTZ7SYTX5L-BS  
YamahaWR250R, RY, RYC, X, XY, XYC25008-YTZ7S   
YamahaX165070-71   12N5.5-3B
YamahaX265072   12N12A-4A-1
YamahaXABRE 15015016YTZ4V   
YamahaXC10010007 YT7B-BS  
YamahaXC125 Beluga12586-92  YB7C-A 
YamahaXC125 Cygus-X12504- YTX7A-BS  
YamahaXC125 Riva12587-01  YB7C-A 
YamahaXC125 TR Cygnus R12500  YB7C-A 
YamahaXC125, CR12507-09 YT7B-BS  
YamahaXC125E125  YTX7A-BS  
YamahaXC125R, T, TR Cygnus12593- YTX7A-BS  
YamahaXC125SR Cygnus X125  YT7B-BS(WC)  
YamahaXC125TRB12507 YTX7A-BS  
YamahaXC150 Fly One R15098 YTX7A-BS  
YamahaXC155 Majesty S155  YT7B-BS(WC)  
YamahaXC180 Cygnus18093  YB10L-A2 
YamahaXC180, D, Z Riva18083-85  YB10L-B 
YamahaXC200, Z Riva20087-91  YB10L-B2 
YamahaXC50 Vino Classic5006-12YTZ7SYTX5L-BS  
YamahaXC50, D, H Vino5004 YTX5L-BS  
YamahaXEON RC12512YTZ5S   
YamahaXF50, D Vox5007-09 YTX5L-BS  
YamahaXF50W (C3)5007-12YTZ7SYTX5L-BS  
YamahaXJ1100 Maxim110082YTX24HL-BS SY50-N18L-AT 
YamahaXJ550 Maxim, R Seca55081-83  YB12A-A12N12A-4A-1
YamahaXJ6, Deversion (EU)600-12 YT12B-BS  
YamahaXJ600, H, N60084-91  YB12A-A 
YamahaXJ600N60094-99 YTX9-BS  
YamahaXJ600S60009- YT12B-BS  
YamahaXJ600S Diversion60092-02 YTX9-BS  
YamahaXJ600S Seca II60092-98 YTX9-BS  
YamahaXJ650 (All models)65080-83  YB12A-A12N12A-4A-1
YamahaXJ6N, NA, S, SA, SY60009- YT12B-BS  
YamahaXJ700 Maxim, XJ700X70085-86YTX14AHL-BS YB14L-A2 
YamahaXJ700X/S/XS70086  YB14L-A2 
YamahaXJ750 Maxim75082-83  SYB14L-A2 
YamahaXJ750 Maxim/K75082-83  YB14L-A2 
YamahaXJ750 Seca75082-83  YB14L-A2 
YamahaXJ750M Midnight Maxim75083YTX14AHL-BS YB14L-A2 
YamahaXJ750M Midnight Virago75083  YB14L-A2 
YamahaXJ750R Seca75081-83  SYB14L-A2 
YamahaXJ900, F90083-91  YB14L-A2 
YamahaXJ900P900  YTX14-BS  
YamahaXJ900R Seca90083-92YTX14AHL-BS YB14L-A2 
YamahaXJ900S Diversion90095-02 YTX14-BS  
YamahaXJR1200, SP120095-98 YTX14-BS  
YamahaXJR13001300 YTZ14S   
YamahaXJR1300 (EU)130007-15YTZ14S   
YamahaXJR1300, SP130099- YT14B-BS  
YamahaXJR400R40004- YTX9-BS  
YamahaXMAX250  YTX9-BS  
YamahaXP500 T-Max50009-12YTZ10S   
YamahaXP500, A, W (T-Max)50001- YT9B-BS  
YamahaXP500, A, Y50008-09YTZ10S   
YamahaXS165070-71   12N5.5-3B
YamahaXS1100 (All)110078-92YTX24HL-BS Y50-N18L-A-CXY50-N18L-A
YamahaXS265072  YB12A-A12N12A-4A-1
YamahaXS25025077-80  YB12A-A 
YamahaXS36036076-78  YB12A-A12N12A-4A-1
YamahaXS360-236077  YB7L-B12N7-3B
YamahaXS400 (All)40077-83  YB12A-A12N12A-4A-1
YamahaXS500, E50075-78YTX14AHL-BS YB14L-A212N14-3A
YamahaXS650, -2, SE65075-83YTX14AHL-BS YB14L-A212N14-3A
YamahaXS650S Heritage Special65078-83   12N14-3A
YamahaXS750 (All)75077-80YTX14AHL-BS YB14L-A212N14-3A
YamahaXS850 (All)85080-81YTX14AHL-BS YB14L-A2 
YamahaXSR900900 YTZ10S   
YamahaXT1200Z Super Tenere120012-16YTZ12S   
YamahaXT12512582-83   6N4A-4D
YamahaXT20020082-83   6N4A-4D
YamahaXT225 Serow22592-00 YTX7L-BS  
YamahaXT225, E, EC, F, FG, G, GC22593- YTX7L-BS  
