Whether you're commuting to work or galavanting across Europe, we all know motorbikes aren't great at carrying stuff but the right luggage will make all the difference. From tail packs to rucksacks to tank bags, we've sifted through the choices to help you pick the best luggage to cart your stuff from A to B and back again.

best motorcycle hard panniers 457x305 - Motorcycle Panniers Buying Guide

Motorcycle Panniers Buying Guide

Published: 25 September, 2019

When I think of hard luggage, I think of being stuck behind someone on an R1200GS with massive aluminium panniers as they try to make their way through London traffic. But not all panniers are big and boxy and not…

best motorcycle top boxes review 500x281 - The Best Motorcycle Top Boxes

The Best Motorcycle Top Boxes

Published: 24 September, 2019

Top boxes have their place but they’re not for everyone. My preferred order when it comes to carrying stuff on the bike is: small tank bag for small stuff, a tailpack for a bit more stuff, soft panniers for even…

best motorcycle messenger bags review 480x305 - The Best Motorcycle Messenger Bags

The Best Motorcycle Messenger Bags

Published: 19 July, 2019

For urban riders who use their bikes for daily commuting, messenger bags have become a common sight. With a large enough compartment for a laptop or, sling it diagonally over your shoulder and arrive without creasing or damaging anything. Funnily…

best motorcycle bum bags 487x305 - Showcase: Top Motorcycle Bum Bags

Showcase: Top Motorcycle Bum Bags

Published: 12 July, 2019

They go by many names, bum bags, waist bags or if you’re from across the pond, fanny pack but for carrying small essentials, they’re an excellent accessory for motorcycling. If you’re off touring, a bum bag is a handy bit…

best motorbike tail pack 389x305 - The Best Motorcycle Tail Pack

The Best Motorcycle Tail Pack

Published: 05 July, 2019

For long weekends away or daily commute, a tail pack is, in my opinion, the best motorcycle luggage you can buy. Simple to fit and capable of carrying a lot of kit, they don’t get in the way of your…

best motorcycle soft luggage 488x305 - The Best Motorcycle Panniers

The Best Motorcycle Panniers

Published: 02 July, 2019

You don’t have to own a massive touring bike to go touring in comfort. Just add a set of soft panniers to your motorcycle and you’re good to go. Soft luggage is easy to use – it takes just a…

best motorcycle kit bag 457x305 - The Best Motorcycle Kit Bags

The Best Motorcycle Kit Bags

Published: 22 April, 2019

If you’re a trackday regular or you’re into trials, trail riding or MX then you know how useful it is to have all your kit in one place. A motorcycle gear bag is a great item to have in the…

best motorcycle helmet bag 457x305 - The Best Motorcycle Helmet Bags

The Best Motorcycle Helmet Bags

Published: 21 April, 2019

If you want to keep your helmet in top-notch condition, you need a helmet bag. Unless you’re lucky enough to have a dedicated rack in the garage or a safe place to put your lid in the house, it’s almost…

best motorcycle rucksack 457x305 - The Best Motorcycle Rucksacks

The Best Motorcycle Rucksacks

Published: 21 April, 2019

As bikers, we know that we don’t have the ability to just lob our stuff on the passenger seat and get going – carrying things requires a bit of preparation. There are various ways to carry our wares on a…