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Harley Davidson Oil Filter Cross Reference

harley davidson oil filter chart - Harley Davidson Oil Filter Cross Reference


We’ve created this motorcycle oil filter lookup guide, to help you quickly find the right oil filter for your bike.

We’ve listed the make and model of bike, its engine capacity and production years, so that you can be double-sure you’re ordering the right filter.

We’ve then listed the part number for two of the most popular aftermarket oil filter brands: K&N and HifloFiltro so you can easily order the part through your local motorcycle dealer or just follow the link to where you can buy online.

We’ve also written a few handy guides, from the different oil filter removal tools you can use, to a conversion chart that converts the model numbers of the popular brands. We’ve also got an FAQ and a guide on how to do your first motorcycle oil change.

Table of Contents

Harley Davidson Oil Filter Fitment Chart

MakeModelYearCCOil FilterPerformance
Harley Davidson74ci V-Twin55-561200HF178 
Harley DavidsonFL / FLH / FX 74ci67-741200HF178 
Harley DavidsonFLD Switchback12-161690HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLDE Deluxe181690HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLFB Fat Boy181690HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLFBS Fat Boy 114181690HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLH82-841340HF172C 
Harley DavidsonFLH Electra Glide75-801200HF178 
Harley DavidsonFLHC Classic821340HF172C 
Harley DavidsonFLHC Heritage Classic181690HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLHCS Heritage Classic 114181690HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLHP Road King Police091690HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLHR Road King96-981340HF170HF170RC
Harley DavidsonFLHR Road King99-061450HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLHR Road King (EFI)07-181584HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLHRC Road King Classic (EFI)07-181584HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLHRCI Road King Classic99-061450HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLHRI Road King (EFI)01-061450HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLHRS Road King Custom04-061450HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLHRS Road King Custom (EFI)071584HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLHRSE3 Screaming Eagle Road King (EFI)071800HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLHRSE4 Screaming Eagle Road King (EFI)081800HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLHRSE5 CVO Road King131800HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLHRSE6 CVO Road King141800HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLHRSI Road King Custom (EFI)04-061450HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLHRXS Road King Special181584HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLHS87-941340HF170HF170RC
Harley DavidsonFLHS82-841340HF172C 
Harley DavidsonFLHS Sport Glide771200HF178 
Harley DavidsonFLHT (from late 1984)84-891340HF170HF170RC
Harley DavidsonFLHT Electra Glide96-991340HF170HF170RC
Harley DavidsonFLHT Electra Glide00-011450HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLHT Electra Glide Standard02-061450HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLHTC Classic84-981340HF170HF170RC
Harley DavidsonFLHTC Electra Glide Classic02-131450HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLHTCI Electra Glide Classic (EFI)03-091450HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLHTCSE Screaming Eagle Electra Glide041450HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLHTCSE2 Screaming Eagle Electra Glide 2051450HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLHTCU Ultra Classic Electra Glide (EFI)07-171584HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLHTC-UI Electra Glide Ultra Classic99-021450HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLHTC-UI Electra Glide Ultra Classic (EFI)03-061450HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLHTC-UI Ultra Classic80-821340HF170HF170RC
Harley DavidsonFLHTC-UI Ultra Classic87-981340HF170HF170RC
Harley DavidsonFLHTCUL Ultra Classic Electra Glide Low (EFI)161584HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLHTCUSE2 SE Ultra Classic Electra Glide (EFI)071800HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLHTCUSE3 SE Ultra Classic Electra Glide (EFI)081800HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLHTCUSE4/5 CVO SE Ultra Classic Electra Glide (EFI)09-101800HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLHTCUSE6 CVO SE Ultra Classic Electra Glide (EFI)111800HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLHTCUSE7 CVO SE Ultra Classic Electra Glide (EFI)121800HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLHTCUSE8 CVO SE Ultra Classic Electra Glide (EFI)13-141800HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLHTCUTG Tri Glide Ultra Classic10-181584HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLHTI Electra Glide Standard (EFI)03-091450HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLHTK Electra Glide Ultra Limited10-171690HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLHTK Ultra Limited181584HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLHTK Ultra Limited Low181584HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLHTKL Electra Glide Ultra Limited Low16-171690HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLHTKSE CVO SE Electra Glide Ultra Limited10-181690HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLHTP Electra Glide Police091690HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLHX Street Glide (EFI)07-181584HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLHX/XI Street Glide (EFI)061450HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLHXS Street Glide Special (EFI)14-181584HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLHXSE CVO Street Glide (EFI)10-171584HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLHXXX Street Glide Trike10-111690HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLRT Freewheeler15-181690HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLS Softtail Slim13-171690HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLSL Softtail Slim181690HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLSS Softtail Slim S171690HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLST Heritage Softail061450HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLSTC Heritage Softail Classic991340HF170HF170RC
