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Piaggio Replacement Battery Finder

piaggio mp3 300 three wheel scooter - Piaggio Replacement Battery Finder

If your motorcycle battery is dead then you have come to the right place!

This motorcycle battery finder will help you select the right battery for your motorcycle. Whether you’re going for a cheap lead-acid battery, a better quality one, like a VRLA or AGM or whether you want to step into the future and buy a lightweight Lithium battery, this guide is for you.

We’ve listed every make and model we can find. For popular manufacturers you can click the link below to be taken to their dedicated page. If your bike isn’t in our ‘popular’ list, it’ll be in the table below.

We’ve used the popular brand Yuasa as our reference. If you don’t want a Yuasa battery, never fear, you can use our motorcycle battery cross reference chart at the bottom of the page to see the corresponding reference number for other popular makes including Exide and MotoBatt.

And if you want to switch to a lightweight Lithium battery (they also almost never go flat), then we’ve got a handy conversion table for you lower down the page too.

What are you waiting for? Ready, steady, CHARGE!

Table of Contents

Motorcycle Battery Chart

MakeModelCCYearHigh CrankingVRLAAGMConventional
PiaggioBeverly12500- YT12B-BS  
PiaggioBeverly200  YT12B-BSYB10L-BP 
PiaggioBeverly30013- YTX12-BS  
PiaggioBeverly 125 EUR125   YB9-B 
PiaggioBeverly 125 GT, 4T125   YB9-B 
PiaggioBeverly 125 Tourer (Euro 3)125  YTX12-BS  
PiaggioBeverly 125 UK125   YB9-B 
PiaggioBeverly 20020007- YTX12-BS  
PiaggioBeverly 250250  YTX14-BS  
PiaggioBeverly 250 (Euro 3) (MIC 2007)250  YTX14-BS  
PiaggioBeverly 250 Cruiser (Euro 3)250  YTX14-BS  
PiaggioBeverly 250 Tourer (Euro 3)250  YTX14-BS  
PiaggioBeverly 400 Euro 3400   YB10L-BP 
PiaggioBeverly 400 ie (Euro 3)400  YTX14-BS  
PiaggioBeverly 400 ie Tourer (Euro 3)400  YTX14-BS  
PiaggioBeverly 500 (Euro 3)500  YTX14-BS  
PiaggioBeverly 500 Cruiser (Euro 3)500  YTX14-BS  
PiaggioBeverly 500 Cruiser (Euro 3)502  YTX14-BS  
PiaggioBeverly ie Tourer400  YTX14-BS  
PiaggioBeverly Sports Touring35013- YTX12-BS  
PiaggioBeverly, Cruiser, Euro 3500  YTX14-BS  
PiaggioBeverly, Cruiser, Tourer250  YTX14-BS  
PiaggioBeverly, Euro 3500   YB10L-BP 
PiaggioBeverly, RST, Euro 3250   YB10L-BP 
PiaggioBeverly, Sport (Euro 3)125  YTX12-BS  
PiaggioCarnaby 124 4T125  YTX12-BS  
PiaggioCarnaby 200 4T (Euro 3) (2007-08)200  YTX14-BS  
PiaggioCarnaby 250 4T ie (Euro 3)250  YTX14-BS  
PiaggioCarnaby 4T200  YTX14-BS  
PiaggioCarnaby 4T ie250  YTX14-BS  
PiaggioCosa200-96  YB9-B 
