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Motorcycle Battery Finder

motorcycle battery finder - Motorcycle Battery Finder

If your motorcycle battery is dead then you have come to the right place!

This motorcycle battery finder will help you select the right battery for your motorcycle. Whether you’re going for a cheap lead-acid battery, a better quality one, like a VRLA or AGM or whether you want to step into the future and buy a lightweight Lithium battery, this guide is for you.

We’ve listed every make and model we can find. For popular manufacturers you can click the link below to be taken to their dedicated page. If your bike isn’t in our ‘popular’ list, it’ll be in the table below.

We’ve used the popular brand Yuasa as our reference. If you don’t want a Yuasa battery, never fear, you can use our motorcycle battery cross reference chart at the bottom of the page to see the corresponding reference number for other popular makes including Exide and MotoBatt.

And if you want to switch to a lightweight Lithium battery (they also almost never go flat), then we’ve got a handy conversion table for you lower down the page too.

What are you waiting for? Ready, steady, CHARGE!

Table of Contents

Motorcycle Battery Chart

(Smaller marques)


MakeModelCCYearHigh CrankingVRLAAGMConventional
AermacchiAla Azzurra/Bianca250    6N11A-1B
AermacchiAla Azzurra/Bianca350    6N11A-1B
AermacchiAla Oro/Rossa/Verde250    6N11A-1B
AermacchiAla Oro/Rossa/Verde350    6N11A-1B
AermacchiChimera250    B39-6
AermacchiSX125    12N7-3B
AermacchiSX175    12N7-3B
AermacchiSX250    12N7-3B
AtkElectric Start ModelsAll96-01 YTX7L-BS  
AtkElectric Start ModelsAll91-95 YTX9-BS  
BajajBOXER BM100 CLASSIC ES10012-  YB5L-B 
BajajBOXER BM100 CLASSIC KS10012-  YB2.5L-C 
BajajBOXER BM150150   YB5L-B 
BajajBOXER UG10003-05  YB2.5L-C 
BajajCT100 BOXER10005-12  YB2.5L-C 
BajajDISCOVER 100 DTSi10012-  YB5L-B 
BajajDISCOVER 125 DTSi12508-12  YB2.5L-C 
BajajDISCOVER 125 ST12512-  YB5L-B 
BajajDISCOVER 135 ES13509-12  YB5L-B 
BajajDISCOVER 135 KS13509-12  YB2.5L-C 
BajajPLATINO 10010008-12  YB2.5L-C 
BajajPLATINO 12512510-12  YB5L-B 
BajajPULSAR 135LS13509-12  YB5L-B 
BajajPULSAR 200200   YB9-B 
BajajPULSAR 200 NS20012-13 YTX9-BS  
BajajPULSAR 220F/S220   YB9-B 
BajajPULSAR DTS-I15008-  YB9-B 
BajajXCD 12512509-12  YB5L-B 
Benelli125 Cross125    6N11A-1B
Benelli125 Custom Guzzi125    12N5.5-4A
Benelli125 Guzzi125    12N5.5-4A
Benelli125 Jarno (c/avv.)125   YB9-B 
Benelli125 Scooter125   YB9L-B 
Benelli125-2 CSE125    6N11A-1B
Benelli125CS125   YB9-B 
Benelli125T Sport125    6N11A-1B
Benelli350RS35000  53030 
Benelli4 Zyl. (Cyld.)250   YB12A-A 
Benelli4 Zyl. (Cyld.)254   YB9-B 
Benelli4 Zyl. (Cyld.)354   YB14L-A2 
Benelli4 Zyl. (Cyld.)504   YB14L-A2 
Benelli491GT/Sport/Racing50-97  YB4L-B 
Benelli650 Tornado U.T.650   YB12A-A 
Benelli900 (6 Cilindri)900   53030 
BenelliAdiva12500 YTX14-BS  
BenelliAdiva 15015000 YTX14-BS  
BenelliDevil8094-95  YB4L-B 
BenelliDevil (Electric-Starter)5094-95  YB4L-B 
BenelliDevil 50 (c/avv.)50   YB4L-B 
BenelliJarno (Electric-Starter)12500   12N9-4B-1
BenelliK25097  YB4L-B 
BenelliK210000-  YB5L-B 
BenelliKBX8094  YB4L-B 
BenelliKBX 50 Race50   YB4L-B 
BenelliLS500   YB14L-A2 
BenelliPepe5000  YB4L-B 
BenelliQuattro50000  53030 
BenelliScooty LX/DLX50   YB4L-B 
BenelliSei75000  YB14L-A2 
BenelliSei900   53030 
BenelliSS50000   12N12A-4A-1
BenelliSS75000   12N12A-4A-1
BenelliTornado900    12N12A-4A-1
BenelliTS250250    6N11A-1B
BenelliVelvet12500 YTX9-BS  
BenelliVelvet15000 YTX9-BS  
BenelliVelvet25000 YTX12-BS  
BetamotorAdventure50   YB4L-B 
BetamotorArk Air/Ark Lc50-97  YB4L-B 
BetamotorChrono5095  YB4L-B 
BetamotorEikon5000  YB4L-B 
BetamotorEikon12500- YTX9-BS  
BetamotorEikon15000- YTX9-BS  
BetamotorHS290090000-  YB14L-A2 
BetamotorQuadra50-97  YB4L-B 
BetamotorSB375000-   12N14-3A
BetamotorTempo50   YB4L-B 
BetamotorYB10 Dieci100000- YTX14-BS  
BetamotorYB61000   YB14L-A2 
BetamotorYB960000-  YB12AL-A2 
Big DogAll ModelsAllAllYTX20HL (WC)   
BimotaDB290093-95  YB14-A2 
BimotaDB2 Final Edition90097  YB14-A2 
BimotaDB3 Mantra90097-99 YTX7L-BS (x2)  
BimotaDB490098-00Not Available   
BimotaGobert1000   YB14L-A2 
BimotaHS2900900   YB14L-A2 
BimotaSantamonica1000   YB14L-A2 
BimotaSB6, SB7110095-97 YTX7L-BS (x2)  
BimotaSB6R110097-99 YTX12-BS  
BimotaSB8R, SB8RS99698-00 YTX12-BS  
