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What is motorcycle part exchange

Part-exchanging your motorbike or scooter can be a great option when you’re switching to another model. The way it works is simple: the dealer values your bike and offers you that sum off the purchase of a new model. Some dealers will also part-ex your used bike with another used bike they have in stock but you’ll probably get a better valuation if you’re looking to part-ex against a new model.

The amount your bike is worth will depend on its age, mileage, service history, condition, popularity and the dealer’s desire to take it on.

Some dealers will take your part-ex, buff it up, roll it onto their showroom floor and stick a price tag on it. Other dealers aren’t interested in sitting on used stock and will find a different outlet for your used bike, either a local independent dealer they have a good relationship with or they’ll sell it at a trade motorcycle auction.

The more margin a dealer thinks they can make on your bike, the keener they’ll be to take it on. However if they think they can get you onto a different bike they’ll make good money on, they might take your bike as part-ex just to make the sale.

How do I get the best motorcycle part-ex price?

  • If a dealer is a solus dealer, they’ll often have less interest in taking your bike in part-ex if it isn’t from the same manufacturer. This doesn’t mean your bike is worth less, just that the dealer is prepared to pay you less as they’ll have a harder time selling the bike and making a profit.
  • Have an idea of what your bike is worth before you take it to a dealer for a part-ex. The price they offer you isn’t fixed and if you are clued-up you’ll be able to cut a better deal.
  • Your bike will get the best valuation if it’s a recent model, low mileage, serviced by a main dealer, in great condition, with no modifications and it’s a desirable model. However even with that little lot on your side, if you turn up to the dealer and your bike’s hanging with road grime, you’ll set a bad first impression and the dealer will offer you less – yes a good once over from the 9 Romanians at your local car wash will help you get the best valuation.
  • You might love your Ducati 848 that’s fitted with a 1098 motor and looking dazzling with its custom paint job and chrome wheels but the dealer isn’t going to want to touch it. Sometimes it’s better to sell your bike privately to get the best price because if a dealer thinks you’ve got a lemon, their offer will reflect that. However if you want convenience, part-ex is the way to go. Remember, dealers know they’re convenient, hence the price you’ll get offered will always factor in the margin they want to make.
  • Every manufacturer and every dealer will have models they can’t get enough of and models they can’t sell enough of. Guess which one you’ll be able to strike a better deal on? So if you’re not dead set on having the latest, greatest model, you’ll be a rarer find for the dealer and they’ll be prepared to go that bit further to get you on a bike they’re finding hard to shift. They might make you a better part-ex offer, a higher valuation of your bike or a discount on the new bike.
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