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ECE 22.06 Helmet Guide

ece 22 06 motorcycle helmet standard 1024x640 - ECE 22.06 Helmet Guide

Table of Contents New Regulations And The ECE 22.06  – How Will It Affect Me? As an experienced motorcyclist you probably already know that in order for your motorbike helmet to be safe and road legal it must first go through a stringent process of testing before it can be placed on sale.  The existing …

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The Best Motorcycle Tyres

best motorcycle tyres guide review - The Best Motorcycle Tyres

There are essentially 3 types of tyre for the road: Touring, Sports Touring and Sports. Then for the track there are motorcycle Trackday tyres and Racing tyres. In among that lot are sub-categories like Adventure bike tyres, 125cc tyres and Scooter tyres but the tyres in those three categories also fit into the main categories …

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CBT Clothing Guide

motorcycle cbt clothing guide kit 1024x650 - CBT Clothing Guide

So you’re thinking of becoming a biker? The first step is to take your Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) which takes a day and enables you to then head out on the road, on your own, with a set of snazzy L-plates and a new sense of adventure. For this article, Claire-Louise and I have both …

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Motorcycle Airbag Options

motorcycle airbag vests suit motogp 1024x630 - Motorcycle Airbag Options

Introduction to Motorcycle Airbags Motorcycle airbag vests are no longer the future; they’re the present. They’re affordable, accessible and there’s lots of proof that they work. Airbags are still relatively new to motorcycling but they are well established in equestrian circles, where riders are at risk of serious injury if they fall from their horse. …

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The Best Paddock Stands

best paddock stand triumph 1024x576 - The Best Paddock Stands

Whether you’re a racer, trackday enthusiast or a home mechanic, paddock stands are a useful bit of kit for motorcycles without a centre stand. They keep your bike upright and stable, making them easier to work on or keep neatly stored in the garage.  Rear paddock stands come in two main types for motorcycles with …

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The Best Scooter Disc Locks

scooter disc lock - The Best Scooter Disc Locks

It’s a sad state of affairs but motorcycle and scooter crime has risen dramatically over the past five years.  Scooters are particularly vulnerable – thieves love them as they’re easy to ride two-up, can carry their tools and the twist-and-go nature means anyone can ride them. Bikes like the Vespa GTS300, Honda SH300, Piaggio Beverly …

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10w40 motorcycle oil guide


Table of Contents What does 10w40 mean? 10w40 engine oil is a 4-stroke engine oil designed to lubricate the moving parts. You can buy it for generic applications (cars, motorcycles and other engines) and also motorcycle-specific oil. The numbers and letters refer to the oil’s viscosity. That is to say it’s thickness. 10w40 is just …

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Garmin Zumo XT vs 595

garmin zumo xt vs 595 review - Garmin Zumo XT vs 595

Garmin has launched a new range-topping motorcycle sat nav, the Zumo XT. The TomTom vs Garmin battle has intensified! Garmin’s former top of the range Zumo 595, has been superseded by XT and in this review we’ll help you establish the differences between the two and work out which one is best for you. It’s …

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ACF-50 Review

acf 50 review guide - ACF-50 Review

What is it? ACF stands for Anti Corrosion Formula. ACF-50 was originally developed for the aviation industry to protect aircraft parts from corrosion. ACF-50 has been approved to MIL-SPEC 81309 standard for ferrous and non-ferrous application, including electrical systems and electronic components. It is used by armed forces around the world to prevent corrosion in …

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Cool motorcycle helmets

coolest motorcycle helmets - Cool motorcycle helmets

So you’re looking for a motorcycle helmet that oozes cool? We’ve got a great selection for you. This guide focuses on full-face helmets that you can actually buy in the UK. We’ve trawled through a vast majority of all of the motorbike helmets for sale over here and we’ve picked out ten lids that have …

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Kriega Backpack Guide

kriega backpack guide - Kriega Backpack Guide

Kriega has become THE brand of biker luggage. The quality of their products has helped them grow a loyal following. Sure it is quite pricey but they’re made from high-quality materials and each Kriega piece is built to last. The company was founded in the year 2000 by Dom Longman and Michael Cottam who both …

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