BimotaTesi90091-95  YB14-A2 
BimotaTesi 2d1000   YB14L-A2 
BimotaYB10 DIECI1000  YTX14-BS  
BimotaYB11100096-99 YTX12-BS  
BimotaYB61000   YB14L-A2 
BimotaYB9600   YB12AL-A2 
Bsa250, 350, 400, 441, 500 (12V)    YB7-A12N7-4A
Bsa250, 350, 650 (6V)     B39-6
Bsa500 Gold Star500    B38-6A
Bsa600 Gold Star600   YB7-A12N7-4A
Bsa600, 650, 750 (12V)    YB7-A 
Bsa650 Gold Star650   YB7-A12N7-4A
Bsa750 Gold Star750   YB7-A12N7-4A
BsaBantam     6N5.5-1D
BsaRocket 750, Thunderbolt    YB9L-B 
BsaSpitfire HK35, Starfire B25    YB9L-B 
BsvGP Dio, Sp Dio50  YTX4L-BS  
BsvGZ50  YTX4L-BS  
BsvR100 S10077-79  53030 
BsvR100 T10078-81  53030 
BsvZX5094-95 YTX4L-BS  
Buell1125R, 1125CR112508-10 YTX14L (WC)  
BuellBuell Racing 1125RR112509YTZ7S   
BuellM2 Cyclone120097-02YTX20HL-BSYTX20L-BS  
BuellS1 Lightning120096-99YTX14H-BS**YTX14-BS**  
BuellS2, S2T Thunderbolt120094-96YTX20H-BSYTX20-BSYB16-B-CX 
BuellS3, S3T Thunderbolt120097-02YTX20HL-BSYTX20L-BS  
BuellX1 Lightning120099-02YTX20HL (WC)YTX20L (WC)  
BuellXB12R Firebolt, XB12S Lightning120004-10YTX14H (WC)YTX14 (WC)  
BuellXB12Ss, Scg, Lightning120004-10YTX14H (WC)YTX14 (WC)  
BuellXB12X, XT Ulysses120006-10YTX14H (WC)YTX14 (WC)  
BuellXB9R Firebolt, XB9SX Lightning98402-10YTX14H (WC)YTX14 (WC)  
CagivaAletta Oro (Electric-Starter)125   YB12A-A 
CagivaAletta Oro (Kick-Starter)125    12N5.5-4A
CagivaBlues, Elefantre125   YB12A-A 
CagivaCanyon I.E.90098-00  YB16-B 
CagivaCanyon I.E.100097-  YB16-B 
CagivaCanyon, River50098-01 YTX14-BS  
CagivaCanyon, River60095-96  YB14L-A2 
CagivaCanyon, River60096-97  YB16AL-A2 
CagivaCity, Lucky, Explorer5094-97 YTX4L-BS  
CagivaCocis, Prima, Supercity50   YB5L-B 
CagivaCrouser, CUCC12512587-88  YB9-B 
CagivaCuccido125   YB9L-A2 
CagivaCucciolo, Mito5098  YB4L-B 
CagivaE90090094-97  YB16AL-A2 
CagivaElefant200    12N5.5-4A
CagivaElefant65086-  YB14L-A2 
CagivaElefant75094-97  YB16-B 
CagivaElefant 2 Cyl.30086-  YB14L-A2 
CagivaElefant 2 Cyl.35086-YTX14AHL-BS   
CagivaElefant Bifaro75089-YTX14AHL-BS YB14L-A2 
CagivaElefant E900900   YB16B-A1 
CagivaElefant, AC90093-96  YB16-B 
CagivaElefant, SST, WSXT125    12N5.5-4A
CagivaEV125   YB9-B 
CagivaFreccia C9, /C10R, /C12R12587-90  YB9-B 
CagivaGran Canyon90099  YB16-B 
CagivaGran Canyon1000  YTX14-BS  
CagivaI.E. GT90091-93  YB16-B 
CagivaI.E. GT100091-93  YB16-B 
CagivaK3, W45098  YB4L-B 
CagivaK7, Passing125   YB4L-B 
CagivaMito, -2, Replica, Ev.12590-98  YB9-B 
CagivaMitto125, R12594-97  YB9-B 
CagivaN9012597  YB9-B 
CagivaNavigator100000-02  YB16-B 
CagivaPlanet12598  YB9-B 
CagivaPrima50   YB5L-B 
CagivaRaptor 65065003-04 YTX9-BS  
CagivaRaptor/V Raptor65000-02 YTX12-BS  
CagivaRaptor/V Raptor100000-02 YTX12-BS  
CagivaRoadstar20095  YB9-B 
CagivaRoadster12594-97   12N5.5-4A
CagivaSM12512500 YTX5L-BS  
CagivaSST125    12N5.5-4A
CagivaSST Electra125   YB12A-A 
CagivaSST, SX250    12N7-3B
CagivaSST, SX300    12N7-3B
CagivaSupercity12591-97  YB9-B 
CagivaSXT125    12N5.5-3B
CagivaT4 Ala Rossa300    12N5.5-4A
CagivaT4 E Elefant50088-YTX14AHL-BS YB14L-A2 
CagivaT4 E Elefant, W1230093-97  YB14L-A2 
CagivaT4 E Elefant, W1235087-YTX14AHL-BS   
CagivaT4 R30087-  YB3L-A 
CagivaT4R35087-  YB3L-A 
CagivaTamanaco125   YB9-B 
CagivaV Raptor100003-04 YTX9-BS  
CagivaW12300   YB14L-A2 
CagivaW1660094-97  YB14L-A2 
CagivaW8125   YB4L-B 
CagivaWre12512500 YTX5L-BS  
CagivaWSXT (Aletta Rossa)125    12N5.5-4A
Can-AmSpyder99808-16YTX24HL (WC)   
Can-AmSpyder (RT,F3)133014-16YTX24HL (WC)   
CannondaleC440, E440, S440, X440, X440S44002-03YTZ7S   
CannondaleEX400, MX400, XC40040000-01YTZ7SYTX5L-BS  
CcmAll Electric Start Models Ô96-0160096-01 YTX9-BS  
Chongqing LoncinATV150-M150    12N9-4B-1
Chongqing LoncinJL125-4125   YB6L-B 
Chongqing LoncinJL125-5A125    12N7-3B
Chongqing LoncinJL125-61125   YB7-A12N7-4A
Chongqing LoncinJL150150    12N7A-3A
Chongqing LoncinJL150-23150   YB7L-B 
Chongqing LoncinJL150-3A150    12N9-4B-1
Chongqing LoncinJL150-6A150    12N7-4B
Chongqing LoncinJL150GY-6-B150  YTX7L-BS  
Chongqing LoncinJL250GY250  YTX9-BS  
Chongqing LoncinJL9090   YB5L-B 
Chongqing LoncinLX100-6100   YB6L-B 
Chongqing LoncinLX110-13A110  YTX5L-BS  
Chongqing LoncinLX110-3D II110   YB5L-B 
Chongqing LoncinLX125-10125    12N7-3B
Chongqing LoncinLX125-16A125  YTX7A-BS  
Chongqing LoncinLX125-3A125    12N7-4B
Chongqing LoncinLX125-5125    12N9-4B-1
Chongqing LoncinLX150-16150    12N7A-3A
