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3 Great D-Locks for every budget

best dlocks motorcycle 1024x650 - 3 Great D-Locks for every budget

Motorcycle thefts remain a growing problem both in the UK.

To help protect your bike out and about or at home, investing in a D-lock is an excellent idea. Sometimes known as a shackle or U-lock, they aren’t as popular with bikers are they are with cyclists, but that doesn’t mean they’re to be sniffed at. If you own a scooter, a D-lock is better designed to fit through the smaller holes in the wheel rather than struggling with a small scooter-specific disc lock.

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If you’re looking into a D-lock for your bike’s security, look for a lock that’s thicker than 10mm. Anything less and you’re making it easier for a thief to cut through it with bolt cutters. Additional features like built-in alarms add an extra deterrent and are worth checking out.

We’ve rounded up some of the best D-locks out there in each budget range to enable you to pick a good lock.

kryptonite cheap u lock - 3 Great D-Locks for every budget
Best Value

A great visual deterrent

For a small price of £13.78, the KryptoLok Series 2 is made of 12mm thick hardened steel which should resist any cutting from hand-tools. The deadbolt locking mechanism with a reinforced collar over the keyway increases the protection. The lock measures 4” x 8” and will fit most wheels comfortably. 2 keys are provided for your own piece of mind.

oxford alarm d lock scoot - 3 Great D-Locks for every budget
Our Best Buy

Crims won’t like the alarm

Made from 16mm hardened steel and a pick-resistant barrel, Oxford has included a built-in weatherproof 120dB alarm for added security. Powered by a long-life lithium battery that is easy to change, the alarm can’t be missed in the event it goes off. 3 keys are included and a key replacement service should you need it. The “Scoot” is 200 x 196 x 16mm and at £35.76, the cheapest of Oxford’s range. If you want to get the lock through the front wheel and disc of a motorcycle, longer versions are available, and will cost you no more than £50.

kovix steel d lock 1024x1024 - 3 Great D-Locks for every budget
Treat Yourself

Ultra-strong 18mm bar

Available in 5 sizes and prices ranging from £79.99 to £114.99, the Kovix U-Lock doesn’t have an additional alarm but it’s chunky 18mm thickness will deter and prevent thefts just as well. An anti-twist design with raised base edges will stop any other ways of removing the lock. Steel casting technology with a lock barrel without welds provides a stronger, more robust design.

Three Layers of Security


outdoor motorcycle cover - 3 Great D-Locks for every budget

A D-Lock on its own isn’t ideal. To keep your motorcycle or scooter safe from attack, you’re best off using a chain to secure the bike to something solid, then a U-Lock of Disc lock and finally a cover to protect it from passing eyes.

D-Lock FAQs

Is a D-Lock better than a Disc Lock?
This depends on the quality of both security devices. If you have a scooter you are limited to the disc lock you can use as most scooter brake discs have small holes that the pin of a larger motorcycle disc lock won’t fit through. In this case, it’s a far better bet to use a quality D-Lock through the spokes and if possible through the forks too.

Can I just use a padlock?
Yes, any lock is better than no lock and the right padlock will be just as good as a D-Lock. The benefit of a padlock is that it can also be used with a chain (when you’re at home) or on its own (when you’re out and about). You just have to ensure the padlock will fit around your disc. in such a way that it prevents the bike being pushed with the lock in place.

These are some good padlock options: Yale 210C51, Abus 8353C Extreme and the Squire Stronghold 50mm.

Is my steering lock enough?
Nope! A steering lock can be broken in seconds and your scooter pushed away. You need at least one additional item of security, from a chain to a disc lock or cable lock and ideally cover the scooter at night to make it less visible.


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