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Kawasaki Oil Filter Reference Chart

kawasaki oil filter size cross reference - Kawasaki Oil Filter Reference Chart


We’ve created this motorcycle oil filter lookup guide, to help you quickly find the right oil filter for your bike.

We’ve listed the make and model of bike, its engine capacity and production years, so that you can be double-sure you’re ordering the right filter.

We’ve then listed the part number for two of the most popular aftermarket oil filter brands: K&N and HifloFiltro so you can easily order the part through your local motorcycle dealer or just follow the link to where you can buy online.

We’ve also written a few handy guides, from the different oil filter removal tools you can use, to a conversion chart that converts the model numbers of the popular brands. We’ve also got an FAQ and a guide on how to do your first motorcycle oil change.

Table of Contents

KAwasaki Oil Filter Fitment Chart

MakeModelYearCCOil FilterPerformance
Kawasaki1000 Ninja H2 NFF (ZX1000)15-161000HF124HF124RC
Kawasaki1000 Ninja H2 SX AJF, BJF (ZX1002)181000HF124HF124RC
Kawasaki1000 Ninja H2 XHF, XHFA, XJF, XJFA (ZX1000) Carbon17-181000HF124HF124RC
Kawasaki1000 Ninja H2R PFF (ZX1000)15-161000HF124HF124RC
Kawasaki1000 Ninja H2R YHF, YJF (ZX1000)17-181000HF124HF124RC
KawasakiAR125 A1-A8,  B1-B882-93125  
KawasakiBJ250 A2, A3, C2 Estrella 25094-00250HF123 
KawasakiBN125 A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8,  A6F, A7F, A8F, A9F Eliminator98-09125HF112 
KawasakiBX250 AEF, AFF 250 Ninja SL14-15250HF112 
KawasakiEL250 B/F EL252 F2-F696-03250HF401 
KawasakiEL250 B2-B3, E1-E7 Eliminator88-97250HF401 
KawasakiEN450 A1-A6 (454 LTD)85-90450HF202 
KawasakiEN500 A1, A2, A3, A490-94500HF303HF303RC
KawasakiEN500 B1, B2, B3, B490-96500HF303HF303RC
KawasakiEN500 C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6, C7 Vulcan 500 Ltd97-02500HF303HF303RC
KawasakiEN500 C7F, C8F, C9F Vulcan Ltd07-09500HF303HF303RC
KawasakiEN500 C8-C10, C6F Vulcan 500 Ltd03-06500HF204HF204RC
KawasakiEN650 AFF,  AGF, CHF, CJF Vulcan-S15-18650HF303HF303RC
KawasakiEN650 BFF, BGF, DHF, DHFA, DJF, DJFA Vulcan-S15-18650HF303HF303RC
KawasakiEN650 EHF, EJF Vulcan-S Cafe17-18650HF303HF303RC
KawasakiEN650 S BFF,  BGF Vulcan-S ABS Cafe15-17650HF303HF303RC
KawasakiEN650 Vulcan-S SE17650HF303HF303RC
KawasakiER250 B3 (Z250 Scorpion)88250HF125 
KawasakiER-5 Twister (35ps) & (50ps)99500HF303HF303RC
KawasakiER500 A1-A4, B1-B4 (ER-5)96-00500HF303HF303RC
KawasakiER500 C1, D1 (ER-5)01-02500HF303HF303RC
KawasakiER500 C3, C4P, C5P (ER-5)03-06500HF303HF303RC
KawasakiER-6f A6F, B6F (EX650)06650HF204HF204RC
KawasakiER-6f A7F, A8F.B7F, B8F (EX650)07-08650HF303HF303RC
KawasakiER-6f C9F, D9F, CAF, DAF, CBF, DBF, ECF, FCF (EX650)09-12650HF303HF303RC
KawasakiER-6f EDF, EEF, EFF, EGF (EX650)13-16650HF303HF303RC
KawasakiER-6n A6F, B6F (ER650)06650HF204HF204RC
KawasakiER-6n A7F, B7F, A8F, B8F (ER650)07-08650HF303HF303RC
KawasakiER-6n C9F, CAF, CBF, DBF, ECF (ER650)09-12650HF303HF303RC
KawasakiER-6n E, EEF, EFF, FFF, FGF (ER650) (ABS)13-16650HF303HF303RC
KawasakiEX250 (EX250R Ninja) Special Edition12250HF401 
KawasakiEX250 (ZZR250)98-02250HF401 
KawasakiEX250 E1, E2 (GPZ250R Ninja)86-87250HF401 
KawasakiEX250 F, G, R-2 (GPX250 R) (Japan)88250HF401 
KawasakiEX250 F2-F19 (GPX250R Ninja)88-05250HF401 
KawasakiEX250 F6F, F7F Ninja 250R (USA)06-07250HF401 
KawasakiEX250 H1, H2, H3 (ZZR250)90-93250HF401 
KawasakiEX250 J8F, J9F, JAF, JAFA, JBF, JBFA, JCF, JCFA Ninja 250R (USA)08-12250HF401 
KawasakiEX250 K8F, K9F, KAF, KBF, KCF (EX250R Ninja)08-12250HF401 
KawasakiEX300 ADF, ADFA, AEF, AEFA, AFF, AFFA, AGF, AGFA Ninja 30013-16300HF303HF303RC
KawasakiEX300 AES, AESA, AFA, AFSA Ninja 300 SE14-15300HF303HF303RC
KawasakiEX300 BDF, BDFA, BEF, BEFA, BFF, BFF, BGF, BGFA, BHF, BHFA Ninja 30013-17300HF303HF303RC
KawasakiEX300 Ninja 300 ABS KRT Edition17300HF303HF303RC