Chongqing LoncinLX150-2EV150   YB7L-B 
Chongqing LoncinLX200-2 II200    12N7A-3A
Chongqing LoncinLX200-3200    12N7A-3A
Chongqing LoncinLX250Y-3250  YTX7L-BS  
Chongqing LoncinLX90,LX90J90   YB5L-B 
DachangjiangAX100100    6N4-2A
DachangjiangGZ125HS125  YTX7L-BS  
DachangjiangHJ-110100   YB5L-B 
DachangjiangHJ125F125   YB7-A 
DachangjiangHJ125J-8125   YB7-A 
DachangjiangHJ125T-9125  YTX7A-BS  
DaelimNS12512597- YTX7A-BS  
DaelimVC12512596  YB9-B 
DaelimVS12512597  YB9-B 
DerbiAll 50cc Models50   YB4L-B 
DerbiBoulevard 125125   YB9L-A2 
DerbiBoulevard 150150   YB9L-A2 
E-TonBeamer 50, Beamer III5000-12YTZ7SYTX5L-BS  
E-TonBeamer R4-150150-12 YTX9-BS  
E-TonMatrix 5050-12YTZ7S*YTX5L-BS  
E-TonMatrix R4-150150-12 YTX9-BS  
E-TonSport 150150-12 YTX7A-BS  
E-TonSport 5050-12 YTX7A-BS  
Excelsior-HendersonSuper X138699-00YTX20HL-BSYTX20L-BS  
Fantic MotorGrinta5095-96YTX4L-BSYT4L-BS  
Fantic MotorHP150   YB4L-B 
Fantic MotorKoala5093-97  YB4L-B 
Fantic MotorKoala8093-96  YB4L-B 
Fantic MotorLeader5095YTX4L-BSYT4L-BS  
Fantic MotorOasis50   YB4L-B 
Fantic MotorOasis EPV50    12N5.5-3B
Fantic MotorPony, SR5095  YB4L-B 
Fantic MotorQueenie5095YTX4L-BSYT4L-BS  
Fantic MotorRaider LC125   YB3L-A 
Fantic MotorRaider LC250   YB3L-A 
Fantic MotorStrada-Sport12585   6N4B-2A
Fantic MotorTX22050    B39-6
GarelliBig Racing5094  YB4L-B 
GarelliBig Wheel5094-95  YB4L-B 
GarelliGTA (Electric-Starter)125   YB9-B 
GarelliGTA (Kick-Starter)125   YB5L-B 
GarelliNoi50   YB4L-B 
GarelliPony, Pony SR5094-95  YB4L-B 
GarelliSahel, Team, Urka50   YB4L-B 
GarelliTSR125    12N7-4B
GarelliXLE Tiger50   YB4L-B 
GarelliXR Tiger (Electric-Starter)125   YB9-B 
GarelliXR Tiger (Kick-Starter)125   YB5L-B 
Gas GasPampera25096-01 YTX4L-BS  
Gas GasPampera32098-01 YTX4L-BS  
Gas GasPampera37097 YTX4L-BS  
Gilera50350   YB4L-B 
GileraApache (Electric-Starter)125   YB9-B 
GileraApache (Kick-Starter)125    12N5.5-3B
GileraArizona (Electric-Starter)125   YB9-B 
GileraArizona (Electric-Starter)200    12N5.5-3B
GileraArizona (Kick-Starter)125    12N5.5-3B
GileraArizona (Kick-Starter)200   YB9-B 
GileraArizona Rally250   YB10L-B 
GileraBullit, Easy Moving, Runner50-97  YB4L-B 
GileraCoguar12599  YB9-B 
GileraCrono (Electric-Starter)125   YB9-B 
GileraCrono (Kick-Starter)125    12N5.5-3B
GileraCX (Electric-Starter)125   YB9-B 
GileraCX (Kick-Starter)125    12N5.5-3B
GileraDakota (Electric-Starter)350   YB10L-A2 
GileraDakota (Electric-Starter)500   YB10L-A2 
GileraDakota (Kick-Starter)350    12N5.5-3B
GileraDakota (Kick-Starter)500    12N5.5-3B
GileraDNA50  YTX4L-BS  
GileraDNA125   YB10L-B 
GileraEaglet5095-97  YB4L-B 
GileraEasy Moving50   YB4L-B 
GileraER (Electric-Starter)350   YB10L-A2 
GileraER (Kick-Starter)350    12N5.5-3B
GileraFast Bike (Electric-Starter)125   YB9-B 
GileraFast Bike (Electric-Starter)200    12N5.5-3B
GileraFast Bike (Kick-Starter)125    12N5.5-3B
GileraFast Bike (Kick-Starter)200   YB9-B 
GileraFreestyle (Electric-Starter)125   YB9-B 
GileraFreestyle (Kick-Starter)125    12N5.5-3B
GileraGFR (Electric-Starter)125   YB9-B 
GileraGFR (Kick-Starter)125    12N5.5-3B
GileraGR1125    6N11A-3A
GileraGSA (Electric-Starter)50   YB4L-B 
GileraIce50  YTX4L-BS  
GileraKK, KZ (Electric-Starter)125   YB9-B 
GileraKK, KZ (Kick-Starter)125    12N5.5-3B
GileraMotocarro200    B38-6A
GileraMX1, MXR (Electric-Starter)125   YB9-B 
GileraMX1, MXR (Kick-Starter)125    12N5.5-3B
GileraNebraska (Electric-Starter)125   YB9-B 
GileraNebraska (Kick-Starter)125    12N5.5-3B
GileraNordwest60093  YB14L-A2 
GileraR1, R1S (Electric-Starter)125   YB9-B 
GileraR1, R1S (Kick-Starter)125    12N5.5-3B
GileraRC Rally125   YB10L-B 
GileraRC600C60093  YB14L-A2 
GileraRTX (Electric-Starter)125   YB9-B 
GileraRTX (Kick-Starter)125    12N5.5-3B
GileraRTX, RV, RX (Electric-Starter)125   YB9-B 
GileraRTX, RV, RX (Electric-Starter)200   YB9-B 
GileraRTX, RV, RX (Kick-Starter)125    12N5.5-3B
GileraRTX, RV, RX (Kick-Starter)200    12N5.5-3B
GileraRunner5002- YTX4L-BS  
GileraRunner50-97  YB4L-B 
GileraRunner FX, SP125   YB9-B 
GileraRunner FXR, SP180   YB10L-B 
GileraRunner Purejet5002-  YB9-B 
GileraRunner SP18099 YTX12-BS  
GileraRunner VX4T125  YT12B-BS  
GileraRunner VXR4T180  YT12B-BS  
GileraRunner/SP50-97  YB4L-B 
GileraRV (Electric-Starter)125   YB9-B 
GileraRV (Electric-Starter)200   YB9-B 
GileraRV (Kick-Starter)125    12N5.5-3B