Harley DavidsonFLSTC Heritage Softail Classic00-061450HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLSTC Heritage Softail Classic (EFI)07-171584HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLSTC Softail Classic80-981340HF170HF170RC
Harley DavidsonFLSTCI Heritage Softail Classic (EFI)01-061450HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLSTF Fat Boy89-991340HF170HF170RC
Harley DavidsonFLSTF Fat Boy00-061450HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLSTF Fat Boy (EFI)03-171584HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLSTFB Fat Boy Lo (EFI)10-161584HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLSTFB Fat Boy Special121690HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLSTFBS Fat Boy S171690HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLSTFSE Screaming Eagle Fat Boy051450HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLSTI Heritage Softail (EFI)061450HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLSTN CVO Softail Deluxe (EFI)14-151584HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLSTN Softail Deluxe (EFI)07-171584HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLSTN Softail Special961340HF170HF170RC
Harley DavidsonFLSTN/NI Softail Deluxe (EFI)05-061450HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLSTS Heritage Springer98-991340HF170HF170RC
Harley DavidsonFLSTS Heritage Springer00-031450HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLSTSB Softail Cross Bones09-111584HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLSTSC Softail Springer Classic05-061450HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLSTSC Softail Springer Classic (EFI)071584HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLSTSCI Softail Springer Classic (EFI)05-061450HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLSTSE CVO Softail Convertible101584HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLSTSE2 CVO Softail Convertible111584HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLSTSE3 CVO Softail Convertible121584HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLSTSI Heritage Springer (EFI)031450HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLT80-901340HF170HF170RC
Harley DavidsonFLTC Tour Glide80-921340HF170HF170RC
Harley DavidsonFLTC-U87-941340HF170HF170RC
Harley DavidsonFLTC-UI Electra Glide Ultra Classic001340HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLTR Road Glide981340HF170HF170RC
Harley DavidsonFLTR Road Glide (EFI)07-091584HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLTRI Road Glide (EFI)99-061450HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLTRSE3 CVO Road Glide091584HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLTRU Road Glide Ultra11-181584HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLTRUSE CVO Road Glide Ultra11-161584HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLTRX Road Glide Custom10-181584HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLTRXS Road Glide Special16-181584HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLTRXSE CVO Road Glide Custom121800HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFLTRXSE2 CVO Road Glide Custom12-141802HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFX Dyna Convertible96-981340HF173C 
Harley DavidsonFX Super Glide71-791340HF178 
Harley DavidsonFXBB Street Bob181584HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFXBR Breakout181584HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFXBRS Breakout 114181584HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFXCW Softail Rocker091584HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFXCWC Softail Rocker C091584HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFXCWC Softail Rocker C10-111584HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFXD Dyna Super Glide96-981340HF173C 
Harley DavidsonFXD Dyna Super Glide99-051450HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFXDB Dyna Daytona 1340HF173C 
Harley DavidsonFXDB Street Bob (EFI)07-171584HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFXDB Sturgis 1340HF173C 
Harley DavidsonFXDBC Street Bob Ltd (EFI)161584HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFXDBI Street Bob (EFI)061450HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFXDC Dyna Super Glide Custom051450HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFXDC Dyna Super Glide Custom (EFI)07-141584HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFXDC Dynaglide Custom921340HF173C 
Harley DavidsonFXDCI Dyna Super Glide Custom (EFI)05-061450HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFXDF Dyna Fat Bob091584HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFXDF Dyna Fat Bob10-171584HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFXDFSE Dyna Fat Bob091584HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFXDFSE2 CVO Dyna Fat Bob101584HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFXDI Dyna Super Glide (EFI)04-101450HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFXDI35 35th Anniversary Dyna Super Glide (EFI)061450HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFXDL Dyna Low Rider93-981340HF173C 
Harley DavidsonFXDL Dyna Low Rider99-051450HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFXDL Dyna Low Rider (EFI)07-171584HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFXDLI Dyna Low Rider (EFI)04-061450HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFXDLS Dyna Low Rider S (EFI)171584HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFXDWG Dyna Wide Glide93-981340HF173C 
Harley DavidsonFXDWG Dyna Wide Glide99-051450HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFXDWG Dyna Wide Glide (EFI)04-061450HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFXDWG Dyna Wide Glide (EFI)07-171584HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFXDX Dyna Super Glide Sport99-051450HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFXDXI Dyna Super Glide Sport (EFI)04-051450HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFXDXT Dyna Super Glide T-Sport01-031450HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFXE Screaming Eagle Dyna (EFI)071800HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFXE Super Glide75-801200HF178 
