Show Me, Tell Me motorcycle test questions

Show And Tell Questions


The ‘show me, tell me’ questions are vehicle safety questions that driving examiners can ask in category A (motorcycle) riding tests.


Some examples of the same could be:


  1. Identify where you would check the engine oil level and tell me how you would check that the engine has sufficient oil.


  1. Identify where to check level, i.e. dipstick or sight glass. Explain that level should be between max and min marks. For dipstick remove dipstick and wipe clean, return and remove again to check oil level against max/min marks. For sight glass, ensure glass is clean when checking.




  1. C. Show me how you would check that the horn is working on this machine (off road only).

Check is carried out by using control (turn on ignition if necessary).


These questions will be asked during the practical test, and are designed to establish your knowledge of motorcycle safety on the road, and how to ensure that your bike is safe and roadworthy.