GileraRV (Kick-Starter)200    12N5.5-3B
GileraRV NGR (Electric-Starter)250   YB10L-B 
GileraRV NGR (Kick-Starter)250    12N5.5-3B
GileraSioux El.-Starter50   YB4L-B 
GileraSP01,SP02 (Electric-Starter)125   YB9-B 
GileraSP01,SP02 (Kick-Starter)125    12N5.5-3B
GileraStalker, Storm, Top Rally50   YB4L-B 
GileraT4200    12N5.5-3B
GileraTG1125    6N11A-3A
GileraTOP Rally (Electric-Starter)125   YB9-B 
GileraTOP Rally (Kick-Starter)125    12N5.5-3B
GileraTop Rally, XRT600   YB14L-A2 
GileraTyphoon125   YB7-A 
GileraTyphoon, X50-97  YB4L-B 
GileraX125   YB9-B 
GileraXR1, XR2 (Electric-Starter)125   YB9-B 
GileraXR1, XR2 (Kick-Starter)125    12N5.5-3B
GileraXRT350   YB14L-A2 
Guangyang MotorCK100100  YTX5L-BS  
Guangyang MotorCK110110   YB5L-B 
Guangyang MotorCK125-2B125    12N7A-3A
Guangyang MotorCK125-2H125   YB6L-B 
Guangyang MotorCK125-6125    12N7-3B
Guangyang MotorCK125T, CK125-2F125  YTX7A-BS  
Guangyang MotorCK150150  YTX9-BS  
Guangyang MotorCK5050  YT4L-BS 12N7-4B
Guangyang MotorKK110110   YB5L-B 
Guangyang MotorKK125-2L125   YB6L-B 
Guangyang MotorKN125-2125    12N7A-3A
Guangyang MotorKN125T, KK125T125  YTX7A-BS  
Guangzhou HuananFYEY   YTX4L-BS  
Guangzhou HuananFYJ     12N9-4B-1
Guangzhou HuananFYLS/FYFSB   YTX7L-BS  
Guangzhou HuananFYT3A   YTX5L-BS  
Guangzhou HuananH2100   YTX7A-BS  
HaojinHJ100100   YB6L-B 
HaojinHJ100-3100   YB5L-B 
HaojinHJ100T-A100  YTX7A-BS  
HaojinHJ100T-E100  YTX7A-BS  
HaojinHJ110110   YB5L-B 
HaojinHJ125125   YB6L-B 
HaojinHJ125-2,3,5,9,10,15,18125    12N9-4B-1
HaojinHJ125-7,6,6A125   YB7-A 
HaojinHJ125-A,-22125    12N7A-3A
HaojinHJ125T,-3,8,B,D,2D,2G125  YTX7A-BS  
HaojinHJ125T-11125   YB6L-B 
HaojinHJ150-9,10150    12N9-4B-1
HaojinHJ150ST150  YTX9-BS  
HaojinHJ250250    12N9-4B-1
HaojinHJ50QT50   YB6L-B 
Heinkel150, R103, Tourist 103A/Z600    6N11A-3A (x2)
HeinkelScooter Tourist600    6N11A-3A
Hercules (Sachs)125E125    6N11A-1B
Hercules (Sachs)CV City50    6YB8L-B
Hercules (Sachs)CV City80    6N11-2D
Hercules (Sachs)FOX5093  YB5L-B 
Hercules (Sachs)Gipsy5095  YB4L-B 
Hercules (Sachs)K103, K105X125    6N11A-1B
Hercules (Sachs)K125 S-RT, T-RT125    6N11A-1B
Hercules (Sachs)K125X Military125    6N11A-1B
Hercules (Sachs)KX55093-97  YB4L-B 
Hercules (Sachs)Limbo L, M, MA, ML5095-97  YB4L-B 
Hercules (Sachs)Reggage, Reggage Splinter5096-97  YB4L-B 
Hercules (Sachs)RX 980   YB5L-B 
Hercules (Sachs)Samba, Swing5094-97  YB4L-B 
Hercules (Sachs)SR Samba8094-96  YB5L-B 
Hercules (Sachs)SR125 Samba12594-97  YB5L-B 
Hercules (Sachs)Ultra50    12N9-3B
Hercules (Sachs)Ultra AC, F, RS80    12N9-3B
Hercules (Sachs)W2000 Wankel125   YB18L-A 
HusabergAll Electric Start Models5001-02 YTX5L-BS  
HusabergAll Electric Start Models5097-00 YTX9-BS  
HusabergFE450e/6450 YTZ7S   
HusabergFE550e/6550 YTZ7S   
HusabergFE650e/6650 YTZ7S   
HusabergFS450e/6450 YTZ7S   
HusabergFS650e/6650 YTZ7S   
Husqvarna125GT, GTL125    6N11A-1B
HusqvarnaAviamento, GT750   53030 
HusqvarnaGrand Prix1100   Y60-N24L-A 
HusqvarnaGT900   Y60-N24L-A 
HusqvarnaGT125SP125    12N5.5-3B
HusqvarnaNUDA90090012- YTX14-BS  
HusqvarnaNUDA900R90012- YTX14-BS  
HusqvarnaS, SS800   Y60-N24L-A 
HusqvarnaScrambler Elettronica350    12N5.5-3B
Hyosung MotorsEZ100100AllYTZ7SYTX5L-BS  
Hyosung MotorsNS3-25025009-16 YTX9-BS  
Hyosung MotorsSB Super Cab, SD50 Sense50All YTX4L-BS  
Hyosung MotorsSF50 Prima, Rally, Sense50All YTX4L-BS  
Hyosung MotorsXRX125125All YTX7A-BS  
IndianAll Models 99-01YTX20H-BSYTX20-BS  
IndianAll Models 09-11YTX20H-BS   
IndianChief Classic, Vintage, Chieftain, Roadmaster181914-16YTX20HL (WC)   
IndianChief Classic, Vintage, Dark Horse172012-13YTX24HL (WC)   
IndianChief Dark Horse181916YTX20HL (WC)   
IndianScout113315-16YTX14AH (WC)   
IndianScout Sixty99916YTX14AH (WC)   
IndianScout, Spirit144202-03YTX20H-BSYTX20-BS  
InnocentiLambretta LI/DL125   6N11A-3A 
InnocentiLambretta LI/DL150    6N11A-3A
InnocentiLambretta LI/DL175    6N11A-3A
InnocentiLambro450   Y60-N24L-A 
InnocentiLambro550   Y60-N24L-A 
InnocentiLambro600   Y60-N24L-A 
InnocentiLambro FL1175   Y60-N24L-A 
InnocentiLambro FL1200   Y60-N24L-A 
ItaljetAdly50   YB5L-B 
ItaljetBazooka, 250   YB4L-B 
ItaljetCruise50   YB4L-B 
ItaljetDragster5097  YB4L-B 
ItaljetDragster12599  YB10L-B 
ItaljetDragster18099 YTX14-BS  
ItaljetFormula5095-  YB4L-B 
ItaljetFormula12597-  YB9-B 
ItaljetMillenium125  YTX7A-BS  
ItaljetMillenium150  YTX7A-BS  