Harley DavidsonFXE Super Glide82-841340HF172C 
Harley DavidsonFXE2 Screaming Eagle Dyna (EFI)081800HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFXEF Fat Bob791200HF178 
Harley DavidsonFXEF Fat Boy851340HF172C 
Harley DavidsonFXFB Fat Bob181340HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFXFBS Fat Bob 114181340HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFXLR Low Rider87-941340HF170HF170RC
Harley DavidsonFXLR Low Rider181340HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFXR Super Glide82-941340HF170HF170RC
Harley DavidsonFXRC Low Rider871340HF170HF170RC
Harley DavidsonFXRD Grand Touring861340HF170HF170RC
Harley DavidsonFXRS Low Glide82-821340HF170HF170RC
Harley DavidsonFXRS Low Rider87-941340HF170HF170RC
Harley DavidsonFXRS Low Rider Convertible90-941340HF170HF170RC
Harley DavidsonFXRT Sport Glide83-891340HF170HF170RC
Harley DavidsonFXS Blackline12-131690HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFXS Low Rider76-791200HF178 
Harley DavidsonFXSB Breakout13-171802HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFXSBSE CVO Breakout13-151802HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFXSE CVO Pro Street Breakout171802HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFXST Softail84-851340HF170HF170RC
Harley DavidsonFXST Softail87-901340HF170HF170RC
Harley DavidsonFXST Softail Standard (EFI)00-071450HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFXSTB Night Train991340HF170HF170RC
Harley DavidsonFXSTB Night Train (EFI)00-061450HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFXSTB Night Train (EFI)07-091584HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFXSTC Softail Custom87-991340HF170HF170RC
Harley DavidsonFXSTC Softail Custom001340HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFXSTC Softail Custom (EFI)07-101584HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFXSTD Softail Deuce00-061450HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFXSTD Softail Deuce (EFI)071584HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFXSTDI Softail Deuce (EFI)01-061450HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFXSTE Screaming Eagle Softail Deuce03-041550HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFXSTS Springer Softail87-991340HF170HF170RC
Harley DavidsonFXSTS Springer Softail00-061450HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFXSTSB Bad Boy961340HF170HF170RC
Harley DavidsonFXSTSI Springer Softail (EFI)03-061450HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFXSTSSE SE Softail Springer (EFI)071800HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFXSTSSE2/3 SE Softail Springer (EFI)08-091800HF171HF171RC
Harley DavidsonFXWG Wide Glide82-861340HF172C 
Harley DavidsonKH / XL / XLH / XLCH 88354-78883HF178 
Harley DavidsonVRSCA V-Rod02-061130HF174 
Harley DavidsonVRSCAW V-Rod (EFI)07-091130HF174 
Harley DavidsonVRSCB V-Rod04-051130HF174 
Harley DavidsonVRSCD Night Rod061130HF174 
Harley DavidsonVRSCD Night Rod (EFI)07-081130HF174 
Harley DavidsonVRSCDX Night Rod Special (EFI)07-171250HF174 
Harley DavidsonVRSCDX V-Rod 10th Anniversary Edition121250HF174 
Harley DavidsonVRSCF V-Rod Muscle09-171250HF174 
Harley DavidsonVRSCR Street Rod061130HF174 
Harley DavidsonVRSCR Street Rod (EFI)071130HF174 
Harley DavidsonVRSCSE Screaming Eagle V-Rod051130HF174 
Harley DavidsonVRSCX (EFI)071130HF174 
Harley DavidsonXG500 NAA Street15-17500HF175 
Harley DavidsonXG750 NBB Street15-18750HF175 
Harley DavidsonXG750 Street Rod18750HF175 
Harley DavidsonXL1000 (from late 1984)84-851000HF170HF170RC
Harley DavidsonXL1200C Classic Sportster96-981200HF170HF170RC
Harley DavidsonXL1200C Sportster 1200 Custom99-181200HF170HF170RC
Harley DavidsonXL1200CX Sportster 1200 Roater17-181200HF170HF170RC
Harley DavidsonXL1200L Sportster 1200 Low (EFI)07-111200HF170HF170RC
Harley DavidsonXL1200N Sportster 1200 Nightster (EFI)08-121200HF170HF170RC
Harley DavidsonXL1200R Sportster 1200 Roater04-061200HF170HF170RC
Harley DavidsonXL1200R Sportster 1200 Roater (EFI)07-081200HF170HF170RC
Harley DavidsonXL1200S Sportster 1200 Sport96-981200HF170HF170RC
Harley DavidsonXL1200S Sportster 1200 Sport99-031200HF170HF170RC
Harley DavidsonXL1200T Sportster 1200 SuperLow17-181200HF170HF170RC
Harley DavidsonXL1200V Sportster 1200 Seventy-Two13-161200HF170HF170RC
Harley DavidsonXL1200X Sportster 1200 Forty-Eight10-181200HF170HF170RC
Harley DavidsonXL1200X Sportster 1200 Forty-Eight Special181200HF170HF170RC
Harley DavidsonXL50 50th Anniversary Sportster (EFI)071200HF170HF170RC
Harley DavidsonXL53C Sportster Custom 5399-03883HF170HF170RC
Harley DavidsonXL883 Sportster (EFI)07-08883HF170HF170RC
Harley DavidsonXL883 Sportster R02-03883HF170HF170RC
Harley DavidsonXL883C Sportster Custom (EFI)07-09883HF170HF170RC
Harley DavidsonXL883L Sportster Low (EFI)07-17883HF170HF170RC
Harley DavidsonXL883L Sportster SuperLow (EFI)18883HF170HF170RC
Harley DavidsonXL883N Sportster Iron18883HF170HF170RC
Harley DavidsonXL883N Sportster Iron 1200181200HF170HF170RC
Harley DavidsonXL883R Sportster R (EFI)07883HF170HF170RC
Harley DavidsonXL883R Sportster Roater (EFI)12883HF170HF170RC
Harley DavidsonXLH110086-881100HF170HF170RC
Harley DavidsonXLH1100 (up to early 1984)80-841100HF172C 
Harley DavidsonXLH1200 (up to early 1984)80-841200HF172C 
Harley DavidsonXLH1200 Sportster991200HF170HF170RC
Harley DavidsonXLH1200 Sportster88-951200HF170HF170RC
Harley DavidsonXLH883 (up to early 1984)80-84883HF172C 
Harley DavidsonXLH883 Sportster86-06883HF170HF170RC
Harley DavidsonXLH883 Sportster Hugger99-03883HF170HF170RC
Harley DavidsonXLH883 Sportster R Flat Track00883HF170HF170RC
Harley DavidsonXLH883C Sportster Custom03-06883HF170HF170RC
Harley DavidsonXLH883L Sportster Low05-06883HF170HF170RC
Harley DavidsonXLH883R Sportster R06883HF170HF170RC
Harley DavidsonXLS1000 (from late 1984)84-851000HF170HF170RC
Harley DavidsonXLS1000 (up to early 1984)80-841000HF172C 
Harley DavidsonXLX1000 (from late 1984)84-851000HF170HF170RC
Harley DavidsonXLX1000 (up to early 1984)83-841000HF172C 
Harley DavidsonXR1200 Sportster09-101200HF170HF170RC
Harley DavidsonXR1200X Sportster11-121200HF170HF170RC