PiaggioCosa CL, X150   YB7-A 
PiaggioCosa, CL, FL, X125-95  YB7-A 
PiaggioDiesis50   YB4L-B 
PiaggioDiesis10007- YTX4L-BS  
PiaggioD-M.B.NRG 2T H20 POW.50   YB9-B 
PiaggioDNA50  YTX4L-BS  
PiaggioDNA 125125   YB9-B 
PiaggioDNA 125 4T125   YB10L-B 
PiaggioDNA 180180   YB9-B 
PiaggioDNA 180 4T180   YB10L-BP 
PiaggioEasy Moving50   YB4L-B 
PiaggioExcutive12500-  YB9-B 
PiaggioExcutive150   YB9-B 
PiaggioFANCY 5050   YB5L-B 
PiaggioFly5009-12  YB4L-B 
PiaggioFly125   YB9-B 
PiaggioFly 15015009-12  YB9-B 
PiaggioFly 150150   YB9-B 
PiaggioFly 150 4T USA150   YB9-B 
PiaggioFly 2T5013-  YB4L-B 
PiaggioFly 4T50   YB9-B 
PiaggioFree50  YTX4L-BS  
PiaggioFree 100 4T100  YTX7L-BS  
PiaggioFree 50 Poste50  YTX4L-BS  
PiaggioFree PTT50  YTX4L-BS  
PiaggioFree, FD5094-99  YB4L-B 
PiaggioFree, FL2594-98  YB4L-B 
PiaggioFuoco 500cc50010-12YTX20CH-BSYTX16-BS  
PiaggioGPR 5050  YTX4L-BS  
PiaggioGranturismo125  YTX12-BS  
PiaggioGranturismo L200   YB10L-BP 
PiaggioHexagon125   YB9-B 
PiaggioHexagon15095-97  YB9-B 
PiaggioHexagon25099  YB10L-BP 
PiaggioHexagon25098  YB9-B 
PiaggioHexagon 4T125   YB10L-BP 
PiaggioHexagon 4T180   YB10L-BP 
PiaggioHexagon GT25000- YTX12-BS  
PiaggioHexagon GTX125   YB10L-B 
PiaggioHexagon LX412500- YTX12-BS  
PiaggioHexagon LXT180-99  YB10L-B 
PiaggioHexagon LXT18000- YTX12-BS  
PiaggioHexagon, Hexagon LX, RST125-99  YB9-B 
PiaggioICE 5050  YTX4L-BS  
PiaggioIMP. ELETTR. V. 125 ET4125   YB9-B 
PiaggioLiberty50-99  YB4L-B 
PiaggioLiberty12599  YB9-B 
PiaggioLiberty15000-  YB9-B 
PiaggioLiberty200  YTX12-BSYB10L-BP 
PiaggioLiberty 125 3V12513- YTX7L-BS  
PiaggioLiberty 150 3V15013- YTX7L-BS  
PiaggioLiberty 150 4T (Euro 3)150  YTX12-BS  
PiaggioLiberty 150 4T Sport (Euro 3)150  YTX12-BS  
PiaggioLiberty 150cc.150  YT12A-BS  
PiaggioLiberty 200 4T200  YTX12-BSYB10L-BP 
PiaggioLiberty 200 4T Sport20007 YTX12-BS  
PiaggioLiberty 200cc.200  YT12A-BS  
PiaggioLiberty 2T Sport50   YB4L-B 
PiaggioLiberty 2T, 2T RST50  YTX4L-BSYB4L-B 
PiaggioLiberty 4T, 4T RST50   YB9-B 
PiaggioLiberty 4T, Sport12508 YTX12-BS  
PiaggioLiberty 4T, Sport150  YTX12-BS  
PiaggioLiberty 50 2 Tempi50  YTX4L-BS  
PiaggioLiberty 50 4T PTT Portogallo50   YB9-B 
PiaggioLiberty 504T PTT Belgio50   YB9-B 
PiaggioLiberty 504T PTT RST Ital50   YB9-B 
PiaggioLiberty 504T PTT Slovenia50   YB9-B 
PiaggioLiberty 504T PTT(D)50   YB9-B 
PiaggioLiberty 504T RST Europa50   YB9-B 
PiaggioLiberty 504T RST PTT Fran50   YB9-B 
PiaggioLiberty IGET 3V5016 YTX7L-BS  
PiaggioLiberty IGET 3V 25km/h5016 YTX7L-BS  
PiaggioLiberty IGET E3 ABS12516 YTX7L-BS  
PiaggioLiberty IGET E3 ABS15016 YTX7L-BS  
PiaggioLiberty PTT50  YTX4L-BS  