ItaljetPista50   YB4L-B 
ItaljetReporter50   YB4L-B 
ItaljetScoop50   YB4L-B 
ItaljetTorpedo5097-  YB4L-B 
ItaljetTorpedo12599  YB9-B 
ItaljetTorpedo150   YB9-B 
ItaljetVelocifero5095-  YB4L-B 
Jawa360, 361180    B38-6A
Jawa623, 633180    B38-6A
Jia Ling HondaCB125T,X125    12N9-4B-1
Jia Ling HondaCG125125    12N9-4B-1
Jia Ling HondaCH125125    12N9-4B-1
Jia Ling HondaCM125125    12N9-4B-1
Jialing MotorJH125125    12N7-4B
Jialing MotorJH125D125    12N7-3B
Jialing MotorJH150T150  YTX7A-BS  
Jialing MotorJH9090   YB5L-B 
Jiangmen Dihao110-4, 6100   YB5L-B 
Jiangmen Dihao125T-2C125  YTX9-BS  
Jiangmen Dihao125T-A, B, C, D125  YTX7A-BS  
Jiangmen Dihao150-2150    12N7A-3A
Jiangmen Dihao150-6, 7, 8150    12N9-4B-1
Jiangmen Dihao150J-5A, 8A150    12N9-4B-1
Jiangmen DihaoCG125-4, 4A, 9, 9A125   YB9L-A2 
Jiangmen DihaoCG125-7125    12N9-4B-1
Jiangmen DihaoCG150-3150  YTX7L-BS  
Jiangmen DihaoHN100100   YB5L-B 
Jiangmen DihaoHN125125   YB6L-B 
Jiangmen DihaoHN125-3125    12N9-4B-1
Jiangmen DihaoHN125-3A125   YB9L-A2 
Jiangmen DihaoHN125-4F125   YB7-A 
Jiangmen DihaoHN125T125  YTX7A-BS  
Jinan SuzukiFD110110   YB5L-B 
Jinan SuzukiGM110110   YB5L-B 
Jinan SuzukiGS125125   YB7-A 
Jinan SuzukiGS125-4K125  YTX7A-BS  
Jinan SuzukiGSX125125    12N7-4A
Jinan SuzukiGT125125    12N7A-3A
Jinan SuzukiGZ125125  YTX7L-BS  
Jinan SuzukiQS100TB100  YTX7A-BS  
Jinan SuzukiQS110L.QS110LS.QS110F110   YB5L-B 
Jinan SuzukiQS125-3B.GS125GC125    12N7-4A
Jinan SuzukiQS125-5.QS125-5C125    12N7A-3A
Jinan SuzukiQS125T-2125  YTX7A-BS  
Jinan SuzukiQS150TFB150  YTX7A-BS  
Jincherg GroupJC125T-17125  YTX12-BS  
Jincherg GroupJC250250  YTX9-BS  
Jincherg GroupSJ110110   YB5L-B 
Jincherg GroupSJ125125  YTX7L-BS  
KaseaRX125125All YTX7A-BS  
KaseaSense, Prima50All YTX5L-BS  
Kl-ShelungClub50  YTX4L-BS  
Kl-ShelungRacer50  YTX4L-BS  
KreidlerFlorett80   YB7L-B 
KreidlerMustang125   YB7L-B 
Laverda350350   52515 
Laverda500500   52515 
Laverda12001200   53030 
Laverda1000RGS1000   53030 
Laverda125LB125    12N5.5-3B
Laverda125LZ (Zundapp)125    6N11A-1B
Laverda750GTL, SFC, S750-99 YT19BL-BS51814* 
LaverdaCarenata, Diamante750-99 YT19BL-BS51814* 
LaverdaCU Rider125    12N5.5-3B
LaverdaDiamante, Ghost668-99 YT19BL-BS51814* 
LaverdaFormula750   YB4L-B 
LaverdaGhost Legend, Strike668-99 YT19BL-BS51814* 
LaverdaGhost Strike, Formula750-99 YT19BL-BS51814* 
LaverdaGhost, Strike650   YB14L-A2 
LaverdaGS Lesmo125    12N5.5-3B
LaverdaOR Atlas600   YB14L-A2 
LaverdaPhoenix150  YTX9-BS  
LaverdaPhoenix200  YTX9-BS  
LaverdaSF/SFC/GTL/GTS750    12N24-3A
LaverdaStrike750    12N24-3A
LemFlash50   YB4L-B 
LemGhibli50   YB4L-B 
LoncinJL125-4125   YB6L-B 
LoncinLX110-30 II110   YB5L-B 
LoncinLX150-2EV150   YB7L-B 
LoncinLX200-2 II200    12N7A-3A
MaicoCUP250   YB5L-B 
MaicoGS125, 250TM, 360T125    B39-6
MaicoGS504504    B39-6
MaicoMD250250   YB5L-B 
MaicoT360360    B39-6
MaicoT400400    B39-6
MaicoT440440    B39-6
MaicoTM250, M250250    B39-6
MalaguttiCentro5094-  YB4L-B 
MalaguttiCentro SL/SL Kat50   YB5L-B 
MalaguttiCiak5099  YB5L-B 
MalaguttiCiak10099  YB5L-B 
MalaguttiCiak150   YB9-B 
MalaguttiColors50   YB4L-B 
MalaguttiCR15096-  YB4L-B 
MalaguttiCrosser EL5098  YB4L-B 
MalaguttiDune ES5089  YB4L-B 
MalaguttiEvolution50   YB4L-B 
MalaguttiF10, F12/F12LC Twin Disk50   YB4L-B 
MalaguttiF12100  YTX5L-BS  
MalaguttiF15 Twin Disk/Digit50   YB5L-B 
MalaguttiF15/F15 Twin Disk50   YB4L-B 
MalaguttiF18125   YB9-B 
MalaguttiF18150   YB9-B 
MalaguttiFifty Top5091  YB4L-B 
MalaguttiMadison12500  YB9-B 
MalaguttiMadison150   YB9-B 
MalaguttiMadison180   YB9-B 
MalaguttiMadison25000  YB9-B 
MalaguttiMadison K40002-04  YB12AL-A 
MalaguttiMistral50   YB4L-B 
MalaguttiNew Dribbling50   YB4L-B 
MalaguttiPhantom F.125094-  YB4L-B 
MalaguttiPhantom F.1210099YTX5L-BSYT5L-BS  
MalaguttiPhantom Max25004 YTX12-BS  
MalaguttiRST50   YB4L-B 
MalaguttiRunner VS, Rally12587-  YB3L-A 
MalaguttiRunner, R125-86   6N6-3B
MalaguttiSpider Max50004-05  YB14L-A2 
MalaguttiTop50   YB4L-B 
MalaguttiYesterday, Euro5099  YB4L-B 
Malanca1252CE125    6N11A-1B
Malanca125OB One125    12N5.5-4B
Malanca150GT150    6N11A-1B
MalancaMark 125125    12N5.5-4B
Matchless250250    B38-6A
Matchless350350    B38-6A
Matchless500500    B38-6A
Matchless750750   YB7L-B 
Matchless(12V)650   YB7L-B 
Matchless(6V)650    B38-6A
MBKActive50   YB4L-B 
MBKBooster5093-96  YB4L-B 
MBKBooster10095-96 YTX5L-BS  