Oil Filter Removal Tools

There is a multitude of ways to remove your oil filter. If you have a suspicion it’s going to be tight or stuck on, then the night before, spray a penetrating spray around the seal to help it loosen. It can be frustrating if it won’t come off but be careful not to butcher it and rip the filter casing or it will become even harder to remove. A good tap around the seal with a rubber hammer can also help break the seal. Use the right tools and use your brains not brute force.

oil filter removal tool hand - Harley Davidson Oil Filter Cross Reference

By Hand

If your filter is easy to access and you can get a good purchase on it, then you can loosen it off by hand. Obviously, if you’re draining the oil, the engine should be warm and so the filter will be hot but you can ‘crack’ it off to break the seal, then warm the engine up, drain the oil and then continue to remove the oil filter by hand.

oil filter removal tool rubber gloves - Harley Davidson Oil Filter Cross Reference

With Rubber Gloves

As above but disposable rubber gloves or mechanic’s workshop gloves will offer you a bit more purchase and enable you to get some more torque to that filter!

oil filter removal tool wrench - Harley Davidson Oil Filter Cross Reference

Oil Filter Removal Socket

A cheap and commonly used tool. The oil filter removal socket fits to a 1/4″ ratchet drive or T-bar. It pays to ensure your filter is clean before you use this tool as a dirt y filter is hard to grip. A bit of disc-brake cleaner and a cloth should do it. If you need to get a bit more purchase you can use masking or gaffa tape around the filter or fit a couple of elastic bands.

oil filter removal tool rubber chain - Harley Davidson Oil Filter Cross Reference

Oil Filter Chain Tool

A chain tool is also a decent weapon in your oil filter removal arsenal. You wrap it around the filter and then twist it. As you twist, you’ll probably dent the filter but that also helps the tool grip. You can then tighten it up a link and twist again. Handy if your filter has been fitted by the Incredible Hulk at your local motorcycle dealer.