PiaggioLiberty Sport 150cc.150  YT12A-BS  
PiaggioLX 125125   YB9-B12N9-4B-1
PiaggioLX15015010  YB9-B12N9-4B-1
PiaggioLX150 MATIC15012 YTX7L-BS  
PiaggioLX505010-12  YB9-B 
PiaggioLXV 125125  YTX12-BS  
PiaggioM. Base Liberty 125 RST125   YB9-B 
PiaggioM.B. Vespa 25 KM/H LX (B-NL) Vers. Spec.5008  YB9-B 
PiaggioM.B. Vespa 25 KM/H LX (B-NL-D-DK)5008  YB9-B 
PiaggioM.B. Vespa 50 LX E.3 Svizzera5008  YB9-B 
PiaggioM.B. Vespa 50 LXS Budget5007  YB9-B 
PiaggioM.B. Vespa 50/2T LX 30 Km/h DK5008  YB9-B 
PiaggioM.B. Vespa 50/2T LX Europa5008  YB9-B 
PiaggioM.B. Vespa 50/2T LX Germania5008  YB9-B 
PiaggioMedley15016- YTX7L-BS  
PiaggioMotore Go-Kart 200cc200  YTX7L-BS  
PiaggioMP312507- YTX14-BS  
PiaggioMP325007-12 YTX14-BS  
PiaggioMP330013- YTX14-BS  
PiaggioMP3400  YTX14-BS  
PiaggioMP3 250250  YTX14-BS  
PiaggioMP3 300 LT ABS30016GYZ16H   
PiaggioMP3 400cc40008-12YTX14H-BSYTX14-BS  
PiaggioMP3 Hybrid30013- YTX14-BS  
PiaggioNew Fly 125 3V12513- YT12B-BS  
PiaggioNew Fly 125 3V12513- YT12B-BS  
PiaggioNew Fly 125 3V12513- YT12B-BS  
PiaggioNew Fly 50 4T5013- YTX7L-BS  
PiaggioNexus 125125  YTX12-BS  
PiaggioNexus 250 (Euro 3) (2007)250  YTX14-BS  
PiaggioNexus 250cc.250   YB14L-A2 
PiaggioNexus 300 ie (Euro 3)300  YTX14-BS  
PiaggioNexus 500cc.500   YB14L-A2 
PiaggioNexus ie300  YTX14-BS  
PiaggioNexus, Euro 3250  YTX14-BS  
PiaggioNexus, Euro 3500   YB14L-A2 
PiaggioNexus, SP Euro 3250  YTX14-BSYB14L-A2 
PiaggioNRG5094-98  YB4L-B 
PiaggioNRG50  YTX4L-BS  
PiaggioNRG 2T H20 Power50   YB9-B 
PiaggioNRG Extreme, DT, DD50-99 YTX4L-BS  
PiaggioNRG MC25096-98  YB4L-B 
PiaggioNRG MC35001- YTX4L-BSYB4L-B 
PiaggioNRG Power50   YB4L-B 
PiaggioNRG Power D/T50   YB9-B 
PiaggioNRG Power DD50   YB4L-B 
PiaggioNRG Power DT50   YB4L-B 
PiaggioNRG Power PureJet50   YB9-B 
PiaggioNRG PureJet5003-  YB9-B 
PiaggioNTT50   YB4L-B 
PiaggioP80X80    12N5.5-3B
PiaggioPK 5050   YB4L-B 
PiaggioPK8080    12N5.5-3B
PiaggioPK80 S, XL80   YB7-A 
PiaggioPX-150 EXCEL15090   12N10-3B
PiaggioPX80 E80   YB9-BYB7-A
PiaggioPX80 E Lusso8090-96  YB7-A 
PiaggioQuartz5093-98  YB4L-B 
PiaggioRCR50   YB4L-B 
PiaggioRS 125 ES, Racing125   YB9-B 
PiaggioRunner 12512510-12  YB9-B 
PiaggioRUNNER 125 E2125   YB9-B 
PiaggioRunner 125 VX 4T12507 YTX12-BSYB9-B 
PiaggioRunner 125 VX 4T -ST- (Euro 3)125  YTX12-BS  
PiaggioRunner 180 2T180   YB9-B 
PiaggioRunner 180 4T18007- YTX12-BS  
PiaggioRunner 200 VXR 4T -ST- (Euro 3)20010-12 YTX12-BS  
PiaggioRunner 4T200   YB10L-BP 
PiaggioRunner 50 IN. Replica UK50   YB9-B 
PiaggioRunner Iniez, PureJet50   YB9-B 
PiaggioRunner Iniez. Europ50   YB9-B 
PiaggioRunner Iniez. UK50   YB9-B 
PiaggioRunner Poggiali50  YTX4L-BS  
