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Best Motorcycle Anti-Fog Treatments

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Whether it’s hot or cold outside or you’re breathing too heavily and sweating, just like your car windscreen, visors get fogged up. For us bikers, this happens most often in the winter, when the cold air outside cools your visor and the fog is caused by the relatively warm and moist air inside your helmet.

Unlike cars, helmets don’t have blowers you can turn on full whack to eliminate the problem, so how do you stop your motorcycle helmet fogging up? Anti-fog treatment is one of the most reliable tools in your locker and its a lot safer than holding your breath!

When choosing the best anti-fog treatment, you have two choices: an insert or a spray. An insert is a plastic shield that has a seal around the edge. Generally, these are attached to your helmet with a pin-lock system specifically designed for your make of helmet. It’s kind of like double-glazing for your visor.

You can buy inserts without pin-locks, but this is quite rare, and the universal design may not work for all types of helmets like they claim. By sealing an area away from your helmet’s visor, no moisture can reach it; this is what prevents fogging. 

Of course, the other option is an anti-fog spray. Just like the cleaning sprays for your spectacles or swimming goggles, the chemical spray contains a special formula that creates a thin layer over your visor to prevent fogging.

To give you an idea of the options available, here is a brief list of some of the most popular anti-fog treatments for motorcycle visors.

Motorcycle Visor Anti-Fog Sprays

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Best Value

Topker Anti-Fogging Spray


Cheap and cheerful and available in a small 20ml or 50ml spray bottle for secure storage while you’re out on the road. Safe for use on plastics and glass, this spray leaves a micro-thin layer of protection that is long-lasting. The 20ml size is easy to stash on the bike.

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Our Best Buy


For use on visors and goggle lenses, the Mint Anti-Fog Spray is a non-sticky, easy to use product with a light fragrance. Leaves a streak and dust-free finish.

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Also Great


Made by the British replacement visor brand Bob Heath, this Anti-Fog spray covers the entire visor effortlessly. Leave to dry and buff lightly if needed to create a barrier that reduces fogging and allows water to bead off and evaporate before your view is restricted.

Anti-Fog Visor Inserts

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Good Value


The original anti-fog film insert for helmets, InVision Pro Shield, is designed to fit pin-locked or standard visors, unlike some manufacturers. The Pro Shield can be installed and left in place, without the need to remove and clean and will block 98% UV light to protect your vision.

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Our Pick


Available in clear or yellow, this pin-lock insert is compatible with any Pinlock-ready visor (a list is available through the link). For use all year round, the thick material has been tried and tested and awarded all manner of Best Buy ratings. It deals with any moisture preventing mist from blocking your view.

Anti-fog FAQs

Why does my visor fog up?
Your visor will mist or fog up due to two factors. Firstly the cold air rushing across your visor will cool it down form the outside and secondly, the air inside your helmet is warmer and contains more moisture, meaning this imbalance will create a fog on the inside of your visor. 

What other ways can I stop my visor fogging up?
If you use a mouth and nose guard or a neck tube, you’ll limit the amount of moisture that circulates around your helmet and builds up on the visor. You should also make sure that your vents are open to improve airflow and replace the moist air with dryer fresh air.


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  • David Harris says:

    Forget all those tips – we all know none of them fix the problem. I now actually enjoy riding in the rain looking out at all that wild weather through a perfectly clear visor – and perfectly clear specs. I close all the vents and exhale all my air through a 100mm long tube with an ID of 6mm and 2mm thick wall. I have a very small funnel with an ID of 4mm into one end of the tube and fashioned to fit my lips. at the other end I have a 3mm hole drilled horizontally through the tube in case the end of the tube happens to touch against something. I happen to have a chin spoiler in my flip up helmet so the tube sits comfortably inside my helmet with the end protruding such that I can easily position it between my lips when needed. I have ridden with ease for 250km with it in my mouth the whole time, breathing in through the nose and out through the tube. When the traffic was pulling over with their hazards going, I was sailing past, semi-trailers and all. I humbly accept all your grateful thanks in advance.

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