MBKBooster NG5096-97  YB4L-B 
MBKBooster Road5095  YB4L-B 
MBKBooster Rocket5096-97  YB4L-B 
MBKBooster Spirit50-99  YB4L-B 
MBKBooster Track50-99  YB4L-B 
MBKDoodo125   YB7L-B 
MBKEqualis50-99  YB4L-B 
MBKEvolis5093-97  YB4L-B 
MBKEvolis80   YB4L-B 
MBKFizz5095-96  YB4L-B 
MBKFlame12595-97 YTX7A-BS  
MBKFlame R125-98 YTX7A-BS  
MBKForte5096-97  YB4L-B 
MBKKilibre30004 YTX9-BS  
MBKNitro50-99  YB4L-B 
MBKNitro100  YTX4L-BS  
MBKOvetto50-99  YB4L-B 
MBKOvetto100  YTX4L-BS  
MBKSkyliner150   YB7L-B 
MBKSkyliner 125125   YB7L-B212N7-3B
MBKSkyliner 25025000 YT7B-BS  
MBKSorriso50   YB4L-B 
MBKTarget50   YB4L-B 
MBKVertex150  YTX7A-BS  
MBKXC Flame/Flame R125  YTX7A-BS  
MBKX-Limit DT505097  YB3L-A 
MBKXT660R660  YT9B-BS  
MBKYZFR 12512514-   12N5.5-4A
Morini9 1/21200  YTX20CH-BS  
Morini150SS150    6N11A-1B
MoriniCamel501   YB18L-A 
MoriniCoguaro350   YB18L-A 
MoriniCoguaro501   YB18L-A 
MoriniCorsaro125    6N11A-1B
MoriniCorsaro1200  YTX20CH-BS  
MoriniCorsaro Avio1200  YTX20CH-BS  
MoriniCorsaro Veloce1200  YTX20CH-BS  
MoriniCountry125    6N11A-1B
MoriniDart350   YB14L-A2 
MoriniEnduro500    6N2-2A
MoriniExcalibur350   YB18L-A 
MoriniExcalibur501   YB18L-A 
MoriniGranpasso1200  YTX20CH-BS  
MoriniKanguro350   YB18L-A 
MoriniNew York350   YB18L-A 
MoriniNew York501   YB18L-A 
MoriniScrambler1200  YTX20CH-BS  
MoriniSport1200  YTX20CH-BS  
MoriniSport bicil.350    12N9-3B
MoriniSport bicil. (Electric-Starter)350   YB18L-A 
MoriniTurbo500   YB18L-A 
MoriniTuriso, Spor175    B49-6
Mototrans250 Strada     12N12A-4A-1
Mototrans350 Forsa    Y50-N18L-A 
Mototrans350 Vento     12N12A-4A-1
Mototrans500 Desmo    YB14L-A2 
Mototrans500 Twin    Y50-N18L-A 
MotronCompact Racing RZ150   YB4L-B 
MotronInvader50   YB4L-B 
MotronSpike50   YB4L-B 
MotronSting50   YB4L-B 
MotronSyncro50   YB4L-B 
MotronThunder50   YB4L-B 
MotronXLE50   YB4L-B 
MuzAll Models125All  YB9L-A2 
MuzSkorpion66095-01  YB9L-A2 
MV AgustaBrutale80016YTZ10S   
MV AgustaBrutale91006-08YTZ10S   
MV AgustaBrutale 1078RR, 1090100009-16YTZ10S   
MV AgustaF3, Brutale67516YTZ10S   
MV AgustaF4100005-16YTZ10S   
MV AgustaF4 10001000   Y60-N24L-A 
MV AgustaF4, Brutale75000-08YTZ10S   
MV AgustaF4, Brutale75004-YTZ10S   
MV AgustaF4, Serie Oro750   53030 
MZ125ES, ETS125    6N11A-1B
MZ125ETZ125    12N9-3B
MZ125TS125    6N11A-1B
MZ150ETZ125    12N9-3B
MZETS250250    6N11A-1B
MZETZ250250    12N9-3B
MZGreen Star50097  YB14L-A2 
MZRed Star50097  YB14L-A2 
MZRoadstar12593-94  YB5L-B 
MZSaxon Fun50093  YB14L-A2 
MZSaxson Country50093-97  YB14L-A2 
MZSaxson Fun, Tour251/30193-94  YB5L-B 
MZSazson Sport Star12593-97  YB5L-B 
MZSilver Star Classic50093-96  YB14L-A2 
MZSkorpion Classic66097  YB9L-B 
MZSkorpion Race Replica66095-96  YB9L-B 
MZSkorpion Replica66097  YB9L-B 
MZSkorpion Sport66094-97  YB9L-B 
MZSkorpion Tour66094-97  YB9L-B 
MZSkorpion Traveller66097  YB9L-B 
MZTour50093-94  YB14L-A2 
MZTS150150    6N11A-1B
MZTS250250    6N11A-1B
Nanjing JinchengSJ110    YB5L-B 
Norton350 Navigator350    6N11A-1B
Norton750 Ranger Commando750   YB9-B 
Norton850 Commando, Commando (75)850 YTX14AHL-BS   
OzbikeModels AllAll YTX5L-BS   
Panda Motor SportsCom-ute5096-02   6N4-2A
Panda Motor SportsCub5096-99 YTX4L-BS  
Panda Motor SportsFun Rider5096-02   6N2-2A
Panda Motor SportsRetro5001-02  YB7-A 
Panda Motor SportsTrail Rider7099-02 YTX4L-BS  
Peugeot8F. QP125.125  YTX7A-BS  
PeugeotBuxy5095-97  YB4L-B 
PeugeotBuxy RS5096-97  YB4L-B 
PeugeotCiclomotore (Electric-Starter)10501-  YB4L-B 
PeugeotCityStar12511  YB12AL-A 
PeugeotDjango12514- YTX7A-BS  
PeugeotElyseo5098  YB4L-B 
PeugeotElyseo10099  YB7L-B 
PeugeotElyseo10001- YTX5L-BS  
PeugeotElyseo125   YB7-A 
PeugeotElyseo15098  YB7-A 
PeugeotElystar12502-  YB7-A 
PeugeotElystar15002-  YB7-A 
PeugeotElystar TDS5003-  YB4L-B 
PeugeotET 412504  YB9-B 
PeugeotFox LA2595-97  YB4L-B 
PeugeotFox Lux5095-97  YB4L-B 
PeugeotGeopolis12505  YB12AL-A 
PeugeotGeopolis25005  YB12AL-A 
PeugeotGILERA NEW RUNNER 200 VXR20008  YB9-B 
PeugeotJet Force5003  YB4L-B 
PeugeotJet Force12503  YB12AL-A 
PeugeotJet Force Compressor12503  YB12AL-A 
PeugeotLiverty50   YB4L-B 
PeugeotLooxor5001-  YB4L-B 
PeugeotLooxor10001- YTX5L-BS  
PeugeotLooxor TDS5002-  YB7L-B 
PeugeotLudix5004  YB4L-B 
PeugeotQP200T200  YTX14-BS  
PeugeotRapido/Rapido35001-  YB4L-B 
PeugeotSatelis12505  YB12AL-A 
PeugeotSatelis25006  YB12AL-A 