YamahaXT225, V22501-03YTZ7S   
YamahaXT25025084  YB3L-B 
YamahaXT25025080-83   6N6-3B-1
YamahaXT250, X25008-12YTZ7S   
YamahaXT250V25006 YTX7L-BS  
YamahaXT350, H, N35085-00  YB3L-B 
YamahaXT50050083-85   6N6-3B-1
YamahaXT50050086-89  YB3L-B 
YamahaXT500E50093- YTX9-BS  
YamahaXT55055082-83  YB5L-B12N5-3B
YamahaXT60060084-89  YB5L-B 
YamahaXT600E, EH, EN60090-95 YTX9-BS  
YamahaXT600E, EH, EN, H, N, Z60084-87  YB5L-B 
YamahaXT600Z60083-84  YB12AL-A2 
YamahaXT660X,R,Z, Tenere (EU)66004-12YTZ10S   
YamahaXTZ125E, K, XE, XK125   YB5L-B 
YamahaXTZ25025007- YTX7L-BS  
YamahaXTZ660 Tenere66091-97 YTX9-BS  
YamahaXTZ750, H, N Sup. Tenere75089-97  YB14L-A2 
YamahaXV1000 Virago100084-85  Y50-N18L-A-CXY50-N18L-A
YamahaXV1000SE Midnight Sp.100083  Y50-N18L-A 
YamahaXV1000SE Virago100086-87  Y50-N18L-A 
YamahaXV1000TR.11000-92  Y50-N18L-A 
YamahaXV1100110089-98  SY50-N18L-AT 
YamahaXV1100 Virago110086-99YTX24HL-BS Y50-N18L-A-CXY50-N18L-A
YamahaXV1100G, GC110095  Y50-N18L-A 
YamahaXV12512597-  YB10L-A2 
YamahaXV125, S Virago12599  YB5L-B 
YamahaXV1600 Road Star160099-03YTX20HL-BSYTX20L-BS  
YamahaXV1600A Wild Star160000- YTX20L-BS  
YamahaXV1700A Road Star, Silverado170004-07YTX20HL-BSYTX20L-BS  
YamahaXV1700ATMV, AV, AVC1700  YTX20L-BS  
YamahaXV1700P Road Star Warrior170002-09 YT14B-BS  
YamahaXV1700PC, CMV170002- YT14B-BS  
YamahaXV17AWY, AWYC, ATY, ATYC,ATY, ASY, ASYC1700     
YamahaXV1900, A, CT190007- YT14B-BS  
YamahaXV19CSY, CSYC, CY, CYC185409- YT14B-BS  
YamahaXV19SV, SVC, CTSV190006 YT14B-BS  
YamahaXV25025007  YB10L-A2 
YamahaXV250 Route 6625088-90  YB10L-A212N10-3A-2
YamahaXV250, H Virago25095-03  YB10L-A212N10-3A-2
YamahaXV250, N, L, S Virago25089-98  YB10L-A2 
YamahaXV250YCR V Star 25025009-16  YB10L-A212N10-3A-2
YamahaXV40040095  YB12AL-A2 
YamahaXV500 Virago50083  YB12A-A12N12A-4A-1
YamahaXV535 DX Virago53587-99  YB12AL-A2 
YamahaXV535, H, N, S, SE Virago53587-99  YB12AL-A2 
YamahaXV700 Virago70084-87  YB16AL-A2 
YamahaXV700C70086-87  YB16AL-A2 
YamahaXV700SS70086  YB16AL-A2 
YamahaXV750 Virago (All)75081-97  YB16AL-A2 
YamahaXV920 Virago92082YTX24HL-BS SY50-N18L-AT 
YamahaXV920M Midnight Virago92083YTX24HL-BS Y50-N18L-A-CXY50-N18L-A
YamahaXV920R Virago92081-83YTX24HL-BS Y50-N18L-A-CXY50-N18L-A
YamahaXVF600RT, C65005 YTX12-BS  
YamahaXVS1100110099- YT14B-BS  
YamahaXVS1100 Drag Star110099-00 YT14B-BS  
YamahaXVS1100 V-Star (All)110099-07 YT14B-BS  
YamahaXVS1100A, W, WC110001- YT14B-BS  
YamahaXVS12512500  YB7L-B 
YamahaXVS1300A, AY130007- YTX20L-BS  
YamahaXVS13AY V Star 1300, Stryker130009-16YTX20HL-BS*YTX20L-BS  
YamahaXVS250, S25004-YTZ7S   
YamahaXVS400, C40004 YT12B-BS  
YamahaXVS650 V-Star (All)65098-16 YT12B-BS*  
YamahaXVS650, W, WC65097- YT12B-BS  
YamahaXVS650A Drag Star Cla.65099- YT12B-BS  
YamahaXVS650AY, V, VC650  YT12B-BS  
YamahaXVS95CT,Y V Star 950, Tourer95009-16YTZ14S   