KawasakiEX300 Ninja 300 ABS Winter Test Edition17300HF303HF303RC
KawasakiEX305 (GPZ305)83-97305HF125 
KawasakiEX400 A3, A4 (GPZ400S) (Japan)89-90400HF202 
KawasakiEX400 HJF, HJFA, GJF, GJFA 400 Ninja18400HF303HF303RC
KawasakiEX500 A1-A4 (GPZ500 S)87-89500HF202 
KawasakiEX500 A5-A7 (GPZ500 S)90-93500HF303HF303RC
KawasakiEX500 D10 (GPZ500 S)03500HF204HF204RC
KawasakiEX500 D11-D12, D6F Ninja 500R04-06500HF204HF204RC
KawasakiEX500 D1-D3 (GPZ500 S)94-96500HF303HF303RC
KawasakiEX500 D4-D9 (GPZ500 S)97-02500HF303HF303RC
KawasakiEX500 D7F,  D8F, D9F Ninja 500R07-09500HF303HF303RC
KawasakiEX650 A6F, A7F, A8F, C9F, CAF Ninja 650R06-10650HF303HF303RC
KawasakiEX650 CBF, ECF Ninja 650R11-12650HF303HF303RC
KawasakiEX650 E, EEF, FEF, EFF, FFF, FGF Ninja 650R (ABS)13-16650HF303HF303RC
KawasakiEX650 JHF, JJF Ninja 65017-18650HF303HF303RC
KawasakiEX650 KHF, KJF, FJF, FJFA Ninja 650 ABS17-18650HF303HF303RC
KawasakiEX650 KHFA, KJFA Ninja 650 ABS KRT Edition17-18650HF303HF303RC
KawasakiJ125 (SC125 CGF, CHF, CJF)16-18125HF566 
KawasakiJ300 (SC300)14-18300HF566 
KawasakiJ300 SE14-18300HF566 
KawasakiKDX125 A1-A2,  B1-B290-94125  
KawasakiKDX200 E1-E6,  H1-H11,  H6F89-06200  
KawasakiKDX220 A4-A1197-04220  
KawasakiKDX250 D1-D491-94250  
KawasakiKH100 G5-G8 (EX)83-92100  
KawasakiKH125 L1,  K1-K10 (EX)83-98125  
KawasakiKH125 L1,  K1-K10 (EX)03-06125HF132 
KawasakiKL250 A1, A1A, A2, A3, A477-81250HF123 
KawasakiKL250 C, C2, L182-83250HF123 
KawasakiKL250 D2-D22 (KLR250)84-05250HF123 
KawasakiKL250 G4-G7 Super Sherpa00-03250HF112 
KawasakiKL250 G9F Super Sherpa09250HF112 
KawasakiKL600 A1, B1-B4 (KLR600)84-90600HF123 
KawasakiKL650 A1-A19, A6F, A7F, E8F, E9F, EAF, EBF, ECF, EDF, EEF, EFF, EGF (KLR650)87-16650HF123 
KawasakiKL650 B1, B2, B3 Tengai (KLR650)89-92650HF123 
KawasakiKL650 C1-C9 (KLR650)95-03650HF123 
KawasakiKL650 EHF, EJF (KLR650)17-18650HF123 
KawasakiKL650 EHFA, EJFA (KLR650) Camo17-18650HF123 
KawasakiKL650 EJS (KLR650)18650HF123 
KawasakiKLE300 BHF, BJF Versys-X17300HF303HF303RC
KawasakiKLE300 CHF, CJF Versys-X17-18300HF303HF303RC
KawasakiKLE500 A13,  B1P03-05500HF204HF204RC
KawasakiKLE500 A1-A1291-02500HF303HF303RC
KawasakiKLE500 B6F, B7F06-07500HF303HF303RC
KawasakiKLE650 A8F, A9F, CAF, CBF, DBF, CCF, CDF, DEF Versys08-14650HF303HF303RC
KawasakiKLE650 FFF, FGF, FHF, FJF, FJFA Versys LT15-18650HF303HF303RC
KawasakiKLE650 Versys City11650HF303HF303RC
KawasakiKLE650 Versys Tourer11650HF303HF303RC
KawasakiKLX110 A1-A5,  A6F-A9F, CAF-CJF, DAF-DJF02-17110HF112 
KawasakiKLX125 CAF, CBF, CDF10-15125HF112 
KawasakiKLX125 DAF, DBF, DDF D-Tracker10-14125HF112 
KawasakiKLX125 L B1, B2, B6F03-06125HF132 
KawasakiKLX140 A8F, A9F, AAF, ABF, ACF, ADF, AEF, AFF, AGF, AHF, AJF08-18140HF112 
KawasakiKLX140G CHF, CJF17-18140HF112 
KawasakiKLX140L B8F, B9F, BAF, BBF, BCF, BDF, BEF, BFF, BGF, BHF, BJF08-18140HF112 
KawasakiKLX150L EEF14-15150HF112 
KawasakiKLX250 D2-D4 (KLX250 R)93-96250HF112 
KawasakiKLX250 R (LX250E)91-97250HF112 
KawasakiKLX250 S H6F, H7F06-07250HF112 
KawasakiKLX250 S T9F, TAF, TBF, TCF, TDF, TEF09-14250HF112 
KawasakiKLX250 S9F, SAF, SBF, SCF, SDF, SEF, SFF, SGF, SHF, SJF09-18250HF112 
KawasakiKLX250 SF W9F, WAF09-10250HF112 
KawasakiKLX300 A1-A10, A6F, A7F (KLX300R)96-07300HF112 
KawasakiKLX400 R03400HF139 
KawasakiKLX400 SR03400HF139 
KawasakiKLX450 R A8F, A9F, AAF, ABF, ACF, ADF, AEF08-14450HF112 
KawasakiKLX450 R AJF18450HF112 
KawasakiKLX650 A1-A3, D1 (KLX650 R)93-96650HF123 
KawasakiKLX650 C1-C593-97650HF123 
KawasakiKLX650 R93-01650HF123 
KawasakiKLZ1000 ACF, ADF, AEF Versys12-141000HF303HF303RC
KawasakiKLZ1000 BFF,  BGF, BHF, BJF, BJFA Versys LT15-181000HF303HF303RC
KawasakiKR650 C193650HF401 
KawasakiKX100 B5-B7,  C1-C3,  D1-D5,  D6F-D9F, DBF, DCF, DDF, FEF-FJF95-18100  
KawasakiKX125 E2, F1, G187-89125  
KawasakiKX125 H1-H290-91125  
KawasakiKX125 J1, J292-93125  
KawasakiKX125 K1-K394-96125  
KawasakiKX125 K4-K5,  L1-L397-01125  
