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Motorbike Phone Holders Review

motorcycle phone holder - Motorbike Phone Holders Review

If you’re after a safe, secure, no frills motorbike phone holder, then this guide is for you.

We’ve already written a comprehensive guide to the best motorcycle phone mount but this guide differs as it is focused on the type of phone holder that allows you to easily snap your smartphone into place and know it’s secure.

If you use your phone for GPS navigation but you also want a quick-release so you can easily stash your phone to keep it safe, then one of the motorcycle phone holders below is perfect for you. 

Our review criteria

We’ve set strict criteria for this gloves buying guide. All phone holders have to enable you to secure your phone into place and remove it without having to encase it in something. That means no zips, no pouches, flaps or pockets. A gloves hand have to be able to operate the quick release so you can go about your business.

The best motorcycle phone holder

It’s impossible to say this is the ‘best phone holder for your motorcycle’ as different products suit different riders and devices.

Some of the mounts also come with cases which are either billed as universal (larger) or they’re designed for your specific make and model of phone, i.e. the Apple iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy series. These cases are waterproof and mean the phone’s buttons are accessible while in the case and the touchscreen is responsive too.

So if you want to beef up your simple phone holder, you can also buy a waterproof case to go with it.

oxford cliqr motorbike phone holder - Motorbike Phone Holders Review
Ben's Pick

Oxford Cliqr Phone Holder

Versatile and simple phone holder

Oxford Products produce a range of motorcycle-specific accessories and their Cliqr phone holder enables you to easily connect your phone to your motorcycle. The quick-release mount sticks onto the back of your phone or phone case and then mounts to the bars via the click-and-snap mount. There are two mounts which cater for virtually every motorbike.

quadlock motorcycle phone holder 305x305 - Motorbike Phone Holders Review
Also Great

Simple snap and go with universal fit

Quadlock is another simple ‘snap and go’ motorbike phone mount, which works by sticking a secure adapter plate to the rear of your phone or phone case and then clicking it into one of the various mounts that Quadlock produces. You can fit it to a RAM mount or ball adapter. You can also buy a desk stand and car windscreen mount meaning you can secure your phone anywhere you are.

ultimateaddons motorcycle phone holder 1024x1024 - Motorbike Phone Holders Review
Also Great

Adjustable mount with rubber retention strap

If you don’t want to fit anything to your phone to mount it to your motorcycle, then the Ultimateaddons universal fit handlebar mount could be the best option for you. It enables you to adjust the mount to grip the phone or any device. There’s an additional rubber strap you can then place over the edges, to keep the phone completely secure.

Waterproof motorcycle phone holders

Oxford Dryphone Mobile Phone Waterproof Case Motorbike - Motorbike Phone Holders Review

Our 3 options above are the best motorcycle phone holders for those who want easy access to their phone and the ability to quickly take it with them when they park their motorcycle.

Two of these options, the Oxford Cliqr and the Ultimateaddons mounts also come with waterproof cases which allow you to keep your phone from getting wet.

While the very latest smartphones are waterproof, most are only water-resistant and wouldn’t survive a heavy downpour.

The cases are available in model-specific fitments for Apple, Samsung, Google and Huawei phones and they both also come with a Universal phone case which will hold most smartphones (although they won’t give you access to the phone’s side controls).

The smartphone-specific cases will allow you full access to the phone’s operational buttons as well as being touchscreen friendly. If you have touchscreen motorcycle gloves you won’t have to take your gloves off or get your phone out of the case to use it.

You can see the Oxford Dryphone range here and the Ultimateaddons model-specific cases here – both of them will click into the mounts.

Motorbike Phone Holder FAQs

Are Quadlocks waterproof?
No, they are simply a phone holder for your motorcycle. The Quadlock mounts to the rear of your device and allows you to quickly attach it to a Quadlock harness. However they do sell a waterproof poncho which isn’t billed as being toally waterproof but it will keep most of the rain off.

Do Argos sell motorcycle phone holders?
Argos doesn’t sell any motorcycle phone holders but they do sell a decent range of generic phone holders, some aimed at bicycles and they may suit your motorbike needs. You can see their range here.

Does Halfords sell motorcycle phone holders?
Halfords sells a range of phone mounts but none are motorcycle specific. You can see their range here.

How do you attach your phone to a motorcycle?
There are various mounting options for any motorcycle. Two of the most popular are the ‘grip mount’ which adjusts to suit your phone’s size and grips onto the edges. The other type uses a rubber-harness attached to the mount, which you place over the corners of the phone to hold it in place.


Your tips

Have you found a motorcylce phone holder that works well for your model of phone or motorcycle? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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