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The Best Motorcycle Sheds

best motorcycle shed uk - The Best Motorcycle Sheds

Your motorbike is more than a mere bus replacement service. It’s your pride and joy and it deserves to be protected from the elements and scummy thieving scrotes. If you don’t keep it secure, you might find yourself on the next bus.

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What is a motorbike shed?

If you don’t have a garage – or if you’d simply like to keep your bike in a separate enclosure – a motorbike shed can be your best bet. 

This type of shelter provides weather protection and an increased level of security that insurance companies love. Depending on your circumstances, you can pick from a range of portable or semi-permanent structures made from a variety of materials, from canvas to metal panels. 

Canvas sheds are easy-to-use, tent-like enclosures you can assemble and dismantle relatively easily. They’re great for keeping your bike protected from elements and out of sight.

For year-round protection, though, we think the best motorbike sheds are the semi-permanent wood or metal structures. They are solid, come with lockable doors, and can keep your bike safer, thanks to their well thought out construction.

The image we used for this article is the result of a clever individual making their own motorbike storage. It’s a really neat option if you want to keep your bike secure and away from the elements – but not all of us have the tools, space and not to mention skill to build a bespoke shed like this.

If you’re after a motorcycle-specific shed, we’ve put together a list of great options below.

mercia wooden shed fit motorbike 500x293 - The Best Motorcycle Sheds

Mercia Double -Door Wooden Shed

RRP: £630

Measuring 12ft x 8ft, the Mercia wooden shed is one of the largest semi-permanent garages on the market. It can easily accommodate two bikes or one bike and a bunch of accessories, and it’s easy to install by two people. A braced single door ensures easy access while the padlock system and windowless design keep your vehicle out of sight and secure. Your motorbike will also be protected by weather damage thanks to the traditional apex roof that prevents rainwater build-up. The wood needs annual treatment to stay waterproof, but at £630, that’s a small price to pay for such a high-value product. 

premium motorbike store wooden garage 7x9 488x305 - The Best Motorcycle Sheds
Built for Bikes

RRP: £1368

A stylish garage for your driveway or backyard, the BillyOh is made from 28mm wooden panels and measures 7ft x 9ft. Fully customisable, it comes with or without a floor. The price difference between the two options is minimal, and at £868, we’d go for the floor-included variant. Additional extras such as wood stain or paint coating, padlock and hasp, and padlock protectors boost the unit’s value for money. BillyOh has room for one motorbike and accessories, and is very easy to install. 

armadillo boxes metal motorcyle storage shed 488x305 - The Best Motorcycle Sheds
Solid Protection

RRP: £945

At £945, this 6ft shed is big enough for your motorcycle and a bicycle or riding accessories. It’s made from 1.2-inch thick galvanised steel and presents double-folded seams for greater structural resistance. The shed also has a panel vent system that prevents condensation build-up while letting fumes escape. A secure locking system can keep your bike away from hazards, while the wooden floor protects the tyres. Sturdy ground anchors and easy installation are two other highly acclaimed features. The only drawback is that the steel panels are not powder coated, leaving the metal subject to elements.

asgard centurion motorcycle secure garage metal shed 488x305 - The Best Motorcycle Sheds
Top Rated

RRP: £1160

This all-metal motorbike shed offers plenty of storage space for your bike and riding accessories and comes with a plethora of features designed to keep your ride protected from thieves and elements. It’s made from tough powder-coated galvanised steel and boasts a full steel floor with wooden subfloor designed to protect your tyres. Unique built-in ventilation on the side panels and roof help keep harmful condensation at a minimum while preventing rainwater from leaking in. The shelter is waterproof as well as thief-proof; a 5-point locking system and pick and drill resistant lock can easily put off most burglars. Fairly easy to install, Secure Centurion is fixed from inside with heavy deadbolts and can be anchored to the ground with fixing bolts. At 9ft x 5ft2in and only £1,160, this is a true bargain if you’re looking for a premium-quality shed for one motorcycle.

