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The Best Garage Door Defenders

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Garage door security is an important consideration, especially for bikers. To prevent theft, locking your bike with a solid chain into a ground anchor is a great option. But stopping the little toe-rags from getting into the garage in the first place is a better option.

In this review we cover some great garage door security products and top tips for anyone looking for the best motorcycle security.

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The basics that you need to consider

The image above shows you just how easy it is for thieves to break into a typical garage. They usually wedge a crow-bar into one corner, peel it up then rock the door off its runners.

A garage door defenders will make this far harder for them to try and do. They are fixed to the outside of your garage door to prevent your garage door being forced open. Installation requires bolting down a base plate and fitting the defender on top with a padlock. 

Some cheaper garage defenders aren’t supplied with a padlock and may not sit flush to the garage door. It’s worth checking what’s in the box and the size of the product before committing to one. High-quality garage door defenders often come with all the kit you need for installation and special locks which render bolt cutters useless and mean that any thief would have to spend a good amount of time trying to use an angle-grinder to gain access. 

We’ve created a shortlist of some of the best garage door defenders to suit any budget. They take less than half an hour to install and they’re far cheaper than replacing a bent garage door, not to mention your motorbike. 

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Best Value

Silverline Heavy Duty Garage Door Defender

Great deterrent but you’ll need a padlock

For just under £20, this garage door defender by Silverline Tools is compatible with the majority of up-and-over garage doors. Included is a base plate to secure the defender to the outside of the door and the door defender.  Be aware that you will need to purchase bolts and a padlock too.

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Our Best Buy

British-made solid security

With a shackleless hockey-puc padlock, it’ll take a lot of effort to get past this defender. Supplied with two bolts and keys for installation and use, this lock is Sold Secure Bronze (a testing scheme developed by Northumberland and Essex Police to define the quality of security products). At just under £60, this defender will fit most up-and-over garage doors and give you peace of mind.

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Treat Yourself

Solid security doesn’t come cheap

Let’s face it, can you really put a price on security? This Garage door defender by Master Lock is similar to the PJB above but also features a shackle-less padlock with additional cover which makes life harder work for thieves. The entire lock and it’s housing is made from heavy-duty hardened steel and provides resistance from cutting, levering and hammering. Easy to install with the supplied fixing kit.

Additional garage security

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It’ll take a determined and well-equipped thief to break into your garage if you have a garage defender. It turns an easy to bypass up-and-over garage door into a bit of a fortress.

This motorcycle home security guide runs you through a good setup, designed to keep thieves from even trying to break in, then if they do it’ll make their life as difficult as possible.

However, there are two other cheap pieces of security that will help prevent your bike from being stolen. The first is a ground anchor. They’re easy to install and a great way to beef up the security in your shed. Add in a high-quality motorcycle security chain and you’re set.

The second is a PIR alarm. Essentially a battery-powered motion detector with a high-pitched loud alarm. If your garage or shed does get broken into, it’ll present a hostile environment for any thief to operate in.

If you want to turn your garage into the ultimate man cave (or indeed woman cave) click the link for our inspirational guide.

Garage defender FAQs

Can I use one of these on my shed?
You would need to factor in the swing of the shed door but all of our recommended products sit flush to the floor meaning you could beef up your shed’s security by mounting the bar in such a way that the shed door can’t be pried open.

Do these work with double-garage up and over doors?
To be on the safe side it’s recommended to use two garage door defenders, each one fitted at the door’s outer edges.


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  • daz says:

    This morning my Garage Defender was gone and the door ragged open. I reckon they used a car jack and chain to rip it up from the concrete. Fortunately the PIR alarm scared them off.

  • Dickie says:

    The weakness is that the defenders can be easily levered out of the concrete.

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