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ece 22 06 motorcycle helmet standard 488x305 - Homepage

ECE 22.06 Helmet Guide

There’s a new standard for motorcycle helmets but it doesn’t mean you have to throw your current one in the bin. Well not yet, anyway. Here’s everything you need to

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Get On Two Wheels

A whole new world awaits. The adventure starts here.

The Complete Guide to Buying and Running your Motorcycle

Buy the right bike, run it the shrewd way, enjoy every mile.

Get Out And Ride!

We've put together a list of the best motorcycle training schools, riding experiences and services you can use to help you get more from your motorcycling. Get your bike set up, learn new skills, make new friends.

About BikerRated

This site is brought to you by a collective of motorcycle journalists, who have been reviewing motorbikes and motorcycle gear for the past two decades.

With our expert guides, you’ll quickly get up to speed on what you need to look for in any new biking purchase whether that be a new tail pack, a helmet or a pair of boots. We’ll suggest the best products for every budget, so it takes you less time to buy better, meaning you can save money and spend more time out riding.

In each guide, we give you a quick introduction to the product and the basics you need to know. We have a buyer’s checklist showing the essentials that we think any good product should feature, top tips to save you time and money, and also alternative products or solutions that might fit the bill or save you money.

We’ve used our years of experience to narrow down the huge range of products on offer, to a smaller list that’s more manageable.

We then feature our best pick, the cheapest (good) product that we can find and we’ll also link out to some of the close contenders, so you get a broad overview of what’s on offer and how they differ.

Our product reviews mean you are then fully armed and up to speed. You can then go into your local motorcycle shop and talk with more knowledge about what you need (and therefore get better service) or you can go and buy the product online and know you’re buying something that’ll do exactly what you need it to.

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