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Showcase: Motorcycle Wheel Spinners

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If your motorbike doesn’t have a centre stand, then a motorcycle wheel roller is a handy bit of kit that’ll make your life that bit easier.

If you’re cleaning your bike or lubing your chain, you’ll find it becomes a bit of a chore having to roll your motorcycle backwards and forwards while trying to get the job done.

Motorcycle wheel spinners are a brilliant piece of kit to help make this task a cinch.

Essentially two rollers mounted in a housing with a ramp, you simply roll your bike on, kick out your sidestand onto the supplied raised sidestand puck, and you’re good to go.

Now you can quickly spin your wheels instead of constantly having to wheel your bike forwards, then backward, then forwards a bit more..

ryde motorcycle rear wheel spinner 1024x1024 - Showcase: Motorcycle Wheel Spinners
Best Value

Ryde Motorcycle Tyre Spinner

Hands-free tyre maintenance

For under 25 quid, this tyre spinner allows you to inspect the whole surface of your tyres quickly. With a width of 23cm, you can position your rear wheel easily without any problems. The universal design means it’s suitable for all brands and models of motorcycle.

bike tek wheel spinner motorcycle - Showcase: Motorcycle Wheel Spinners
Our Best Buy

Adjustable rollers to fit any size wheel

At £32.99, this spinner has adjustable rollers making it suitable for any wheel size. The rollers utilise sealed bearings so they require less maintenance than most. Just what you need when you realise how much easier rotating your tyre can be. It’ll certainly be frequently used. With a maximum weight capacity of 200kg and use with a centre or side stand, it’s a brilliant piece of kit when you need it.

wheel monkey wheel roller - Showcase: Motorcycle Wheel Spinners
Also Great

Branded version of our top pick

Tru-Tension’s Wheel Monkey comes in at just over £30 and fits front and rear tyres. It’s exactly the same as our best value pick but branded by Tru Tension, which some buyers might like. The rollers have plenty of grips and stop your tyres from slipping once you start spinning them.

abba motorcycle wheel roller - Showcase: Motorcycle Wheel Spinners
Treat Yourself

Premium-priced wheel spinner from UK firm

Abba are known for their bike ramps and lifts but they also make this quality motorcycle wheel roller. It has a longer, shallower ramp than the others in this review, making it that bit easier to roll your bike on. The ramp folds away when not in use. At £51.99 it’s not cheap but it is quality.

Wheel roller or bike stand?

1jac motorcycle stand 1024x579 - Showcase: Motorcycle Wheel Spinners

While wheel rollers are great, due to their compact size and ease of use, if you’re looking for a more robust solution but space is at a premium, then why not look at a stand like this 1Jac.

The stands are pretty much universal and you buy a fitting kit to enable the stand to fit your bike.

These types of stands are a great solution as you can use them instead of paddock stands on a trackday, you can wheel your bike around your garage or driveway with ease. They actually make cleaning a bike far easier too.

They’re more expensive than paddock stands and wheel rollers but less expensive and much more compact than a full-on bike ramp or motorcycle lift.

They cost around £300 and are manufactured in the UK. You can see the range here: www.1jac.com

Motorbike roller FAQs

Can I spin my motorbike on its sidestand?
You can but it’s not advisable. While your stand should be able to support the bike’s weight, most stands are collected directly to the frame. You can easily bend the stand, weakening it and making the bike sit further over but as a worst-case scenario, you could snap the stand clean off and damage the frame in the process.

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