PiaggioRunner Replica50   YB9-B 
PiaggioRunner SP Race50   YB4L-B 
PiaggioRunner SP SC50   YB4L-B 
PiaggioRunner SP, DD, FL50   YB4L-B 
PiaggioRunner VXR 4T, RST200  YTX12-BSYB10L-BP 
PiaggioRunner, DT, DD, 4T, VX125   YB9-B 
PiaggioS125125   YB9-B12N9-4B-1
PiaggioS150150   YB9-B12N9-4B-1
PiaggioSALUTE 5050   YB5L-B 
PiaggioScatto50   YB4L-B 
PiaggioSfera8093-95  YB7-A 
PiaggioSfera 4T12596-98 YTX7L-BSYB7-A 
PiaggioSfera RST125  YTX9-BSYB9-B 
PiaggioSfera, RST5093-98  YB4L-B 
PiaggioSkipper125   YB7-A 
PiaggioSkipper150   YB7-A 
PiaggioSkipper 125 2T125   YB9-B 
PiaggioSkipper 150 2T150   YB9-B 
PiaggioSkipper 150cc150   YB9-B 
PiaggioSkipper 4T125   YB9-B 
PiaggioSkipper LX/ST 4T150-99 YTX9-BSYB9-B 
PiaggioSkipper LX/ST4T12599  YB9-B 
PiaggioSKR12594-98  YB7-A 
PiaggioSMT50   YB4L-B 
PiaggioSP 505010-12  YB4L-B 
PiaggioSR 50 PureJet50   YB9-B 
PiaggioST4 Leader12500- YTX9-BS  
PiaggioStalker 5050  YTX4L-BSYB4L-B 
PiaggioStalker Naked50   YB4L-B 
PiaggioStorm 505095-96 YTX4L-BSYB4L-B 
PiaggioSuperhexagon GTX12500- YTX12-BS  
PiaggioSuperhexagon GTX18001- YTX12-BS  
PiaggioSuperhexagon GTX25000  YB10L-B 
PiaggioSuperhexagon GTX25001-03 YTX12-BS  
PiaggioSuperhexagon GTX25003-  YB10L-BP 
PiaggioTyphoon 150150   YB9-B 
PiaggioTyphoon 505094-99 YTX4L-BSYB4L-B 
PiaggioTyphoon 50 2T5013-  YB9-B 
PiaggioTyphoon 50 Canada50   YB9-B 
PiaggioTyphoon 50 USA50   YB9-B 
PiaggioTyphoon, X, XR12596-99  YB9-B 
PiaggioV. 125 ET4 Euro2125   YB9-B 
PiaggioV.125 ET4 Euro2 Europa125   YB9-B 
PiaggioVelofax25-98  YB4L-B 
PiaggioVelofax50-98  YB4L-B 
PiaggioVespa 150 LX 3V15013- YTX7L-BS  
PiaggioVespa 150 LX Canada 2007150   YB9-B 
PiaggioVespa 150 LX USA 2007150   YB9-B 
PiaggioVespa 151 ET4 Euro2 Europa150   YB9-B 
PiaggioVespa 4T50  YTX4L-BSYB9-B 
PiaggioVespa 946 13- YTX12-BS  
PiaggioVespa Elestar50    6N11A-3A
PiaggioVespa ET2 Iniez50  YTX5L-BSYB5L-B 
PiaggioVespa ET2, Injection5098- YTX4L-BSYB4L-B 
PiaggioVespa ET450   YB9-B 
PiaggioVespa ET4 (sealed)15099- YTX9-BS  
PiaggioVespa ET4 Euro 250   YB9-B 
PiaggioVespa ET4, LX12596-00  YB9-B 
PiaggioVespa ET4, LX, PX150   YB9-B 
PiaggioVespa ETS125   YB7-A 
PiaggioVespa GL150    B39-6
PiaggioVespa Granturismo125   YB9-B 
PiaggioVespa Granturismo200   YB10L-BP 
PiaggioVespa GS150    B49-6
PiaggioVespa GT H2O, UK125   YB9-B 
PiaggioVespa GT200200   YB10L-BP 
PiaggioVespa GTS30013- YTX12-BS  
PiaggioVespa GTS ie Super300  YTX14-BS  
PiaggioVespa GTS Super30013- YTX12-BS  
PiaggioVespa GTS, GTV, ie 60250   YB10L-BP 
PiaggioVespa GTV 125 4T Navy (Euro 3)125  YTX12-BS  
PiaggioVespa GTV 250 ie Navy250  YTX14-BS  
PiaggioVespa GTV 4T Navy, LXV125  YTX12-BS  
PiaggioVespa GTV ie Navy250  YTX14-BS  