oil filter removal tool rubber belt - Harley Davidson Oil Filter Cross Reference

Oil Filter Removal Belt

Similar to the chain tool, the removal belt comes in a few different formats. Some have a metal belt (not as good), others have rubber or a nylon wave (the sort of thing a seatbelt is made from. You hand tighten them and twist. They’re useful to get a stuck filter off as you can use one hand on the tool and the other hand on the filter.

oil filter removal tool rubber 3 leg adapter - Harley Davidson Oil Filter Cross Reference

3-Leg Oil Filter Socket

Similar to the conventional socket, the three-legged socket bites into the oil filter and can be used across a range of different sizes. So a handy tool to have if you own multiple bikes.

oil filter removal tool screwdriver - Harley Davidson Oil Filter Cross Reference

Stab it with a Screwdriver

Stab a big screwdriver through your oil filter and twist it. I’m not a big fan of this method as A) it’s messy and B) if you get it wrong, you end up tearing half of the filter off and then it’s a total pain in the wotsits to remove the remnants as none of the other tools will work. To reduce the chances of this happening, get the screwdriver in one side and out of the other.

oil filter removal tool make your own - Harley Davidson Oil Filter Cross Reference

Make Your Own

If you don’t have an oil filter removal tool, you can make your own. They say a picture paints a thousand words which must mean this Youtube video paints 10,000. It’s fairly self-explanatory. I’ve not done it myself but it definitely looks like a good ‘get you out of a hole’ solution. 

Don’t forget the crush washer!

motorcycle crush washer 500x277 - Harley Davidson Oil Filter Cross Reference

A crush washer is used to seal the sump plug and to prevent engine oil leaking out. It is made from a soft alloy (usually copper) and will ‘crush’ when you tighten it up, creating a better seal than the sump plug will on its own.

They cost pennies so it doesn’t make sense to try and reuse your old one or not use one at all.

However, even if you do buy a new one, it’s easy to forget to use it. When I remove the sump plug, I throw the old crush washer away immediately, fit the new crush washer and then use some making tape to hold it in place. The tape also slows me down when I come to refit the sump plug and makes me double-check everything.

You can buy a box of crush washers here or from this link.

OEM Vs Aftermarket oil filters

You might be wondering whether you should use a factory oil filter or an aftermarket one. 

These days, most manufacturers source their oil filters from the same companies that produce the aftermarket ones.

In some cases, the manufacturer might specify slightly different materials (perhaps a thicker casing) but if you buy a filter from a reputable brand (like K&N, HifloFiltro, Bosch, FRAM, Purolator) you’ll be in safe hands. 

Cheap oil filters tend to skimp on areas that are hard to spot but can make a difference. They can have a thinner casing, which can rip when you go to remove it and the sealing washer can be of poor quality, causing the filter to leak. Quality aftermarket oil filters are absolutely fine but penny-pinching on a cheap oil filter is asking for trouble.

Your First Motorcycle Oil Change

If you’ve not changed your motorcycle’s oil before, it can be daunting. However, with the right tools and a good idea of what you’re doing, anyone can change their motorcycle’s oil. It will save you money and you’ll know it’s been done properly.

Need some pointers? We’ve put together this motorcycle oil change guide to run you through the process.

Oil Filter Conversion Chart

If you’re choosing an aftermarket oil filter, two of the most popular brands are K&N and HifloFiltro. The table below shows you the direct model number conversions, which, on the face of it, are fairly logical. Click the link and you’ll be taken to an online retailer where you can order your filter.

Motorcycle Oil Filter FAQ

Should you change the oil filter every time?
Yes. A fresh filter will filter out any particles, whereas an old filter won't be as efficient. If a filter blocks up, it could cause engine wear but most motorcycles have a bypass valve to prevent catastrophic failure due to oil starvation. An oil filter is a few quid, it's a false economy to reuse an old one.

Can you use the same oil filter twice?
You can but it's not worth it. Not only will the old filter not function as well as a new one but it might not fit back on as well either, potentially coming loose and causing you all sorts of problems.

How tight should the oil filter be?
I work to hand tight plus 180-degrees but consult your owner's manual if you're unsure.

Does an oil filter have a reverse thread?
Nope. They're conventional. When they are stuck on, you can doubt yourself but it's lefty-loosey, righty-tighty.

What happens if you overtighten the oil filter?
There's no need to overtighten it. You can crush the body of the filter or cause a leak if you overtighten it. If it goes on tight, you can be sure it'll be harder to get off!

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