The Best Motorcycle Phone Mounts

motorcycle phone mount review - The Best Motorcycle Phone Mounts

These days, smartphones are used for everything, and they make a perfect alternative to a Sat-Nav for any rider.

Phone holders allow you to attach your phone to your motorcycle handlebars for easy viewing and safe riding. To minimise distraction, always make sure you set up any navigation apps and connect to a Bluetooth headset before setting off. 

While we don’t recommend paying too much attention to your smartphone while riding, a quick glimpse of your sat nav app to check you’re taking the right route is worth its weight in gold if you’re touring around unknown (or uncharted!) territory.

We’ve rounded up some of the best motorcycle phone holders to help you decide which one is right for you. There’s plenty out there to suit a range of budgets.

Some are phone-specific but we’ve chosen mounts that work with any model. It’s essential to ensure you’re choosing a durable design as it’s up against the elements each ride. Our top tips give you advice on what to look for.

givi sat nav phone holder motorcycle - The Best Motorcycle Phone Mounts
Ben's Pick

Versatile and waterproof

This great piece of kit comes with a sturdy mount that fits handles bars up to 35mm in diameter and includes a quick release. The mount is adjustable to give you the best view of your phone’s screen. Complete with a transparent touchscreen, internal Velcro straps, rain cover and glare-reducing sun-visor. The window size is 137 x 86mm for optimum viewing of your phone’s screen; overall phone holder dimensions are 158 x 102mm. In my experience, you need to use the supplied foam padding behind your phone, to push it against the case’s window to get the best view of the screen.

best motorcycle phone mount ram - The Best Motorcycle Phone Mounts
Also Great

Sturdy multi-purpose mount

Like all RAM mounts, this doesn’t disappoint. Made from rustproof, sturdy stainless steel, the locking mechanism is strong and secure, so you know the mount won’t be able to come loose. Fitting handlebars from 0.50” – 1.25” in diameter, you’ll have a job finding a handlebar it won’t fit. The twistable arm knob allows you to reposition the device for your correct viewing position and the cleverly designed X-Grip device tether that’s included keeps your phone attached when you’re on the move. RAM recommends the following device dimensions: max width x height: 82.55m x unlimited (within reason) minimum width x height: 31.75mm x 101.6mm.

The cheapest motorbike phone mount

cheap motorcycle phone mount 305x305 - The Best Motorcycle Phone Mounts


With different sizes dependant on the type of phone you have (choose from M, L or XL), it will fit most smartphone models up to 6.2”. The mount fits handlebars up to 45mm diameter and with easy no-tool installation, it’s quick to install.

However from my experience, the mount itself is pretty wobbly. I wouldn’t want to use this case if I wanted to follow turn by turn sat nav directions but if you want to have your phone handy to refer to it (i.e. if you’re a Deliveroo rider, needing to know your next pick-up) then it’ll do the job.

A touch-friendly window means you don’t have to remove the phone from the protective case; it’s detachable from the mount too, so it’s easy enough to take it with you.

The splash-proof and shockproof pouch (included) will protect your phone but it’s not 100% waterproof so it’s likely to leak if you’re riding long distances with a considerable amount of rain. Investing in a higher priced holder will give you that added protection you really need.

Motorcycle phone mounts: Ben's Top Tips

Check the diameter of your handlebars before making a purchase to make sure the phone holder will fit.

Go for a robust phone grip design like an X-grip or finger grip to prevent losing your phone.

Check your phone will fit in the device, some smartphone holders don’t support larger models.

Choose a phone mount that is shockproof to avoid your phone shaking too much on your route. A RAM mount is your best bet for sturdy mount.

Having a waterproof smartphone holder can protect your phone from harsh weather and dirt from the road. Check the mount can handle water as well, rusting accessories don’t look great.

Attach the phone holder to your bike somewhere it won’t cover your speedo.

Givi S957B Universal Smartphone Holder

The same as our top pick but in portrait orientation. A built-in visor protects the screen from glare, so you don’t have to worry about missing that turning on maps.

TruActive Premium Edition Universal Phone Holder

Tool-free installation to fit handlebars from 1.73” – 4.25” and a phone mount to fit a smartphone from 4.0” – 6.5”. Rotating screen changes orientation from portrait to landscape.

Vibrelli Universal Bike Mount

Fits most phones up to 3.7” wide with 360-degree rotation to view your phone any way you like. Attaches to handlebars 0.9” – 1.3” in diameter. Comes with 3 silicone band grips for spares.

Motorcycle phone mount FAQs

Can my phone get wet?
Check your phone’s model. Some of the latest phones are fully waterproof to IP67 standards. If it isn’t waterproof and you plan to use your phone in the rain, you’ll need a waterproof case.


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