PiaggioVespa LX 125 3V12513- YTX7L-BS  
PiaggioVespa LX 2T50  YTX4L-BSYB4L-B 
PiaggioVespa LX 4T150  YTX12-BS  
PiaggioVespa LX 4T, LXV 2T50   YB9-B 
PiaggioVespa LXV 125 4T125  YTX12-BS  
PiaggioVespa LXV 125 4T Navy (Euro 3)125  YTX12-BS  
PiaggioVespa P E200   YB7-A 
PiaggioVespa P125X125-98   12N5.5-3B
PiaggioVespa PK FL/FL250   YB7-A 
PiaggioVespa PK Marce A.EL50  YTX5L-BSYB5L-B 
PiaggioVespa PK N, S50   YB7-A 
PiaggioVespa PK Rush50   YB7-A 
PiaggioVespa PK/HP50   YB7-A 
PiaggioVespa PK-S, -FL, – XL125   YB7-A 
PiaggioVespa PX50   YB9-B 
PiaggioVespa PX12513-  YB9-B 
PiaggioVespa PX 125 E2125   YB9-B 
PiaggioVespa PX 125 E2 Belgio12505-  YB9-B 
PiaggioVespa PX 150150   YB9-B12N9-4B-1
PiaggioVespa PX 150 USA150   YB9-B 
PiaggioVespa PX 151 E2150   YB9-B 
PiaggioVespa PX 200200   YB9-B 
PiaggioVespa PX E125-98  YB9-B 
PiaggioVespa PX E Lusso200-98  YB9-BYB7-A
PiaggioVespa PX S125-98  YB7-A 
PiaggioVespa PX X150   YB7-A 
PiaggioVespa S 125 3V12513- YTX7L-BS  
PiaggioVespa S 50 2T5013-  YB4L-B 
PiaggioVespa S 50 4T5013-  YB9-B 
PiaggioVespa Sprint125    B39-6
PiaggioVespa Sprint150    B49-6
PiaggioVespa SS18001-   B49-6
PiaggioVespa T5125   YB7-A 
PiaggioX Evo250  YTX14-BS  
PiaggioX Evo400  YTX14-BS  
PiaggioX Evo 125 (Euro 3)125  YTX14-BS  
PiaggioX Evo 250 (Euro 3)250  YTX14-BS  
PiaggioX Evo 400 (Euro 3)401  YTX14-BS  
PiaggioX10 12512512- YTX12-BS  
PiaggioX10 350330  YTX12-BS  
PiaggioX10 500493  YTX12-BS  
PiaggioX7 (Euro 3)12508 YTX12-BS  
PiaggioX7 250 ie (Euro 3)250  YTX14-BS  
PiaggioX7 Evo30013- YTX12-BS  
PiaggioX7 ie25008 YTX14-BS  
PiaggioX8200   YB10L-BP 
PiaggioX8250   YB10L-BP 
PiaggioX8 125 Premium (Euro 3)125  YTX14-BS  
PiaggioX8 250 ie250  YTX14-BS  
PiaggioX8 400 ie (Euro 3)401  YTX14-BS  
PiaggioX8 ie250  YTX14-BS  
PiaggioX8 ie, Euro 3400  YTX14-BS  
PiaggioX8 Premium125  YTX14-BS  
PiaggioX8 Street (Euro 2)150   YB10L-BP 
PiaggioX8 Street, Premium (Euro 2)125   YB10L-BP 
PiaggioX8, Euro 3400   YB10L-BP 
PiaggioX918001-  YB10L-BP 
PiaggioX9 250cc.250   YB14L-A2 
PiaggioX9 500cc500  YTX16-BS  
PiaggioX9 500cc.500   YB14L-A2 
PiaggioX9 Evolution200   YB10L-BP 
PiaggioX9 Evolution25001- YTX12-BSYB10L-B 
PiaggioX9 Evolution50001-  YB14L-A2 
PiaggioX9 Evolution USA500  YTX14-BS  
PiaggioX9, Evolution12500-  YB10L-BYB9-B
PiaggioYourban30013- YTX14-BS  
PiaggioZip2594-98  YB4L-B 
PiaggioZip50  YTX4L-BSYB4L-B 
PiaggioZip 4 Tempi Euro 250  YTX7L-BS  
PiaggioZip 4T5002- YTX9-BS  
PiaggioZip 4T12500- YTX9-BS  
PiaggioZip Catalyzed. 2T5002- YTX4L-BS  
PiaggioZip FR, RST, SP 2T H2O50   YB4L-B 
PiaggioZip SP (Euro 2)5006-08  YB4L-B 
PiaggioZip, Fast Rider50   YB4L-B 