PeugeotSatelis40007 YTX12-BS  
PeugeotSatelis50007 YTX12-BS  
PeugeotSatelis Compressor12507  YB14L-A2 
PeugeotSCLI Metropolis5001-  YB4L-B 
PeugeotSpeedake5001-  YB4L-B 
PeugeotSpeedfight 25000-  YB4L-B 
PeugeotSpeedfight/LC5097-99  YB4L-B 
PeugeotSpeedfighter10098- YTX5L-BS  
PeugeotSquab5096-97  YB4L-B 
PeugeotST5001-  YB4L-B 
PeugeotST/SV25001- YTX12-BS  
PeugeotSV100-97  YB5L-B 
PeugeotSV Blue Star5097  YB4L-B 
PeugeotSV Junior5093-96  YB4L-B 
PeugeotSV/SV Geo5093-97  YB4L-B 
PeugeotSV12512593-97  YB5L-B 
PeugeotSV808093-96  YB5L-B 
PeugeotTrekker10098- YTX5L-BS  
PeugeotTrekker Road/Off Road5099  YB4L-B 
PeugeotVivacity5099  YB4L-B 
PeugeotVivacity10099- YTX5L-BS  
PeugeotX-Fight50   YB4L-B 
PeugeotX-Fight10001- YTX5L-BS  
PeugeotZenith5095-96  YB4L-B 
PeugeotZenith10001-  YB4L-B 
PGOBig Max5095-96  YB4L-B 
PGOBig Max Sport5096-97YTX4L-BSYT4L-BS  
PGOComet Junior5094-97YTX4L-BSYT4L-BS  
PGOStar-Star II5093-96  YB4L-B 
Polaris VictoryAll models173108-16YTX20HL (WC)   
Polaris VictoryV92C, DC Classic, Deluxe Cruiser150798-04YTX20HL-BSYTX20L-BS  
Polaris VictoryV92SC Sport Cruiser150700-01YTX20HL-BSYTX20L-BS  
Polaris VictoryV92TC Touring Cruiser150702-06YTX20HL-BSYTX20L-BS  
Polaris VictoryVegas, Kingpin, 8-ball, Hammer150703-05YTX20HL-BSYTX20L-BS  
Polaris VictoryVegas, Kingpin, 8-ball, Hammer (-08)163406-10YTX20HL (WC)   
PuchCobra 80     B39-6
PuchCobra GTL, Daytona N50, Monza     B39-6
PuchLido SL50, Lido Vario    YB4L-B 
PuchMonza GP, Monza GX, Monza X     B39-6
QianjiangB0150 YTX4L-BSYT4L-BS  
QianjiangQJ110-6100   YB5L-B 
QianjiangQJ125125  YTX7A-BS 12N7-4A
QianjiangQJ125J125    12N9-4B-1
QianjiangQJ125T125  YTX7A-BS  
QianjiangQJ125T-27C125  YTX7A-BS  
QianjiangQJ125T-30A125  YTX7L-BS  
QianjiangQJ125T-3F125  YTX7A-BS  
QianjiangQJ150-26150    12N7-4A
QianjiangQJ150T15007- YTX7A-BS  
QianjiangQJ250-3250    12N9-4B-1
QianjiangQJ250T25007- YTX9-BS  
QianjiangQJ36-A50   YB4L-B 
QianjiangQJ50T, QJ50T-250   YB4L-B 
QianjiangQJ50T-2A50 YTX4L-BSYT4L-BS  
QianjiangQJ50T-850  YTX5L-BS  
QianjiangT0850 YTX4L-BSYT4L-BS  
QianjiangT08/B0150  YT4L-BS  
QianjiangT12100  YTX7L-BS  
RizzatoByte AT1050   YB4L-B 
RizzatoCarosello50   YB4L-B 
RizzatoHacker AT12, LC/Racing50   YB4L-B 
Royal EnfieldAll Electric Start Models35000-03YTX14AHL-BS   
Royal EnfieldAll Kick-start Models35095-99  YB7-A 
Royal EnfieldAll Kick-start Models35000-03  YB5L-B 
Royal EnfieldBullet Electra50011-YTX14AHL-BS   
Shanghai YamahaES4 (for Brazil)   YTX7L-BS  
SimsonAlbatros5097   12N5.5-3B
SimsonAlbatros (Electric-Starter)5097  YB5L-B 
SimsonClassic5096-97   12N5.5-3B
SimsonClassic8096-97   12N5.5-3B
SimsonS51/1 B, C, E50    12N5.5-3B
SimsonS535093-95   12N5.5-3B
SimsonS838093-95   12N5.5-3B
SimsonSD CT, CTE5095   12N5.5-3B
SimsonSR50 1B, 1C5093-95   12N5.5-3B
SimsonSR50 2CE (Electric-Starter)5093  YB5L-B 
SimsonSR50 CC5094   12N5.5-3B
SimsonSR50 CCE (Electric-Starter)5094  YB5L-B 
SimsonSR50 M, XC, XG5094-95   12N5.5-3B
SimsonSR50 XCE, XGE (Electric-Starter)5095  YB5L-B 
SimsonSR80 1B, 1C, CC8093-95   12N5.5-3B
SimsonSR80 2CE (Electric-Starter)8093  YB5L-B 
SimsonSR80 CCE (Electric-Starter)8094  YB5L-B 
SimsonSR80 XCE, XGE8095  YB5L-B 
Sundiro Honda125125   YB6L-B 
Sundiro Honda100-6B/6G100  YTX7A-BS  
Sundiro Honda125T-2D / 8D125  YTX7A-BS  
Sundiro HondaSDH100-41100   YB5L-B 
Sundiro HondaSDH125125 YTX7A-BSYTX7L-BS 12N9-4B-1
Sundiro HondaSDH125-6125    12N7A-3A
Sundiro HondaSDH125-7B125   YB6L-B 
Sundiro HondaSDH50QT 1650   YB4L-B 
Sundiro HondaToday50  YTX4L-BS  
Sundiro HondaWAVE100   YB5L-B 
Tgb/Winking50 Akros5097YTX4L-BSYT4L-BS  
Tgb/Winking50 Ergon5097YTX4L-BSYT4L-BS  
Tgb/WinkingAS25 Bunny5096  YB4L-B 
Tgb/WinkingAS50 X Bunny5094-95  YB4L-B 
Tgb/WinkingAS50 X Kurier5095  YB4L-B 
Tgb/WinkingAT50 Bunny5093  YB4L-B 
Tgb/WinkingAT50 Bunny Gespann5093-94  YB4L-B 
ValpadanaMotori agricoli85089  Y60-N24-A 
Velocette350, 500, Early Venson1200    B38-6A
VelocetteEarly Thruxton, Viper1200    B38-6A
VelocetteLE200    B38-6A (x2)
VelocetteVogue1200    B38-6A (x2)
Wuyang-HondaLEAD125  YTX7L-BS  
Wuyang-HondaWH100T100  YTX5L-BS  
Wuyang-HondaWH125T125  YTX9-BS  
Wuyang-HondaWH125T-2125  YTX7L-BS  
Wuyang-HondaWY125-3,C,F125    12N7A-3A
Xindazhou HondaREN5050  YTX4L-BS  
Xindazhou HondaSDH125125    12N9-4B-1
Xindazhou HondaSDH125T-21,80125  YTX7A-BS  
Xindazhou HondaSDH50QT 1650   YB4L-B 
Xindazhou HondaToday50  YTX4L-BS  