KawasakiKX125 L4,  M1-M302-06125  
KawasakiKX250 E1, F1, G187-89250  
KawasakiKX250 F-AHF, AJF (KX252)17-18250HF207 
KawasakiKX250 F-N1, N204-05250HF207 
KawasakiKX250 F-T6F, T7F, T8F, W9F, XAFB, YBF, YCF06-12250HF207 
KawasakiKX250 F-ZDF, ZEF, ZFF, ZGF13-16250HF207 
KawasakiKX250 H1-H290-91250  
KawasakiKX250 J1-J292-93250  
KawasakiKX250 K1-K394-96250  
KawasakiKX250 K4-K5,  L1-L397-01250  
KawasakiKX250 L4,  M1-M3, R6F, R7F02-07250  
KawasakiKX450 F-D6F,  D7F, D8F, E9F, EAF, EBF, FCF, FDF, FEF, FFF06-15450HF112 
KawasakiKX450 F-HGF, HHF, HJF16-18450HF207 
KawasakiKX500 C1, D1,  E1-E1687-03500  
KawasakiKX60 B2-B1986-0360  
KawasakiKX65 A1-A5, A6F-A9F, AAF, ABF, ACF, ADF, AEF, AFF, AGF, AHF, AJF00-1865  
KawasakiKX80 R1-R7,  W1-W3,  T1-T7,  Y1-Y391-0080  
KawasakiKX85A1 – A5,  B1-B5,  A6F-A9F,  AAF,  ABF,  ACF,  ADF,  CEF,  CFF,  CGF,  CHF,  CJF01-1885  
KawasakiKZ1000 A1, A2, A3, A477-811000HF126 
KawasakiKZ1000 B1, B2, B3, B4, LTD77-811000HF126 
KawasakiKZ1000 C1, C2, C3, C4, C4A78-811000HF126 
KawasakiKZ1000 D1, D2, D378-801000HF126 
KawasakiKZ1000 E1, E2, G178-801000HF126 
KawasakiKZ1000 J1, J2, J381-831000HF401 
KawasakiKZ1000 K1, K2, LTD, M1, M2, CSR81-821000HF401 
KawasakiKZ1000 P10-P21 Police91-021000HF401 
KawasakiKZ1000 P1-P982-901000HF401 
KawasakiKZ1000 P24 Police051000HF401 
KawasakiKZ1000 R1, R282-831000HF401 
KawasakiKZ1100 B1, B281-821100HF401 
KawasakiKZ1100 D1, D2 (Spectre)82-831100HF401 
KawasakiKZ1100 L1 (LTD)831100HF401 
KawasakiKZ1300 A1, A2, A3, A4, A579-831300HF126 
KawasakiKZ1300 B2801300HF126 
KawasakiKZ250 D1, D280-81250HF123 
KawasakiKZ250 W1, LTD83250HF123 
KawasakiKZ550 D1, M1, C1-C4, A1-A480-83550HF401 
KawasakiKZ550 F1, F282-84550HF401 
KawasakiKZ550 H1, H282-84550HF401 
KawasakiKZ650 E1, LTD, F180650HF401 
KawasakiKZ650 H1, H2, H3, CSR78-80650HF401 
KawasakiKZ750 F1, LTD83750HF401 
KawasakiKZ750 G1, LTD80750HF401 
KawasakiKZ750 K1, K2, LTD83-84750HF401 
KawasakiKZ750 M1, CSR82750HF401 
KawasakiKZ750 N1, N2 Spectre82-83750HF401 
KawasakiVN1500 A10-A12 Vulcan96-981500HF303HF303RC
KawasakiVN1500 A1-A9 Vulcan87-951500HF303HF303RC
KawasakiVN1500 B1-B6 Vulcan SE87-931500HF303HF303RC
KawasakiVN1500 C1, C2, C3, C4 Vulcan VV94-971500HF303HF303RC
KawasakiVN1500 D1, D2, E1 Classic96-981500HF303HF303RC
KawasakiVN1500 E2-E7 Classic99-041500HF204HF204RC
KawasakiVN1500 G1 Classic Tourer981500HF303HF303RC
KawasakiVN1500 G1, G2, G3 Nomad99-011500HF204HF204RC
KawasakiVN1500 J1, J2 Drifter99-001500HF204HF204RC
KawasakiVN1500 L1 Nomad Fi001500HF303HF303RC
KawasakiVN1500 L1H Classic Tourer Fi99-001500HF303HF303RC
KawasakiVN1500 L2 Nomad Fi011500HF204HF204RC
KawasakiVN1500 L2H, L3H, L4H Classic Tourer Fi01-031500HF204HF204RC
KawasakiVN1500 L3-L5 Nomad Fi02-041500HF204HF204RC
KawasakiVN1500 N1, N2 Classic Fi00-011500HF204HF204RC
KawasakiVN1500 N3H Classic Fi021500HF204HF204RC
KawasakiVN1500 N4, N6F, T6F Classic05-061500HF204HF204RC
KawasakiVN1500 N7F, N8F Classic07-081500HF303HF303RC
KawasakiVN1500 P1-P2 Mean Streak02-031500HF204HF204RC
KawasakiVN1500 R1-R5 Drifter01-051500HF204HF204RC
KawasakiVN1600 A1-A3, A6F, E6F Classic03-061600HF204HF204RC
KawasakiVN1600 A7F, A8F Classic07-081600HF303HF303RC
KawasakiVN1600 B1-B2, B6F, F6F Mean Streak04-061600HF204HF204RC
KawasakiVN1600 B7F, B8F Mean Streak07-081600HF303HF303RC
KawasakiVN1600 D6F, G6F Nomad061600HF204HF204RC
KawasakiVN1600 D7F,  D8F Nomad07-081600HF303HF303RC
KawasakiVN1700 AAF, ABF, ACF, ADF Vulcan Voyager10-131700HF303HF303RC
KawasakiVN1700 BAF, BBF, BCF, BDF, BEF, BFF, BGF, BHF, BJF Vulcan Voyager (ABS)10-181700HF303HF303RC
KawasakiVN1700 C9F, CAF, CBF, CCF Vulcan Nomad09-131700HF303HF303RC
KawasakiVN1700 DBF Vulcan Classic Tourer (ABS)11-141700HF303HF303RC
KawasakiVN1700 DEF, DEFA, DFF Vulcan Nomad (ABS)14-151700HF303HF303RC
KawasakiVN1700 E9F, EAF, EBF, ECF Vulcan Classic09-141700HF303HF303RC
KawasakiVN1700 G9F, GAF Vulcan Classic LT09-101700HF303HF303RC


