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Bikers, we’re actually a really easy bunch to buy presents for.

The secret to buying a great gift for a biker is not to worry too much about buying an actual part or item specific to their motorcycle. The chances are you have no idea what motorcycle model they ride anyway, which makes it even easier to work yourself into a lather over what to get.

Nope, think more generic than that. Do they like racing or are they more into the cafe culture scene? Do they spend their spare time in the garage working on the bike or don’t they know one end of a spanner from another? Do they like to carry off a bit of the ‘biker style’ when they’re off the bike? Are they always talking about that big biking adventure?

You see, if you nail that down, then you’ll be able to pick a perfect gift for the biker in your life. Check out our table below with a broad range of excellent suggestions.

Just don’t buy anything from the second table at the bottom of this guide. They might never talk to you again.

cup - The Best Gifts for BikersValentino Rossi mug
If you have the slightest inkling that you’re buying a gift for a Valentino Rossi fan then this VR46 mug is sure to go down well.
£11.99Grab one here
bike it magnetic parts dish tlsmag01 305x305 - The Best Gifts for BikersMagnetic parts dish
There’s nothing more infuriating than losing bolts and bits when you’re working on your motorcycle. Lob them in this magnetic dish and you’ll never lose one again.
£6.49Grab one here
dainese speed demon t shirt biker gift - The Best Gifts for BikersDainese T-shirt
Every biker knows the Dainese logo and most of us lust after it. This quality T-shirt with the ‘fox’ logo will look the part down the pub or on the bike.
£25.95Grab one here
motogp misc riders chair biker gift - The Best Gifts for BikersMotoGP office chair
When the MotoGP riders come back to the garage they debrief from a chair similar to this. If the biker in your life has a home office, this will look the business in there!
£129.99Grab one here
isle of man tt tea towel - The Best Gifts for BikersIsle of Man TT Tea Towel
Give the biker in your life a subtle hint that the dishes don’t dry themselves but they might do once you’ve given them this awesome map of the TT course. Four Ts? Yes please.
£6.99Grab one here
Motorcycle Essentials Kit 1 - The Best Gifts for BikersMuc-Off Essentials Cleaning Kit
We’ve all got to clean our bikes from time to time. Make the job easier with this Essentials kit, containing all the sprays and brushes you’ll need to get your bike looking pristine.
£19.99Grab one here
air horn motorcycle - The Best Gifts for BikersExtra loud horn
Motorcycle horns aren’t that loud but this upgrade is. It takes just minutes to fit and will ensure everyone’s aware of the biker in your life. As a bonus, you can tell them you’ve given them the horn.
£6.99Grab one here
harley davidson zippo gift - The Best Gifts for BikersHarley Zippo
There are two caveats to this gift. If they don’t ride a Harley, they’ll hate it and if they don’t smoke, they won’t know what to do with it. But for a chain-smoking Harley owner, you’ve hit the jackpot!
£35.99Grab one here
bike tek wheel spinner biker gift - The Best Gifts for BikersWheel Spinner
When you’re lubing your chain, cleaning your bike or checking your tyre pressures, it’s a pain to have to wheel your bike back and forwards but this wheel spinner makes that job a cinch. Roll your wheel on to it and you’re good to go.
£29.99Grab one here
ktm bottle opener gift - The Best Gifts for BikersKTM bottle opener
If the biker in your life likes a beer and a BBQ then this is the bottle opener they’ll love to impress their mates with. It looks like a handlebar grip and it cracks open bevvies. What’s not to like?!
£13.50Grab one here
held biker socks summer biker gift - The Best Gifts for BikersProper biker socks
We all know that socks are a bit of a cliche gift but these proper biker’s socks from Held will keep your feet toasty and their full length will ensure they’re comfortable for long journeys. Who said socks were boring?
£17.99Grab one here
vr 46 watch gift - The Best Gifts for BikersVR46 watch
Another Valentino Rossi piece but this watch is classy-looking and made by TW Steel. It’s subtle enough that any biker will love it but a Rossi fan will adore it.
£54.99Grab one here
leatherman motorcycle tool - The Best Gifts for BikersLeatherman Multi-tool
A brilliant tool to take on a long journey, Leatherman are synonymous with quality. This one’s aimed at bikers and it’s quite pricey but they also do cheaper versions with fewer tools. Still handy.
£152.99Grab one here
alpinestars hoodie long biker gift - The Best Gifts for BikersAlpinestars Hoody
Everyone loves Alpinestars, most of the MotoGP grid wear it too. This hoody features the Astars logo and it’s bound to become the first thing they reach for from the floordrobe.
£62.00Grab one here
DEWDT7969QZ 407x305 - The Best Gifts for BikersDewalt Bit Set
Every biker knows the Dainese logo and most of us lust after it. This quality T-shirt with the ‘fox’ logo will look the part down the pub or on the bike.
£14.69Grab one here
bike tek pneumatic creeper seat gift - The Best Gifts for BikersWorkshop Seat
A seat makes it so much easier to work on the bike and not get a bad back. This wheeled workshop seat is height adjustable and features a tool shelf, making those garage sessions a doddle.
£45.99Grab one here
akrapovic beanie gift - The Best Gifts for BikersAkrapovic Beanie
Akrapovic make some of the world’s best (and most expensive!) motorcycle exhausts. We all want one but not all of us can afford one. Thankfully this beanie passes on most of the Akra-cool without the hefty price tag.
£22.99Grab one here

What not to buy

If you’re thinking of freestyling it and picking a random gift, just steer clear of anything on the list below and you’ll (hopefully) get them a gift they’ll actually want.

41SbT6axF L - The Best Gifts for BikersMotorcycle wine holder
Just because we love motorcycles, doesn’t mean we need to shoehorn them into our lives at every opportunity. Any novelty motorcycle tacky item like this would go straight down to the charity shop the next day.
£11.99Don’t do it
motorcycle helmet ears gift - The Best Gifts for BikersStick on ears
The only thing worse than wearing a pair of ears on your helmet is wearing a pair because you don’t want to upset the person who gifted them to you. Awkward. Just don’t!
£7.49Don’t do it
lrgscalea2 - The Best Gifts for BikersTasselled motorcycle gear
Tassles are what Hollywood directors made bikers wear in 1970s movies. Unless your other half is an Elvis impersonator, rides a Yamaha Virago and calls their bike ‘the steed’, then tassels won’t go down well.
Don’t askDon’t you dare