YamahaXVZ12 Venture/Royale120083-85YTX24HL-BS SY50-N18L-AT 
YamahaXVZ13 Royal Star/Venture (All)130096-13YTX20HL-BSYTX20L-BS  
YamahaXVZ13 Venture/Royale130086-93YTX24HL-BS SY50-N18L-AT 
YamahaXVZ1300 AT Tour Classic130099- YTX20L-BS  
YamahaXVZ1300 TD130089-91  SY50-N18L-AT 
YamahaXVZ1300A Royal Star130096- YTX20L-BS  
YamahaXVZ1300TF Royal Star130000- YTX20L-BS  
YamahaXVZ13CT, CTS130009-YTX20HL-BSYTX20L-BS  
YamahaXZ550R Virago55082-83  YB14L-A2 
YamahaXZ550R Vision55082-83YTX14AHL-BS YB14L-A2 
YamahaYA50R Axis5096-YTX4L-BSYT4L-BS  
YamahaYA612564-66  YB10L-B 
YamahaYAS1/C12568   12N5.5A-3B
YamahaYB-150  YT4B-BS  
YamahaYB10010007  YB2.5L-C 
YamahaYB125E, C, CE125   YB5L-B 
YamahaYB505098   6N4-2A-2
YamahaYB5050  YT4B-BS  
YamahaYBR110A110   YB5L-B 
YamahaYBR125DX12509-  YB5L-B 
YamahaYBR125ED12507-09 YTX7L-BS  
YamahaYBR125EG, EGD12505  YB5L-B 
YamahaYBR25025007- YTX7L-BS  
YamahaYCS120068  YB9L-A2 
YamahaYE50 Zest5093-97  YB4L-B 
YamahaYE80 Zesyt8094-96  YB4L-B 
YamahaYFA-1 Breeze10089-95  YB12C-A 
YamahaYG18062-66   6N4A-4D
YamahaYG5T, YG5S8068-69  YB7L-B12N7-3B
YamahaYH505009-  YB4L-B 
YamahaYJ125T Vino 12512504-07 YTX7A-BS  
YamahaYL2C/CM10068  YB7L-B12N7-3B
YamahaYL5050  YTX4L-BS  
YamahaYM50 Breeze5095-96  YB4L-B 
YamahaYN10010009- YT4L-BS  
YamahaYN50, M5009-  YB4L-B 
YamahaYN50F5009-  YB5L-B 
YamahaYP125R Majesty12599- YTX9-BSYB7L-B2 
YamahaYP15015001  YB7L-B 
YamahaYP150, E15009-  YB7L-B2 
YamahaYP180E18009-  YB7L-B2 
YamahaYP250 DX/ABS Majesty25096-03 YT7B-BS  
YamahaYP250 Majesty25000 YT7B-BS  
YamahaYP250, L, C, G25004- YT9B-BS  
YamahaYP250, YP250R, YP250RA25007- YTX9-BS  
YamahaYP250R250  YTX9-BS  
YamahaYP250R25007- YTX9-BS  
YamahaYP250RA250  YTX9-BS  
YamahaYP400, A, G, Majesty40004-12 YT9B-BS  
YamahaYQ50, L5005-  YB4L-B 
YamahaYR2/C35068   12N5.5-3B
YamahaYS25025006- YTX7L-BS  
YamahaYSR505087-92   6N4-2A-5
YamahaYSR80, B, D8092   6N4-2A-5
YamahaYT100 (Taiwan)10099 YTX5L-BS  
YamahaYTZF-R1, W, WC100004-12YTZ10S   
YamahaYTZF-R15150 YTZ5S   
YamahaYV50H5006 YT4B-BS  
YamahaYVX11AWY, AWYC, AY110009- YT14B-BS  
YamahaYW100EL10009- YT4L-BS  
YamahaYW12512509- YT7B-BS  
YamahaYW50A Zuma5002-12YTZ7SYTX5L-BS  
YamahaYX600 Radian60086-90  YB12A-A12N12A-4A-1
YamahaYZ50, D, ZS50  YT4B-BS  
YamahaYZF R1515014YTZ4V   
YamahaYZF1000R, Thunderace100096-01YTX14H-BSYTX14-BS  
YamahaYZF600FGC, RG, RW60095- YTX12-BS  
YamahaYZF600R, Thunder Cat60095-07 YTX12-BS  
YamahaYZF750R, SP75093-97 YTX12-BS  
YamahaYZF-R1100098-03 YT12B-BS  
YamahaYZF-R1 LEV100006YTZ10S   
YamahaYZF-R1, M, S100016YTZ7S   
YamahaYZF-R1, Y, YC100004-09YTZ10S   
YamahaYZFR12512509-13   12N5.5-3B
YamahaYZF-R6 (Excl. R6S)60006-16YTZ10S   
YamahaYZF-R6, R6S60001-07 YT9B-BS  
YamahaYZF-R6, S, SC, SV, Y60001-05 YT9B-BS  
YamahaYZF-R7, OW0275099 YT9B-BS  
YamahaZuma 12512509-12 YT7B-BS  
YamahaZX 550 R55083  YB14L-A2 

