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The Best Carbon Fibre Motorcycle Helmets

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Carbon fibre never goes out of fashion. It has an appeal that almost no other material does in the world of biking and motorsport at large. Until they start making motorcycle helmets with a titanium outer shell, we think carbon fibre will always be THE coolest material you could use to produce a motorbike helmet.

In our showcase below, we’ve picked out 7 different carbon fibre motorcycle helmets, at different price points and in different styles. Here’s a full run-down of each of these great helmets:

Price: £249

Claimed weight: 1400g

If you struggle to get a comfortable fit with your helmet, upgrading to the Scorpion Exo-1400 Air is for you. With built-in Airfit, the cheek pads are air adjustable and have additional noise reduction for a more convenient fit. Ease your eye strain with the internal retractable sun visor without the need to change visors and stay cool with the KwikWick3 lining.

Price: £299

Claimed weight: 1300g

Designed by those who race, for those who race, the Arrow Carbon Evo range by LS2 is constructed from high-performance and lightweight carbon fibre. Featuring emergency release cheek pads, adjustable intake ports, a scratch and UV resistant quick-release visor (complete with a Pinlock 70 Max Vision insert), hypoallergenic removable liner and Double-D retention system.

Price: £259

Claimed weight: 1000g

This urban style carbon fibre motorcycle helmet has an edgy design and has a vintage look. The shell is specially designed to fit the skull as closely as possible while the face mask with mesh ventilation is detachable. The pull-down internal visor has internal and external anti-scratch technology and anti-fog treatment so your vision is always clear. Like other Shark helmets, this one is compatible with the Sharktooth Bluetooth communication system. 

Price: £299

Claimed weight: 1310g

The X-lite is the carbon edition of the X-803. This full-face racing helmet is compact, lightweight and stable in the most demanding of conditions. Featuring a double-action visor lock to prevent it from opening at high speeds, it is also ultra-wide for the best possible view of your surroundings. Complete with a race-inspired breath deflector and airflow system with upper and front air intakes, there are no worries about your visor fogging up.

Price: £600

Claimed weight: 1600g

Defined as “the helmet for the racer with a day job” this helmet is constructed with a 3k carbon shell and Magnefusion removable magnetic cheek pads for the ultimate comfort. Incredibly lightweight, the helmet features a unique aerodynamic design creating the illusion of nothing on your head. With the Virus cool jade power mesh liner, you’ll keep cool under pressure. It comes with a free visor.

Price: £590

Claimed weight: 1250g

The Race R Pro Carbon is the latest high-end model by Shark. Made from carbon aramid fibres, this helmet has been designed for Shark’s MotoGP, WSBK and Moto2 racers. Ergonomically designed for all riders, its light, and stable for added comfort. Available in a variety of colours and designs, the Shark Race R Pro is compatible with Sharktooth Prime headsets to stay connected on your journey.

Price: £900

Claimed weight: 1450g

The latest helmet in the Pista-GP range, this is their most protective helmet to date. With an increased vision field thanks to the introduction of class 1 optical visor, Race 3 Max Pinlock. The AGV has an updated visor locking system that can deal with any extreme conditions thrown at it. Designed with aerodynamics in mind, the Biplano rear spoiler has been tried and tested in wind-tunnel conditions to create this ultra-stable helmet. Pista GP did not stop there, this helmet is the first to feature a removable hydration system with internal channels and a drinking valve within the chin area – keeping you hydrated. 

The Cheapest Carbon Fibre Motorcycle Helmet

dexter plucker kadwell carbon fibre open face 305x305 - The Best Carbon Fibre Motorcycle Helmets

If you’re after the cheapest carbon fibre motorcycle helmet then an open-face is the way to go. There’s less material and they’re less complicated to make.

We’ve found this Dexter Plucker Kadwell Carbon Fibre price at just £109.99. Of course, if you’re a superbike rider, it’s not going to be the lid for you but it’s great for riders of Cafe Racers, Retro riders, urban commuters or those who just like flies in their teeth.

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