Voyager Vaquero

KawasakiVN1700 KBF Vulcan Voyager Custom (ABS)11-141700HF303HF303RC
KawasakiVN2000 A1-A2, A6F Vulcan04-062000HF204HF204RC
KawasakiVN2000 A7F Vulcan072000HF303HF303RC
KawasakiVN2000 D6F Vulcan Ltd.062000HF204HF204RC
KawasakiVN2000 E6F, E7F Vulcan Classic06-072000HF303HF303RC
KawasakiVN2000 F6F, F7F Vulcan Classic LT06-072000HF204HF204RC
KawasakiVN2000 G8F, G9F Vulcan08-092000HF303HF303RC
KawasakiVN2000 H8F, H9F Vulcan Classic08-092000HF303HF303RC
KawasakiVN2000 J8F, J9F, JAF Vulcan Classic LT08-102000HF303HF303RC
KawasakiVN700 A1, A1L, A2, LTD Vulcan84-85700HF202 
KawasakiVN750 A15-A19 Vulcan99-03750HF303HF303RC
KawasakiVN750 A20-A21, A6F Vulcan04-06750HF204HF204RC
KawasakiVN750 A2-A7 Vulcan86-91750HF202 
KawasakiVN750 A9-A14 Vulcan93-98750HF202 
KawasakiVN800 A1-A8 Vulcan95-02800HF303HF303RC
KawasakiVN800 A9-A11 Vulcan03-05800HF204HF204RC
KawasakiVN800 B1-B6 Vulcan Classic96-01800HF303HF303RC
KawasakiVN800 B7-B10 Vulcan Classic02-05800HF204HF204RC
KawasakiVN800 C1-C2 Drifter99-00800HF303HF303RC
KawasakiVN800 E1, E2 Drifter01-02800HF303HF303RC
KawasakiVN800 E3-E5, E6F Drifter03-06800HF204HF204RC
KawasakiVN900 B6F, B7F, B8F, B9F, BAF, BBFA, BCF, BCFA Vulcan Classic06-12900HF303HF303RC
KawasakiVN900 BDF, BDFA, BEF, BEFA, BFF, BGF, BHF, BJF Vulcan Classic13-18900HF303HF303RC
KawasakiVN900 C7F, C8F, C9F, CAF, CAFA, CBF, CBFA, CCF.CCFA Vulcan Custom07-12900HF303HF303RC
KawasakiVN900 CDFA, CEFA, CFF, CGF, CHF, CJF Vulcan Custom13-18900HF303HF303RC
KawasakiVN900 Classic SE Special Edition11-14900HF303HF303RC
KawasakiVN900 D6F, D7F, D8F, D9F, DAF, DBF, DBFA, DCF Vulcan Classic LT06-12900HF303HF303RC
KawasakiVN900 DDF, DEF, DFF, DGF, DHF, DJF Vulcan Classic LT13-18900HF303HF303RC
KawasakiW650 A1, A2, A3, A4 (EJ650)99-02650HF204HF204RC
KawasakiW650 C1, C2, C3, C4, C5 (EJ650)99-05650HF204HF204RC
KawasakiW800 ABF, ACF, ADF, AEF, AFF, AGF (EJ800)11-16800HF303HF303RC
KawasakiW800 Special Edition12-16800HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZ1000 (ZR1000) Black Edition121000HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZ1000 A1, A2, A3, A477-811000HF126 
KawasakiZ1000 A1, A2, A3, A6F (ZR1000)03-061000HF204HF204RC
KawasakiZ1000 B7F, B8F (ZR1000)07-081000HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZ1000 C7F, C8F, C9F (ZR1000 ABS)07-091000HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZ1000 D1 (Z1R)781000HF126 
KawasakiZ1000 DAF, DBF (ZR1000)10-111000HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZ1000 DCF, DDF, DDFA (ZR1000)12-131000HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZ1000 E1, E2 ST79-801000HF126 
KawasakiZ1000 GEF, GFF, GGF (ZR1000 ABS)14-161000HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZ1000 H1, H274-751000HF126 
KawasakiZ1000 HJF (ZR1000 ABS)181000HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZ1000 J1, J2, J381-831000HF401 
KawasakiZ1000 JHF, JJF (ZR1000 ABS)17-181000HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZ1000 K1, K2,  LTD81-821000HF401 
KawasakiZ1000 R2831000HF401 
KawasakiZ1000 SE141000HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZ1000 SE (ABS)141000HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZ1000 SX City111000HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZ1000 SX GBF, GCF, GDF, LEF, LFF, LGF, WHF, WJF (ZX1000)11-181000HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZ1000 SX HBF, HCF, HDF, MEF, MFF, MGF, MHF (ZX1000 ABS)11-171000HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZ1000 SX Tourer11-121000HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZ1100 A1, A2, A381-831100HF401 
KawasakiZ1100 B1, B281-821100HF401 
KawasakiZ1100 R184-861100HF401 
KawasakiZ125 JHF,  JJF Pro17-18125HF112 
KawasakiZ125 JHFA,  JJFA Pro KRT Edition17-18125HF112 
KawasakiZ125 JJFB Pro SE18125HF112 
KawasakiZ200 A1-A677-83200HF123 
KawasakiZ250 A1, A2, A379-81250HF125 
KawasakiZ250 A1-A2, B178-80250HF125 
KawasakiZ250 B1, B281-82250HF125 
KawasakiZ250 C1, C2, G1, G2, LTD81-83250HF123 
KawasakiZ250 SL (ABS) (BR250 FEF, FFF, FGF, FHF, FJF)14-18250HF112 
KawasakiZ300 (ER300 A)14-16300HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZ300 (ER300 B) ABS14-16300HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZ400 B1-B2, G1, H,  LTD (2 Cyl)78-80400HF401 
KawasakiZ400 D1, D2 (2 Cyl)74-75400HF401 
KawasakiZ400 D3, D4 (2 Cyl)76-77400HF401 
KawasakiZ400 J1, J2, J3 (4 Cyl) (KZ400J)80-83400HF401 
KawasakiZ400 M1 (KZ400 M1)83400HF401 
KawasakiZ440 A1-A3,  D4-D6,  LTD80-85440HF401 
KawasakiZ440 C1, C280-81440HF401 
KawasakiZ440 H1, H282-84440HF401 
KawasakiZ500 B1, B279-80500HF401 
KawasakiZ500 B3 (6 Speed)81500HF401 
KawasakiZ550 A1, A2, A380-83550HF401 
KawasakiZ550 B1, B279-80550HF401 
KawasakiZ550 C1, C2, C3, LTD81-83550HF401 
KawasakiZ550 D1 Twin Shock (GPZ550)81550HF401 
KawasakiZ550 G1-G3 (GT550)83-86550HF401 
KawasakiZ550 G4-G9 (GT550)87-01550HF401 
KawasakiZ650 (ER650 GHF, GJF)17-18650HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZ650 (ER650 HHF, HJF) ABS17-18650HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZ650 B1, B2, B377-79650HF401 
KawasakiZ650 C1, C2, C378-79650HF401 
KawasakiZ650 F1, F280-81650HF401 
KawasakiZ650 F382650HF401 
KawasakiZ650 F483650HF401 
KawasakiZ650 SR,  D1, D1A, D2, D378-80650HF401 
KawasakiZ750 B1-B4, Y1, Y2, LTD (2 Cylinders)78-82750HF126 
KawasakiZ750 D1 (2 Cylinders)76750HF126 
KawasakiZ750 E1, E2, E380-82750HF401 
KawasakiZ750 H1, H2, H3, LTD80-82750HF401 
KawasakiZ750 J1, J6F (ZR750)04-06750HF204HF204RC
KawasakiZ750 L1, L281-82750HF401 
KawasakiZ750 L3, L483-87750HF401 
KawasakiZ750 L7F, L8F, L9F, LAF (ZR750)07-10750HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZ750 LBF, LCF (ZR750)11-12750HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZ750 MBF, MCF (ZR750) (ABS)11-12750HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZ750 P1-P10 (GT750)82-96750HF401 
KawasakiZ750 R (ZR750) Black Edition12750HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZ750 R NBF, NCF (ZR750)11-12750HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZ750 R PBF, PCF (ZR750) (ABS)11-12750HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZ750 R1 (GPZ750)82750HF401 
KawasakiZ750 S K1, K6F (ZR750 S)05-06750HF204HF204RC
KawasakiZ750 S M7F,  M8F, M9F (ZR750S)07-09750HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZ800 A, AEF, AFF, BGF (ZR800)13-16800HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZ800e C, CEF, CFF, CGF (ZR800)13-16800HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZ900 A4 (Z1F)76900HF401 
KawasakiZ900 AHF, AJF (ZR900)17-18900HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZ900 BHF, BJF (ZR900 ABS)17-18900HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZ900 RS (ZR900 CJF, CJFA, CJFB)18900HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZ900 RS Cafe (ZR900 EJF)18900HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZ900 Z1, Z1A, Z1B73-75900HF126 
KawasakiZG1000 A1-A20, A6F ConCours (GTR1000)86-061000HF401 
KawasakiZG1200 A1, A2, B1-B17 Voyager XIII89-031200HF401 