Battery Cross Reference Chart

motorcycle battery comparison - Motorcycle Battery Finder

Now you know your battery model number, this handy battery cross reference chart will help you find the correct part number for three popular battery manufacturers: Yuasa, Exide and MotoBatt.

Click on a battery model, to be taken to a retailer where you can find the cheapest and buy online.

Click to buy YuasaClick to buy ExideClick to buy MotoBatt
51913GEL 12-19MB51815
Click to buy YuasaClick to buy ExideClick to buy MotoBatt

Lithium Battery Upgrade Chart

lithium vs lead acid motorcycle battery weight 500x261 - Motorcycle Battery Finder

A lithium motorcycle battery is a worthwhile investment.


For me, the weight saving is brilliant but the main selling point is that, unlike a traditional lead-acid battery, they hold their charge for months and months. So even though they are slightly more expensive than a quality lead-acid battery, they will last far longer, probably twice or three times as long as a lead-acid.

Bikes tend to be used less frequently than cars and so it’s normal to go a few months without turning over your engine. The result? Your motorcycle battery dies and you can’t recover it. If this sounds like you, then go for a Lithium battery – you won’t regret it.

Both JMT and Shido are quality brands. They are both lightweight but cunningly they use the same physical-sized housing as a standard battery so you don’t have to mess around with foam padding. If you want the ultimate in compact size and weight saving, then go for an Aliant but you’ll need to pad out your battery housing box.

You’re looking at a weight saving of around 2kg and up to 5kg when you switch to a lithium motorcycle battery. MotoGP teams spend tens of thousands of pounds trying to find a 1kg weight saving and you can get a 2kg saving for around £70!

Click to buy YuasaClick to buy ShidoClick to buy JMT
Click to buy YuasaClick to buy ShidoClick to buy JMT

Frequently Asked Questions

My motorcycle battery is dead and won't charge
A motorcycle battery is a ‘live’ product, that is to say, once it has been commissioned, it is giving off energy, discharging. A by-product of this process is sulphation, so if you don’t keep your battery charged (either by riding the bike or using a battery charger), it will eventually get to a stage where the sulphation causes a short-circuit and you won’t be able to start your bike - or recover your battery. You could try a motorcycle battery charger with a reconditioning mode or just buy a new battery.

What battery do I need for a 125cc motorbike?
Every motorbike is different. See the battery finder on this page.

What's the longest lasting motorcycle battery?
If you want a long-lasting motorcycle battery or one that will survive winter, go for a Lithium battery. They take 3 to 5 times as long to lose their charge compared to a lead-acid battery.

What's the best battery for my Harley?
Your best bet is to go for a battery with a higher cranking amperage. If you have a large V-twin engine, definitely don't buy a cheap battery as it won't be able to handle many start cycles. It's a false economy. Either go for a high-cranking lead-acid battery, usually fitted to touring bikes or a Lithium battery which has around 50% more cranking power than standard lead-acid batteries.

My battery clicks but my motorbike won't start
The noise you can hear isn’t the battery clicking but the starter solenoid. This solenoid is the first thing to receive power from the battery and it’s a relay that then opens the solenoid but there isn’t the power to turn the starter motor. The only good news in this situation is that the battery is probably still in a state where you can rescue it but you need to get it straight to A&E - dig out your charger, quick!

Do I need to top up my battery acid?
The only battery you’ll need to top up is a non-sealed (flooded) motorcycle battery. The acid itself doesn’t evaporate but the water-element of the acid mixture does, leaving a more concentrated solution. Top it up using distilled water (boil a kettle, let the water cool then use that).

How long will a motorcycle battery last?
Correctly maintained, a motorcycle battery should give you 48 months of use. However if you don’t ever charge it and rarely use the bike, it could be dead within 6 months. If you rarely use the bike and don’t have access to power where the bike is parked - it’s worth removing the battery and giving it a full charge every couple of months. Or even better - get out and ride!

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