Battery Cross Reference Chart

motorcycle battery comparison - Piaggio Replacement Battery Finder

Now you know your battery model number, this handy battery cross reference chart will help you find the correct part number for three popular battery manufacturers: Yuasa, Exide and MotoBatt.

Click on a battery model, to be taken to a retailer where you can find the cheapest and buy online.

Click to buy YuasaClick to buy ExideClick to buy MotoBatt
51913GEL 12-19MB51815
Click to buy YuasaClick to buy ExideClick to buy MotoBatt

Lithium Battery Upgrade Chart

lithium vs lead acid motorcycle battery weight 500x261 - Piaggio Replacement Battery Finder

A lithium motorcycle battery is a worthwhile investment.


For me, the weight saving is brilliant but the main selling point is that, unlike a traditional lead-acid battery, they hold their charge for months and months. So even though they are slightly more expensive than a quality lead-acid battery, they will last far longer, probably twice or three times as long as a lead-acid.

Bikes tend to be used less frequently than cars and so it’s normal to go a few months without turning over your engine. The result? Your motorcycle battery dies and you can’t recover it. If this sounds like you, then go for a Lithium battery – you won’t regret it.

Both JMT and Shido are quality brands. They are both lightweight but cunningly they use the same physical-sized housing as a standard battery so you don’t have to mess around with foam padding. If you want the ultimate in compact size and weight saving, then go for an Aliant but you’ll need to pad out your battery housing box.

You’re looking at a weight saving of around 2kg and up to 5kg when you switch to a lithium motorcycle battery. MotoGP teams spend tens of thousands of pounds trying to find a 1kg weight saving and you can get a 2kg saving for around £70!

Click to buy YuasaClick to buy ShidoClick to buy JMT
Click to buy YuasaClick to buy ShidoClick to buy JMT

Frequently Asked Questions

My motorcycle battery is dead and won't charge
A motorcycle battery is a ‘live’ product, that is to say, once it has been commissioned, it is giving off energy, discharging. A by-product of this process is sulphation, so if you don’t keep your battery charged (either by riding the bike or using a battery charger), it will eventually get to a stage where the sulphation causes a short-circuit and you won’t be able to start your bike - or recover your battery. You could try a battery charger with a reconditioning mode, like this one or just buy a new battery.

What battery do I need for a 125cc motorbike?
Every motorbike is different. See the battery finder on this page.

What's the longest lasting motorcycle battery?
If you want a long-lasting motorcycle battery or one that will survive winter, go for a Lithium battery. They take 3 to 5 times as long to lose their charge compared to a lead-acid battery.

What's the best battery for my Harley?
Your best bet is to go for a battery with a higher cranking amperage. If you have a large V-twin engine, definitely don't buy a cheap battery as it won't be able to handle many start cycles. It's a false economy. Either go for a high-cranking lead-acid battery, usually fitted to touring bikes or a Lithium battery which has around 50% more cranking power than standard lead-acid batteries.

My battery clicks but my motorbike won't start
The noise you can hear isn’t the battery clicking but the starter solenoid. This solenoid is the first thing to receive power from the battery and it’s a relay that then opens the solenoid but there isn’t the power to turn the starter motor. The only good news in this situation is that the battery is probably still in a state where you can rescue it but you need to get it straight to A&E - dig out your charger, quick!

Do I need to top up my battery acid?
The only battery you’ll need to top up is a non-sealed (flooded) motorcycle battery. The acid itself doesn’t evaporate but the water-element of the acid mixture does, leaving a more concentrated solution. Top it up using distilled water (boil a kettle, let the water cool then use that).

How long will a motorcycle battery last?
Correctly maintained, a motorcycle battery should give you 48 months of use. However if you don’t ever charge it and rarely use the bike, it could be dead within 6 months. If you rarely use the bike and don’t have access to power where the bike is parked - it’s worth removing the battery and giving it a full charge every couple of months. Or even better - get out and ride!

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