KawasakiZG1400 B8F, B9F, DAF Concours (GTR1400)08-101400HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZL1000 A1, A2 Eliminator87-881000HF401 
KawasakiZL600 A1, A286-87600HF401 
KawasakiZL600 B1-B2 Eliminator95-98600HF401 
KawasakiZL900 A1, A2 Eliminator85-86900HF401 
KawasakiZN1100 B1, B1L, B2, LTD84-851100HF401 
KawasakiZN1300 A1-A6 Voyager83-881300HF126 
KawasakiZR1100 A1-A4,  B1 Zephyr91-961100HF401 
KawasakiZR1100 C2, C3, C4 (ZRX1100)96-001100HF401 
KawasakiZR400 A1, B1 (Z400F)83-85400HF401 
KawasakiZR400 C1, C2, C3, C4 Zephyr (Japan)89-93400HF401 
KawasakiZR400 D1 Xanthus (Japan) 400HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZR550 A1, A2 (Z550F)80-83550HF401 
KawasakiZR550 B2-B8 Zephyr91-00550HF401 
KawasakiZR750 C1-C6 Zephyr91-95750HF401 
KawasakiZR750 D1-D2 Zephyr96-99750HF401 
KawasakiZR750 F1-F5 (ZR-7)99-03750HF401 
KawasakiZR750 H1-H3 (ZR-7S)01-03750HF401 
KawasakiZRX1200 Daeg091200HF401 
KawasakiZRX1200 R (ZR1200 A1-A6)01-061200HF401 
KawasakiZRX1200 S (ZR1200S B1-B4)01-041200HF401 
KawasakiZX1000 A1, A2, A3 (GPZ1000RX)86-891000HF401 
KawasakiZX1000 B1, B2, B3 (ZX10) Tomcat (Ninja)88-901000HF401 
KawasakiZX1000 GBF, GCF, GDF, HCF Ninja 100011-131000HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZX1000 MEF, MFF, MGF Ninja 1000 ABS14-161000HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZX1000 WHF, WJF Ninja 1000 ABS (USA)17-181000HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZX-10R (ZX1000 C1, C2) Ninja04-051000HF204HF204RC
KawasakiZX-10R (ZX1000 D6F, D7F) Ninja06-071000HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZX-10R (ZX1000 E8F, E9F, FAF, FAFA) Ninja08-101000HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZX-10R (ZX1000 JBF, JCF, JDF, JEF, JFF, JFFA) Ninja11-151000HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZX-10R (ZX1000 KBF, KCF, KDF, KEF, KFF, KFFA) Ninja ABS11-151000HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZX-10R (ZX1000 RHF, RHFA, RJF, RJFA) Ninja KRT Edition17-181000HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZX-10R (ZX1000 SGF,  SGFA,  RGF,  RGFA) Ninja ABS161000HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZX-10R (ZX1000 SHF, SHFA, SJF, SJFA) Ninja ABS KRT Edition17-181000HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZX-10R (ZX1000 SHF, SJF) Ninja ABS17-181000HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZX-10R SE (ZX1002 CJF) Ninja181000HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZX-10RR (ZX1000 ZHA, ZJF) Ninja ABS17-181000HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZX1100 A1, A2, A3 (GPZ1100) Unitrack83-851100HF401 
KawasakiZX1100 B1, B2 (GPZ1100)81-821100HF401 
KawasakiZX1100 C1, C2, C3, C4 (ZZ-R1100)90-931100HF401 
KawasakiZX1100 D1, D2, D3, D4, D5, D6 (ZZ-R1100)93-981100HF401 
KawasakiZX1100 D7, D8, D9 (ZZ-R1100)99-011100HF401 
KawasakiZX1100 E1, E2, E3 (GPZ1100)95-971100HF401 
KawasakiZX1100 F1 ABS (GPZ1100ABS)961100HF401 
KawasakiZX-12R A1, A2, B1, B2 Ninja (ZX1200)00-031200HF204HF204RC
KawasakiZX-12R B3, B4 Ninja (ZX1200)04-051200HF204HF204RC
KawasakiZX-14 A6F, A7F, C8F, C9F, CAF, CAFA, CBF Ninja (ZX1400)06-111400HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZX-14 ECF, EDF, EEFA, FEFA, FFFA, FFFB, HGF, JGF Ninja (ZX1400)12-161400HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZX-14 HHF Ninja (ZX1400)171400HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZX-14 JHF, JJF Ninja (ZX1400) SE17-181400HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZX400 C2 (Z400F2)84-87400HF401 
KawasakiZX400 D (GPZ400R) (Japan)85-86400HF401 
KawasakiZX400 H1 (ZXR400R) (Japan)89-90400HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZX400 H2 (ZX-4)88-90400HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZX400 J1, J2 (ZXR400R) (Japan) 400HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZX400 L (ZXR400)91-02400HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZX400F (GPX400R) (Japan) 400HF401 
KawasakiZX400G (ZX-4) (Japan)87-88400HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZX400K1, K2, K3 (ZZR400) (Japan) 400HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZX550 A1-A3 Unitrack (GPZ550)84-86550HF401 
KawasakiZX550 A4-A6 Unitrack (GPZ550)87-92550HF401 
KawasakiZX550 H1, H2 Unitrack (GPZ550)82-83550HF401 
KawasakiZX600 (ZX6-R Ninja) Performance11-12600HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZX600 A1-A5 (GPZ600R)85-89600HF401 
KawasakiZX600 C1-C10 (GPX600R)88-00600HF401 
KawasakiZX600 D1-D3 (ZZR600)90-92600HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZX600 E10-E12 (ZZR600)02-04600HF204HF204RC
KawasakiZX600 E1-E9 (ZZR600)93-01600HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZX600 F1-F3 (ZX6-R Ninja)95-97600HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZX600 G1-G2 (ZX6-R Ninja)98-99600HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZX600 J1-J2 (ZX6-R Ninja)00-01600HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZX600 J3 (ZX6-R Ninja)02600HF204HF204RC
KawasakiZX600 J4, J6F (ZZR600) (USA)05-06600HF204HF204RC
KawasakiZX600 J7F, J8F (ZZR600) (USA)07-08600HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZX600 K1, M1 (ZX6-RR Ninja)03-04600HF204HF204RC
KawasakiZX600 N1, N6F (ZX6-RR Ninja)05-06600HF204HF204RC
KawasakiZX600 P7F, P8F (ZX6-R Ninja)07-08600HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZX600 R9F, RAF, RAFA, RBF, RCF, RDF (ZX6-R Ninja)09-13600HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZX636 A1P (ZX6-R Ninja)02636HF204HF204RC
KawasakiZX636 B1-B2 (ZX6-R Ninja)03-04636HF204HF204RC
KawasakiZX636 C1, C6F, D6F (ZX6-R Ninja)05-06636HF204HF204RC
KawasakiZX636 EDF, EEF, EFF, EGF, EGFA, EHF (ZX6-R Ninja)13-17636HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZX636 EHF, EHFA, EJF, EJFA (ZX6-R Ninja) KRT17-18636HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZX636 FDF, FEF, FFF, FFFA, FGF, FGFA (ZX6-R Ninja) ABS13-16636HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZX636 FHF, FHFA, FJF, FJFA (ZX6-R Ninja) ABS KRT Edition17-18636HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZX750 A1-A5, A2L (GPZ750) Unitrack83-89750HF401 