Battery Cross Reference Chart

motorcycle battery comparison - Yamaha Motorcycles Battery Finder

Now you know your battery model number, this handy battery cross reference chart will help you find the correct part number for three popular battery manufacturers: Yuasa, Exide and MotoBatt.

Click on a battery model, to be taken to a retailer where you can find the cheapest and buy online.

Click to buy YuasaClick to buy ExideClick to buy MotoBatt
51913GEL 12-19MB51815
Click to buy YuasaClick to buy ExideClick to buy MotoBatt

Lithium Battery Upgrade Chart

lithium motorcycle battery comparison 500x263 - Yamaha Motorcycles Battery Finder

A lithium motorcycle battery is a worthwhile investment.

Why? For me, the weight saving is a nice bonus but the main selling point is that, unlike a traditional lead-acid battery, they hold their charge for months and months. So even though they are slightly more expensive than a quality lead-acid battery, they will last far longer, probably 3 times longer, if not 5.

Bikes tend to be used less frequently than cars and so it’s normal to go a few months without turning over your engine. The result? Your motorcycle battery is dead. If this sounds like you, then go for a Lithium battery – you won’t regret it.

Both Shido and Aliant are quality brands. Shido are lightweight but cunningly they use the same physical-sized housing as a standard battery so you don’t have to mess around with foam padding.

If you want the ultimate in compact size and weight saving, then go for an Aliant. You’re looking at a weight saving of around 2kg from a typical 3kg lead-acid battery. MotoGP teams spend tens of thousands of pounds trying to find a 1kg weight saving and you can get a 2kg saving for around £80!

Click to buy YuasaClick to buy ShidoClick to buy Aliant
Click to buy YuasaClick to buy ShidoClick to buy Aliant

Frequently Asked Questions

My motorcycle battery is dead and won't charge
A motorcycle battery is a ‘live’ product, that is to say, once it has been commissioned, it is giving off energy, discharging. A by-product of this process is sulphation, so if you don’t keep your battery charged (either by riding the bike or using a battery charger), it will eventually get to a stage where the sulphation causes a short-circuit and you won’t be able to start your bike - or recover your battery. You could try a battery charger with a reconditioning mode, like this one or just buy a new battery.

What battery do I need for a 125cc motorbike?
Every motorbike is different. See the battery finder on this page.

What's the longest lasting motorcycle battery?
If you want a long-lasting motorcycle battery or one that will survive winter, go for a Lithium battery. They take 3 to 5 times as long to lose their charge compared to a lead-acid battery.

What's the best battery for my Harley?
Your best bet is to go for a battery with a higher cranking amperage. If you have a large V-twin engine, definitely don't buy a cheap battery as it won't be able to handle many start cycles. It's a false economy. Either go for a high-cranking lead-acid battery, usually fitted to touring bikes or a Lithium battery which has around 50% more cranking power than standard lead-acid batteries.

My battery clicks but my motorbike won't start
The noise you can hear isn’t the battery clicking but the starter solenoid. This solenoid is the first thing to receive power from the battery and it’s a relay that then opens the solenoid but there isn’t the power to turn the starter motor. The only good news in this situation is that the battery is probably still in a state where you can rescue it but you need to get it straight to A&E - dig out your charger, quick!

Do I need to top up my battery acid?
The only battery you’ll need to top up is a non-sealed (flooded) motorcycle battery. The acid itself doesn’t evaporate but the water-element of the acid mixture does, leaving a more concentrated solution. Top it up using distilled water (boil a kettle, let the water cool then use that).

How long will a motorcycle battery last?
Correctly maintained, a motorcycle battery should give you 48 months of use. However if you don’t ever charge it and rarely use the bike, it could be dead within 6 months. If you rarely use the bike and don’t have access to power where the bike is parked - it’s worth removing the battery and giving it a full charge every couple of months. Or even better - get out and ride!

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