protect a bke pab940 motorcycle metal garage shed 489x305 - The Best Motorcycle Sheds
Treat Yourself

RRP: £1259

Cleverly named Protect-a-Bike, this metal motorcycle garage is roomy enough to accommodate bikes and scooters of all sizes. Its main purpose is to provide full security to your ride, while also keeping it protected from elements. Once assembled, the enclosure is virtually maintenance-free and fire-resistant. The unit is made from quality PVC coated galvanised steel and boasts a floor area of 10ft x 5ft8in. Backed by a 25 years guarantee, this secure storage solution comes with a ground anchor and chain padlock both to secure the motorcycle inside the garage and for the front doors. Locknuts on the external bolts prevent the panels from being removed from the outside. At £1,259, it’s a tad on the pricey side, but its quality is worth every penny. 

How to Improve Your Shed’s Security

shed bar security 457x305 - The Best Motorcycle Sheds

There are a number of reasons to invest in a motorbike shed, and security is one of them. Insurance companies often reduce their premiums if you keep your motorcycle in a garage or other secure enclosure. 

Whether you decide to go for a steel or wooden shed, there are a few things to consider and do to prevent thieves from getting to your valuable asset. 

  • Invest in a motorbike shed that gives you the possibility to secure your bike and the shed’s access ways with chains and padlocks. A door bar like the one pictured is a sound bit of additional security.
  • Make sure the bolts can only be unscrewed from the inside, to prevent thieves from dismantling it when you’re not at home or sleeping.
  • Place the shed in a trafficked area where the security is enhanced by the many passers-by or install lights around it to keep the area illuminated during night-time. Lights with motion sensors can typically ward off thieves.
  • Install an alarm system to deter burglars.
  • Inspect the shed from time to time to make sure there aren’t any breaches that could give thieves easy access to your motorcycle. 
motorcycle ring ground anchor 307x305 - The Best Motorcycle Sheds
Extra Security

Ensure your bike is even more secure

If you’ve got a shed, that’s a great start, but it’s worth installing a ground anchor for added peace of mind. They can cost as little as £30, like this Luma one we’ve picked. Ground anchors take around 45 minutes to fit and give you a strong point to chain your bike. A robust deterrent made from hardened steel, the Luma Ring anchor, comes with straight forward instructions, a fitting kit with rawl bolts, and steel ball to avoid unscrewing. This ring anchor is insurance recognised Sold Secure approved.


Motorbike Shed FAQ

Is shed ventilation necessary? 
Whether your shed is made from metal or wood, proper ventilation is necessary to prevent condensation build-up. High moisture levels inside the shed create an improper environment for the bike’s metal parts, which are subject to rust and corrosion. Keeping your bike in these conditions could cause mechanical issues that are both expensive and time-consuming to repair. To prevent them, invest in a shed with adequate ventilation or make arrangements to install an extractor fan in your structure. 

Should I get a metal or wooden shed? 
Both metal and wooden sheds are fixed semi-permanent structures that need maintenance and a lot of aftercare. Wood is less suitable if you live in an area with high rainfall volumes, as excessive humidity might damage it. This material is also easier to break by thieves trying to get to your bike. Metal needs constant re-coating with anti-rust paints but is sturdier than wood. If the price is one of the main factors you weigh in, wooden sheds tend to be cheaper than metal ones. 


Thanks to the following websites which helped us research and write this shed security guide:

lincs.police.uk – shed-outbuilding-and-tool-security

  • Hugh Dixon says:

    The Mercia double door shed only has a 88cm door opening. What use is that ????
    My Triumph trophy is 110cm.

    • Ben Cope says:

      Hi Hugh, I agree it’s no good for your bike but not everyone has a huge bike like that. Most sportsbikes and unfaired would easily fit. Try the other options in the list.

  • D says:

    Any idea who made the bespoke shed in the first picture? I’d definitely buy one.

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