KawasakiZX750 E1, E2 (GPZ750) Turbo84-85750HF401 
KawasakiZX750 F1, F2, F3 (GPX750R)86-88750HF401 
KawasakiZX750 G2, G3 (GPZ750 R)85-88750HF401 
KawasakiZX750 H1 (ZXR750)89750HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZX750 H2 (ZXR750)90750HF401 
KawasakiZX750 J1, J2 (ZXR750)91-92750HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZX750 K1, K2 (ZXR750)91-92750HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZX750 L1, L2, L3 (ZXR750)93-95750HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZX750 M1, M2 (ZXR750R)93-95750HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZX750 N1-N2 (ZX-7RR)96-99750HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZX750 P1-P8 (ZX-7R)96-03750HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZX900 A1-A12 (GPZ900R) Ninja84-96900HF401 
KawasakiZX900 B1, B2, B3, B4 (ZX-9R)94-97900HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZX900 C1, C2 (ZX-9R)98-99900HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZX900 E1, E2 (ZX-9R)00-01900HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZX900 F1, F2 Ninja (ZX-9R)02-03900HF204HF204RC
KawasakiZXR250 C1, C2, C3, D1 (Japan)91-93250HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZZ-R1200 C1-C4 (ZX1200)02-051200HF401 
KawasakiZZR1400 (ZX1400) Special Edition131400HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZZR1400 B6F, B7F, D8F, D9F, DAF, DBF (ZX1400)06-111400HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZZR1400 DCF, FDF, FEF, FFF, HJF, JJF (ZX1400)12-181400HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZZR1400 Performance11-131400HF303HF303RC
KawasakiZZR1400 Performance Sport13-171400HF303HF303RC
Kawasaki QuadKEF300 A1-A6 Lakota95-00300HF123 
Kawasaki QuadKEF300 B1-B3 Lakota01-03300HF123 
Kawasaki QuadKFX400 A1-A3, A6F (KSF400)03-06400HF139 
Kawasaki QuadKFX450R B8F, B9F, BAF, BBF, BCS, BDF, BEF (KSF450)08-14450HF112 
Kawasaki QuadKFX450R B8FA, B9FB (KSF450) Monster Energy08-09450HF112 
Kawasaki QuadKFX700 A1-A2,  B2 V Force (KSV700)04-05700HF204HF204RC
Kawasaki QuadKFX700 A6F, A7F, A8F, A9F, B6F, B7F, B8F, B9F, C6F (KSV700)06-09700HF204HF204RC
Kawasaki QuadKLF220 A1-A15 Bayou88-02220HF123 
Kawasaki QuadKLF250 A1-A3, A6F, A7F, A8F, A9F, AAF, ABF Bayou03-11250HF123 
Kawasaki QuadKLF300 A1, A2 Bayou86-87300HF123 
Kawasaki QuadKLF300 A8, A9 Bayou96-97300HF123 
Kawasaki QuadKLF300 B1-B17 Bayou88-04300HF123 
Kawasaki QuadKLF300 C1-C16 Bayou89-04300HF123 
Kawasaki QuadKLF400 B1-B6 Bayou93-98400HF303HF303RC
Kawasaki QuadKSF250 A1-A4 Mojave87-90250HF123 
Kawasaki QuadKSF250 A5-A18 Mojave91-04250HF123 
Kawasaki QuadKVF300 A1-A4,  B1-B4 Prairie99-02300HF303HF303RC
Kawasaki QuadKVF300 CCF, CDF, CEF, CJF Brute Force12-18300  
Kawasaki QuadKVF360 A1-A3, A6F-ADF Prairie 4×403-15360HF204HF204RC
Kawasaki QuadKVF360 B1-B3, B6F, B7F, B8F, B9F Prairie03-09360HF204HF204RC
Kawasaki QuadKVF360 C1 Prairie Advantage Classic03360HF204HF204RC
Kawasaki QuadKVF360 C2-C3, C6F-CAF Prairie 4×4 Hardwoo Green HD04-10360HF204HF204RC
Kawasaki QuadKVF360 CBF Prairie 4×4 Realtree APG HD11360HF204HF204RC
Kawasaki QuadKVF400 A1-A3 Prairie97-01400HF303HF303RC
Kawasaki QuadKVF400 B1 Prairie98400HF303HF303RC
Kawasaki QuadKVF400 C1-C4 Prairie99-02400HF303HF303RC
Kawasaki QuadKVF400 D1-D4 Prairie99-02400HF303HF303RC
Kawasaki QuadKVF650 A1-A2, B1-B2 Prairie02-03650HF204HF204RC
Kawasaki QuadKVF650 D1, D6F-D9F, DAF-DDF Brute Force 4 x 405-13650HF204HF204RC
Kawasaki QuadKVF650 E1, E6F-E9F Brute Force 4 x 4 Realtree Hard. Green HD05-09650HF204HF204RC
Kawasaki QuadKVF650 F6F-F9F, FAF-FEF Brute Force 4 x 4i06-15650HF204HF204RC
Kawasaki QuadKVF650 G6F-G9F Brute Force 4 x 4i Realtree Hard. Green HD06-09650HF204HF204RC
Kawasaki QuadKVF650 H7F, H8F Brute Force 4 x 4i07-08650HF204HF204RC
Kawasaki QuadKVF700 A1-A2, A6F Prairie 4×404-06700HF204HF204RC
Kawasaki QuadKVF700 B1-B2 Prairie 4×4 Hardwoo Green HD04-05700HF204HF204RC
Kawasaki QuadKVF700 D1, D6F Team Green Special Edition05-06700HF204HF204RC
Kawasaki QuadKVF750 A1 Brute Force 4x4i05750HF204HF204RC
Kawasaki QuadKVF750 A1 Brute Force 4x4i Realtree Hardwoo Green HD05750HF204HF204RC
Kawasaki QuadKVF750 A6F, A7F, B6F, B7F, C6F, C7F Brute Force 4x4i06-07750HF204HF204RC
Kawasaki QuadKVF750 D8F, D9F, DAF, DBF Brute Force 4x4i08-11750HF204HF204RC
Kawasaki QuadKVF750 D8FA, D9FA Brute Force 4x4i NRA Outdoors08-09750HF204HF204RC
Kawasaki QuadKVF750 E8F, E9F, EAF Brute Force 4x4i Realtree Hardwoo Green HD08-10750HF204HF204RC
Kawasaki QuadKVF750 E8FA, E9FA Brute Force 4x4i NRA Outdoors08-09750HF204HF204RC
Kawasaki QuadKVF750 F8F, F9F, FAF, FBF Brute Force 4x4i NRA Outdoors08-11750HF204HF204RC
Kawasaki QuadKVF750 GCF-GEF, HCF-HEF, JCF-JEF Brute Force 4x4i EPS12-14750HF204HF204RC
Kawasaki QuadKVF750 GFF-GJF, HFF-HJF, JFF-JJF Brute Force 4x4i EPS15-18750HF204HF204RC
Kawasaki QuadKVF750 LCF, LCS, LDF, LEF, LFF, LGF, LHF, LJF Brute Force 4x4i12-18750HF204HF204RC
Kawasaki SxSKAF1000 AGF-AJF Mule PRO-DXT Diesel16-181000  
Kawasaki SxSKAF1000 BGF-BJF Mule PRO-DXT EPS Diesel16-181000  
Kawasaki SxSKAF1000 CGF-CHF Mule PRO-DXT EPS LE Diesel16-171000  
Kawasaki SxSKAF1000 DGF-DHF Mule PRO-DX Diesel16-171000  
Kawasaki SxSKAF1000 EGF-EJF Mule PRO-DX EPS Diesel16-181000  
Kawasaki SxSKAF1000 FGF-FHF Mule PRO-DX EPS LE Diesel16-171000  
Kawasaki SxSKAF300 A1,  B1-B2 MULE 500 300HF128 
Kawasaki SxSKAF300 C1-C7 MULE 550 300HF128 
Kawasaki SxSKAF300 D1-D2 MULE 520 300HF128 
Kawasaki SxSKAF400 A1, A6F, A7F, A8F, A9F, AAF-AFF MULE 610 4×405-15400HF128 
Kawasaki SxSKAF400 B1, B6F, B7F, BAF, B9F, BAF-BGF MULE 60005-16400HF128 
Kawasaki SxSKAF400 C1, C6F-C9F MULE 610 4×4 Hardwoo Green HD05-09400HF128 
Kawasaki SxSKAF400 CAF MULE 610 4×4 Realtree APG HD10400HF128 
Kawasaki SxS

