The Best Multi-Tool for Motorcycles

best multi tool motorcycles - The Best Multi-Tool for Motorcycles

If you own a motorcycle, chances are you’re going to need to perform some maintenance from time to time and a multi-tool is a seriously handy weapon in any rider’s arsenal.

Handy in the garage but even handier when out on the bike, especially when you’re touring. The compact design packs in plenty of the tools you need to keep you moving.

We’ve checked out the range of multi-tools and picked out our top 3 to fit every budget.

Anpro multi tool - The Best Multi-Tool for Motorcycles
Best Value

11 screwdriver bits included

For £6.99, this multi-tool is a steal. Not only do you get the standard attached multi-tools which include pliers, knife, Seaper knife, can opener, flat head screwdrivers, Philips screwdriver and even a nail file (should you need it after all your hard work); Anpro have included an 11 screwdriver bit set too. Presented in a handy portable pouch, the multi-tool won’t become damaged when not in use.

gerber multi tool 764x1024 - The Best Multi-Tool for Motorcycles
Our Best Buy

Strong and reliable

For £45, you can buy this robust multi-tool from Gerber with 15 components including wire cutters for any electrical maintenance and a bottle opener for a well deserved drink after all your hard work. The durable storage pouch can be attached to a belt loop so you don’t lose them.

leatherman multi tool - The Best Multi-Tool for Motorcycles
Treat Yourself

Built-in hex-bit adapter

If you’re willing to push the boat out and make an investment in a multi-tool that will last, the Leatherman Crunch Multi-Tool costs around £110. With a built-in hex-bit adaptor, you can carry hex bits too. The crunch clamps up to a 1-inch diameter pipe and the leather pouch adds a touch of class to this compact tool.

Replace Your OEM Toolkit?

motorcycle multi tool 458x305 - The Best Multi-Tool for Motorcycles

If you want a multi tool that’s less Swiss Army Knife and more mini socket set, Crank Brothers’ Multi-19 has, you’ve guessed it, 19 tools.

Although it’s designed for cyclists, it includes allen keys, hex and screwdrivers which come in handy for motorcyclists too. If you only find yourself using the allen keys and screwdriver in your bike’s toolkit, then you can replace that with this compact set for your European tour, saving space and weight.


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