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The Best Motorcycle First Aid Kit

motorcycle lowside - The Best Motorcycle First Aid Kit

When you think of First Aid, it’s easy to think of a bike in a million pieces, the rider in a ditch and general pandemonium. But on the thousands of miles and probably two-hundred-plus rideouts I’ve done, I’ve only ever been on the scene of a big accident a few times.

In those situations, an underseat first aid kit isn’t going to be of much use. A charged-up mobile phone is vital, so you can call the emergency services. Followed by a basic understanding of the process of treating a casualty – this knowledge is a very useful string to your bow.

So it goes without saying, the times I’ve required a first aid kit haven’t been those big incidents. I’ve used my first aid kit when I was stung by a wasp and when I burnt my thumb on an MV Agusta exhaust (damn those underseat pipes!).

If you’re going touring, a First Aid kit is an excellent addition to your packing list. In fact in a majority of European countries it’s a legal requirement to carry one.

They needn’t be bulky and should be able to fit under most seats – although, on some sportsbikes, finding a tiny amount of free space can be a challenge.

They’re not expensive either, at under a tenner, you’d be mad not to grab one.

two tyres din 13167 motorcycle first aid kit 305x305 - The Best Motorcycle First Aid Kit
Best buy

Two Tyres DIN13167 First Aid Kit

A top-rated first aid kit

Designed for bikers, this first aid kit packs a load of useful items in a compact carry case. It means the DIN 13167 standard (a legal carry in some EU countries) and as well as the usual plasters, and dressings it also contains scissors, two blisters plasters, emergency eyewash (for when that bee whacks you in the eye!), micropore tape and a n emergency blanket. It’s all you need.

qbag first aid kit 300x300 - The Best Motorcycle First Aid Kit
Also Great

Quality first aid kit, designed for bikers

The QBag first aid kit contains everything you’d need for minor bumps and scrapes. It includes: Adhesive plasters, first-aid dressings, compression bandages, Medium metallised polyester foil blanket, sterile gauze, first-aid scissors, Disposable gloves and a First-aid guide.

The cheapest first aid kit

There are countless First Aid kits on the market and the cheapest we could find was this one which is amazingly under two-quid. We haven’t tried it but it actually looks pretty good – it contains a handful of plasters, some alcoholic wipes, gauze, some tape and a pair of scissors. 

However, I’d rather have a kit that I can rely on. I’m not convinced those plasters or that tape will stand up to the rigours of ‘being attached to a biker’.

For around a fiver, this first aid kit is a good option, it looks to include fewer but higher-quality items. The only thing that’s missing is a pair of scissors but the bag itself is large enough to stuff in some extras, like paracetamol, hayfever tablets, insect-bite cream and of course, scissors.

Get First Aid trained

motorcycle crash uk - The Best Motorcycle First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is a great start but having a solid understanding of what to do in the event of an accident is even better. 

There’s an initiative called First Bike On Scene which is a long-standing training course designed for bikers. Just Google for FBOS to find a course in your area. Expect to pay around £85 for the course which lasts a day.

The training will stick with you for life – you never know when you might need it.


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