KAF400 DAF-DGF, ECF-EGF, FEF-FGF, GGF MULE 610 4×4 XC / Camo / SE /


Kawasaki SxSKAF400 EBF MULE 610 4×4 Realtree APG HD11400HF128 
Kawasaki SxSKAF400 HJF, JJF, KJF, LJF, MJF, NJF MULE SX18400HF128 
Kawasaki SxSKAF450 B1 MULE 1000 450HF303HF303RC
Kawasaki SxSKAF540 C1, D1, E1 MULE 2010 / 2020 / 2030 540HF303HF303RC
Kawasaki SxSKAF620 A1-A6 MULE 2510 4×4 620HF128 
Kawasaki SxSKAF620 B1-B6 MULE 2520 620HF128 
Kawasaki SxSKAF620 C1-C6 MULE 2500 620HF128 
Kawasaki SxSKAF620 E1-E5, E6F, E7F, E8F MULE 3010 4 x 4 620HF128 
Kawasaki SxSKAF620 F1-F3 MULE 3020 620HF128 
Kawasaki SxSKAF620 G1-G5, G6F, G7F, G8F MULE 3000 620HF128 
Kawasaki SxSKAF620 H1 MULE 3010 4 x 4 Advantage Classic 620HF128 
Kawasaki SxSKAF620 H2-H3, H6F, H7F, H8F MULE 3010 4 x 4 Hardwoo Green HD 620HF128 
Kawasaki SxSKAF620 J1, J6F, J7F, J8F MULE 3010 Trans4x4 620HF128 
Kawasaki SxSKAF620 K1, K6F, K7F, K8F MULE 3010 Trans4x4 Hardwoo Green HD 620HF128 
Kawasaki SxSKAF620 M9F, MAF, MBF-MJF MULE 4010 4×4 620HF128 
Kawasaki SxSKAF620 N9F MULE 4010 4×4 Hardwoo Green HD 620HF128 
Kawasaki SxSKAF620 P9F, PAF-PJF MULE 4000 620HF128 
Kawasaki SxSKAF620 R9F, RAF-RJF MULE 4010 Trans 4×4 620HF128 
Kawasaki SxSKAF620 S9F MULE 4010 Trans 4×4 Hardwoo Green HD 620HF128 
Kawasaki SxSKAF620 SAF, SBF MULE 4010 Trans 4×4 Realtree APG HD 620HF128 
Kawasaki SxSKAF620 SEF-SJF MULE 4010 Trans 4×4 Camo 620HF128 
Kawasaki SxSKAF620 TGF-TJF MULE 4010 4×4 SE 620HF128 
Kawasaki SxSKAF620 VGF-VJF MULE 4010 Trans 4×4 Camo SE 620HF128 
Kawasaki SxSKAF620 WJF MULE 4000 Trans 4×4 620  
Kawasaki SxSKAF820 EJF Mule PRO-FX18820HF129 
Kawasaki SxSKAF820 FJF Mule PRO-FX18820HF129 
Kawasaki SxSKAF820 GJF Mule PRO-FX18820HF129 
Kawasaki SxSKAF820 Mule PRO-FXT Ranch Edition16820HF129 
Kawasaki SxSKAF820AJF Mule PRO-FXT18820HF129 
Kawasaki SxSKAF820BFF-BJF Mule PRO-FXT EPS15-18820HF129 
Kawasaki SxSKAF820CFF-CJF Mule PRO-FXT EPS LE15-18820HF129 
Kawasaki SxSKAF820DFF-DJF Mule PRO-FXT EPS Camo15-18820HF129 
Kawasaki SxSKAF820JJF Mule PRO-FXT18820HF129 
Kawasaki SxSKAF950 A1-A3 Mule 2510 Diesel 4×400-03950HF129 
Kawasaki SxSKAF950 B1-B3, B6F, B7F, D8F Mule 3010 Diesel 4×404-08950HF129 
Kawasaki SxSKAF950 C7F, E8F, F9F, FAF, FBF Mule 3010 Trans 4×4 Diesel07-11950HF129 
Kawasaki SxSKAF950 F9F, FAF, FBF, FCF, FDF, FEF Mule 4010 Diesel 4×409-15950HF129 
Kawasaki SxSKAF950 G9F, GAF, GBF, GCF, GDF, GEF Mule 4010 Trans 4×4 Diesel09-15950HF129 
Kawasaki SxSKAF950 HAF Mule 4010 Trans 4×4 Diesel Realtree APG HD10950HF129 
Kawasaki SxSKRF750 A8F,  B8F Teryx 4×408750HF204HF204RC
Kawasaki SxSKRF750 C8F,  D8F Teryx 4×4 LE08750HF204HF204RC
Kawasaki SxSKRF750 F8F Teryx 4×4 NRA Outdoors08750HF204HF204RC
Kawasaki SxSKRF750 G9F, NAF, NBF, NCS, NDF Teryx 4×4 FI09-13750HF204HF204RC
Kawasaki SxSKRF750 J9FA, K9F, PAF-PDF, RAF-RDF Teryx 4×4 FI LE09-13750HF204HF204RC
Kawasaki SxSKRF750 K9F, M9F Teryx 4×4 FI NRA Outdoors09750HF204HF204RC
Kawasaki SxSKRF750 L9F, L9FA, SAF-SDF Teryx 4×4 FI LE Sport09-13750HF204HF204RC
Kawasaki SxSKRF750 TAF Teryx 4×4 FI SGE10750HF204HF204RC
Kawasaki SxSKRF750 VBF, VCS Teryx 4×4 FI SGE LE11-12750HF204HF204RC
Kawasaki SxSKRF800 FJF, GJF, GJFA, HJF Teryx18800HF204HF204RC
Kawasaki SxSKRT800 BEF-BGF, CEF-CGF, DEF-DGF, HJF Teryx4 / LE / Camo14-18800HF204HF204RC
Kawasaki SxSKRT800 FJF, GJF, GJFA, HJF Teryx418800HF204HF204RC
Kawasaki SxSTeryx4 750 4×4 / EPS / LE13750HF204HF204RC
Kawasaki Three WheelsKLT200 A-A4, A4A, B180-83200HF123 
Kawasaki Three WheelsKLT200 C1, C283-84200HF123 
Kawasaki Three WheelsKLT250 A1, A282-83250HF123 
Kawasaki Three WheelsKLT250 C1, C2, C3 Prairie83-85250HF123 
Kawasaki Three WheelsKLT250 P1 Police84250HF123 

