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Women’s Motorcycle Clothing Guide

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A decade ago, the range of women’s motorcycle gear was pretty poor. And that’s being generous.

Back then, most ‘female’ motorcycle clothing was just a pink version of whatever the men’s one was. Sure, some areas, like boots and jackets have been fairly well served for years but now these categories offer a huge range of choice.

The number of women getting into motorcycling is growing. In fact it’s the younger end of the spectrum that’s growing the most, with women making up around 20% of new riders from Generation X.

After putting these guides together, we’re confident that you’ll be able to find well-fitting, high-quality women’s motorcycle clothing at a price-point that suits your budget.

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Ladies Motorcycle Jackets

Our comprehensive guide covers everything from leather jackets to textile, waterproof, wax cotton and more. We talk you through all the different features to consider and there are some buying tips in there too.

Women’s Motorcycle Leathers

This guide covers off-the-peg leathers that you can buy from your local dealers, the merits of a one-piece suit versus a two-piece and we also showcase made-to-measure leathers manufacturers, should you wish to buy a bespoke leather suit.

Ladies Motorcycle Boots

Boots are one area where female bikers have a proper selection to choose from. Whether you’re looking for touring boots, racing boots, waterproof or ones with a heel, we’ve put together a comprehensive showcase.

Ladies Kevlar Motorcycle Jeans

Kevlar jeans are a great option if you don’t want to look too ‘bikery’ but you want decent levels of protection. Fortunately there are loads of good female-specific kevlar jeans on the market and our guide will help you find a decent pair.

Ladies Motorcycle Gloves

You can spend anything from £20 to £300 on a set of motorcycle gloves. So what goes into a good pair? Our buyer’s guide and showcase will help you find the best pair of gloves for your needs.

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