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Ducati Engine Oil Selector

ducati recommended motorcycle engine oil - Ducati Engine Oil Selector

Table of Contents While Ducati recommends Shell as it’s preferred oil, you don’t HAVE to use Shell to keep your Ducati running sweetly. Shell’s Technical Partnership with Ducati Corse started in 1999 when they first worked together in World Superbike (the glorious Foggy era!). Shell claims that what they learn from their extreme testing environment …

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Motorcycle Tax Rates

motorcycle tax rates chart uk - Motorcycle Tax Rates

Vehicle Excise Duty (VED), formally known as road tax, must be displayed on vehicles registered in the United Kingdom and is an annual fee. The Roads and Finance Act of 1920 implemented road rax, now known as VED, with the idea of creating revenue in order to maintain UK roads to a roadworthy standard. Table …

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The Best Supermoto Bikes

best supermoto bikes guide 1024x640 - The Best Supermoto Bikes

20 years ago (which, I appreciate, is a long time), Supermotos were on everyone’s lips. In a market dominated by Superbikes, they were the ‘next big thing’. While they did gain a cult following, they never really hit the mainstream. The thing is, while they’re seriously good fun they’re also seriously unpractical. They have stupidly …

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The Best A2 Bikes

best a2 bikes uk - The Best A2 Bikes

An A2 motorcycle opens up a whole world of new riding possibilities. If you’ve done your CBT and ridden around on a 125cc bike for a year or two, the step up to an A2 motorcycle will be rewarding and enjoyable in equal measure. Table of Contents Bigger, heavier but more powerful and faster than …

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The Best Adventure Bikes

Best Adventure Bikes Review 1024x640 - The Best Adventure Bikes

Adventure bikes started life as basic off-road pluggers that would get you anywhere. They were simple bikes, like the Yamaha XT500, Suzuki DR650, and even the R80GS. Back in the day, an Adventure motorcycle was essentially a motocross chassis with a bigger, heavier engine. No good for MX but plenty capable for any terrain from …

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KTM Engine Oil Selector

ktm recommended motorcycle engine oil - KTM Engine Oil Selector

Austrian motorcycle manufacturer KTM are well-known for their high-revving singles, from Motocross bikes to Supermotos but they now also make a growing range of twin-cylinder-powered bikes, from big Adventure tourers, to nimble street bikes. High-revs means high power so it pays not to skimp on engine oil if you want your engine to be reliable …

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Sym Engine Oil Selector

sym recommended motorcycle engine oil - Sym Engine Oil Selector

Sanyang Motor Co, better known as Sym manufacture scooters, motorcycles and ATVs from their factories in Taiwan. They are predominantly known for their small-capacity scooters, which are used as workhorses in the Far East but they have been improving their range and reputation in Europe and the USA and now also make a growing range …

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The Best Sports Tourers

best sports tourer motorcycle 1024x682 - The Best Sports Tourers

For me, a Sports Tourer should be 70% sport and 30% touring. If it doesn’t come with factory-fit hard luggage then it’s, at best, just a soft sportsbike. Our guide picks 5 of the best sports touring motorcycles, each one offering a different engine layout, different capacity and a different approach to clocking up big …

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ULEZ Motorcycles Guide

ulez motorcycles london 1024x641 - ULEZ Motorcycles Guide

Table of Contents What is ULEZ? ULEZ stands for Ultra Low Emission Zone. Most vehicles must meet the ULEZ emissions standards or pay a fee. It was designed to deter air-polluting vehicles from entering the zone, to help improve air quality.  How much does it cost Cars, motorcycles and vans up to 3.5 tonnes pay …

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The Best Superbikes

the best superbikes 2020 1024x640 - The Best Superbikes

While the market might have shifted its focus (and buying power) to Adventure bikes, manufacturers are still working hard to produce even lighter, faster and more tech-packed superbikes than ever before. Table of Contents What you need to know For me, there’s no better thrill than thrashing a motorbike around a race circuit. There’s something …

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The Best Naked Bikes

best naked motorcycles 1024x640 - The Best Naked Bikes

The term Naked, in the world of motorcycling, is actually hard to define. From the year dot, motorcycles were ‘naked’ i.e. they had no fairing. But then along came fairings and motorcycles needed classification. So by default, a normal motorcycle became a ‘Naked’. Table of Contents Naked bikes are also known by other terms; Roadsters, …

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The Best Café Racers

Best Cafe Racer Motorbikes 2019 1024x640 - The Best Café Racers

Cafe Racers look fast even when they’re parked up. There’s something about that hunched look you get when you add clip-ons to a naked bike, that makes them look primed for speed. They originated in the UK in the ’60s. Younger riders were looking for ways to take their old bikes and make them quicker …

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The Best Maxi Scooters

best maxi scooter uk - The Best Maxi Scooters

Table of Contents A maxi-scooter is a great two-wheeler choice if you’re after both comfort and performance in a package that’s easy to handle and effortless to ride. What is a maxi scooter? More powerful than regular scooters, a maxi-scooter is defined as a scooter with an engine capacity over 125cc. Often they have larger …

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The Best 125cc Scooters

best scooter uk 1024x683 - The Best 125cc Scooters

Table of Contents If you’re tired of spending hours stuck in traffic or squeezing yourself into a stinky train carriage, you’re in the right place! A 125cc scooter will revitalise your commute, save your time and mean you’re never held to ransom by tube strikes again! There is an abundant choice on the market; whether …

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125cc motorbikes list

list of a1 motorcycles - 125cc motorbikes list

Below is a list of all the A1 licence friendly motorcycles you can buy new from UK motorcycle dealers today. Essentially this is a list of 125cc bikes, which is the upper engine capacity that you can ride on a motorcycle CBT licence or A1 motorcycle licence. Table of Contents How the CBT and A1 …

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Every A2 motorcycle

best a2 motorcycles 1024x640 - Every A2 motorcycle

If you’re new to motorcycling, you have a few hoops to jump through. The new(ish) category A, A1 and A2 motorcycle licence structure can be a bit confusing at first. It used to be that you either rode a 125cc bike on L-plates and then you did your test and rode a big bike but …

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