Oil Filter Removal Tools

There is a multitude of ways to remove your oil filter. If you have a suspicion it’s going to be tight or stuck on, then the night before, spray a penetrating spray around the seal to help it loosen. It can be frustrating if it won’t come off but be careful not to butcher it and rip the filter casing or it will become even harder to remove. A good tap around the seal with a rubber hammer can also help break the seal. Use the right tools and use your brains not brute force.

oil filter removal tool hand - Kawasaki Oil Filter Reference Chart

By Hand

If your filter is easy to access and you can get a good purchase on it, then you can loosen it off by hand. Obviously, if you’re draining the oil, the engine should be warm and so the filter will be hot but you can ‘crack’ it off to break the seal, then warm the engine up, drain the oil and then continue to remove the oil filter by hand.

oil filter removal tool rubber gloves - Kawasaki Oil Filter Reference Chart

With Rubber Gloves

As above but disposable rubber gloves or mechanic’s workshop gloves will offer you a bit more purchase and enable you to get some more torque to that filter!

oil filter removal tool wrench - Kawasaki Oil Filter Reference Chart

Oil Filter Removal Socket

A cheap and commonly used tool. The oil filter removal socket fits to a 1/4″ ratchet drive or T-bar. It pays to ensure your filter is clean before you use this tool as a dirt y filter is hard to grip. A bit of disc-brake cleaner and a cloth should do it. If you need to get a bit more purchase you can use masking or gaffa tape around the filter or fit a couple of elastic bands.

oil filter removal tool rubber chain - Kawasaki Oil Filter Reference Chart

Oil Filter Chain Tool

A chain tool is also a decent weapon in your oil filter removal arsenal. You wrap it around the filter and then twist it. As you twist, you’ll probably dent the filter but that also helps the tool grip. You can then tighten it up a link and twist again. Handy if your filter has been fitted by the Incredible Hulk at your local motorcycle dealer.

oil filter removal tool rubber belt - Kawasaki Oil Filter Reference Chart

Oil Filter Removal Belt

Similar to the chain tool, the removal belt comes in a few different formats. Some have a metal belt (not as good), others have rubber or a nylon wave (the sort of thing a seatbelt is made from. You hand tighten them and twist. They’re useful to get a stuck filter off as you can use one hand on the tool and the other hand on the filter.

oil filter removal tool rubber 3 leg adapter - Kawasaki Oil Filter Reference Chart

3-Leg Oil Filter Socket

Similar to the conventional socket, the three-legged socket bites into the oil filter and can be used across a range of different sizes. So a handy tool to have if you own multiple bikes.

oil filter removal tool screwdriver - Kawasaki Oil Filter Reference Chart

Stab it with a Screwdriver

Stab a big screwdriver through your oil filter and twist it. I’m not a big fan of this method as A) it’s messy and B) if you get it wrong, you end up tearing half of the filter off and then it’s a total pain in the wotsits to remove the remnants as none of the other tools will work. To reduce the chances of this happening, get the screwdriver in one side and out of the other.

oil filter removal tool make your own - Kawasaki Oil Filter Reference Chart

Make Your Own

If you don’t have an oil filter removal tool, you can make your own. They say a picture paints a thousand words which must mean this Youtube video paints 10,000. It’s fairly self-explanatory. I’ve not done it myself but it definitely looks like a good ‘get you out of a hole’ solution. 

Don’t forget the crush washer!

motorcycle crush washer 500x277 - Kawasaki Oil Filter Reference Chart

A crush washer is used to seal the sump plug and to prevent engine oil leaking out. It is made from a soft alloy (usually copper) and will ‘crush’ when you tighten it up, creating a better seal than the sump plug will on its own.

They cost pennies so it doesn’t make sense to try and reuse your old one or not use one at all.

However, even if you do buy a new one, it’s easy to forget to use it. When I remove the sump plug, I throw the old crush washer away immediately, fit the new crush washer and then use some making tape to hold it in place. The tape also slows me down when I come to refit the sump plug and makes me double-check everything.

You can buy a box of crush washers here or from this link.

OEM Vs Aftermarket oil filters

You might be wondering whether you should use a factory oil filter or an aftermarket one. 

These days, most manufacturers source their oil filters from the same companies that produce the aftermarket ones.

In some cases, the manufacturer might specify slightly different materials (perhaps a thicker casing) but if you buy a filter from a reputable brand (like K&N, HifloFiltro, Bosch, FRAM, Purolator) you’ll be in safe hands. 

Cheap oil filters tend to skimp on areas that are hard to spot but can make a difference. They can have a thinner casing, which can rip when you go to remove it and the sealing washer can be of poor quality, causing the filter to leak. Quality aftermarket oil filters are absolutely fine but penny-pinching on a cheap oil filter is asking for trouble.

Your First Motorcycle Oil Change

If you’ve not changed your motorcycle’s oil before, it can be daunting. However, with the right tools and a good idea of what you’re doing, anyone can change their motorcycle’s oil. It will save you money and you’ll know it’s been done properly.

Need some pointers? We’ve put together this motorcycle oil change guide to run you through the process.

Oil Filter Conversion Chart

If you’re choosing an aftermarket oil filter, two of the most popular brands are K&N and HifloFiltro. The table below shows you the direct model number conversions, which, on the face of it, are fairly logical. Click the link and you’ll be taken to an online retailer where you can order your filter.

Click here for K&NClick here for HiFlo
Click here for K&NClick here for HiFlo

Motorcycle Oil Filter FAQ

Should you change the oil filter every time?
Yes. A fresh filter will filter out any particles, whereas an old filter won't be as efficient. If a filter blocks up, it could cause engine wear but most motorcycles have a bypass valve to prevent catastrophic failure due to oil starvation. An oil filter is a few quid, it's a false economy to reuse an old one.

Can you use the same oil filter twice?
You can but it's not worth it. Not only will the old filter not function as well as a new one but it might not fit back on as well either, potentially coming loose and causing you all sorts of problems.

How tight should the oil filter be?
I work to hand tight plus 180-degrees but consult your owner's manual if you're unsure.

Does an oil filter have a reverse thread?
Nope. They're conventional. When they are stuck on, you can doubt yourself but it's lefty-loosey, righty-tighty.

What happens if you overtighten the oil filter?
There's no need to overtighten it. You can crush the body of the filter or cause a leak if you overtighten it. If it goes on tight, you can be sure it'll be harder to get off!

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